Tommy Robinson in Westminster: “It Has Everything to do With Islam”

Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the English Defence League, happened to be in central London this afternoon (doing a video shoot with, if I understand it correctly). He was only a couple of minutes away from Westminster when the mujahid mowed down pedestrians on the bridge and then stabbed a policeman to death, so Tommy came as close to the “crime scene” as he could before recording this video.

Language warning: In the heat of the moment, Tommy uses some salty language in this clip:

Hat tip: Steen.

41 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson in Westminster: “It Has Everything to do With Islam”

    • This how this newspaper views Tommy’s above comments.

      Far-right figures like Tommy Robinson are vile opportunists: using victims of today’s attack to spread their anti-Muslim message”.

      “Tommy Robinson actually went down to the scene to start yelling. Unbelievable”

      ‘One social media user wrote: “Tommy Robinson thinking about himself and his agenda rather than the victims in the immediate aftermath. Tells you all you need to know.” ‘

      I am very sure he has sympathy for the victims, and that is what upsets him, knowing that others like the authorities and media cover for islam.

      • The person who wrote this lies and propaganda slant should be arrested for hate speech, and treason.

        These complicit haters of our country and people, defending the enenmy in publishing articules defending islam, while denouncing patriots or others who are exposing this nazi socialist insanity.

        We need to create list, database of these writers of these [epithets] newspapers who are still putting out this marxist garbage and covering for islam.

        And the editors who allow it to go to print.

        The papers are probably owned by arab money, like half of london is.

        Good work tommy, keep on going

      • “vile opportunists: using victims of today’s attack to spread their anti-Muslim message” this is so much the wrong way around! If there wasn’t an islamic surge against the West, I’m sure Tommy and other anti-jihadists would have much nicer and safer things to do than be the messenger on this issue!

        • He’s doing their job for them! Reporting on what is actually happening in our country, criticizing government misdeeds, exposing failed government policies, etc.

  1. As usual an idiotic response to Islamic terrorism. “We won’t let them change what we do, divide us” etc etc. In other words we will continue doing nothing that has any real effect on rabid Islam. Close all mosques, ban the Koran – the only way to defeat this inhumane, intolerant religion.

  2. Typical of the Left wing media for focus their attack and criticism on “Tommy” and say nothing on the Jihadist and those who supported and enabled him. The media are the ones who are quick to write “muslim communities fear backlash” stories, to restore the victim crown.

    Actually Tommy is a compassionate person. Had he been on the scene he would have done all he could to help. But he is most effective as a commentator as in this video, leveling blame where it is deserved and warning any who will listen of disaster muslim migration has brought on Western Europe.

  3. Tommy looks well, considering everything he has been through. Easy to forget he’s still a young man. In fact he is the youngest of all well-known and vocal anti-dhimmis in the West. By a long shot. An amazing man.

  4. Tommy is a a true hero. And the poor man has aged … from frustration & persecution no doubt.

  5. The PM “will never waiver to terrorism”, does that mean, allowing them to do as they please?

    Eight are held after raids at six addresses in London and Birmingham……….

    Prime Minister said the attacker was a “peripheral” figure who had once been investigated by MI5 over concerns about violent extremism.

    She said: “His identity is known to the police and MI5 and when operational considerations allow, he will be publicly identified.

    “What I can confirm is that the man was British-born and that some years ago he was once investigated by MI5 in relation to concerns about violent extremism.

    “He was a peripheral figure. The case is historic. He was not part of the current intelligence picture.

    “There was no prior intelligence of his intent or of the plot.”

    I figure security will be increased very much around Whitehall.
    What about the rest of the public areas where the common people like Tommy walk, travel, live and work.?

    • The message to the cattle in the freewheeling political abattoir of western cities today is ‘Look out for yourselves.’

      That’s what the completely defenceless ‘Vigilance’ they advise us to adopt actually means.

