Take That, Whitey!

The graphic below is the English-language version of a campaign poster for the far-left German political party Die Linke:

The German original is: Weiße dominanz in Deutschland endlich beenden

Die Linke (The Left) currently holds about 9% of the seats in the Bundestag, and heads the official opposition to the governing “grand coalition” of the Christian Democrats (CDU) and the Social Democrats (SDP).

There’s plenty I could say about this poster, but it would require a lot of bug-eyed hand-waving accompanied by intemperate invective, so I’ll restrain myself.

Suffice it to say that here we have a major political party in Germany advocating actual genocide. However, since it only involves the eradication of white people, no one minds. In fact, I would expect a similar slogan to win a lot of support at the United Nations.

Hat tip: Steen. Thanks to Nash Montana for helping formulate the exact wording of the translation.

33 thoughts on “Take That, Whitey!

  1. Somebody said a while ago that there’s a race war against European peoples and that they should wake up to that fact.

    Who was it? Oh yeah, I remember, a fellow by name of errr, errr, oh yeah, Vladimir Putin. Strange.

    May be he knew something about the Hootonians and how it is applied not only to the stupid/evil Germans, but to all European peoples, that includes Aussies, Americans etc. Not to mention the Kalergians – could that really be?

    Rather strange, particularly if one considers Victor Orbans speech. See Hungarian gov. website, in English: http://www.kormany.hu/en/the-prime-minister/news/this-year-we-must-defend-ourselves-against-five-major-attacks

    He talks about taking refugees from — drumroll — Western Europe, Germans, French etc. And conflict. Oh dear…

    • Hollywood liberals have them beat. Actors aren’t known for their brains – as their utterances continue to prove. As for their venality, those Euro pseudo-intellectuals haven’t quite got a red carpet approach to life, but it’s close.

      Did you see the Meryl Streep speech about how difficult their lives are? Poisonouly pretentious.

      Here, Ben Shapiro deconstructs her silly martyrdom:


  2. The depressing part is just the fact that a poster like that can get made; that it can go past so many decision-makers before being mass-produced and posted on walls and in windows.

    It shows that there are certainly a lot of people who feel good about themselves when they see slogans like that.

    Self-loathing white people want to drag the whole world down with them.

    • I am German. Haven’t seen it before. Only one web source which is a rightwing webpage. German right parties would have jumped on that and protested. Nothing.

      So 99 percent fake IMHO

      • yes, Mark! I have not seen it either.Living here and alert observer of the media.So believe me: this is fake.

        • Mark and Herb: Please explain “fake” as it applies to the creation of meme posters by individuals who enjoy the process of making them.

          IIRC, these are an outgrowth of those original kitty poster images – the LOLcats, for instance.

          In other words, a meme poster is as much “news” as an MSM editorial is “news”. It is commentary. Or maybe that’s a dated concept now that the MSM freely combines editorializing and reporting.

          Please drop the “fake news”. At best it’s a Leftist-led plague of distractions.

          Oh, wait…were your comments meant ironically?? So hard to tell what with the label “fake” being bandied about.

  3. This is a Out and out NaZi party, die linke, or the left, are a violent mob of pitiful lowlifes.

    I lived in berlin 2009-13,
    During this time i dated a woman, who was a 2 time elected berlin city councilor for the die linke party for the “fredricshain” area.
    From conversations with her, i understood she was a stasi member during
    Cold war, and had special training.
    She held a degree in philosophy from humboldt university,

    This woman, took me to some die linke political events, publc election meetings, i had insiders look into there sordid world, first hand!

    A lot of the die linke brand identity, logos, banners etc are very retro 1930s nazi party berlin style, and colours, red and black, this i noticed, a lot of them wear “hugo boss” which was actually the company that designed all german military uniforms.

    I was introduced by this woman, at a die linke fund raiser, to albert speers
    Great grand daughter, she was invloved with die linke, and so called integration centers that are widespread in berlin.

