ISIS-Signaling Enrichers Arrive in Ceuta

A group of African “refugees” overwhelmed the border fence at Ceuta, a small Spanish enclave on the coast of North Africa, which is surrounded by Moroccan territory on the land side. In the photo above you can see one of the newly-arrived enrichers flashing the one-finger tawhid symbol, which represents the oneness of Allah and functions as the gang sign of the Islamic State.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Politically Incorrect:

1,000 Africans Storm Ceuta

Around 1000 refugees stormed a border fence in an attempt to reach Spain’s North African enclave of Ceuta on Thursday night.

The invasion continues unencumbered. The Spanish enclave Ceuta, located on the road to Gibraltar, had very little with which to counter the invasion of young male Africans.

Of approximately 1,000 men who attacked from four different corners, about 500 made it through the massive fence. The fence is each made of two fences that are 6 meters high. And in between are a lot of steel cables.

There were injuries on both sides, on the side of security personnel as well. Having just barely arrived in the new conquered land, they threw themselves on the ground and started praying to Allah. After that they walked through the streets of Ceuta in winner poses and with the single ISIS finger in the air.


21 thoughts on “ISIS-Signaling Enrichers Arrive in Ceuta

  1. They don’t seem like a particularily vicious bunch, but I’m sure that they’ll take it very badly when they realise that Europe isn’t quite the fountain of gold that they’d imagined it was.

    You know what would prevent this kind of thing in the future?

    Acting 100% contrary to the Convention.

    Time for some REFOULEMENT. Load ’em on a plane, fly ’em home, and let the embarassment of failure sink in and register with all their friends who might have thought of doing the same thing.

  2. If they manifest allegiance to ISIS, they should be taken out in ships and thrown into the sea.

  3. Either defend Ceuta or just pull out. What happens when 500 million africans realize that they need to get one foot in there and they’re ‘in Europe’?

    • What is wrong with these so called border forces?

      Spray them with high pressure water hoses, loose alsatians,
      Pepper spray them, whatever it takes to repel an ILLEGAL
      Border crossing.

      All the other free loaders will have witnessed the success
      Of this incursion and will follow suit (in even greater numbers) shortly.

      Can you just imagine what the response would have been if
      They tried this on the Saudi or Iran border?

      EU response as usual GUTLESS!

      • In ancient days, borders were defended at gun shoot, or sword. If we don’t defend ourselves we are conquered.

      • The border has been breached so many times it’s pathetic.
        What they really need is a company that can build serious hi-tec security fences- like the European Aerospace and Defence Group.
        They got the contract to build a huge fence in Saudi Arabia- to keep ISIS and any refugees or as the Saudis call them, “infiltrators and smugglers,” not least from the various conflicts the Saudis are involved in directly or indirectly.
        Check it out- it will cover 900 km and will have
        “eight command and control centers, 32 rapid response centers, three rapid intervention squads, 38 back and front gates, 78 monitoring towers, 10 monitoring and surveillance vehicles, 1,450,000 meters of fiber optics networks and 50 radars.”
        Just think they could be building them in Europe, instead the Saudis, while not taking any refugees themselves, are offering to build hundreds of mosques (on top of the ones they’ve already funded across Europe) for the million+ single Muslims males, who flooded into Europe, on the back of Merkel’s invitation- of whom only an estimated 1 in 5 applying for asylum were Syrian.

    • There is *no* way to defend such an enclave against would-be invaders of this type without occasionally being brutal.

      If it becomes known that “climb over the fence, you’ll get shot and left to rot in the sun”, along with a few old corpses on display as a reminder, the problems will go down to zero.

      That’s the kind of terror by which the stable regimes in that general area of the world survive, and while it’s not at all a desirable way to run a society, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” might be the way to go, I suppose.

    • >>Either defend Ceuta or just pull out.

      Agreed, or alternatively just use Ceuta as a huge holding pen to hold invaders until they can be sent back to their place of origin (which may be never). This would, of course, mean the evacuation of all Spanish citizens from Ceuta (an Melilla too) but that is a fair price to pay for he safeguarding of the Spanish mainland.

      • Ceuta is now more a liability to Spain than an asset. They should abandon it, after evacuating citizens.

  4. How about they build another fence 50 meters behind the first one and keep vicious dogs between the fences? Or put some high voltage into the fence? One or the other would keep ’em out

  5. This report illustrates all the operative conditions and rules:

    1. Spain is helpless to provide more than a token force to protect its territory and Mr. Rotweiler, Mr. Electricity, Mr. Land Mine, and Mr. Gunpowder simply will refuse to work in the fences which, anyway, are pretend fences.

