“Putin and Assad Saved my Life”

The following text contains excerpts from an interview with a Flemish priest who lives in Syria. He maintains that, based on his own personal experience, the coverage of the “civil war” in Syria by the Western media is a lie.

Many thanks to SimonXML for translating this piece from AD.nl:

“Putin and Assad saved my life”

Father Daniel: The Flemish priest Daniel Maes (78) lives in Syria, in the sixth-century Mar Yakub monastery in the town of Qara, 90 kilometers north of the capital Damascus. Here he has witnessed the civil war. According to Father Daniel none of the Western coverage of the conflict in Syria is true. “The Americans and their allies want to destroy this country.”

by Wierd Duk
January 24, 2017

Trump sees that America should stop undermining countries which possess raw materials

Father Daniel Maes

You are very critical of the reporting from Syria. What is it that annoys you?

“The idea that there has been a popular uprising against President Assad is completely wrong. I’ve been in Qara since 2010 and have seen firsthand how agitators from outside Syria organized protests against the government and recruited young people. Those images were published by Al Jazeera to give the impression that a rebellion was going on here. There were murders committed by foreign terrorists in the Sunni and Christian communities in an effort to sow religious and ethnic discord among the Syrian people. While in my experience the Syrian people were actually very united.”

“Before the war, this was a harmonious country: a secular state in which different religious communities lived side by side peacefully. There was hardly any poverty, education was free, health care was good. It was just not possible to freely express your political views. But that didn’t bother most people.”

Sister Agnès-Mariam, the Lebanese-French prioress of your Mar Yakub (Saint Jacob) monastery, is accused of siding with the regime. She has friends at the highest level.

“Sister Agnès-Mariam helps the population: she recently opened a soup kitchen in Aleppo where, five times a week, 25,000 meals are prepared. Look, it’s a miracle that we are still alive. That we owe to the government army of Assad and Vladimir Putin because he decided to intervene when the rebels threatened to take power.

“When thousands of terrorists settled in Qara we were in fear of our lives. They came from the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Turkey, Libya. Many Chechens. They formed a foreign occupation force, all allied to al Qaeda and its splinter groups. Armed to the teeth by the West and its allies and huge funding. They literally said: ‘This land now belongs to us.’ They were often on drugs, they fought each other, in the evening they blasted away with their guns at random. We had to keep hiding away in the crypts of the monastery. When the army chased them away, everybody was happy: the Syrian citizens, those who hate foreign rebels and us because the peace returned.”

You say: the Syrian army protects citizens while there are all sorts of messages about war crimes committed by Assad’s forces, such as the bombings with barrel bombs.

“Don’t you realize that the media coverage of Syria is the greatest media lie of this age? Pure nonsense is being told about Aleppo: it was the rebels doing the looting and killing. Do you think the people are stupid? Do you think these people are forced to cheer for Assad and Putin? It’s the work of the Americans because of the pipelines and raw materials in this region and to oppose Putin.

“And Saudi Arabia and Qatar want to establish a Sunni state in Syria, without religious freedom. So, Assad must go. You know: when the Syrian army was preparing for the battle for Aleppo, Muslim soldiers came to me to be blessed. There is no problem between ordinary Muslims and Christians. It’s the radical Islamists, rebels sponsored by the West who want to massacre us. They are all al-Qaeda and IS. There are no more moderate fighters.

“It’s the radical rebels sponsored by the West who want to massacre us.”

Father Daniel Maes

You once called Hillary Clinton “a she-devil in holy water” because as secretary of state she incited the conflict.

“I am happy about Trump. He sees what every normal person understands: that the United States should stop undermining countries that possess raw materials. The pursuit of a unipolar world by the Americans is the biggest problem. And Trump understands that radical Islam is a bigger threat than Russia.

“What do I care if he occasionally takes off his pants? If Trump implements geopolitics like he promises, then the future looks positive. Then it comes down to an agreement with Putin. And hopefully there will be a solution for Syria, and peace will return.”

