Vlaams Belang: Fighting Against the Islamization of Our Culture

Vlaams Belang (Flemish Issue) is a Flemish separatist party that opposes mass immigration and Islamization, and advocates for the separation of Flanders from Belgium — what might be called “Flexit”.

VB (and also NVA, the other major Flemish separatist party) incur the strongest condemnation from mainstream parties in Belgium and the European Union. They are assigned the usual epithets reserved for anyone who opposes Islam and mass immigration: “far-right”, “racist”, “neo-fascist”, etc. The other parties have agreed to a cordon sanitaire; that is, they renounce any possibility of ever forming a coalition with Vlaams Belang so that the latter will never be able to govern.

The above poster announces a torchlight protest against a mega-mosque in Antwerp organized for next Tuesday by Vlaams Belang. This is the brief English-language blurb for the event:

Vlaams Belang Antwerp Organizes a Torchlight Demonstration to Protest Against a New Mega Mosque In Antwerp

Vlaams Belang keeps fighting against the Islamization of our culture

The Torchlight Demonstration will take place on Tuesday February 21st at 20h (Parking Havanastraat-G. Simondslaan, Antwerp).

Filip Dewinter will give a speech at the location of the new mega mosque (old post office, Noorderlaan 120, Antwerp).

The rest of the information sent by the VB press office was in Dutch, so I can’t tell you any more about it just yet. With luck, there will be video of the event that Vlad and I can work with.

10 thoughts on “Vlaams Belang: Fighting Against the Islamization of Our Culture

  1. I hope that Europeans realize that your fight against islamization is really a fight against communism. if you continue to elect leftists you will continue to be colonized. it is not the governments of the islamic countries that are sending their citizens to your countries. it is you leftist politicians that are BRINGING the muslims to you counties. the leftist politicians in the united states have been doing the same with central and south American colonists since the 1980s.

    • if you continue to elect leftists you will continue to be colonized…it is you leftist politicians that are BRINGING the muslims to you countries.

      Sad but true. A massive re-peopling of the countries involved in order to buy the vote. Our Leftists did that with the black vote but now that scam is being shredded, so the open borders Left wants to import Islam to the U.S.

      In the case of Islam, there is nothing its adherents love more than money. So we could have a sell-back. Pay majority Muslim countries to take in their co-religionists and then pay Muslim refugees to leave. Would it be a big expense up front? Sure would. But in the long run it will save us billions.

      Same goes for Mexico, though for different reasons.

      • “…pay Muslim refugees to leave…”
        Yeah right. And a week later they are back again under another name demanding more money.
        You seem to live under the assumption that muslims are ordinary people who will stick to a deal once struck like we do. But why should they? A contract with a kuffar is worthless to them. Not worth the paper it is written on.
        So they’ll be back again and again ad nauseam.

        • That is true considering the gutless, treasonous nature of most European governments.

          Resolute, stern, deadly defense of borders would instantly solve that problem forever.

    • Serious border control and forced repatriation permit many things to take place inside the borders.

      There is nothing written in the stars that requires Western nations to meekly accept the fruits of earlier leaders’ betrayal or for them to compete against a third-world birthrate inside their own countries.

      2.2 children would be satisfactory under these more sane circumstances.

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