    2. If you make it over the fence you are thereafter immune from apprehension and J.K. Rowling will personally provide you with spending money.

    3. If you stroll over to the offices of the ferry boat operators you must be sold a ticket to take you to the mainland.

    4. If you reach the mainland no Spanish immigration or security officials can meet and detain you. Your dark skin is like a Klingon cloaking device that allows you to be undetected.

    5. If you take the train to Germany the German people must welcome you like the meek world-class chumps that they are (like virtually all Westerners), provide you money, food, and shelter, grovel before you, and give deep thanks to the Spanish government for its weakness.

    6. No Spanish official must suffer any inconvenience (certainly not lose his or her job) for failing to solve the problem at the fence in Africa.

    7. Multiple European nations will flock to help the U.S. bomb Syrians and support al-Qaida and ISIS. Millions will be spent in the process. However, not one soldier or one Euro will be sent to help the Spanish (or Greeks or Italians) stop the invasion of the rear areas of the European homeland. Removal of Assad and “fighting terror” are Job No. One.

    8. The Prime Attitudinal Rule is that Europeans are everybody’s bitch and insufferable E.U. officials are God’s earthly representatives.

    OK. J.K. Rowling won’t be spending a penny of her massive fortune to help the invaders. I made that up. But she DOES want everyone else to use THEIR money to help them. I didn’t make THAT up.

  6. Isn’t there a gate somewhere on the Ceuta fence where you can physically return the illegal invaders of Spain to the place whence they came? I cannot believe countries behave so helplessly. And, who is feeding and clothing the 500 who just entered by force?

  7. Let’s look at the reality of the situation.

    The realistic reaction along the Ceuta fence would be to mine the outlying circumference, electrify the fence, and shoot whoever got through.

    At what level would that decision be made? It would have to be a local official. No Spanish government official would take such a risk for a small part of his constituency.

    What risk? Well, quicker than you can say “who, me?”, the European Court of Justice will have international arrest warrants for the decision-makers, with prosecutors in the Hague itching to try them on all-purpose “human rights violations” statutes. This same scene has been played out in Israel, politicizing justice and the common-law rights of a country to defend its borders.

    Israel does have the US as a diplomatic protector, removing a bit of the risk to Israeli officials who do their national duty. However, Spain itself has an extremely weak and compromised government, and no US special protection. So, any official willing to risk actually protecting the borders is liable to end up with an international arrest warrant and no guarantee of protection by even the Spanish government. It goes without saying that some patsy judge in almost any country: England, Germany, Italy is likely to direct that any visiting official be held for extradition.

    Thus, under the tyranny of globalism, Interpol, and the mega-national enforcement of court orders, any local official doing his duty to protect he borders of Ceuta can, at the very best, expect to be confined to Spanish territory for the rest of his life. And this is assuming that the Spanish government itself asserts its own dominion over a Spanish official defending Spanish sovereignty on Spanish territory.

  8. I am just appalled at what the EU (bad idea in the first place) is going through. My heart hurts for the normal people just trying to live their lives. Everyone going through this needs to band together and demand that something be done. This is unconscionable. Obama was shipping them here as fast as he could. He hates America, but I knew that in 2008, all you had to do was read ‘his’ two books.

  9. I’ve just Googled Ceuta. It has a fascinating, if violent history.

    Being practical however, what business does a European country have these days with colonies in Africa? The French had to bow to reality over Algeria; Morocco claims sovereignty over Ceuta and the other Spanish enclaves, and I’m surprised their cause has received little attention.

    • It’s not a colony. Ceuta was part of the Visigothic Hispania (Portugal, Spain and 1/3 of France). In 1415 was liberated by a Portuguese army. Portugal and Spain had the same king 1580-1640. Ceuta was the only Portuguese territory that didn’t return to Portuguese sovereignty. It was NEVER part of the kingdom of Morocco (it was a Muslim pirate republic-city)

      • Thanks for the correction, Ines.

        Baucent (below): thanks for the reminder of El Cid, and especially Sophia Loren. I was so much in lust with her in my youth! Charlton, not so much.

  10. Anyone seen the old Charlton Heston movie El Cid? There is a fascinating scene in the first reel when the raving black garbed Jihadist warlord declares invasion of Spain for “Allah”. It could have been scripted for a modern day ISIS commander.Which just goes to show, this is just the continuation of a very old conflict. Worth a view if only for the lovely Sophia Loren.

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