It’s Nobody’s Business but the Turks’

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The recent conflicts between Turkish government ministers and various European countries have been generated deliberately by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Mr. Erdoğan desperately needs the votes of Turkish citizens abroad if he wants to have any hope of winning next month’s referendum on the expansion of his presidential powers. By demanding that his ministers be allowed to campaign on his behalf for a “yes” vote, Mr. Erdoğan has caused outrage in Europe, and not just in the EU — Switzerland has been a target, in addition to Austria, the Netherlands, and Germany.

Turkish Gastarbeiter and their descendants in Germany comprise the most significant bloc of Turkish voters outside Turkey, so the greatest push has been to court the “yes” vote within Germany. The Germans showed less spine than the Dutch, and allowed Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu into the country to speak to Turkish-German voters.

The Germans did impose restrictions on Mr. Çavuşoğlu, however, putting up enough resistance to incur his anger, and the anger of his esteemed Führer, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The two videos below (translation by Egri Nök, subtitling by Vlad Tepes) bookend the controversy nicely. First, a brief overview of President Erdoğan’s reaction:

The second video shows Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu’s speech in Germany. Mr. Çavuşoğlu displays a deft combination of threats and self-pity, and somehow manages to seem menacing and whiny at the same time:

Egri Nök has also translated several articles and written explanatory material to help readers understand the background of the crisis in German-Turkish relations. Her summary on the case of Deniz Yücel, a Turkish-German journalist imprisoned last month by the Erdoğan regime, is particularly useful for illuminating the bizarre relationship between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Neo-Ottoman Empire.

First, from

After Nazi accusations: The more nervous he is, the more he lashes out: That is why Erdoğan risks everything

March 3, 2017

Fronts are hardened between Germany and Turkey: Last week, several German cities forbade rallies by Turkish Ministers. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accuses the Federal Republic of “Nazi-methods” and announces: “If I want, I will come to Germany”. If someone tried to prevent him, he would start an uprising.

The Federal government is shocked by Erdoğan’s verbal attack. They reject the Nazi comparison as “absurd and out of place”. Also because it would only downplay the crimes against humanity by the National Socialists.

The relations between the two countries have reached a new low with this. Erdoğan seems to have stopped caring about what Berlin thinks of him a long time ago. But his Nazi comparison crosses a red line — he risks damaging the relationship irrevocably.

Why does he do this? The answer lies in the Turkish interior policies. Erdoğan is under heavy pressure — and the more nervous he becomes, the more he lashes out.

The background:

For months, Erdoğan has been preparing for a change in the Turkish constitutions. It will massively increase the president’s powers. Among others, the changes planned are:

  • The office of the prime minister will be abolished and the president will have full power.
  • The president can keep his party membership and install ministers and judges himself.
  • The state of emergency that has been declared since the failed coup will become a permanent state; the president can rule by decree.
  • The power of the parliament will be severely curtailed.

The parliament, which is dominated by AKP, has already agreed. But now the citizens must agree in a referendum.

Erdoğan is worried that the people will not give their consent to the change of the constitution — which would endanger his plan for his extension of his power, and weaken his position.

58 percent against it

According to a poll from January by the Akam polling institute, almost 58 percent of the Turks reject the planned presidential system. Only 42 percent would vote “yes”. Even among followers of the governing party AKP the reform is controversial.

So Erdoğan is doing everything to prevent a defeat at the referendum on April 16. He even tries to extinguish the word “No” from domestic public use — so that the Turks won’t get any ideas. For example, he had flyers by the ministry of health redacted which had asked the citizens to say Hayir, “no”, to smoking.

But the president is not only counting on Turks in his own country — he hopes for voters abroad. Germany plays a particularly important role. There are about 3.5 million people with Turkish roots living here; approximately 1.4 million of them are entitled to vote in the referendum on the constitution in Turkey.

With both sides being in a head-to-head race in polls, their voices could tip the needle. This is reason enough for the Turkish president to send government officials to campaign in Germany.

The Turkish president is furious that German authorities have now upset his plans. He is furious. But at the same time, the confrontation gives him an advantage: Erdoğan can now present himself as the victim of the supposed despotism of Germany, and can gain votes with his verbal attacks. Both in Turkey as well as in Germany, many are impressed by Erdoğan’s hard line against the federal government.

“Erdoğan wants to impress them with his aggressive rhetoric”

The integration minister of the Christian Democratic Union, Cemile Giousouf, told Focus online: “The upcoming constitutional referendum is responsible for the current escalation […] The German-Turks hold the balance, and Erdoğan wants to impress them with his aggressive rhetoric.”

