The Family That Rapes Together

The following video report features two lawyers who are representing a group of Iraqi perps at a rape trial in Vienna. It’s a true story, but it sounds like some kind of dark dystopian satire: the nine alleged rapists are from the same extended family. An American family would go out for a ball game and a brew. An Iraqi family goes out for a gang rape.

Here’s a note from PolitiksTube, which posted the original video:

Nine Iraqis brutally raped a 28-year-old German woman, took pictures of the victim, and afterwards dumped her at a bus station. Nine Iraqis have been facing the court since last Tuesday in Vienna. But even with a judgment that includes prison and revocation of asylum status, the offenders will most likely not be deported back to where they come from, because the death penalty has been activated again since 2004 in Iraq. Also, the Iraqis lie about the rape, they claim it was all initiated by the woman.

Who would have thought that it isn’t a good idea for a drunk woman to go home with nine (!!!) Iraqis? And certainly the men were inebriated as well, and therefore they either can’t remember, or they have the standard excuse: The woman did it of her own free will, quasi. If these rapists were deported back home to Iraq, they would receive the penalty they deserve.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   Vienna: 9 Iraqis rape a 29-year-old German woman.
0:06   Of dishonorable advocates and their scummy clients.
0:12   We have four days of trial, let’s see what happens. (Andreas Reichenbach, defense lawyer)
0:15   They were there, but they didn’t engage in sexual activities.
0:18   That’s what they say? — Yes.
0:21   They are otherwise accused, but we will see that it wasn’t like that.
0:24   Firstly, it was Silvester night, one shouldn’t forget that,
0:27   and then it was also 6am, the early morning.
0:30   I am not downplaying anything, but each person has to see
0:33   for himself; there is a presentation of evidence,
0:36   and that presentation will show that everyone played a different role.
0:39   Also the father played a different role. He was at home at that time,
0:42   and he did not engage in any sexual activity.
0:45   One was the son, and he also didn’t do anything,
0:48   and one was the brother-in-law, and he was totally drunk,
0:51   and that’s how he will justify himself.
0:54   I didn’t have that impression, I guess they mostly did know each other,
0:57   but don’t know if there were maybe friends as well,
1:00   but they were largely family and extended family.
1:03   There is hair evidence, and with one it’s clear
1:06   he obviously did have sex with the victim,
1:09   that is undisputed, OK, only the traces of DNA
1:12   don’t say how it came to be there;
1:15   that is one point, and with the two others
1:18   there are also DNA traces, but only in the neck area,
1:21   and my clients have already taken responsibility
1:24   for the marks and the way
1:27   they came to be,
1:30   because there was a hug. [I guess “hugging” is the new word for CHOKING! — translator]
1:33   This has been confirmed by witnesses and other people as well,
1:36   but I’m confident that the evidence presentation will show all that.
1:39   I only speak for my clients, OK!
1:42   There are indications that concerning the responsibility of the accused,
1:45   in part there was non-consensual sex that took place,
1:48   which is something I doubt — there are indicators that say
1:51   that this was not the case. Two of my clients will plead not guilty,
1:55   one client will plead partly guilty,
1:58   because he did have sex with the woman;
2:01   the question is and evidence will show whether the woman was
2:04   really as much out of it as much as is partly being claimed, but as I already said
2:07   there are many indicators that this was not the case.
2:13   I only represent one client, and he
2:16   has claimed no sexual activity. (Christian Lackner, defense lawyer)
2:19   He also had the lady… the victim of this terrible crime,
2:22   he has in no way committed this crime,
2:25   was on that day very strongly under the influence of alcohol,
2:28   and then when other offenders
2:31   took the lady home,
2:34   he had already been home for a period of time.
2:40   But are there differing opinions on this or not?
2:43   There always will be, but the trial will show, I can only tell you
2:46   the position of my client and he is indeed believable,
2:49   especially because there are no DNA traces of my client.
2:52   The trial will show that,
2:55   I cannot tell you that yet.
2:58   He was very strongly inebriated on that day,
3:01   that’s all I can tell you. My client is conscious of guilt insofar
3:04   as that he was present,
3:07   that additionally he was strongly inebriated,
3:10   but that he, I assume that he noticed some things,
3:13   but I can’t tell you exactly, and yes,
3:16   in so far as that he feels very sorry about it today,
3:19   that he was present, but picking her up,
3:22   in no way did he pick up the victim,
3:25   and according to his own testimony, my client also
3:28   did not rape her, as is stated in the bill of indictment.
3:31   Such is what is stated in the bill of indictment,
3:34   I can’t say more, the trial will show more,
3:37   I start from the premise that this happened based on massive inebriation.
3:40   You have to imagine, this was at Silvester,
3:43   they were, as far as I could read from the file,
3:46   all very strongly inebriated,
3:49   at least as far as I can judge from my own candidate,
3:52   very strongly inebriated,
3:55   and to what extent he was still master of his senses,
3:58   the court will have to judge that, and perhaps an expert witness,
4:01   I can’t tell you that, thank you very much…
4:04   And subsequently — who pays the lawyers for these new citizens.

