What’s Erdogan Doing?

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sends his analysis of what the cheerful, avuncular Recep Tayyip Erdogan is up to with his latest antics.

What’s Erdogan Doing?

by H. Numan

Our beloved bogeyman Erdogan seems to be frothing at the mouth. Just about anyone he can insult he has already insulted, and he is looking for more. Why? Why infuriate Germany so much that even Merkel has to say: You shall not pass!

First of all, mohammedans have a terrible inferiority complex, which they compensate for by looking down on the rest of humanity. Sorry. They don’t. They are humanity. The rest of us are a kind of apes, according to mohammedans. Even the poorest mohammedan beggar in Mecca is infinitely superior to non-believers, no matter how rich they are or what accomplishments they have. It’s built into the religion, right from the start. Don’t forget that mohammedanism was invented in the world’s crotch, by nomadic and semi-nomadic bandits. The truth hurts, and they know it.

Back to Turkey. It used to be one of the world’s superpowers, for centuries. That is often forgotten in Europe, because that truth hurts just as much. The Ottoman Empire was the successor to the Byzantine Empire. Where the Byzantine Empire was already tottering in decline, the Ottoman empire grew vibrantly. It took over the Byzantine Empire, and has enjoyed its very strategic position on both sides of the Bosphorus until this very day.

Taking over the Byzantine Empire in 1453 was just the cherry on top of the cake. The eastern Mediterranean was already a Turkish sea. Before Columbus discovered America and Spain became the western superpower, the Ottoman empire already was. Like communism, it carried its own seeds of destruction. Communism went the way of the dodo in 74 years; the Ottoman empire took much longer to die. It was one of the European superpowers until the 19th century, and after that it took a long time to become the sick old man of Europe. It lost the last of its European colonies only after 1912 during the first Balkan wars.

The most important reason for its decline is religion. Mohammedanism doesn’t invent. It takes things over. All religions share that habit. Readers may disagree with me. Western science didn’t take off because of religion, but despite religion. Real progress was made after the religious wars of the 17th century were resolved.

Mohammedans do not invent. They never have, and never will. Lefties often praise the discoveries made by mohammedans, but that is pure propaganda. Algebra, for example, was not invented by mohammedans. It was invented well before them by, among others, Greeks and Indians. All mohammedans did was take it as booty. They invented the word ‘algebra’ and very little else. The Turks were no exception. Once they ran out of steam after the Siege of Vienna they started to lag behind. More and more as times progressed. Turkish janissaries fought in mail armor against Napoleonic muskets, for example.

Kemal Ataturk abolished the sultanate, secularized society as much as humanly possible within a mohammedan culture, ethnically cleansed the country of Greeks and started again. He did a much better cleansing job than Hitler. With some economic success. Not because the Turks are such a creative bunch of people, but purely because of their strategic location. Everybody wants it. Nobody wants someone else to have it.

Erdogan was one of the many Turkish politicians who wanted power, and is the last man standing. He launched a coup against himself. Which, of course, failed. That failed coup was a copy of the Reichstag fire. Just an excuse to arrest everybody and his cousin. Like any wannabe dictator (or sultan-to-be), he doesn’t like opposition. There is lots of it, in Turkey. About 50% aren’t really keen on seeing Erdogan elected president with ruling power in the April referendum. The other half can’t wait for it to happen.

At this moment Erdogan is the ceremonial president. He controls the entire government, but that’s not the same thing as being able to rule yourself. Hence the referendum.

Erdogan knows that he may very well lose the election. His staunch supporters come from rural areas, notably Anatolia. That’s the poorest region of the country. Most of the Turks living elsewhere in Western Europe come from… Anatolia.

Q:   What’s the biggest Turkish city?
A:   Istanbul.
Q:   The second biggest city?
A:   Ankara.
Q:   The third biggest city?
A:   Berlin!

That’s not a joke, and not my Dutch cynicism at work. Berlin is really Turkey’s third biggest city. That many Turks live there. You can effectively regard Berlin as a Turkish city. Likewise, the Turkish communities elsewhere are substantial.