    I fell out with tnis woman. After we visited north germany, prora (strength through joy) and in stralsund she called me a skinhead, because i challeneged her ideology.

  4. What do these geniuses think is going to happen once Whites are a minority? I ask that as a non-White person. These people need to be institutionalized.

    • I agree. Now we know that at least 9% of Germans are *self*-certified insane. There are obviously more cases, but these ones are self-proving.

    • Aren’t whites already a smallish minority, globally speaking? I thought I saw mention of 9% somewhere recently.

      I’m afraid these ‘geniuses’ know exactly what will happen. The left, like Islam, has a long game view of history. The fact this kind of thing appears suicidal to sane people is irrelevant to those who see themselves as nothing more than bacteria spreading infection over generations.

    • For your answer look to the African continent.

      When the “evil” white colonialists were kicked out and African countries became independent then became economic basketcases over night!

      Take Mugabe in Zambia for example or Idi Amin in Uganda.

      The unpalatable truth for the left wing is that European Caucasian peoples kick started Africa out of the stone age in less than a century and without their continued influence it is returning to its previous sorry state. However this time it is going to take Europe with it.

      Meanwhile the Mediterranean “rescues” go on.

      Folly beyond words!

  5. “…it would require a lot of bug-eyed hand-waving accompanied by intemperate invective, so I’ll restrain myself.”

    That’s ok, Baron – I did it for you.

  6. News flash: People want to take over white people’s societies, governments, resources, and power.

    The bigger question: how will you respond? One option: let them. Have few children let your enemies conquer your civilization, convince yourself you did the right thing. The German people seem to like that option. Another option: Punch back. Have more children. Hire better politicians to angle the global narrative in your favor. The choice is yours. You’ve been warned.

    • That’s not a persuasive message. “…or else” communications seldom are.

      The reality is, just like global climate changes, there are far too many variables to be able to predict what will happen or why.

      The UN has said we’re in for a world-wide demographic implosion; it’s a certainty, somewhere around mid-century. That’s why the Chinese dropped their “one-child” diktat, but they can’t get young people interested in having even one…

      …people will begin having more children again when having them makes economic sense. To the average single person, or the married-couple-with-a-pet-instead-of-a-child, the sad reality of being able to support themselves in the manner to which their parents accustomed them, having children is economic suicide. Notice that the very wealthy and the dead-end single poor women do indeed have children. The former can afford to indulge in the experience, and the latter use babies for other means…

      After the implosion, when all the old ones are gone (anyone over 55 at the moment is part of that), the world will look different to those who remain. And much of the remainder here will be religious families with three and four kids. I know a number of them in our neighborhood…

      • I agree. The herd is in for a massive cull. There is an assumption of perpetual growth in both demand (population) and supply (food and medicines) … but Malthus will eventually be right. A lot of the modern human condition depends on an intricate, fragile network of production, transportation and distribution. It can easily crumble in a chain of critical failures … starting with a single cataclysmic event.

        No, I do not know what it will be. No, I do not expect extinction of our species. I do imagine that the average intelligence and toughness will be greatly enhanced, although the experience may be rather unpleasant for most individuals.

        • Are you sure the coming implosion is Malthusian? Since this event is unprecedented in human history, it might be a good thing. Rather like the cyclic explosion –> die-off in insect life (if you’re a gardener watching such events),

          Drastic change is indeed unsettling. It’s difficult to know whether IQ will increase or decrease but since IQ has long since stopped being an indicator of fitness for survival, methinks intelligence is beside the point. Artificial Intelligence and all its progeny will surely remain.

          • Dymphna

            You’re right about that IQ thing. It has already been abandoned by many military organizations, and some of the more advanced companies. Turned out all one can measure is the education up to the point of the “test” and the personal surroundings (upbringing/education) as well as the cultural and infrastructural surroundings, i.e., stimulance.

            There was that famous test, blackbirds had to get at food in a tube partially filled with water. The blackbirds dropped stones into the water until the level was high enough to get at the food – human children failed.