14 thoughts on “The Family That Rapes Together

  1. I can’t believe that because of what MIGHT happen to them in Iraq, they will not be deported. They are scum, no value to a decent, ethical society. So they’re allowed to stay in the new country, bringing no good to it, just more cowardly and inhumane behavior. How can people wonder why they want to close the borders. ???? Countries have enough of their own scum, without adding more from illegal immigration.

  2. “Who would have thought that it isn’t a good idea for a drunk woman to go home with nine (!!!) Iraqis?”

    If that had been said about a woman raped by a group of western men, feminist outrage would be intense.

    And I actually agree (as demonstrators say: ‘Whatever we wear, wherever we go: yes means yes and no means NO’), because what is the next ‘not good idea’? Going out alone? Wearing tight clothes? Not covering hair? Talking to strangers? Being female? Being a child in a swimming pool?

    • You have a point, but for that to be the case the judge/system needs to work in a way where perpetrators get what they deserve instead of being protected. Compare this case to the migrants send back from Norway to Russia a year ago – they “only” groped some ladies at a club and the locals made sure the migrants woke up at a hospital (I don’t see a reason to give them medical help, but that’s past the point). And when a country isn’t able to protect their citizen, especially the weaker ones, then yes, it nught unfortunately not be a good idea to do this or that. For me it’s clear in which type of country I’d rather live, but for many that doesn’t seem to be the case.

      • Yes, basically a country that wants people to act in a civilised manner needs to seriously punish those that don’t, and not allow in people who don’t have civilised values.

  3. As sickening as these incidents are, if every one leads to a few more Germans being converted to the belief that these cretins must go, then in the long run it will not have been completely in vain. Saddening that it would take gang rape of a family member or friend to disabuse one of the notion that it is a good idea to import third world scum into one’s country.

  4. Can you imagine the outcry if this had happened to a Muslim woman by 9 members of a family who were white? The absolute torture this woman must have felt to be sodomized by these 9 savages. There was DNA of 6 of these beasts found on her and they actually said that she was a willing participant. How will this woman ever cope with this horror.
    As the chief of police said in Germany that they are witnessing crimes that in his 30 years of policing, he had never even heard of let alone have to deal with them. They have no place in any civilized Country. This woman should sue the Government for violating her human rights. I will await the feminist protests once the sentencing has been given on March 6th.

  5. ” If these rapists were deported back home to Iraq, they would receive the penalty they deserve.”

    I’m not at all sure that would happen. I suspect they would face no charges in Iraq and be regarding as returning heroes.

  6. There’s only one fair sentence for any rapist in the world – the “[manly generative apparatus] between two bricks” one (though I always struggle what to do with female rapists). Eventually the “eye-for-eye” might work too

    • If this woman would have had a gun and defended herself she would be the one on trial and she would have gotten an incredibly long sentence. No the indigenous populations are being culled by the scum govt they themselves elect. Dodo birds all!

  7. It is outrageous that these Iraqi criminals are not being deported. Where are the families of these men? How can they ask for humanitarian mercy, be granted so many privileges by host country and turn around and rape the first chance they get?

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