Those fiercely chauvinistic Turks are what he is after. Their votes can give him an electoral victory. In a ballot that goes either way, 7% means a lot. According to what I have read, that 7% of foreign Turkish voters would give him the presidency he craves for. Those people are Turks. They feel they are Turks. They don’t feel any relation whatsoever with the country they happen to live in. Be it Germany, Holland, Belgium or wherever. Not just the first generation migrants, but many more the generations born later. People who were actually born and raised in Germany or Holland.

Government control from Turkey, and make no mistake, Morocco as well, is enormous. It’s probably a toss-up, with the winner being Turkey. All Turkish mosques have imams employed as civil servants working for and paid by the ministry of religion in Ankara. Morocco does the same, but to a lesser extent. Both countries have laws that forbid forfeiting one’s nationality. Forever. One can live many generations abroad; if your great granddaddy was a Turk, so are you. Agreements with Western governments were made to keep their foreign citizens under control.

For example: if a Turkish father registers his newborn in a German or Dutch municipality, that German or Dutch civil servant will check if the registration is done according to Turkish law, and forward the information to the relevant Turkish authority. If that Turkish dad wants to call his son Heinrich or Jimmy, he can’t do that. Turkish law does not allow that. If his son wants to reject his Turkish citizenship in due time, he can’t. It doesn’t matter at all that his great-grandfather in the past moved to Germany, lived out his life and is buried there. His great-grandfather was a Turk, therefore his grandfather and father are Turks and so is he. You are a Turk forever.

Until Erdogan doesn’t like you, then it’s done in a flash. Several Turkish Germans already discovered that. They went to their consulate for something, were asked to show their Turkish passports and didn’t get them back. You are no longer Turk, they were told. Those Turkish Germans were, of course, no supporters of Erdogan to begin with.

Mohammedans — definitely not only Turks, but all mohammedans — live tightly packed together. Preferably in larger cities, but anywhere will do. For example, in the tiny village Enkhuizen there is a large Somali community. Why? It’s fairly close to Schiphol airport, which is where their daily supply of khat (a drug, very popular in Somalia) comes from. Most of them live on welfare anyway, so why not be extra happy, with a wad of khat in your mouth?

They tend to live as they used to in their own countries. Turks live together in one area; in other areas their might be a substantial number of Somalis, or whatever. Integration is never on the agenda. They watch local Turkish (or Moroccan, or Somali) TV stations. Listen to their own radio stations. Raise their kids in their own traditions. They don’t speak the language of the country, they speak their own language at home. That’s why so many mohammedan adults who were born and raised in Germany barely speak the language.

In their own country a foreigner, or at least someone who is not a mohammedan, is fair game. Milk him for all he’s worth, and then some more. That is standard practice in every mohammedan country. They take that nice charming cultural custom with them. Another rule they abide by is that anything goes as long as the referee doesn’t see it. And a lie is only a lie when that can be proven. Otherwise, it’s the truth. Not believing them immediately might lead to a blood feud for losing face.

You don’t want your (infidel) kids to be in the same school. One or two mohammedans is not a big problem. But we are way beyond that point. Entire public schools in Europe have only mohammedan pupils. Once mohammedan pupils are a sizable minority, the bullying begins. And never stops.

Dutch teachers now complain they can’t teach the curriculum, as their mohammedan pupils don’t allow it. They can’t teach about the Holocaust, for that never happened. At the same time, they look down upon Hitler for not finishing the job properly. A teacher says Columbus discovered America. Immediately a mohammedan student will stand up and shout that he’s lying. Mohammedans did that. This chap is cheered by the entire class. The teacher tries to punish the boy. Tries, as the boy immediately calls him a racist. All his classmates support him. With video evidence, if necessary.

Moroccan juveniles (third generation!) firmly believe that their grandparents build The Netherlands. Before the Moroccans came, it was a quagmire or something. They also believe 70,000 Moroccan troops liberated the country. That’s an act of faith. You can show as much proof as you want; doesn’t matter. The earth was created 6,000 years ago, that’s what the bible (and koran, incidentally) tells us, say fundamentalists. Same story here. Before the mohammedans built up The Netherlands as it is today, people hunted mammoths to stay alive.