            My all time favourite is in Hagar the Horrible (Viking), his sidekick sees the local doctor who wants to perform a test: “Raise your right leg – OK. Raise you your left leg – OK. Raise both legs – he lands on his butt….. What sort of a test was that? … IQ.”

          • IQ declines with age.

            It reminds me of one of the Baron’s favorite old jokes about the three geezers sitting on the front porch when a pretty girl walks by. They all appreciatively watch her until she’s out of sight.

            Geezer 1: “Ain’t she pretty? I remember when I kissed a girl like that.”
            Geezer 2: “Yeah, she’s a cutie. I recall when I hugged a pretty girl real tight.”
            Geezer 3: “Ahh…yes. Ummm…what else was it we used to do with ’em?”
            I know, I know. Shakespeare said it better. But his versions are all too dark. [Oops, is that raaacist?]

      • I checked PI again.I could not link it to the article above and I seriously doubt that Die Linke, successor of th communist SED would use this kind of propaganda full of self hatred.
        With ” fake” I tried to define a possible false flag action by the antifas. Anti white racism is not a theme of Die Linke.

  7. This may be longer than my usual comment. Oops. And wilder. Oh well…and my topic is a tad off topic because it is not white guilt. But it could be a contributor.

    Starting with all that drivel which the poor Germans must listen to.

    Very few now living Germans could possibly have participated in World War Two in any substantial way. Those Germans recently retired or younger cannot possibly have done any of it.

    Guilt, in the Judeo Christian context comes from the doctrine of origonal sin. We all need some improvement. Whether you believe in God or not, the Judeo Christian logic makes sense. Not to be preachy but only for clarity: I do not believe it ever crossed my mind in my daily prayers to ask God to forgive Adam and Eve and everyone else for OUR sins. I only ask forgiveness for MY sins.

    Modern Germany is a secular mostly non religious country where most people do not have a clearly religious logic. Without a religious context or an individual context, the only guilt possible is a vague generality which is much worse than useless. Vague general guilt can only make the individual vulnerable to manipulation. The vaguely guilty person will be vulnerable to those who seem to profess to be righteously guilt free.

    Have you met any leftists who doubt their own righteousness lately? They doubt yours, of course, but not their own. Will you continue to be led by self appointed morally superior people who seem to have no morals?

    My message to Germany 2017: Forget the collective guilt. It can only make you manipulable by those who care nothing about you, your lives or your fate. Please, FORGET THE COLLECTIVE GUILT!

  8. Someone make a montage of trendy lefty politicians with the slogan:
    “Finally end black domination in Africa!”

  9. At first I thought this was a spoof. Why would the poster be in English? But no, it’s there on “Politically Incorrect”, though in German: “Weiße Dominanz in Deutschland endlich beenden.” For anyone who reads German, there’s a long article together with over 160 comments. I’m shocked and at present cannot find words to express my feelings. I “woke up” just twelve months ago and from being “very fully awake” as I got up this morning, have been jolted into a state of “super awakeness plus.” It’s still hard to believe that this is not a spoof. “Die Linke” is poison.

  10. Politically Incorrect seems to be the only source. Strange, right? Atthis moment I’d say it is fake. The related article in pi-news offers another picture which says “Germans out/leave!” / translation). But it wasn’t taken in germany but in Austria. Even supporters of the webpage suggestet to remove the picture. But it is still there.

    PI isn’t what I’d call a serious and reliable web portal. You criticize left pages. ok. Well, this one operates with right populist propaganda. And some of the stuff simply is fake.

  11. It could have been sarcastic. Just the other day I posted something on Vlad’s blog and someone took me seriously.
    But… just because it is sarcastic doesn’t mean that the underlying sentiment isn’t true.

    • I think it must be satire. Look at those ugly guys with ‘entitled’ grins no woman would want to go near, and the scary one whose face we can hardly see. Even Die Linke wouldn’t be stupid enough to use that picture – they would use pictures of sweet little children.

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