He accepts that it will annoy the federal government permanently and narrow the diplomatic scope between the two countries. There is much at stake for Erdoğan. He has been trying for years to remodel Turkey after his own ideas. He has tried to establish a presidential system in the past.

His plan might fail a second time

At the election in 2015, his AKP missed the three-quarter majority that would have been necessary in parliament. After the failed coup in July last year, Erdoğan saw his chance and used the events to massively restrict freedom of opinion in the country and to proceed against the opposition.

If he fails again, Erdoğan will probably have to say farewell to his dreams of a presidential system. At least if he wants to use even remotely democratic means. A defeat would not sit well with his image as the strong man at the Bosphorus — and could be the beginning of his end. A situation like this makes a politician such as Erdoğan only more unpredictable.

The next article is from the Hamburger Abendblatt:

Çavuşoğlu appearance: These gestures alarm the Office for the Protection of the Constitution

By Christoph Heinemann, Michael Arning and Jens Meyer-Wellmann
March 8, 2017

Authorities and politicians interpret the hand gesture during the speech of the Turkish Foreign Minister as “Wolf Greeting” of the right-extremist “Grey Wolves”.

Hamburg. The scene occurred when the official part of the appearance was coming to an end. Turkish Foreign Minister Çavuşoğlu was still bathing in the cheers of his followers at the consulate residency at the Uhlenhorst [street] — and, just like several of his attendants, suddenly formed his fingers into a gesture, waved it in the air and displayed it to the audience.

For the Hamburg Office for the Protection of the Constitution, for SPD, Greens, CDU and Left several photos of the Abendblatt show the “Wolves’ Greeting” — the greeting of the right extremist nationalist Turkish group “Grey Wolves”, who call themselves “Idealists”.

Çavuşoğlu’s gesture a “worrying reference”

Çavuşoğlu’s gesture was without doubt the Wolves’ greeting, says Marco Haase, speaker of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, to the Abendblatt. But it remains debatable whether it means that Çavuşoğlu himself was committing himself to the right-extreme supporters. In any case, the incident was a “worrying reference”, said the speaker of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

According to the security authorities, the right-extreme group is potentially dangerous and is being observed: The “Grey Wolves” desire a great-Turkish Islamic empire from the Balkans to central Asia. There have been repeated reports of notable anti-Semitism, racism, and the readiness to use violence against Kurds.

A brief summary by Egri Nök of the case of Deniz Yücel:

Deniz Yücel is a Turkish-German journalist with dual nationality, currently imprisoned in Turkey. The German government and journalists are protesting his detainment. Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel called Yücel “a German patriot with Turkish roots” on the public TV news Tagesschau on March 7[1].

Not all Germans give such unconditional support to Yücel, however.

Wikipedia states that Yücel is “best known for his work for die tageszeitung (taz) and Die Welt[2], and indeed:

Yücel is best known for a vitriolic text in taz, where he expressed his joy at the low birth rates of Germans, arguing that it is beneficial if Germans die out, as their only contribution to human civilization was “giving evil a face and a name”, and in closing, he did not care for what became of Germany, “Everything is better than Germany”[3].

Yücel also earned fame when he declared his wish for the author Thilo Sarrazin, who is critical of Islam and migration, “that his next stroke will thoroughly destroy his work”[4], alluding to Sarrazin’s unilateral facial paralysis.

Der Spiegel argues that the somewhat meek support of the German public for Yücel now is a result of the Germans’ racism[5].

Below is the translation of Yücel’s text:

Amazing, Germany abolishes itself!

BERLIN taz | Finally! Great! Amazing! It was only a rumour last year, but now it is scientifically (with numbers and data) and officially (with stamp and seal) proven: Germany abolishes itself!

Only 16.5 percent of the 81 million Germans, the Federal Statistical Office has established, are under 18 years of age; nowhere else in Europe is the percentage of minors that low. There are only 8.3 births per 1,000 inhabitants — this, too, being the lowest rate in Europe.

Particularly pleasing: the immigrants who have artificially kept the birth rates high for years, no longer resist integration and contribute their, although expandable, share to the Deutschensterben (dying of the Germans).

National sports: Moaning and foreigner-smacking

Even more pleasing: the east Germans abolish themselves first. While in the west, the share of minors fell by ten percent over the last ten years, it fell 29 percent in the east. Sandy, Mandy and Jacqueline flout the new Cross of Honour of the German Mother (“parental benefit”) and contribute their share that in the foreseeable future, the east German national sports of moaning, victim-playing and foreigner-smacking will run out of recruits.