Those are the people Erdogan is courting, with great success. It might very well give him the ballot. But the price he has to pay is huge. Turkey, despite its big mouth, is a backwater country. Tourism is one of the few economic pillars that did very well, until the latest row. Turkey can look forward to beautiful pristine beaches, as most Europeans for some silly reason go elsewhere. Flights to and from Turkey are also seeing much less traffic. The Turkish lira is rated junk. Already. It’s not going to get a higher rating anytime soon.

I checked what Turkey exports. Not a lot. Turkish delight, hazelnuts, strawberries, that sort of stuff. Oh, they produced no less than half a million TV sets there. All exported to Europe. Not sure, but I think China produces that in a day or so.

Short story: Erdogan is gambling. He needs to woo his foreign supporters. The price he has to pay is no EU membership, and his country becoming the economic leper of Europe. Hitler was also strapped for cash. Wasn’t a problem for him, he just went abroad to get some. Once Erdogan is president for life in a completely bankrupt Turkey, what else can he do than become the ruler of all the faithful?

Unless I’m much mistaken, that is the only path open to Erdogan. Either he reestablishes the sultanate or he has to fade away into oblivion. As he wants to rule as president for life and re-institute the death penalty, and as he has occupied for 45 years part of an EU nation (Cyprus), breaks every agreement he made with the EU and mocks it where he can, the only way forward for him is to curry favor with his brethren in the faith. Erdogan may not be popular in the West, but in the Middle East they really like him.

— H. Numan

53 thoughts on “What’s Erdogan Doing?

    • Dual citizenship may have its uses: A known homeland for repatriation of Muslims living in the West who’ve outworn their welcome.

      • The Mediterranean is good enough for that purpose. The sea brought them, and the sea can have them back.

        • Nevertheless, at this current juncture it does allow European countries the opportunity to deport some criminals of foreign origin.

  1. Erdogan, the mad goat of Europe…

    It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. What has the West fallen to?

  2. if you think communism is dead you’re crazy. communism is at the zenith of its power right now today in 2017. it controls most of the governments of Europe. it is more powerful in the united states today than it has ever been. we just had eight years of a communist presidency. it has complete control of the democrat party and a ton of sympathy in the republican party. communism has always been good for the ruling class.
    in islam it has the strongest ally it has ever had. it has 1.5 billon useful idiots that will do anything the communists want. they will cause as much mayhem and violence and kill as many people as the communists want. why do you think your leftist politicians keep bringing them to your countries? you think they are being brought there to make your countries better, to keep you free? they are being brought to your countries to conquer you and turn them into communist hellholes.

    • This article is about Erdogan, not about communism.

      Communism as we learned to ‘love’ it, is dead. In the West all communist parties have renamed themselves into something else. The ideology is as dead as Nazism is. That doesn’t want to say there aren’t any Nazis, or that communists no longer exist. They do. And yes, they are in power. But no longer in control of matters. Control rests now with mohammedanism, which regards them as the most useful idiots ever to disgrace the face of the earth.

      • Sorry, but just because the communists rebranded themselves does not mean they went away. These are the droids you are looking for, don’t be fooled by their parlor trick.

        tommy651 is 100% right. Trevor Loudon has extensively documented the communists who now hold the seats of power.

        The fact you cannot see communists means their camouflage has worked.

        • Absolutely, communism is alive & well. “The greatest trick the devil ever played on the world is convincing it he doesn’t exist.” It’s the same for communism. Putin has slowly but steadily reconstituted the Soviet Union, either by force, blackmail, or bribery. Ukraine, not just Crimea, but the entire country, will soon fall to him. The Ukraine is the breadbasket of Eastern Europe. Many of the former Russian satellites, with their large Russian speaking populations, long for the good ol’ days of Stalinism and Soviet dominance. Communism isn’t dead. When the Iron Curtain fell, Communism escaped into the rest of the world.

        • I agree with you 100%. We need look no further than the political classes of the EU, (all left), and the democrat party here ( all left ).
          These politicians have almost NO alliance to their home countries or fellow citizens. Its party first, and party first. There is no second allegiance.
          In their quest for dominance the left uses any tool available.
          In Europe, welfare seeking muslims and in the U.S., economic refugees from central and South America represent reliable voting blocs.
          But democrats and your eurocrats have overplayed their hands. And neither has the support of their countrymen. Its only going to get worse.