You understand that your analysis is controversial and will draw a lot of criticism?

“I speak from personal observation. And nobody has to believe me, right? But I know one thing: with their coverage, the media can contribute to the massacre of the Syrian people, or they can help the Syrians. Unfortunately, there are too many journalist who are opportunists and have no integrity.”

14 thoughts on ““Putin and Assad Saved my Life”

  1. Obama to the rescue.

    He rescued Jimmy Carter from being the worst President in memory, and he reached out a century and a half to rescue Millard Fillmore from being the worst President ever.

    Mission accomplished!!

  2. SERBIA and KOSOVO got this same rotten treatment from the press. I gave up on the press, especially Bill O’Reilly, a real hater of anything Serbian or Russian… during the NATO aggression on Serbia in 1999.

    Now there are 3 muslim controlled countries in Europe where once there was only Albania.

    Bosnia and Kosovo were given over to the muslims friendly with the SAUDIS… and even the Iranians who both sent fighters to fight the Christians, Serbs and Croatians.

    THIS is a subject you will not hear about. Many thousands of Serbian and Croatian children were raped from 1993 till the end of the conflict by foreign muslim fighters. THIS SUBJECT was never on the news, but it happened.

    The victims families made it to the URGENT to resettle families UNHCR list in 1996.

    I know 3 of them. They were among the hundreds of Croatian and Serbian Christian refugees I helped re-settle in the USA from 1997-1998. One of the children saw his SAUDI attacker on the streets of an American city he had been settled in.

    The SAUDI had a student Visa and was hanging around an apartment complex where many Christian and Cambodian refugees lived. Where there were MANY CHILDREN and young girls. He was a predator . He wanted to work for the UN in the UNHCR program. I KNOW WHY!

    Of course we noticed the police and the FBI. Turns out there was an international warrant for his arrest for RAPE of a young woman in MACEDONIA. How did he get into this country?? I do not know. They even had his picture.

    People like this have been getting into the USA FOR YEARS. After committing all sorts of crimes in other countries. IS THERE NO WAY TO VET THESE vile criminals??

    This story never made the news and it never will… but the man was deported back to Saudi Arabia and as far as we could find out, he never saw a day in jail.
    He may even be back in the USA due to Obama’s lax policies.

    • Is there any writing online about the rapes BY Muslims during that period? It would be very useful to have some information and figures. All that my quick searches reveal – somewhat predictably – are endless mainstream media reports and left-activism about rapes OF Muslims. But given the Islamic predilection for rape as a tool of conquest over 1400 years, it doesn’t surprise me to hear of its prevalence at that time.

  3. I have to say I’m far more inclined to believe Fr. Daniel Maes than anything I’ve heard from CNN (or here in Canada the CBC or CTV). But then, I’ve been an extreme skeptic about, and vocal critic of, the so-called “mainstream” media for oh, about 45 years now. (That came about because of a lifelong fascination with the study of History.)

    A day or two ago I saw Assad interviewed (in English) by some “journalist,” but I don’t think it was on any “mainstream” outlet … probably a YouTube clip I found. Possibly a brief piece on Fox.

    What is the the “mainstream” media’s excuse for that? They’ve been blathering about the Syrian “civil war” ever since it started, but it wouldn’t do to let the man speak for himself now, would it? Unfiltered and unedited, of course. And it’s not as though they couldn’t get access to him him, is it?

    If Queen Elizabeth can receive the man at Buckingham Palace, I’m sure the heavyweights of the “mainstream” media could get an “exclusive” 30 minute interview with him … if they wanted to.

    • Frank, I hope they don’t get an interview with Assad, because it would be seen as written in stone–authentic, when in fact the MSM would, as you know twist his words to their own warped narrative.

      Attack Cat, yes, O’Reilly has that failing about Russia, annoys me immensely, but otherwise he’s a pretty decent man. He does also have another annoying fault–asks a question, and then talks all over the person being interviewed.

