An Open Letter to the Heidelberg Police

As you may recall, on February 25 a man drove a car into a group of pedestrians in Heidelberg, killing one of them and wounding two others. He got out of the car carrying a knife, and tried to get away, but was shot by police. He is recovering in the hospital, and has been charged with various crimes for his actions.

No information was given out about the perpetrator except that he was “German” and did not have a “migration background”. Within two or three days, the German press and people seemed to lose interest in the case, and as far as I am aware, no additional information has been released.

The incident prompted a disgruntled citizen to write the following open letter to Heidelberg Police. This is the source where the published letter was found. We owe a debt of gratitude to Nash Montana for undertaking this difficult translation:

Open letter: Dear Heidelberg Police!

Insults, rumors, fake information: The police reacted in an unusually direct way to such tweets after the car incident in Heidelberg. Now they consider investigating the people who wrote the tweets. It is one of the duties of the police to inform the public in case of a dangerous situation. Meanwhile they do that by use of social networks. That’s also what happened when a car rammed a group of people in Heidelberg last Saturday. One person died, two people were injured, and the driver was prevented from fleeing by being shot. The incident kept many Twitter users busy. Hour after hour the police had to deal with questions from inside the country and from other countries — at times with abusive tweets even.

Dear Police in Heidelberg

(an open letter by Winnie Wacker)

As one has noticed, by now you seem a little pissed off due to some comments on Twitter and on Facebook concerning the attacker who rammed his car into three people and then fled with a knife in his hand. But what do you believe is the reason why people react the way they do and comment the way they do? Why do you think that the people don’t trust you anymore, and therefore probe you in such a pushy way?

Do you still remember the good old adage, “He who makes a habit of lying will not believed even if he speaks the truth for once”? The people just don’t believe you anymore. Too many times in the past have you, let’s just say, to be politically correct, omitted the truth (which in my eyes is absolutely the same as lying), or you bent the truth very creatively to your own liking. Although you are not the press and you are not bound by it, you have very obviously oriented yourself by the press codex point 12.1 and have concealed the migration background of offenders systematically.

And when the offender had been determined, and therefore a manhunt with a description of the perpetrator wasn’t necessary anymore, in each of your press reports each perpetrator with a German passport was German, what is formally correct, but more on that later. And when non-German passport existed, then the perpetrator living in Heidelberg all too often becomes simply a “Heidelberger”. According to the police in my city, the hoodlums are typically called “Ulmer”, because I am from Ulm, or they’re simply called “men”. And when one reads that every day, one is moved to ask oneself just what the heck has gotten into these Heidelbergers and Ulmers. One feels appalled at how our society becomes so brutalized: “Biberacher” (people from Biberacher) engage in human trafficking, “Ulmer” commit serious heists, and “Berliner” cut their wives’ heads off.

“Men” in Germany pounce and attack women in packs and rape them, four, seven men at the same time. And feminists say that all that had been going on at Oktoberfest all the time, only in the past no one had talked about this ancient primal German rape culture called Taharrush. But now, when all the refugees are here, suddenly they talk — for completely racist reasons of course — it’s thematized, addressed in order to pee on the refugees’ collective leg. What, therefore, is going on with men in Germany?

Regarding your driver in Heidelberg, only a few short months after the truck jihad in Berlin, you say that it was a German student. And you make a big deal out of the fact that he has no migration background. Well, now there are photos available. And the man simply does not look like an indigenous German. And it’s also highly unlikely that a student would be on the road with a rental car from Europcar, and to carry huge knives with him is pretty atypical as well. Something in your story sounds a bit odd, and that’s why people begin to be a bit suspicious. But you should know, because after all, you have arrested the man and you checked his data. And even without having spoken one single word with the perpetrator, you also immediately knew that there was no indication of a terrorist background. Now, whether this grew on your pile of dung or on the press’ pile, I can’t say, but apparently the offender’s real motivation was mental confusion. The fact that you dish out the usual reassurances and relativization to us after such attacks, which become more and more unbelievable and are therefore increasingly met with suspicion — that is your own doing, dear police.

Of course there are enough criminal indigenous Germans in this country, and the autochthon German may (still) be the majority among criminal suspects and convicted offenders. But coincidentally I know that, for example, in Baden-Württemberg 44.6% of all imprisoned people are foreigners (as of August 2016).

Namely mostly Turks and Romanians. Despite the fact that Turks only make about 5% of the population, and Romanians an even smaller percentage. These “Heidelberger” and “Ulmer” are above average in criminality! And when one then also knows that just about 50% of the Turkish-born people in Germany have a German passport, and are therefore are considered as “German” in the crime statistics, then one quickly senses that the other 55.4% of prison inmates aren’t all called “Hans” and “Friedrich”, but rather “Ali” and “Mohammed”. Or in other words, if 5% of Turkish fellow citizens without a passport are already so extremely overrepresented, then the Turkish-born inmates with German passports would follow suit, since it’s the same breed of people, anyway, with the same cultural and religious background. One can, in the light of these numbers therefore guess correctly that far more than half of all apprehended perpetrators in Germany’s prisons have a migration background.