      • tommy651 has a point, though. Without the useful idiot neo-communists, islamists would get nowhere in the West.

        The neo-communists are actually more dangerous than the islamists, from that PoV.

    • I agree with you re communism: it’s alive and thriving in the West, going by such obfuscations as progressivism and social democracy.

    • I agree with you! Of course this is not the vanilla communism most people thinking about, but the more insidious cultural Marxism.

  3. Precisely! The natural resting state of our brains is daydreaming (when we’re doing laundry, driving, etc. so much so that before we know it we have arrived at our destination, except for little kids who keep asking, Are we there yet? because their brains are not yet fully formed).

    If your mind’s flights of fancies are not allowed to take off because it has been stultified then you and we are missing out on so much potential.

  4. Great article! What a pity there is no one in Europe that has taken to standing up to this upstart blustering fool Yap Yap Erdogan.

    • There is; she just hasn’t been elected yet. If the good people of France ever come to their senses and elect Ms Le Pen, she has a stiff enough spine for the rest of Europe to cower behind, and she will not hesitate to get Tayipp’s goat!

  5. He needs nukes to complete his conquest, but he cannot afford to purchase them from AQ Kahn. A few months back, recall that Turkish troops surrounded the Incirlik USAF base and pulled the power to test the US response. He will attempt to seize those weapons. He will fail, but he won’t give up until he has secured them. At that point he will have an expanded Mahgreb.

    • The nuclear weapons were moved. But yes, once Turkey gets nuclear weapons then the first truly world war will start, and the armies of the Islamists are already in your cities. As the scouts say, “Be Prepared”.

      • It’s arguable, and I think likely, that he is more dangerous than the Iranian regime, even.

        I suppose that the U.S. must have plans to destroy the nukes in situ, if all else fails. At least they probably do under Trump. Under Obama, one could only but wonder…

      • I didn’t know they were moved, that’s a great relief. I’m uncertain if the nukes in Italy, Germany and elsewhere throughout Europe are safe from the Mohammedans. My guess is no – they’re not absolutely safe. It’s time for US to withdraw from Europe, Africa and Middle East – we have no have interests there worth fighting for.

    • Only one problem with that is with one pull of a lever those B61 nukes become total junk.

      • Not total – the mere posssession of fissile material should be enough for the sultan’s demands.

  6. ” Western science didn’t take off because of religion, but despite religion.”

    Wow. This is literally [insulting description] I’ve read for a long, long time. It’s so wrong it’s difficult to state how much appropriately. In fact, it’s so [insulting description] that I can no longer trust other statements made on this site. If you are so unable to recognize historical and philosophical reality then I cannot in good conscience believe that other statements of “fact” that you make are, in fact, correct. So, unfortunately, goodbye! I can’t trust you anymore.

    • ” Western science didn’t take off because of religion, but despite religion.”

      This is 100% correct. If you want to believe in sky ghosts then that is your right. But don’t pretend that the incredible improvements in the World due to the acceptance of evidence-based reasoning (“The Scientific Method”) would have been possible with superstitious faith-based “reasoning” (which is reasoning in the explicit absence of evidence).

      Judeo-Christian traditions have contributed hugely to ethics, but hampered science for thousands of years.

      • Moa you went extinct hundreds of years ago, and you are no Moa. Puns aside, Christianity did facilitate the development of science, and did so in part because of the God’s creation was knowable, and that through his creation you could gain a limited understanding of God.

        Your bias is based on your ignorance of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. While elements of the Catholic church were reactionary, the reality was that in many ways the Catholic church was the patron of the arts and sciences and served as a bulwark to prevent the invasion of Europe and the destruction of Western culture.

        Religion at its best establishes parameters which protect and sustain. These boundaries are especially true for children, and are also needful for the childish adults who – in their arrogance – think that they know everything and are therefore the masters of th universe. Europe did not benefit from the ‘religious’ wars of the 16th century because then as now the individuals who fought them were more interested in power in this world than in the salvation of souls.

        • As Moa says: “If you want to believe in ghosts, then that is your right”.
          The Catholic Church may have been a patron of the arts in the middle ages, but it could be said to have been the brutal enemy of science.
          Religion through the ages and in all societies has been imposed through fear, for power and crowd-control; at least in my very humble opinion.

