Cultural Enrichment in the Emergency Room

The following report from Swiss television describes the increasing level of violence that confronts the medical staff in the emergency room of a hospital with a large migrant clientele.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Violence in the A&E [emergency room]
00:03   Scenes like these are increasingly a daily routine in the Inselspital Hospital of Bern.
00:07   Attacks on the staff of the A&E are on the rise.
00:10   “Most address the colour of my skin.”
00:17   “He did not want to be examined, so he spat at me and got physical.”
00:25   Police and security staff are increasingly on duty.
00:32   Especially in the A&E, patients often are under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.
00:39   “We are attacked with mace, choked, beaten,
00:47   and of course this is — especially for young female nurses —
00:53   often a quite traumatic experience.”
00:56   In training courses, doctors and nurses now learn techniques of self defense.
01:05   But aggressive patients will also have to fear the legal consequences:
01:10   Every fifth attack in the Insel A&E leads to a criminal complaint.

5 thoughts on “Cultural Enrichment in the Emergency Room

  1. And of course those complaints will be ignored by the police, or if taken up few will lead to prosecutions and even fewer to sanctions such as deportation. While the person who posted this video may fear legal consequences of such behavior the cultural enrichers do not for they view the legal system with contempt for its weakness and its invalidity in terms of not being sharia.

  2. I’m sure ABC news will lead with this item at 11. Sure. I was actually surprised that the Swiss fell for the refugee scam. My Finnish wife is increasingly dismayed by what occurs daily in Finland and Sweden. For news of the problem in Nordic countries, go to “

  3. I never thought Switzerland would succumb to the multi-culti madness but it seems to be as bad there as everywhere else.

  4. In a sane society, any patient who laid hands on or otherwise assaulted a medical professional doing their job would have security hastening his exit to the alleyway of medical waste dumpsters, using his skull as a door opener for the entire journey.

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