Will the Jihad Weaponize the German Chemical Industry?

The following video report from Die Welt describes the warnings given by German security services about a potential chemical attack, especially via the water supply, by Islamic terrorists. Germany’s vast chemical industry is seen as a source of highly toxic substances that could be weaponized by various means against German targets.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The accompanying article from Die Welt is behind a paywall. Below is the public stub (also translated by Egri Nök, as is the FOCUS summary):

Federal Criminal Police Office and Interior Ministry: Do Islamists plan a chemical attack on drinking water?

January 24, 2017

Islamistically-oriented perpetrators are apparently willing to acquire and employ larger quantities of chemicals. According to information received by Bild, this is what a risk analysis by the Federal Criminal Police Office and Interior Ministry says.

The summary from FOCUS Online:

According to a report by Bild, the Federal Government and Federal Criminal Police (BKA) warn of the danger of possible terror attacks with chemicals.

This is what the paper reported on Tuesday, referring to a “risk analysis in Civil Protection” by the Federal Government. According to the study, perpetrators motivated by Islamism were ready and capable “of acquiring larger quantities of chemicals and employing these”, BKA writes in the paper, which was made available to the newspaper.

A chemical attack on the drinking water supply of apartment buildings is seen as a “realistic option”, or on foodstuffs. Also, possible attacks against facilities or transports for the chemical industry had “a high-risk potential”.

According to this government report, a “determined terrorist group, equipped with adequate knowledge, should be in the position to peruse the potential of hazardous chemical substances sufficient for their purposes for use in an attack in Germany.”

Video transcript:

00:00   The poison could come in the water.
00:03   Islamist groups were able to find sources for chemicals,
00:06   and to use them in an attack, such is the risk analysis for civil defense.
00:11   Apparently the drinking water supply for private households
00:14   seems especially targeted by terrorists.
00:17   The Federal Criminal Police Office explicitly say this could be imaginable on a smaller scale,
00:18   Christoph Unger, President of Federal Ministry for Civil Defense and Disaster Relief
00:20   where only smaller quantities of water are poisoned.
00:25   Being the largest chemical industrial base in Europe, Germany
00:29   has many vulnerable areas. Also for poison gas attacks,
00:32   like the one in Tokyo in 1995. With the poisonous gas sarin,
00:36   a sect killed thirteen people on the subway, and injured thousands.
00:39   In 2003 authorities in London seized ricin from five Algerians. It is a thousand times
00:45   stronger than potassium cyanide. Al Qaeda recommends it to their members as a lethal weapon.
00:49   It is getting more challenging to identify and fend off possible dangers.
00:55   Time and again, persons are arrested, or attract attention,
00:59   when they buy large quantities of chemicals in hardware stores.
01:02   Malte Roschinski, Expert on Terrorism
01:04   We have mechanisms, which of course need to be improved.
01:08   The experts advise that emergency services be more extensively trained for such attacks.
01:13   In London, meanwhile, poison gas exercises are routinely practiced.

8 thoughts on “Will the Jihad Weaponize the German Chemical Industry?

  1. Nothing will defend Islam more effectively than simultaneous releases of the divine aerosols. If Allah did not want the believers to use them, then they wouldn’t exist.

  2. It’s easy to poison a water supply. It happened by accident in Canelford, UK in 1988. 20 tons of aluminium sulphate was deposited in the wrong tank. It caused horrible illness and early death for very many people.

  3. I don’t know. This seems more complicated than the types of things they usually do excepting 9/11 which was very clever and well-planned. Most of these meanies prefer to quickly stab, slice, drag, throw, and grab. Sometimes they do swiftly blow themselves up with rudimentary style bombs they need to concoct, but what they enjoy the most is to borrow people’s super heavy trucks to smash into many things and people at once. It takes about 2 minutes. This is good fun, like in the movies. Effective, swift results without long, drawn-0ut forethought is their only hope. They are not the smartest people on earth in my opinion and they lack in general the subtlety, coordination and discipline for what is discussed above. I could be wrong, but they seem too rash and hot-headed for that.

    • Don’t forget 20 Mohammedans spent over a year learning to fly airplanes into buildings.

    • It’s a huge mistake to underestimate the organization and capabilities of Islamists. The penetrations of the Muslim Brotherhood into the US government and the Republican Party are well documented. The OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) is the largest and strongest bloc in the UN.

      Malik’s “The Quranic Art of War” and Qtub’s “Milestones”, the manifesto of the Muslim Brotherhood, describe a slow, insidious penetration and demoralization of a society, prior to kinetic attacks.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Muslim Brotherhood groups such as CAIR actually find individual terror attacks to be a nuisance. The peaceful penetration of the US has been going so well, there is no reason to rile the population. MB groups like CAIR still oppose any legal or security measure to protect against terrorist, in anticipation of when it’s time for them to explicitly switch to physical attacks, as opposed to the preliminary penetration. They want to keep our defenses non-existent.

      In fact, even Trump’s focus on Muslim countries looks specifically at terrorism, as well as the better news commentators such as Hannity. These people are not ready to discuss the canonical teachings of Islam, which are violent and which by their nature oppose liberal western government. In other words, if you eliminated the possibility of terror action from refugees, Trump and Hannity would have to basis to exclude Muslims. You never, ever see a discussion of the basic incompatibility of Islam with western government, and this is the biggest actual danger.

      On the other hand, the Muslim Brotherhood and its agents are keenly aware of the incompatibility of Islam and western governments. They are trained to hide their true ideology, as they penetrate western institutions.

      • Amen.

        The Amazon river of money flowing from Saudi, Qatar, UAE, etc, to Washington DC and other Western capitals is one of the West’s greatest problems, and it is never discussed anywhere.

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