Culture-Enriching Gang Rapists to be Deported From Sweden

A higher court in Sweden has reversed a criminal court ruling that would have allowed five particularly vicious rapists to remain in Sweden, rather than be deported to the dangers of their native Afghanistan.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for translating this article from Fria Tider:

Gang rapists to be expelled after all

March 8, 2017

Domestic: The five Afghans raped an underage boy in a sadistic fashion in Uppsala, but according to the district court, they should stay in Sweden since they could “be hit very hard by deportation”. But now the higher court has changed it all.

It was October 24, 2016 when the five men who claimed to be unaccompanied refugee children decided they would f*** the boy. They took him into a wooded area, where they took turns raping and beating him for over an hour.

When the Uppsala district criminal court judgment against the rapists was handed down in late December, the court decided that the perpetrators would stay in Sweden, since it could go badly for them if they were sent home to Afghanistan.

“The court finds… that on the basis of their age as well as the security situation in Afghanistan, they would be hit very hard by expulsion. The demand for expulsion is turned down for all defendants,” it said in the judgment.

But the Svea higher court issued a new judgment, and now all five so-called refugee children are to be deported. Among other reasons, the higher court based its judgment on the seriousness of the crime and the lack of connection to Sweden [on the part of the defendants].

18 thoughts on “Culture-Enriching Gang Rapists to be Deported From Sweden

    • Yes. However it is pathetic really. Muslims are not fit to live amongst humans. Just kick’em all out. What country could hope to grow or even survive by injecting itself with this rubbish. I mean Jesus we need the highest courts in the land to tell these inferiors to cut the bull? Stop these animals and their ideological flag waving lies – at “work”. Close this whole racket down or see your country die.

      • You’ve got it!

        For several years now I’ve been asking the same question on several blogs in N. America, England and Norway:

        Name one, single, solitary positive attribute moslems bring to any western country they infest?

        I have yet to receive a serious answer.

  1. Whatever “worse” outcome awaits these perps in Afghanistan is nothing compared to the trauma and evil they’ve committed in Sweden.
    If Afghanistan posed such horrors for these sodomizers, one would think they’d be on their best behavior in Sweden in order to avoid deportation.
    But then again, maybe they were “on their best behavior.”

    One strike you’re OUT — if you transgress Western codes of morality and decency.
    Sane people everywhere can pray that the West regain its spine.

  2. It’s a start. At least that poor boy can sleep a little more soundly knowing his attackers are far away.

      • Well these savages haven’t had any difficulty illegally crossing
        National borders so far, just dump them on the Afghanistan border and let them make their own way back into their own country accordingly.

        Hopefully the West will finally wake up and follow suit,

        Just dump them anywhere in North Africa – should Turkey open the flood gates as the gyro Edogan is threatening, STOP all Mediterranean rescues with immediate effect, prosecute any
        NGO organisations that persist with this madness, blockade Turkey, Libya accordingly until the penny finally drops, the West does not need this third world invasion!

    • Having seen and experienced the backwardness of Afghanistan firsthand, I am not so convinced that the victim is as helpless and innocent as one would think. All of them come from a sick and barbaric culture, and if the ages had been reversed, he would have gladly been raping along with the rest of the gang.

      The West has nothing in common with such people, and they should all be expelled. Let them create modern societies in their own lands, or barring that, happily rape and murder one another to their heart’s content.

  3. I will believe it when it happens. In any case, there are plenty more to take their place in Sweden.

  4. To be clear: Sweden wants to send those migrants into Hungary… Just because we instead of just waving them toward Germany, kept the Schengen law and registered them. I guess a good dead does not go unpunished. The legal argument as follows: the migrants must be returned into where they stepped into EU soil. Sweden argues based on papers this is Hungary because the registration says so. Hungarian view point is, yes we registered but they stepped in Greece into EU land first.
    For now it is a moot point because the Swedes are afraid we will put the fear of God into the migrants if they sent here… so for now, they did not try to send anybody yet.

  5. Ah yes, the cultural dividend. Going swimmingly isn’t it. If Afghanistan will not willingly take them back, tough [mammary glands]. Take them back ANYWAY; or, failing that, I’m quite happy to see them dumped into the ocean somewhere between the two countries. It is all they deserve. By the time Swedes wake up to the fact that their constant appeasement to Islam only earns them ridicule among Muslims, it will be too late. Harden up Sweden and STAY hard.

    • Not likely in a country full of feminized men and dominated by it’s women. But one can still hope…

      • Watching British Skye news on the internet gives one the impression that Britain ain’t doin’ much better than the potato heads. And that’s the pc looking good propaganda thoroughly feminized news.

  6. Far too nice a punishment. My bet is that they won’t get outside the border of Sweden even though their expulsion has been ordered. They could easily mix with the remaining millions and end up in some other country even if they somehow are expelled. The Swedes are proving that feminist socialism is deadly to any country that somehow embraces it.

  7. My God, I read what happened to this young boy and just cannot comprehend how FIVE human beings could commit such an atrocious act on an innocent. No surprise that they were deemed “unaccompanied minors” . Not only was he raped and attacked for one hour, he also had bite marks on his back! Where are the social justice warriors in Sweden when heinous crimes like this are committed in their own Country by Muslims? There is no question that the law comes down very hard on any so-called racist attacks committed by Europeans. Just one example being the man who was imprisoned for one year for leaving bacon outside a mosque. He subsequently died in prison and yet there is no word how he died. Yet a court in Germany has decided that a brutal attempt to set fire to a local synagogue in 2014 was an act meant to express criticism against Israel’s conduct in its ongoing conflict with Hamas. What’s happening in Europe is just beyond insane and I really do dread to think what will become of it within a decade when you have the likes of these 5 savages being given refuge and freedom and this is how they thank their host Country.

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