What Sir Arthur Harris, Henry Morgenthau and Ilja Ehrenburg failed to do, what George Grosz, Marlene Dietrich and Hans Krankl dreamt of, the Germans now do themselves, which is why we can trust that it will really happen. It was never German to be half-hearted (“total war”, “whole grain bread”); the whole world somewhat admires, but fears even more, Germans for their thoroughness.

Admittedly, quite a few people have left the stages of world history without the violent interference of others: The Etruscans became Roman citizens, the Hittites blended into the Anatolian ethnic mixture, the Scythians disappeared into the vast steppes.

A nation that stands out by its bad temper

The imminent exit of the Germans is extinction of a people from its most beautiful side. A nation whose greatest contribution to the history of the civilization of mankind is giving evil a name and a face, and, as Wolfgang Pohrt once wrote, to have made war the administrator and executor of humanity; a nation that has always stood out for its unlimited self-pity, pungent fault-finding and eternal bad temper; a nation that has got dozens of expressions for the word “complain”, but has to borrow the expressions of other people for everything erotic, because their own language only has uptight, coarse or clinical vocabulary; this joyless nation can gladly pass away.

Speaking of language: the list of German words which cannot, or only with a significant loss of meaning, be translated into other languages, illustrates what the world would lose with the passing-away of the Germans: Blitzkrieg, Ding an sich, Feierabend, Gemütlichkeit, Gummibärchen, Hausmeister, Heimweh, Kindergarten, Kitsch, Kulturkampf, Lebensabschnittsgefährte, Nachhaltigkeit, Nestbeschmutzer, Ordnungsamt, Querdenker, Realpolitik, Schlager, Spaßvogel, Tiefsinn, Torschlusspanik, Vergangenheitsbewältigung, Volksgemeinschaft, Weltanschauung, Wirtschaftswunder, Zwieback.

Which person of reason, style, and humour would be sad if these words and the attitudes behind them perished? See.

More tenderness for the shepherd dog than for the language

The preservation of the German language, by the way, is not an argument for keeping the German population alive. Germans and German are like astronomy and astrology. Or, even better: like lamb and slaughter. “A German feels more tenderness for his shepherd dog and his living room cabinet than for his language”, Thomas Blum remarked once. In the interest of the German language, the Germans can’t get lost fast enough.

Now, that the end of Germany is confirmed, the question remains what to do with the space without people that will develop in the middle of Europe: share between Poland and France? Split and sell on eBay? Hand out to Palestinians, people from Tuvalu and Kabylie, and others in need? Let it overgrow into a recreational park? Or turn it into a turnip field?

It doesn’t matter. Everything is better than Germany.


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Transcript video 1:

00:00   Despite strong criticism of his Nazi comparison, Turkish President
00:04   Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has piled fuel on the fire in his dispute with Germany.
00:08   Erdoğan threatened he could come to Germany for rallies at any time.
00:12   “If I want, I’ll come tomorrow. I am coming, and if you don’t let me in or don’t let me speak,
00:18   I will cause a riot.”
00:22   Prior to that, Erdoğan had used a Nazi comparison to aggravate the heated dispute
00:26   with Germany over campaign appearances by his ministers.
00:29   “Germany, you have no idea what democracy is.
00:37   There is no difference between your practices and the Nazi practices of the past.”
00:45   This was Erdoğan’s reaction to several refusals of campaign appearances
00:49   for Turkish politicians in Germany.
00:52   Also, the case of the detained German-Turkish Welt correspondent
00:55   Deniz Yücel has heavily strained the relations between the two countries.

Transcript video 2:

