The Transatlantic Avenger, and Muslim Separatists in Quebec

The following video and the article below it are not directly related, but their juxtaposition provides an interesting look at the Islamization of Quebec.

The first concerns a young culture-enriching “European” (Mohammed Coefficient 100%) who travelled all the way across the Atlantic in an attempt to avenge Muslims killed by Alexandre Bissonnette in the Quebec mosque attack last January.

The second concerns an attempt by Muslims in Quebec to induce the province to set up a separate Youth Protection Directorate specifically for Muslim clients, to handle adoption cases and perform similar functions.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for both translations, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

From Le Journal de Montréal:

Québec will not create a “Muslim DPJ”, says Minister Charlebois

by Pascal Dugas Bourdon
April 19, 2017

QUÉBEC — The Government of Quebec does not intend to establish a Muslim Youth Protection Directorate (DPJ), despite what the president of a community association in Montreal wishes.

“We do not intend to create a parallel DPJ,” wrote the cabinet of the Minister for Youth Protection, Lucie Charlebois, in response to an email sent by the QMI Agency. [Canadian media company]

“Currently, the DPJs of Quebec take responsibility for the entire Quebec population, regardless of sectarian affiliation. DPJs always make decisions based on the best interests of the children,” she added.

The president of the Association Défi-lles et des ailes, Soraya Zaïdi, made several people raise their eyebrows, on Wednesday, after pleading in favor of the creation of a DPJ for Muslims.

“We dream of creating a DPJ for the Muslim community. Because we do not want our children to suffer a double heartbreak. […] When the child is placed and removed from his family, and a second tear when he is snatched from his culture,” said Mrs. Zaïdi at a benefit evening held last Friday.

The candidate for Québec Solidaire [party] in Gouin, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois, was present at the event. Although he has published a photo of himself with several of the participants at this benefit evening, including Ms. Zaïdi, he says he does not agree with these remarks.

“For one last time: I oppose the idea of a ‘Muslim DPJ’. Public services must be non-denominational. End of story,” wrote Mr. Nadeau-Dubois on Twitter Wednesday morning.

Video transcript:

00:00   A man originally from Morocco allegedly wanted to avenge the victims of the Quebec mosque attack
00:04   Jose, the man even allegedly travelled from Europe
00:08   to attack the family of Alexandre Bissonnette.
00:12   Yes, who arrived in Quebec last Wednesday from London.
00:16   He was allegedly traveling with an Italian passport. He’s 33 years old;
00:20   his name is Muhammad Amin Ben Faraz. He presents himself as the nephew
00:24   of Azzedine Soufiane, one of the six victims of the killing in the Quebec mosque.
00:29   So it was on Friday that the police of Quebec City received the information
00:33   that an individual was allegedly planning to attack the Bissonnette family,
00:37   and finally on Saturday morning they managed to trace him to a Quebec street.
00:41   He appeared by video-conference in the Justice Palace of Quebec on Monday morning,
00:45   and there he faced a charge of making death threats.
00:49   I spoke today with a close friend of the Soufiane family, evidently
00:53   in shock, shaken by the news. I’ll now let you listen to the spokesman for the Quebec police.
00:57   We don’t know how to feel about it; we don’t need
01:01   that on top of it all. We hope it’s a mistake, we hope that this gentleman
01:05   Is not guilty of what
01:09   we suspect him of today. —We always ask the population of Quebec
01:14   to assist us, to give us information. If you hear people who make menacing statements,
01:18   if it’s [unintelligible] community to contact
01:22   the law enforcement. —Now about the return to court by this man originally from Morocco.
01:26   He will be back in court on Thursday,
01:30   and right now he is being kept behind bars, because the crown opposes giving him
01:34   his liberty. —Thank you and goodbye.