Personally, I could live with the fact that non-native fellow citizens tend to be more criminal even in the second and third generation than those who were given names like Fritz or Max by their parents. At least if they really wanted to belong to us and were to make efforts to integrate themselves. Because if the will were there, if it existed at all, then the criminality among the immigrants would slowly recede. But unfortunately we see — at least that is my experience — that these “Heidelberger” or “Ulmer” may possess a German passport and enjoy to the fullest the amenities of the German social welfare system, but more often than not they do not want to belong to us at all. Not only was my son continually insulted and berated with words such as “German potato” or “pork muncher”, but I myself have been threatened by an “Ulmer” without any cause, someone that I should not piss off if I don’t want to be “made dead”. [Translator’s note: For some reason enrichers always say “I make you dead”. They don’t say “I’ll kill you”; they’ll say “I’ll make you dead”, or “I’ll kill you dead”.]

These “Heidelberger” and “Ulmer” and the Germans with their German passports from other cultures continually lament in the media that they are being discriminated against and ostracized due to their migration background. They like to present themselves as the victims and love to elicit pity. And they do it in such a whiney and penetrating way that I find their behavior repulsive, and it makes me realize that I find their integration non-conducive. Aiman Mazyek, the chairman of the Central Council of Muslims, is a master of it. He knows only too well that one — allegedly as a balance — experiences positive discrimination the louder one bellows and complains about discrimination. The seed always falls on fertile ground with the green-left tinted media and politicians. Even the extremely over-representative criminal rate among the “Heidelberger” and the “Ulmer” can be blamed on this perfidious role-playing of a discriminated-against minority in society. Because when a “Heidelberger” or an “Ulmer” becomes criminal, then of course it was only because he was ostracized by the evil German society. Because he was treated badly and therefore ‘it’ just broke out of him, uncontrollable. Because in school and later at his job he was disadvantaged for racist reasons. He inevitably became a criminal because he couldn’t get a decent apartment from the evil German landlord, and therefore had to live in a deprived social environment. In short, German society is to blame for the above-average crime rate of these “Heidelberger” and “Ulmer”. These offender-victim reversals can also be seen and observed in German courtrooms, in which foreign offenders or offenders with a migration background are repeatedly positively discriminated against; in other words they receive considerably milder punishments.

The truth, however, is indeed a different story. The “Heidelberger” and the “Ulmer” were neither treated badly, nor were they discriminated or disadvantaged. If they lived in bad areas, then they did that mostly because they want to remain among their own kind. That these areas, as a consequence of this, often become squalid and deteriorate, is certainly not the fault of those who do not live there. For example, the fact that 75% of migrants in Berlin of Turkish descent have not finished school and almost every second one is unemployed, is not the fault of German society, because here in this country, education and school is compulsory, and there are laws that guarantee equal opportunities. Children from all kinds of countries who have and are now successfully enrolled in our schools and studying, prove this. However when these chances and equal opportunities are not being taken advantage of or, due to a lack of integration efforts cannot even be embraced or appreciated, then the culprit is rather a certain mentality that has something to do with the culture, religion and education of these migrants. Very many of these “Heidelberger” and “Ulmer” women show with their hijabs and burkas very clearly and unambiguously that they are “different” and don’t belong to the (still) unbelieving majority in Germany. They discriminate against themselves, and they do it very consciously. With their men it is a lot less obvious, but so many “Heidelberger” and “Ulmer” show through their distinct behavior and their outer appearance that they do not belong (do not want to belong, because it could be different!).

Dear Police in Heidelberg, that you have been berated in such a harsh manner on Twitter and Facebook, simply is because that very slowly, truth comes to light and you lose more and more credibility if you keep on hiding this truth and make “Heidelberger” and “Ulmer” out of criminal migrants. Or when you declare a rapist with migration background with a passport as a German citizen, even though he himself doesn’t feel like a German anyway, and he would even consider it an insult if he was called a “German”. Because many “Heidelberger” and “Ulmer” haven’t taken on German citizenship out of pure conviction, but solely because it is beneficial in all aspects. Therefore we should abolish German dual-citizenship as fast as possible, because this, too, can be classified as a positive discrimination.