00:05   Dear countrymen, dear brothers,
00:12   I greet you all on this beautiful evening.
00:18   On this evening where we come together full of respect, I greet you
00:25   with the greeting of our great god.
00:32   I thank god that he brought me and you together again.
00:45   I was in Istanbul today, in Antalya yesterday. I have spoken with
00:49   many countrymen on the phone and we have received many greetings and messages.
00:56   Our brothers and sisters in Istanbul and in Antalya cordially greet you.
01:07   I also bring you the greetings of our chief minister Binali Yıldırım.
01:15   I bring you the greetings of our Führer, our president of state, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
01:45   I also bring you the greetings of the leader of the MHP, Devlet Bahçeli.
01:49   [MHP is the political arm of the Grey Wolves]
01:58   Dear brothers —
02:03   I wish I could have congregated with you in a larger hall,
02:07   but unfortunately, that wasn’t possible.
02:10   To have to address you in this cold, under the open sky —
02:16   is not what I had wished for.
02:21   I wish to apologize to the neighbors.
02:29   We are causing them a inconvenience tonight.
02:33   But we are not responsible for that.
02:36   Those responsible are the ones who prevented us from meeting in a venue.
02:46   Three wedding venues in which we could have met were prohibited.
03:00   Likewise, we could have congregated in a hotel; it was planned,
03:04   but that venue too was withdrawn from us.
03:11   And even another alternative that I had organized was prevented.
03:20   And a countryman, as you know —
03:28   a countryman had signed a contract,
03:39   and great pressure was exerted on that countryman,
03:45   so that he had to annul that contract.
03:50   Our countryman said, “I will not annul this contract”, but
03:54   police and other forces exerted pressure,
03:59   and finally they blocked the venue — for fire safety regulations!
04:07   Until this day, many weddings have taken place in that venue,
04:12   children and women were there, but where have you been until today?
04:17   Where were the fire safety regulations until today?
04:21   Now, unfortunately, it is like this —
04:26   it is a systematic obstruction that is taking place here.
04:31   Germany — we have always regarded Germany as a friendly country.
04:38   We have never had unfriendly or negative relations with Germany.
04:47   But Germany is fostering a systematic antagonism against Turkey.
04:53   And our friends, our Turkish friends in Germany
04:57   are systematically oppressed; and we cannot accept that.
05:03   If we are friends — this is not friendship;
05:07   this is not proper for a friendship.
05:11   More than 3.5 million Turkish citizens live in Germany;
05:16   more than 5 million in Europe.
05:20   And a part of our population, our countrymen, have also become
05:24   German citizens [referring to dual citizenship].
05:28   But many of our countrymen have not been granted German citizenship yet.
05:37   On the one hand, you do not reckon them as citizens,
05:41   and at the same time, you prevent our meeting here with our Turkish citizens.
05:47   How do you legitimize that? How does that sit with human rights, with the right to assemble?
05:53   Please — please stop lecturing us about human rights and democracy.
06:07   Please stop lecturing us regarding human rights and democracy.
06:20   This is an assembly of citizens.
06:28   Wherever we go in this world, we will assemble with our citizens,
06:35   with our national comrades, with the Balkan Turks, with the Crimean Tatars,
06:39   and other fellow countrymen, we will assemble everywhere in the world.
06:44   As it is a constitutional element of our foreign policy
06:51   that every country can assemble with their citizens who live abroad.
06:56   And just like that, we wish to assemble with our Turkish citizens abroad.
07:02   Every politician who comes here has the right to assemble with his fellow countrymen.
07:10   Just as in the several provinces of Turkey.
07:15   Our fellow countrymen in Sweden may be Swedish citizens, but they are our national comrades.
07:23   Preventing that by obstruction will lead nowhere.
07:29   And with such obstructions, you will be able neither to intimidate nor stop us.
07:34   You will not be able to break the bonds between our national comrades and us.
07:53   We fear no one. We only kneel before god.
07:59   We only bow to our god, and to no one else.
08:03   Therefore, we tell our German friends the following:
08:10   Please refrain from these wrong behaviors.
08:24   The pressure that is being exerted here does not come from local authorities,
08:30   but from police and the Federal Criminal Police Office.
08:36   Have you ever seen us take sides in elections in Germany?
08:42   Have we ever said, “elect this party, or another”?
08:47   We have never interfered like that.
08:51   Because we do not interfere with the internal policies
08:55   of a friendly country. This is our principle.
09:00   The Turks here, who have German citizenship,
09:06   can vote for whichever party they choose.
09:10   This is the principle of democracy.
09:16   For so many years we have been together with you,
09:20   and whenever we meet with you,
09:24   have we ever, when meeting you,
09:28   said anything negative about Germany, German parties,
09:32   politicians, persons? No! We have always said,
09:36   integrate into the country where you live.
09:40   Use the rights that this country gives you.
09:47   Your children should learn German, but they should
09:51   not forget Turkish when they learn German. Is there anything wrong with this? No!
09:55   Because we, the Turks —
09:59   no matter where we go
10:03   we do not wish to be a burden upon anyone. Wherever we go,
10:07   we contribute something positive. We contribute to development,
10:11   to the economy, culture, sports.
10:16   We do not cause trouble, no matter where we go.
10:20   I say and stress this deliberately.
10:24   Because the Turks who live in Germany,
10:28   we view them as an important
10:34   binding element between our two countries.
10:38   But we cannot accept
10:44   that Germany interferes with the elections or the referendum in Turkey.
10:51   There can be a “yes” or a “no” to the referendum.
10:56   That is a principle of democracy.
11:00   But here today, those who want to say “yes” to the referendum are hindered, are obstructed,