  4. Thank you for this interview. It is refreshing to hear the truth about Syria after all those megatons of sanctimonious lies which fill the mainstream media.

    While Putin and Assad have been busy saving the lives of Syrian Christians, the UK bureaucrats made their modest contribution to the war on Christianity in the Middle East.

    According to the Italian newspaper Il Giornale ( http://blog.ilgiornale.it/rossi/2016/12/14/londra-vieta-lingresso-ai-cristiani-e-lo-concede-agli-islamisti/ ) , last December the UK refused entry visas to three hierarchs of the Syriac Orthodox Church – the Archbishop of Mosul (Nicodemus Sharaf), the Archbishop of Nineveh (Timothius Shamani) and the Archbishop of Homs and Hama in Syria (Selwanos Alnemeh) – who intended to take part in the consecration of the Syrian Orthodox cathedral in London.

    The reason for the refusal was simple – the three reverend men of the church were too poor and had no source of income in the UK. The vigilant British bureaucrats suspected them of wanting to stay in the country and sponge on the British social security thus reducing the resources necessary to help worthy Muslim refugees.

    What sort of country modern Britain is? An Absurdistan or, perhaps, something worse?

    • I read the story. You left out a significant part. They were invited by Prince Charles. By logic presented, how can anyone go and visit the UK? Seems to be one of those rules that exist only when you need it.

  5. Telling the Truth in the west is not important. Why should they tell the Truth: There is no God to hold them accountable to their sins and verbal atrocities and character assassinations. Rest assured Nietzsche took a lantern and sought God but never found Him. But he found allah immediately and allah prevailed on Europe since his time.

    The media in the west and the “democratic governments” and jihadis are all in one bedfellow against the poor helpless indigenous people.


  6. “When thousands of terrorists settled in Qara we were in fear of our lives. They came from the Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Turkey, Libya. Many Chechens. They formed a foreign occupation force, all allied to al Qaeda and its splinter groups. Armed to the teeth by the West and its allies and huge funding. They literally said: ‘This land now belongs to us.’

    The so called “moderate opposition”, favoured by McCain, Graham and Obama. What a pity none of them bothered to talk to Father Daniel.

  7. The modern West has much to answer for, unfortunately. Much as I regret the depressing thought of the destruction of the West and its civilisation, it is our own betrayal of our own best values which has led us to this pass, and, frankly, it seems difficult to know how we are to escape our collective just deserts.

    Democracy was no bulwark against misguided and also wicked leadership. Discontent is growing to unmanageable proportions.

    Faced with this Discontent, the forces of Denial are now galvanized by the instinctive panic of those whose entire psychic investment has been in an arrogant, twisted idealism that sought to both outrage and suppress ordinary, essential, instinctive decency, now that this inherited sense of decency has been too long insulted to endure any longer, and declared itself openly.

    The forces of the Left are gathering for a massive and ruthless resistance to what they see as a Democratic putsch against their authority. They are shocked and alarmed to realise that they have lost control of what they believed was a democracy defined exclusively in their terms, serving exclusively their own ends. They are already out clamouring on the streets, and flexing their more violent contingents of muscular socialism in acts of petty vandalism.

    Their gathering response to the twin shocks of Trump and of Brexit reveal already the ruthless revolutionary instincts of the Left. What previously they achieved so easily by various sinister, stealthy ruses – not least of which was the ‘European’ conspiracy to betray my country to unaccountable foreign socialist powers – they now realise that they will have to struggle, with less disguised ruthlessness, to win back.

    If those others who continue to declare their opposition to this ongoing democratic swindle do not lose their new-found self-belief, and indeed find themselves increasingly strengthened in it, this may very well mean that naked violent strife will become necessary and unavoidable. History does show countless examples of such tragic inevitability.