More and more people see that it isn’t the Chinese that are troublesome here. It is also not the French or Italians that make Germany an increasingly unsafe country, or who occupy entire city areas or districts, only to then determine public life and interfere or bully police and ambulances. It just can’t be concealed much longer that most of the worst offenders…

    Woman tied to hitch almost dragged to death

  • Woman doused in boiling oil
  • Woman beheaded and thrown off the balcony
  • Pregnant woman burned to death
  • Refugee-helper raped and drowned in river
  • Gang rape broadcast live on Facebook

… belong to a religion that glorifies violence, that labels others or non-believers as “apes and pigs”, declares them to be unworthy to live and that have to be annihilated. Or it declares the unveiled woman to be fair game. Many “Heidelberger” and “Ulmer” grow up with these stereotypical concepts. And not just in their home countries, but here in the middle of Germany, even to the third or fourth generation. Perhaps forever, because we still call this sick, hostile and highly dangerous totalitarian ideology a “religion”, and we even idealize it the “religion of peace”, instead of finally prohibiting it. In none of the 57 Islamic states of this world does peace really prevail. And nowhere where Islam reigns is there freedom and tolerance for differently-minded people or believers of other religions. These conditions should speak for themselves, and they should stand as a warning.

Dear Police of Heidelberg and everywhere else in Germany, many “Heidelberger” and “Ulmer” may be in possession of a German passport for pure practical reasons, but whether in their hearts or in their heads, they are not German and they don’t want to be, either. Therefore they aren’t, in my opinion. Just ask the perpetrators with German passports themselves whether they feel German or not, and put that in your press releases. Or just publish the names of the perpetrators; that should agree with data-privacy laws. Do it like your Swedish colleague Peter Springare:

Here we go; this is what I’ve handled from Monday through Friday this week: rape, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, rape-assault and rape, extortion, blackmail, assault, violence against police, threats to police, drug crime, drugs, crime, felony, attempted murder, Rape again, extortion again and ill-treatment. Suspected perpetrators: Ali Mohammed, Mahmod, Mohammed, Mohammed Ali, again, again, again Christopher… what is it true? Yes a Swedish name snuck in on the edges of a drug crime. Mohammed, Mahmod Ali, again and again. Countries representing the all the crimes this week: Iraq, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Somalia, Syria again, Somalia, unknown, unknown country, Sweden. Half of the suspects, we can’t be sure because they don’t have any valid papers. Which in itself usually means that they’re lying about their nationality and identity. Now, we’re just talking Örebro municipality.

Peter Springare, Facebook, Policeman in Sweden

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  1. Thank you for this report about a subculture of native German men and their quaint custom of Taharrusch. Something similar is happening in the state of Minnesota, where “Minnesota men” sometimes clash with the law. It is a bit of Minnesota’s culture that is somehow different from the Norwegian bachelor farmers that “Prairie Home Companion” humorist Garrison Keillor talks about. See

  2. This would make Spartacus proud.

    The trials are going to take a loooong time to conclude. What with the global hunting down of the traitors and all….

    I wonder if we could resurrect Simon Wiesenthal?

  3. It is always amusing to see the authorities using incident rates (generally utilising 1 : 100,000 ratio) to scientifically analyse injury, safety and other data. But when it comes to crime investigation – supposedly now intelligence-led – this reliance on data, analysis and science gets lost along the way. So, if, as above, a section of the population is only 5% of the total, yet they commit nearly half the crime, this means that the nice foreign folk from that section are over 9 times more likely to be criminals than the remaining 95% (which includes another small bunch of non-Lutherans who may be dis-proportionally represented too…). Sad, but fact. So, the 5% can avoid being targeted by intelligent policemen as the problem does not exist. I am sure that police forces do actually try to address this on the quiet, but less and less so the more senior – and complicit – they are. The worm is turning though, and records are kept.

  4. A beautifully written letter accurately describing the situation. It’s a shame these things cannot be discussed freely, because the followers of the “religion of peace” kill such voices, the authorities fine and imprison, while the far left drown them in noise and violence.

  5. Heidelberg police???

    Sorry, they aint police, hou are dealing with new nazis! Or NKVD!

    these operators are same ilk who pushed jews into gas chambers, they will tell you, “we were just doing our job”
    This will be there defence when eventually citizens mobs will rise up and confront and detain them.

    The monsters who wearing these uniforms, and lieing through their rotten teeth to the people are same as IS MURDERERS.

    THEY must be treated the same.

    These bogus cops, are on side of evil, only the barrel of a gun and the mob of peoples afe going be able to subdue these armed thugs, enforcers of the murder of free speech, sanity, and western democracy!

    The enemy, are cops, left wingers, liberal bleeding hearts, governent and municipal beauracrats, enviromental orgs, plus a large % of our own soft touch women have also bought into this marxist insane madness!

    Feed the world!!!!!! Look bob geldof wanker, and nono nonce from u2,
    These wankers hypocrites make me sick.

    Come on people rise up!!!!

    • …«rise up!!!» Please don´t use this expression in german (erwache). bad vibrations.

      • Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! A “bad word”!