11:09   and those who want to say “no” aren’t, and that is not right!
11:15   If “yes” is going to win at the referendum,
11:24   then Turkey will become much stronger, progress much stronger on its way.
11:29   That is said. They cannot interfere with that!
11:34   No country can interfere with a referendum in another country;
11:41   no one has the right to do so. And it would not be democratic!
11:49   It is like this. We have always had an interest in maintaining good relations with Germany.
11:59   But if Germany behaves negatively towards us,
12:05   then we will not bow to that.
12:09   Look. Europe has got a serious problem.
12:15   We have seen that in Holland, too, and in other countries as well.
12:20   The Dutch send us the message:
12:26   “Do not come into our country. If you come into our country, Wilders will win.”
12:31   But where have you been until now?
12:35   During the time when Wilders became so strong?
12:39   We have been telling you for ten years,
12:43   for ten years we have been saying:
12:47   Racism in Europe has reached a high level.
12:54   Misanthropy, anti-Semitism, hostility towards Christians.
13:00   All that exists today in Europe.
13:04   All that is a crime against humanity.
13:08   The common values of Europe,
13:12   we have always affirmed them.
13:16   And we have to remain firm.
13:20   You, too, are losing ground, we told our friends in Europe.
13:24   The fact that Wilders and similar forces
13:28   have become strong shows that you are losing ground.
13:32   Who is to defend the common values,
13:36   if you don’t? Your strategy is wrong,
13:41   the strategy that you are following.
13:45   You say, “There is a racist party here, and if you come here, the racist party will grow stronger”.
13:50   It is similar in France. In Holland, Wilders is not supposed to win the elections.
13:55   We, too, of course do not want racists to win the elections.
13:59   But we are not the ones who are responsible for the rise of racism in Europe.
14:12   Those who intend to vote “no”
14:20   are free to agitate here. Other countries can agitate,
14:24   but our ministers are not allowed to act. We find that wrong.
14:28   Tomorrow morning I will have breakfast and discuss this
14:33   with my friend Sigmar Gabriel [German Vice President].
14:37   We have talked on the phone three times,
14:41   we have expressed our criticism,
14:45   and we will have to discuss how we want to deal with each other in the future.
14:49   We need to speak about this openly.
14:53   If there are problems, we must address them frankly.
15:00   Dear brothers and sisters,
15:06   we conduct our foreign policy proactively and successfully all over the world.
15:15   Human foreign policy is especially important for us.
15:22   The humanitarian aid
15:27   which Turkey is giving world-wide
15:32   comes second world-wide after the USA,
15:37   in relation to the gross domestic product.
15:41   We do not discriminate among people.
15:47   We support Africa.
15:52   Our president Erdoğan has been on an African visit,
15:57   travelled through Africa.
16:03   There is a crisis in Southern Sudan, in Ethiopia,
16:08   because of the climate, in Somalia.
16:12   We initiated aid programs, and care for the people there.
16:16   While the large countries
16:22   of this world,
16:27   for example in Somalia,
16:31   have their embassies in container camps or downsize them,
16:35   we, Turkey, have the largest embassy in Somalia, in Mogadishu.
16:40   We travel to Latin America, too.
16:44   From Argentina to Mexico.
16:49   After that, we have been to the Gulf Region: Saudi Arabia,
16:53   Bahrain, Qatar.
16:57   We have signed free trade deals with several countries.
17:02   We wish to continue the customs union with Europe.
17:07   We pursue a very proactive policies in this area.
17:23   And we receive many visits from abroad in Turkey.
17:30   Chancellor Merkel was in Ankara.
17:35   The Ethiopian head of state was in Turkey.
17:39   The Jordanian president is in Ankara.
17:43   We have foreign guests every single day.
17:47   We have good relationships, and we are interested
17:51   in maintaining good relationships with other states.
18:07   We are proud of you, grandsons of the Ottomans, living abroad.
18:15   Dear brothers,
18:28   dear brothers and sisters,
18:34   lately there has been an ongoing systematic campaign against Turkey.
18:40   An organized, systematic campaign against Turkey.
18:44   And we know these things do not happen accidentally.
18:48   We think this is not right.
18:52   The new [German] Federal President Mr. Steinmeier —
19:00   we ask him, and our other German friends:
19:04   Have you ever seen Turkey taking a hostile attitude towards Germany?
19:19   No!
19:22   Because Germany is a NATO ally of ours.
19:28   Germans come to Turkey to spend their holiday there.
19:32   Why should we take up a hostile attitude towards Germany or the Germans?
19:36   We haven’t received an answer to this question.
19:40   So we asked, why do you take up a hostile attitude towards us?
19:44   We have to talk about this. Furthermore, we ask:
19:49   The Turks who live in Germany, in Europe, looking at this group —
19:54   do you see Turks radicalizing?
19:59   No! Because our religion opposes radicalization.
20:06   The Islamic religion opposes radicalization.
20:10   Especially Diyanet [Turkish religious authority].
20:14   The Diyanet leadership works together with DITIB [association of Turkish mosques in Germany],
20:18   and therefore there is no radicalization of Turks abroad.
20:22   I asked Sebastian Kurz [Austrian Minister for Foreign Affairs]:
20:26   “Sebastian, is there a single Turk in Austria who is radicalized?”,
20:30   and Sebastian said, “No, there aren’t any”.
20:37   We need to sit down and talk to each other open and honestly.
20:44   This is what we want, an honest conversation.
20:48   And we want the same honesty towards ourselves.
20:53   Dear, dear brothers, dear brothers and sisters,
20:57   it was important to meet you today.
21:05   You have come here today in spite of all the obstructions, and I thank you for that.
21:14   Turkey is progressing forwards with firm steps.
21:25   With safe steps, despite all the obstructions.
21:30   Despite the hostility from inside and outside.
21:36   Despite all the traitors, we walk forward with firm steps.