      Apart from the token arrests that follow the latest of the very oddly-characterised ‘lone-wolf attacks,’ the state itself shows very little ‘vigilance’ against the infiltration of jihadis, whether poorly-disguised as children, returning ISIS volunteers, openly hate-mongering alien prelates, or indeed against any of the 3000 Islamic fanatics the authorities themselves admit that they just allow to wander about without even so much as a community order to restrict their activities.

      Presumably, Joe and Jane Public are assumed to be able to alert the authorities to any threats that might emerge – even if this will most likely be by means of the deposit of their mangled corpses in the gutter of one of our great cities!

      There are tens of thousands of ‘intelligence’ operatives at work in comfortable and well-paid offices. Meanwhile, the police and ambulance services are left to manage the ‘firefighting’ whenever some new horror breaks out. I really can’t make any positive connection between those starkly opposed occupations.

      Yet if anyone took the authorities’ invitation to do their job for them seriously, with real, resisting, pro-active ‘vigilance,’ they would be summarily arrested and jailed in a hellish cell with a couple of convinced Moslems for the high crime of ‘vigilantism.’

      What this profoundly irrational posture of the state indicates is a cowardly forbearance at the expense of a defenceless populace. Every would-be-calming weasel-word of formulaic reassurance delivered after each successive horrific outrage sweats cold fear as the establishment watches it’s irresponsible multicultural dream morphing into an all-too-real nightmare. Our ‘leaders’ are culpable, frozen into inappropriate gestures of denial, calm with all the self-assured authority of those whose wits are wandering in a diseased mirage without relevance to those who still struggle in the real world.

      Out here, on the streets, this studied air of calm authority appears like reckless dereliction. A posture of Olympian detachment, conferring cold comfort from on high, cannot share the sense of outrage of those whose sufferings are given no promise of ever ending.

      Disaster looms, and it seems like we are being abandoned to our fate.

      • Excellent comment!

        Can I also add to this:

        the police and ambulance services are left to manage the ‘firefighting’ whenever some new horror breaks out.”

        There is also a huge disparity between the salaries and how they get treated by the gov as well. It’s shameful!

        • Kind of you to support me.

          It is a very lonely and uncomfortable position, coming late in life (as I do) to see our predicament so clearly, at last, undimmed by the manipulative smoke-and-mirrors of those evil conjurers who hold us in thrall: One feels like Faust, finally disabused of Mephistopheles’ tawdry illusions – such as those of this mere political theatre we inhabit, that now means so much more to most people than even religion.

          No wonder, then, that these false prophets of political – and fundamentally leftist – ideology identify so strongly with a certain infesting cult of authority masquerading as a religion!

          These insane delusions collude with and support each other, working to trap us all in an existential Hell, devoid of all that made us human.When decency is replaced by ‘The General Line’ – the Communist requirement for unconditional obedience, entailed by Internationalist notions of ‘democratic centralism’ (as in the EU) – then humanity is dead.

          So it is that finding oneself uninfected with ‘political correctness’ feels like being exposed alone amidst a devilish crowd of zombies – – – Or devils, if one prefers a more biblical denomination for this curse.

          Certainly, Satan is a very pertinent creation for this once beautiful but now foully abased world: That wily gentleman – not unlike George Soros in his human guise! – is a master manipulator, and surely rules upon Earth.

          I don’t know any better explanation for the howling wilderness we see all about us today: The perverted torment we bring upon ourselves, by surrendering our humanity – essentially our soul – to delusions of power, is exactly Faust’s terrible pact with the Devil.

          God help us. We certainly cannot help ourselves.

    • That knife wasn’t very “peripheral” when he stabbed that poor bobbie with it. What of the same, from the traitoress May.

