Varieté Identitaire: A Greeting to the Intelligence Service

The following video — a song followed by a brief statement — comes from an authentic voice of the German resistance. The singer Melanie Halle and her pianist Till have taken a cherished theatrical tradition and updated it for the 21st century. German citizens are currently groaning under the weight of oppressive state intelligence surveillance — the modern equivalent of the Reichssicherheitshauptamt of the 1940s.

This chanson is the work of the German Identitaires, toned down from the typical screaming political lunacy of the Internet, and far less strident than a street demo. The format, with its custom-written music and lyrics and a lack of identifiable “hate” keywords, will be much harder for YouTube and Facebook to censor. Or so it seems — we’ll see.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below is a brief article about the song from Politically Incorrect, also translated by Nash Montana:

Varieté Identitaire: A Greeting to the Intelligence Service

The identitäre Group Kontrakultur Halle has done it again: After their “AfD Song” which rose to 400,000 views on YouTube, Melanie Halle and her pianist Till have decided to continue the project.

Under the name Varieté Identitaire they will henceforward publish political chansons referencing the events in our daily political life.

This charming video was prepared in the style of the golden ’20s. The content isn’t just cheap agitprop, but homemade music with an original written text. Both artists are activists in the Identity Movement in Halle.

With the new song “à jamais idealiste — a greeting to the intelligence service”, we get a musical reckoning with the intelligence service, which rightfully should be asked why peaceful patriots are under surveillance while Islamic terrorists can roam uncontrolled through our country or, even plan their attacks under the eyes of the Constitution Protection Service.

PI took this text from the Facebook page “One percent for our country”, EINPROZENT.DE — “One percent is enough to change Germany”.

Video transcript:

0:11   Traitors today
0:14   have different ministries
0:18   where they decide criteria
0:21   according to which judgement is passed
0:24   Who may say what where,
0:27   who speaks hate, who speaks the truth,
0:30   who is good and who is breaking the law,
0:33   who is naughty and who is nice.
0:36   And when someone then bothers you
0:39   when someone dares to speak up
0:42   you laugh at him
0:45   but secretly you intercept.
0:49   Whoever fights against you is bad
0:52   you fear him you wretched
0:55   I just want to tell you
0:58   you are afraid of us for good reason.
1:04   Who did you just observe?
1:07   followed the car, photographed it,
1:10   studied the trash in front of the house,
1:13   while throughout our country
1:16   the terror from Paris,
1:19   drove to Brussels and to Nice,
1:22   and left behind its black traces
1:25   of death in Germany.
1:28   Who are you really protecting from whom,
1:31   when on Silvester those brazen pigs
1:34   grabbed us between our legs,
1:37   where were you then?
1:40   Ask yourself for once what is this for:
1:43   What is your surveillance good for,
1:46   when you protect the Constitution,
1:49   but no longer your own people?
1:55   We don’t even want much
1:58   no civil war, we aren’t shooting,
2:01   we don’t want to spill blood
2:04   that is not our style,
2:08   But one thing you should remember:
2:11   If you do not stop
2:14   destroying our homeland,
2:17   you will not get rid of us.
2:20   Just keep monitoring us,
2:23   listen to our conversations,
2:26   always follow us around,
2:29   we are not afraid.
2:33   Because one thing
2:36   that always escapes you
2:39   you will never understand it
2:42   we are à jamais Idealiste (forever idealists)
2:52   Is it on?
2:55   Ladies and gentlemen,
3:00   we are at war. In a war of information.
3:04   Each camera, each light, each sound is a weapon.
3:07   Each of our songs is a splinter
3:10   In the hearts of the liberal-left establishment.
3:14   That’s why you buy war bonds.
3:17   Or, you can just donate at PayPal
3:20   Yeah, something like that…
3:23   Just do what you want.

15 thoughts on “Varieté Identitaire: A Greeting to the Intelligence Service

  1. Her voice is just so ethereal and beautiful. Her facial expressions are stunning. All her emotions are in this song. When she sings at 1:34 “grabbed us between our legs”, I get cold shivers down my spine and the hair on the back of my neck stand up.

    I am looking forward to translating many many more of their songs. What a privilege.

  2. Do I sense a little bit of Katie Melua’s style? Altho Katie sings a little different lyrics:

    “If a black man is racist, is that okay?

    When it’s the white man’s racism that made him that way?”

    So is Melanie perhaps the mirror image of Katie??

    Nice tune, stylish and… the most important (as has been pointed out) – no keywords, nothing acting like a red rag to a bull. Either for Antifa, or the government “anti-extremist” agencies… Which makes it very Facebook-friendly!

    So my advice for any Germans – share, share, share!!! And let’s see how long before Zuckerbergs thought police (sorry, “hate speech monitors” ) in Berlin find some spurious reason to remove it…

    • Wow how crazy you bring up Katie Melua!!! I love her voice and words and music and everything. I wanted to be her! She is simply amazing. Thanks for the reminder!!! Spider’s Web is hands down one of her best songs.

        • I don’t think it’s so different. That song to me is about people stopping to cry racism and lay down their snowflake mentality. She doesn’t say stop being racist, she says stop being hypocritical about racism.

          My other fav song by her is the 9 million bycicles song. Man I love her voice. She reminds me of Pink Martini, Lana Del Rey, Alina Baraz, Bliss, Nouvelle Vague, so many others. Modern women with the voices of angels and powerful messages.

          You may laugh when you read Lana Del Rey, but that woman can sing and write like a rare one. Her song ‘RIDE’ is the story of my life, from long ago before I settled down. She’s a patriotic little Mexican spit fire. You’re in for a treat if this is your sort of thing:

  3. A wonderful protest song. Love and kisses, to Germany.

    On the other hand, the word Reichssicherheitshauptamt makes me think that Germany went awry already way back when, when the spiked-club words like this one began to make inroads… 🙂

    • The Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz is not the RSHA…but, they strike some of the same keys!

      Great song by Varieté Identitaire! Thank you Baron and Nash! I hope we can continue to follow and support them here.

    • I clicked on “share” and emailed it to myself. Hope this video isn’t the reason PI was attacked.

  4. Wonderful stuff. My heart goes out to the youth of Germany who do not deserve the hell that Merkel has brought down on their heads. They are good people and have as much right to live in peace as anyone else. My message to them: keep fighting and stay strong. Help is on its way! America has elected the new Churchill, and freedom, even if painful, will be yours once again.

  5. Marlene Dietrich comes to mind and her turning her back on the Nazis at the height of her career. The right thing to do. Still tragic. So many never forgave her…

  6. Instant time travel to Nazi Germany/Soviet Union where dissent must be hidden and still dangerous!

  7. Totally different style; at occasion of some leftist demonstration. A somewhat obscene parody on “Refugees welcome”

    Just to give a rough idea

    0:31 We demonstrate together with our friends, distance 50 meters, a police car between us

    0:40 We could expect that they won’t like us though we have same targets

    1:16 Further we require, that unemployed women serve the refugees sexually

  8. The video is charming on the grounds of pure entertainment. The style explicitly evokes memories and lines from “Cabaret”.

    Ultimately, entertainment and entertainers are a confirmation, but not a creator, of culture and zeitgeists. There’s a great deal of fun and satisfaction to be had by identifying with first-rate performances. To reverse priorities, it’s almost worthwhile to be against immigrants just to identify with entertainers like Melanie and Till. But, for the same reason, we shouldn’t get bent too much out of shape when mindless entertainers like Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd and Madonna make utter asses out of themselves.

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