21:40   Turkey protects and keeps its stability.
21:46   Turkey is using its might, its power in Syria for peace today.
21:51   And tries to free the people who are trapped.
22:19   We are working day and night so that our republic
22:25   may reach its goals for the 100th anniversary of the foundation of the republic.
22:38   Of those who say that the republic will be lost [note: in the referendum],
22:46   we ask: “Which projects have you achieved for the
22:52   strengthening of the republic? What have you achieved for the republic?”
22:58   This nation, this people,
23:04   has brought us to the top so that we serve the republic.
23:09   Yes, the republic develops towards the hundredth anniversary.
23:17   We ask those who criticize us:
23:31   “Do you have a project for the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the republic?
23:36   Which projects do you have, which aims?” — they give no answers.
23:42   But we have projects!
23:47   Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has goals for the hundredth anniversary of the foundation of the republic.
24:08   Until this day —
24:17   There is a systematic campaign in Europe
24:26   against Turkey, against the Turks, against Islam.
24:34   And also a systematic campaign against the president of the state.
24:40   Because, if you think about Islam,
24:44   you think about our president.
24:48   But you should know one thing: this propaganda
24:55   will not manage to break our countrymen’s love of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.
25:19   Dear brothers and sisters,
25:26   we have great dreams for the hundredth anniversary of the foundation day of the republic.
25:33   Marmaray, the Bosphorus tunnel,
25:38   that our countrymen can pass,
25:43   the third Bosphorus bridge is in service.
25:48   And what is our next goal, do you know that?
25:52   We want to build a tunnel under the Bosporus,
25:59   a three-story tunnel,
26:05   one story for trains, one for cars.
26:11   And even if you turn green with envy,
26:19   if envy kills you, we will build the largest airport in the world in Istanbul.
26:25   We work. We are productive. We make things real.
26:31   And no one will be able to stop us.
26:36   Dear brothers,
26:40   now we are in the process
26:46   of realizing the Istanbul channel to connect the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea.
26:53   The channel Istanbul will connect the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea.
26:59   You know the Battle of Canakkale [Gallipoli];
27:09   We will never forget our martyrs of the Battle of Canakkale.
27:26   Martyrs never die,
27:30   and the country will not be divided. That’s right. And what do we do
27:34   with those who want to divide our country? Do you know that?
27:38   We fight them in their caves and in the cities and wherever they hide.
27:55   [interpreter:] The crowd is now chanting “Down with the PKK” [Kurdistan Worker’s Party]
28:09   Don’t say that, don’t say that,
28:13   the friends of the PKK here will be very sad if you curse the PKK.
28:19   Dear brothers, after July 15 last year [date of coup against Erdoğan]
28:25   you have strengthened the democratic forces.
28:35   But the terrorists of the PKK —
28:39   the friends of the PKK are allowed to congregate here
28:46   and the PKK leader sent his message live from the Kandil mountains.
28:58   It is no coincidence that the terrorists chose Europe for their retreat.
29:04   No matter whether it is Fethullah Gülen’s followers, PKK followers, the DHKP-C followers;
29:10   they all can roam and act freely in Europe.
29:19   They are revered, they are met.
29:28   Please excuse me.
29:40   They are revered and met. In the new Turkey, there is no place for terrorists.
29:49   No one will be able to stop the strong Turkey.
29:52   No matter what you do, Turkey will meet its goals.
29:58   In 2023, in the 650th year after the seizure of Istanbul,
30:10   we will realize the large goals in Istanbul.
30:15   I was speaking of Canakkale [Gallipoli].
30:20   We will build the largest Autobahn, the largest bridge
30:26   worldwide in Canakkale.
30:31   And on March 18 the bid will be accepted.
30:36   I have another joyful message for you.
30:40   From Edirne, the west of Turkey,
30:47   to Kars, in the outer East of Turkey,
30:51   we will start the project of a fast railway train.
30:57   And we have another good message for you.
31:01   Within two months
31:08   we will open the train connection between Kars and Tiflis.
31:19   This will strengthen the good relations with our brothers in Azerbaijan.
31:30   Now have a look who is attacking us: everyone.
31:37   Everyone is attacking Azerbaijan simultaneously.
31:43   Azerbaijan, our brother state, is being attacked at the same time.
32:02   When we remembered our martyrs together,
32:10   no one in Europe sympathized.
32:14   And —
32:25   they forget this genocide in Europe
32:31   we will not allow this to be forgotten.
32:35   Tomorrow, I will meet Sigmar Gabriel [German Vice Chancellor]
32:39   and we will then go to the tourism fair together.
32:49   There will be hotel owners, travel agencies,
32:55   organizations and companies from the tourism sector,
33:03   and we will meet them.
33:07   You know that there was an appeal from our president.
33:13   He has called on you all
33:17   to spend your holidays in Turkey.
33:22   But not alone; the president said,
33:26   “Bring your neighbors, bring your German friends”.
33:32   You know that I’m a delegate from Antalya.
33:38   And despite all attempts to hinder them,
33:43   tourists will come, and
33:47   everyone will experience Turkish hospitality.
33:51   And they say
33:56   hospitality is one of the special characteristics of the Turkish people.
34:01   And we will show our guests our hospitality.
34:07   Therefore —
34:12   we are expecting you, this year, in Turkey.
34:21   Don’t come just to Antalya, but
34:25   visit all of Turkey, the whole of Turkey is beautiful.
34:30   And this year,
34:34   people from many countries of the world will come to Turkey;
34:45   there will also be flights from the East and from the Gulf Regions to Turkey.
34:54   And also regarding the health care sector,
34:59   Turkey is far up front. We offer several packages,
35:03   for example, eye clinics and other fields of health.
35:08   We have a lot to offer for our guests from abroad.
35:14   Turkey is truly —