        Zuk DOES, on the other hand. identify the SOURCE of the problem.
        I would suggest a nice non-violent spray of yellow paint down the backs of all available ‘police’ AND their vehicles as a form of subtle protest.
        I DO fear the likely main event:

  6. Ever heard of the Von Coudenhove-Kalergi plan? Well, that is what is being played out by the globalist elite politicians, especially in Germany. It is all about substituting the native population by non-western immigrants, a white-genocide so to speak. And they are doing a good job, Angela Merkel did not receive the prestigious Von Coudenhoven-Kalergi prize for nothing… The irrational politically correct narrative on (muslim) immigrants is being pushed by another active agenda: the Strassbourg Resolution of 1975 when Saudi Arabia blackmailed Europe into signing a treaty that insures the advancement of Arab culture in Europe in any way possible. All the things that are happening now are all linked to these two globalist plans. Time to arrest and punish those responsible.

    • Well, the amazing thing is not that such plans exist, but that they are adhered to and enforced by such a broad range of political leaders (so to speak).

      I guess one explanation would simply be raw corruption: the leaders go where the money is. The Clintons, both Bill and Hillary, are particularly good examples of raw political corruption. The Clinton Foundation was an open and publicly-observed way for raw political contributions to be made. By the way, the Clintons did not receive money directly from the Clinton Foundation (although they received perks). The Clinton Foundation served to maintain the political machine. The personal spending money came from the speaking fees.

      Anyway, the problem is that countries are flooded with oceans of special-interest money, combined with the purely self-enhancing motivations of bankers, financiers, and mediocre public bureaucrats (most emphatically including tenured professors). Any mechanism for oppression and class benefit will be exploited.

      Trump’s big crimes are that he made his money in productive enterprise, rather than financial schemes, and that he eventually lost his motivation for amassing yet more money. Trump knows the value of a dollar, but he’s not obsessed with collecting ever bigger piles of money.

      I don’t see any path out of the dilemma, except possibly breaking up large countries into smaller ones, and avoiding international organizations like the plague. Smaller countries does not guarantee politics of national self-interest, but it does at least strengthen the connection between the governed and the political leaders. The EU bureaucracy is totally out of the reach of any accountability, and ought to be regarded as being as evil as the USSR or the Nazi empire.

    • I doubt it is people who are a quarter Czech, a quarter ethnic German, and half Japanese who are the problem, since you mention Coudenhove-Kalergi. And I am not so sure the Count said that such a program of intercontinental mixture should be forced.

      • Read the CKplan. Read the Strassbourg resolution of 1975. Study the process of European integration. Study the mass migration of recent years. And then come back and tell us the CKplan is not the fascist base for the creation of a “world government”. There’s nothing wrong with mixed race people. As long as the mixing is done out of love. Not forced upon us by fascist globalists who take “The Count’s” pipe dream a bit too seriously.

  7. I hope Trump has a moment and sends this Angela of death scurrying back to occupied Germany with the very uncomfortable feeling that things may be changing – and not in her favour.

  8. Who still dares condem the Spanish now? We too will start to delouse sooner rather than eventually. One thing is for absolutely sure in this very uncertain world. We know exactly what the putrid Muslim ‘plan’ for humanity is. It is so well known in fact that that zero intelligence is needed to deal with it. Maybe some planning and preparation.

  9. Here is my “method” of de-crypting news in german media outlets and police reports:

    First, I check the following indications for describing an ethnic german perpetrator
    – There is a foto of the perpetrator
    – He is mentioned by given name+surname with a dot, e.g. Marcel H.
    – His character is detailly described, with stress on Hobbies like martial arts, computer gaming.
    – Possibly, there are vivid descriptions of the city district / quarter he lives in and more living circumstances revealed
    – Many other details mentioned
    This descripton should be in a negative tone, and contains generally some priggish setting. Sometimes, it contains political combat terms, and implies even connections with regime critics.

    If the article does not contain two of the qualities in the checklist or even is quite monosyllabic, then I check following indications:
    – The perpetrator’s age is used as noun (e.g. the nineteen-year-old), but no other descriptions
    – Sometimes demonyms and nationality are used, usually once per article (see article above)
    – The weapon he used varies from article to article from different mainstream newspapers( e.g. axe / machete / knife)
    – Groups of 20+X perpetrators mentioned
    – If the perpetrator got away, a target-aimed description is missing
    – No detailed description how it happened, what the exact site of the crime was etc.
    – Despite this general vagueness: Immediate excuse categorisation of the perpetrator within 24 hours like “individual case”, “psychologically disturbed”, “well known schizophrenenia” or other excuses which can impossibly determined within this time.
    In particular the first and last criteria indicate a cover-up.
    There are articles like which mock these tendencies. Let’s see, how long these articles are allowed, and how long thinking is permitted for germans.

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