      • Without ethics how pray tell do you have a civilization to enjoy all of those techno gadgets that have been created by “The Scientific Method”. You can go to the no-go zone of South Chicago today and try to enjoy them in the absence of ethics.

      • http://jameshannam.com/medievalscience.htm. Christianity was the catalyst due to its insistence upon order in the cosmos and reason the logos within us as a divine gift. Fundamentalist obscurantism is an aberration of the Christian faith. Secondly, your childish caricatures of sky god are unbefitting. If you were taught to literally read without employing tropes and metaphors, I am sorry. A society without the transcendent is nothing and vacuous hence our modern western malaise.

    • That’s a pity. I have some very good arguments to support me. I’m perfectly willing to change my point of view, pending the quality your arguments. It’s not mutual, I regret to see. You’re point of view is rock solid. May I politely inquire if that includes a 6000 year old world, created in 6 days?

    • First, I don’t disagree with Mr. Van Wegen’s comments above.

      The whole paragraph was:

      “The most important reason for its decline is religion. Mohammedanism doesn’t invent. It takes things over. All religions share that habit. Readers may disagree with me. Western science didn’t take off because of religion, but despite religion. Real progress was made after the religious wars of the 17th century were resolved.”

      I don’t know exactly where the author is coming from in that paragraph. Some of it is unclear to me, to be kind I’ll just say that in my opinion it is poorly written. I’ll only make one point.

      Where the author said “…Western science didn’t take off because of religion but despite religion…” It will take you just a few keystrokes and you can see all the great scientists and inventors over the centuries that were Christians.

      • “All great scientists were Christians….?”
        I hope you mean, as opposed to islam? (which has indeed invented nothing but has never been averse to taking over the inventions of others) People simply identified as Christians or Jews, etc., but the author was absolutely correct in stating that religion held back science, for centuries, and there is plenty of evidence of that–read up on the Catholic Church through the ages!
        I thought Mr Numan’s article was excellent.

        • Peter, I didn’t mean that all great scientists were Christian – as in every single one. Maybe I could have tightened that sentence up. I meant all the individuals that were Christians and scientists. I didn’t count them, but if you go to wikipedia they have a list of what appears to be dozens and dozens listed.
          And yes that would also mean opposed to Islam. The picture painted by the vast herd of society and academia today of Islam having this glorious history of science, learning and tolerance is fantasy. I’ve seen a couple of videos on YouTube comparing the accomplishments of Muslims and Jews in science – pretty funny.
          Now, where you are saying that religion held back science, there’s plenty of evidence and read up on the Catholic church. Sorry, for me you’re going to have to get a whole lot more specific than a sweeping statement like that (and I’m not a Catholic).
          And guess what, I agree with you that Mr. Numan’s article was excellent – and certainly timely.

    • Seems like a bit of an overreaction. Your issue seems to be about different philosophical perspectives, rather than incorrect factual information. Since you had no difficulty picking up on the philosophical disconnect with your own view, I am not sure how “trust” is relevant. Surely you have previously encountered people who do not share your perspective. That does not make them untrustworthy.

  7. My FAther went to Erzuram in Turkey to research Noah’s Ark in the early eighties. He was stalked by Muslims who intimidated him. The day he left Turkey the airport was nearly bombed back to the stone age. And Turkey genocided Armenia to prevent them from exploring Mount Ararat, the resting place of the Ark.

    • “Ararat, the resting place of the ark.” What ark? You’ve been watching too many TV documentaries, dear. E.g. why would such an ark come to rest on a mountain, fgs, instead of a low spot ?

        • Ararat is a very high mountain, over 5000 metres, way higher than the surrounding countryside.
          It never seems to occur to these scientists and archaeologists that common-sense would seem to dictate that looking for an ark on a very high mountain which stands alone, is just dumb.

          • They did so b/c the Bible says that the waters of the flood covered even the mountains, and also that the ark came to rest on Ararat. Common sense–before you call someone else dumb, perhaps you should go to the original document they looked at and look for the reason for the actions of various intelligent people.