25 thoughts on “It’s Nobody’s Business but the Turks’

  1. Portugal (East of New York City) has lots of immigrants in France and also in Germany. We have 2 MP’s for Diaspora in Europe and more 2 for the rest of the world.
    When they wanted/want to campaign there was/is not permission from those countries for foreigner parties political to launch meetings.

    Why an evil Turkey is above the law?

  2. It’s ironic that Erdogan the caprophile hurls the epithet ‘Nazi’ around while acting more and more Hitleresque by the day.

    It’s make or break for him now, he’s thrown his cards on the table and there’s no going back. His megalomania is starting to become embarrassingly obvious.

    The Goatman of Anatolia is a threat to world peace and must be dealt with now. There is no time for appeasement. Particularly worrying is his call to the Balkan Turks. Are the Balkan leaders listening?

    • I agree, he seems unhinged, the sheer arrogance of the man. To think he can build a political machine in other nations, loyal to him alone, a “Fifth Column”, and then be surprised those country’s object to his meddling.

      And to think the much favoured and Jihad savvy General Flynn was some sort of lobbyist for this man and his regime? Strange bedfellows indeed!

      • This is how Muslims in general think. With all the rest of their odious low intelligence spew. To think we have millions of these creatures from the dark side swamp walking freely from murder to murder gorging on the Good will of humanity is a bit much. Don’t you think?