  6. This is a great man, and a leader-in-waiting, who will step forward when the current mealy-mouthed bureaucrats are swept away by the irresistible forces of history. The msm distortions and lies do not reveal the deep and patriotic emotion which is so clearly written in everything he does and says. This man is the diametric opposite of the perverts and opportunists and careerists presently misleading us into an abyss of horror and despair. What do the establishment rags think Mr Robinson is gaining for himself, through all the personal strife and unpleasantness his patriotic stance has brought upon him? His selflessness has not been tested as was that of the heroic policeman at the gates of Westminster, but it is the genuine article, nonetheless. And I suspect that, one day quite soon, we will all have reason to be grateful for his robust repudiation of the evil that presently stalks the land. We should heed this voice in the wilderness. He wants to save us.

  7. Well. Does my heart good to hear outrage out in the open, now. Thank you Tommy.

    When I watched the news yesterday, and saw a bit of May’s babble in response, another bulb went click. People like May, people like Merkel and all the other elite babblers who bloviate about tolerance after every every EVERY attack (while making sure THEY stay safe), they view us as just cannon fodder. THAT’S IT.

    Cannon fodder. Remember it next time this happens, and next time, and next time nearer to you and your loved ones.

    • Indeed, cannon fodder, for the Marxist agenda. I will remember this and use it. Thank you, as you say, another ‘light-bulb’ moment.

      I’ve been a reader of this blog for quite a while now but it’s the first time that I have passed comment.

  8. I do so love it when someone has the guts to tell it as it is!
    I don’t like four letter words, but in this case they’re justified–way to go Tommy!

    Indeed, when WILL people wake up?!

    • Maybe if this latest jihadist had got his hands on the traitoress May and was sawing away at her neck while chanting the takbir, she might – just might, mind you – have had a bit of a light bulb moment and thought, “You know what, we might have a little problem here.” Maybe that’s what it would take – for one of them to suffer the same fate as that priest in France not long ago.

      If this latest jihadi had managed to do that, then we may actually have ended up in a different country – one where some truth might be spoken about what is going on. After all, it appears to be just fine and dandy if any of the riff raff gets beheaded or blown up, but if one of the elite themselves got it – well it might have made a difference. As things stand, instead of climbing up the ladder of truth, just a few steps, the jihadi failed in his mission, and we’ve all slid back down the back of the serpent, to the same square we’ve all been stuck on since Bush said Islam was a religion of peace, right back at the beginning of the board …

  9. Ok i like him, he says it like it is, first time I’ve heard this bloke as I am not British. But one thing I can tell you is- he needs to show his anger without a number of F words as no one respects that. It comes off as very immature and makes one automatically discount much of his crucial message. Yes, he has a righteous anger but he still must aim to act classy so that the moderates in the middle will come
    to our side. There are a lot of people who agree with the agenda on the
    right more and more so our public
    speakers and leaders need to come
    off polished and mature so that the viewers
    will desire to be a part of our group
    and change their thinking and then voting. There is very little time to
    change this around democratically
    maybe 5- 8 years in my opinion.
    Same for Germany and Austria 5 to
    8 years.

    • Gretel, I believe you’re from Germany? You may be unaware that in the UK, working-class people commonly use foul language (which in my opnion devalues the currency, so to speak).

      However, in this case Tommy was, quite evidently, genuinely angry and upset, so I wouldn’t presume to criticise.

    • If you wait for “moderates in the middle” to come around…you will all be dead. Moderates are moderate for reasons.

      • I don’t know, I know a few moderates amongst my family and friends. And even they don’t want to lose their head. I try to convert them the same way a Jehovah’s
        Witness works slowly, but surely as it seeks to
        bring a new member
        under its fold. As we
        speak, I am working on
        2 family members and
        2 old friends. I feel I am making some progress, but they are hard nuts to crack.

    • You’ve obviously never put on a boiler suit and headed off to do a day’s work in your life. If you did, you would understand that what you are buying into is just one more aspect of the state control machinery, which tries to devalue working class intellectuals (and TR certainly has a far greater understanding of what is going on in the world today than 100% of the so-called “journalists” who were standing on the same street). After all, the elite can’t have someone from the lower classes showing them up. So they attack their language – this is a tried and tested colonial technique – one of the first things the English did in any country they took over was stop the children from speaking in their own language.