  8. “For example: if a Turkish father registers his newborn in a German or Dutch municipality, that German or Dutch civil servant will check if the registration is done according to Turkish law, and forward the information to the relevant Turkish authority. If that Turkish dad wants to call his son Heinrich or Jimmy, he can’t do that. Turkish law does not allow that.”

    I don’t see why the Netherlands or Germany should care what the Turks think of the choice of name.

    Around here, we most certainly don’t care what a foreign country would think of such a thing. That would be “your problem” or “their problem” if if you felt that it’s “your problem” and wanted to avoid it, then you should be making name choices in consequence, but the vital statistics office certainly wouldn’t care either way.

  9. If Turkey is as broke as you say, then the only way out is to march on Israel and seize whatever they have. The Dead Sea is a treasure trove of minerals and the Golan Heights is a natural gas well site that has yet to be developed. Of course, Ezekiel said that there would be days like this, Strange Days, indeed.

    • Acuara, not exactly sure what you’re saying and maybe it’s in jest, but if Turkey was thinking about marching on Israel, Turkey better count to ten and rethink that one.

    • have you heard of the ” Samson Option”?Should they dare to attack Israel, Turkey would be transformed to glas, heat turning sand into glas.Get the picture?

  10. 1. One nationality only
    2. Kick Turkey out of NATO
    3. Boycott Turkey’s products and tourism

  11. Berlin third turkish city by size? You must be kidding.This is bovine droppings.Heard of Izmir, Diarbakir e.e.? There are many turkish cities with over 2 or 3 hundred k inhabitants.Check the CIA world almanach.

  12. I think the following: Europe, or rather, the European Union closed its eyes to the changes that were taking place in Turkey and today has a disastrous refugee agreement with the country, which holds a large number of them together With the terrorists who are in their midst. Erdogan wants to be able, however, the European Union wants to get the impression that it is an institution that only receives democratic partners to be part of its group, which will inevitably make Turkey’s accession process practically ignored. Thanks to this, very soon, Erdogan will undo the agreement, because his pretension to raise the power through referendum, waiting for a positive response of its practically Islamic public, is almost materializing.

    The European Union by denying the nature of Islam has turned a blind eye to what Turkey has become, and in the end an impossible agreement will be undone, and Islamic Turkey will ensure that Europeans pay the price for the stupidity of the organization.

  13. And if u r in doubt of the above … hv a look at

    News.AZ (re Turkey) thurs. 23/03/2017

    Turkey WARNS
    Turkey not 2b belittled
    5 Turkey kids 4 evry Turk in EU …

  14. Numan:

    Turkey has broken every treaty. And the U.S. has broken EVERY Treaty they’ve ever made.
    So, Turkey and the U.S. are the same.

    • Nona, I’m going to have to disagree with you. Now maybe you want to fire back at the author for making what you consider a too broad brush approach and presenting Turkey as a totally evil country with all evil people in it. I don’t know. Maybe you are from Turkey or have some other perspective.

      Now, just thinking logically obviously the U.S. hasn’t broken “every” treaty. And if that is what you are basing your statement on where you say the U.S. and Turkey are the same, that is of course factually incorrect. However, in no way is the U.S. a perfect country. Right now in fact, I think a lot of this crap going on in the Middle East has been brought on by the U.S. and certainly contributing to this whole refugee onslaught on Europe. And even now with U.S. leading NATO right up to the border of Russia. Why? Do they want nuclear war.

      But just think about one thing as far as the U.S. Anytime there is a disaster/catastrophe any where in the world – tsunami, earthquake, hurricane, the U.S is going to be one of the first countries to respond and provide generous assistance.

  15. “Mohammedanism doesn’t invent. It takes things over. All religions share that habit. Readers may disagree with me. Western science didn’t take off because of religion, but despite religion. ”
    First and second sentences, possibly yes. I haven’t researched all the things Muslims have done over the years, but it certainly seems they don’t produce much.
    The rest of the sentences, baloney. You obviously have not paid attention to history. It would behoove you not to make extreme and baseless statements.
    Just a few of the many, many examples: (Look them up yourself if you don’t believe me.)
    Nicolas of Cusa
    Robert Grosseteste
    Francis Bacon
    Nicholas Copernicus
    Johannes Kepler

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