  3. LOL, he accuses Germany of antisemitism rising in it. There is these days only one source of antisemitism in Germany: islam.

    But I’ve got through half of his whine and it really was nothing but that. What kind of political campaign is that meant to be?

  4. Yep, it is Turks business, what Netherlands has to do with it?
    You want to proselytize among Turks, go to to Turkey.

  5. Misanthropy, anti-Semitism, hostility towards Christians.
    13:00 All that exists today in Europe.
    13:04 All that is a crime against humanity.

    Indeed. Propagated in huge part by Muslims. Damned hypocrite.

  6. related:
    Dutch voters should be made aware of the following prior to this weeks election:

    RT Tweet:

    Merkel, Rutte agreed refugee quota in deal with Turkey, did not tell other EU leaders – report

    Contressman Steve King tweets: “Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies”

    VladTepes assists with this dated essay by Daniel Greenfield:
    Know Your Military Colonists

  7. Even the efforts of Ataturk could not lessen the ideology that is Islam from re-surfacing at some future time within Turkey. And of the all the countries that are Muslim majority, Turkey is probably the most nationalistic of all, but I now wonder, if under Erdogan that national pride will be enough to stop Turkey from sliding back into the abyss of Islam.

  8. 1.) The office of the prime minister will be abolished and the president will have full power.

    2.) The president can keep his party membership and install ministers and judges himself.

    3.) The state of emergency that has been declared since the failed coup will become a permanent state; the president can rule by decree.

    4.) The power of the parliament will be severely curtailed.

    Sounds like one of them thar caliphate thingies to me.

  9. Austrian Chancellor Kern is calling for a EU ban on Turkish political campaigming in their countries. How the hell long have they been already allowing Turkey to hold political events and rallies in their countries? This globalism stuff has got to go, we are not all one and the same just because we are all humans. Close borders with real border controls like there always were historically until recently and make people choose one country to
    commit to — no more of this dual
    citizenship bullcrap.

    • It’s so obvious. Even the fully costumed dopey deadly Muslims can see an opportunity like his. Step aside girls.

  10. That screed against the German nation is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever read. And some call this… person… a “German patriot”?! Clearly it was not such vitriol that landed this Yücel in a Turkish prison. What did?

  11. America needs to IMMEDIATELY remove all their atomic weapons from any geographic lands that are “islam” controlled – including France and Germany – PARTICULARLY – Turkey. Withdraw all financing, and American troops, and equipment from NATO, UN, and UNESCO countries. America should stand up, as the shining light that is the beacon on the hill – that She is. Russia, and Putin aren’t the evil forces they were in the “Cold War”. The Federation of Russia, is pretty much on OUR side now. Muhommadism is the EVIL the free World is facing (except China, Iran, and North Korea) and until EVERYONE understands this, (which Democrat/progressive/socialists/etc will never accept) there will be no peace on Earth. EVER.

  12. TRUMP – AMERICA! Pull all American troops, equipment, and resources out of Turkey – IMMEDIATELY! There is no way the American air base in Turkey (and the nuclear weapons there) should have been controlled by Turkish forces, EVER. The entire force of America should have blasted Turkey into dust when they “contained” the American air base there during the “attempted coup”.
    This is unacceptable behavior.

  13. All my screaming aside, how about Turkey gives up the illegal possession of half the internationally recognized Country (island) of Cyprus? Since 1974, All non-muslim countries have demanded Turkey withdraw from occupied Cyprus.

  14. Maybe we should call spade a spade. Turkey is showing signs of undeniable “Hitlerism”. It was the evil Czechoslovaks who denied poor and oppressed German minority to fully project their political beliefs, it was the West who unrighteously pressed Germany into economic turmoil, It was the bloody Poles who stole major part of German Territory… and I could go on and on and on…

    Before the war, virtually all Germans living in Czechoslovakia were falling for Hitler’s “Germans are the victims and Czechs are the oppressors” game. Even when they – The Germans – were the oppressors, they would justify killing Czechs by “You tried to oppress us first” kind of logic. That is the reason why after the war, they were expelled from Czechoslovakia rather speedily. Multikulturalism at its best.

  15. In a sane world those attending riots and rallies would be deported back to their homeland along with the turkish ministers. There they can riot and engage in turkish politics to their heart’s content until Erdogan sends in the tanks.

  16. and this in a country where the translation of Mein Kampf was a chartbuster ,for obvious reasons! The Turks wanted to scrutinize the deep roots of anti semitism out of their historical curiosity.sarc off.

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