      Read some James Kelman.

  10. All we need is to apply the “laws” to Islamists half as harshly as they’ve been applied to Tommy, and there wouldn’t be a problem any more…

    Watch if they don’t try to do him in for hate speech on this one, though in light of the circumstances, they might not dare try.

    May isn’t as bad as some of her predecessors, FWIW.

    • When/if I see Britain out of the E.U. then and only then will I say May is OK, but I seem to remember she was a remainer…

    • “May isn’t as bad as some of her predecessors, FWIW.”

      So why are Michael Savage, and the Geller and Spencer Roadshow, all banned from entering Britain?

  11. The gutter press and their creatures love to malign TR. He was there on unrelated business when the carnage happened and spoke with justified anger. I think he is a hero considering what he and his family have to endure on a daily basis.
    The tepid reaction by the brainwashed dogooders and islam apologists in the face of naked aggression continues to astonish me.
    And they call TR a racist. He is the only sane one there…

  12. I have read through (quickly) all the above comments after listening to Tommy and his heart felt message.

    But where is the shouting out of TREACHERY and TREASON of those in authority by those (all of us who are not in authority) and who are now exposed to take the fall for those who are, and their so very obvious TREACHERY?

    How many times do these incidents or acts of deliberate terror need to take place throughout the West before those with a voice begin to call out all the Traitors?

    • Good comment Nemesis, and to answer your last sentence–for the foreseeable future, as you well know. BTW, I suspect you were just being facetious when you asked “how many times…?”

      • No not facetious Peter, but angry that the obvious is there for all to see yet few pay it any attention.

        The Traitors, their Aiders and Abettors, have been using negative language and unconstitutional law against anyone who chooses to point out their apparent wrongheadedness, not because they know they are right, but because they know what they are doing is wrong!

        We have allowed those who have been undermining us to do so without bothering to address the fundamental aspect to their underhandedness and treachery, whether willful or otherwise. Instead, we have been trying to persuade them with common sense logic when common sense logic has no place in their thinking.

        We have been stupidly disregarding their fundamental ideological motivation while tending to ignore the very obvious damage that they have been doing to our culture and civilization for nearly 100 years. It is not working, we must recognize that it is not working, and a more determined approach must be taken up because what they are doing has to be stopped!

        And the only way we can do that by non-violent means is to cause them to begin thinking about their own actions by calling them out for what they are doing willfully or otherwise, and drawing their attention to the penalty that applies for such behaviour. It’s called Treason and it is time we began using that word against our cultural enemies.

        • Amen brother.

          As you said, trying to use facts, reason and logic against these people is never going to work – they are ideologically blinkered and about as susceptible to a well-reasoned argument as an NKVD agent with a loaded gun.

          We need to start simply calling them what they are. They’re not shy about going down the ad hominem route – they deserve a taste of their own medicine. And they need to be put on the back foot for a change.

          One example: I made a comment to someone once about some incident involving a Muslim. Just an everyday observation about one of the multiple incidents that have happened since 9/11.

          The person I was with said, “Ooooh, that’s racist.” My response was: “If you really believe that, then there’s something seriously wrong with your thinking.” And I said it with feeling, so they knew I meant it.

          That shut them right up. They really couldn’t handle the idea that there was something wrong with their thinking. I could see their minds going round and round in an endless loop. They just could not cope with the tables being turned on them. It was quite funny to see, actually.

          We need to start doing more of that – I agree. Tell them that there is something seriously wrong with their thinking, that they are the ones who are obsessed with ‘race’, that they are the ones responsible for this mess we’re all in, etc etc …

          • Yes, I agree with your assessment. From an ideological point of view though, not everyone who begins hearing the words ‘treachery, sedition, treason, are going to acknowledge that those words when bandied about may actually include them.

            And on that kind of ideological thinking, it may be necessary to provide some kind of education or advertising campaign to highlight exactly what constitutes treachery, sedition and treason, because those words have lost any meaning at all to the most indoctrinated among us.

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