    Leftist governments have already given more than sufficient alarming evidence of how they make war against Christian and humanist civilisation, in effect fighting against their own People on the side of radical Islam (is there really any other kind?). The notorious proxy wars conducted in our name but against our best interests in the Balkans and the Middle East, and the eager openness of nominally representative governments to the Islamification and deracination of their own lands, should persuade all right-minded people of the danger they are exposed to by the devious policies of an hostile political class.

    It would actually be very surprising if the phoney Peace, that used to insulate the West from the consequences of it’s meddlesome Leftist interventions abroad, did not continue to be broken by local outbreaks of imported violence and terrorism, to the point where eventually the entire continent becomes involved in a general strife.

    And at that stage of collapse in the social order of such an important region, it must be expected that many external actors will feel it necessary to become directly involved.

    All these dangerous forces have already been put into motion by the unwisdom, ill-judgement and arrogance of those international Leftist busybodies, those ‘World Leaders,’ who are as ever blithely unconcerned with the orderly conduct of their own domestic affairs. Would that politicians had more modest ambitions.

    The reaction will have to be a hard Brexit in Britain, and, both here and in America, draconian vigilance at the borders and within hostile alien communities will also become inevitable at that point. There is little possibility that the Left will surrender the doctrines on which they have built their lives, and which sustain their very existence, and upon which their intellectual stability is precariously balanced, unless we force such a decisive break with their unaccountable and out-of-control globalist system.

    They will fight with the sneaking savagery their daily sneers of passive-aggressive hostility have enabled us to glimpse that they harbour within them. The fact is, Leftists have long since declared undying enmity to all who diverge from their uncompromising received certainties. They are possessed of a lurking fanaticism that has until now only expressed itself as a closet sympathy for the deterministic dictates of Islamic fundamentalism.

    Make no mistake: Those previously mild Leftist reprovers of their angrily irritated but politically conventional opponents, once confronted by the real and growing rage of the People, will prove every bit as shockingly unbridled in the pursuit of their ideological ends as their surprising choice of religio-political bedfellow already is.

    For the political, as for the religious extremist, the ends have always justified the means. This unholy alliance is greatly to be feared.

    Tragically, this entails that their opponents cannot ignore their logic, and must consequently meet them upon the same ground. Syria is only the latest microcosmos of this predicament. The Nazis similarly left us with no alternative but to match and perhaps even outdo them on their chosen field of total war.

    I weep for all with children and grandchildren. It appears to me that, unless a miracle saves us, the horror we now see only in news reports will be their inheritance.

    The reluctant compromise and painful fence-sitting we endured for so long were a symptom of that self-denying self-doubt, which neutralised our own integrity, facilitating the stealthy coup by which the Left has very nearly accomplished the ruin of all we value. We accepted these defeats because we have a civilised aversion to pushing matters to their logical, and terrifying, conclusion of irreconcilable hostility. Thus the Left uses the moral high ground to blackmail us into surrendering, bit by bit, our valid position. However, increasingly they do not so yield their own absolute position. They have now finally repudiated the process of Democracy itself. They – and more seriously we ourselves – have forgotten that we, too, have our own valid moral high ground! We must defend it – at all costs, or not at all.

    This is the knell that History periodically sounds over our best intentions, when politics fails.

    The game of politics had very clearly favoured the tactics and strategy of the Western Left. Even where this is changing, the Left is still able to mount successful procedural challenges that threaten to derail this essential democratic change. They may well provoke a more robust resistance, therefore. However, even this may not be enough to ensure that the resistance prevails, since, for the conduct of the business of war, the intellectual Left will be able to keep it’s fastidious hands clean and rely upon the unbridled Terror of the surprising yet perfectly natural alliance it has cultivated from within the ranks of the Jihadist community.

    From these difficult reflections hard conclusions must be drawn. In the final reckoning, of course, the decision is out of our hands: History makes it’s demands without reference to our wishes.

    I fear this chilling Voice of History will be calling on us one day quite soon.

  8. This was, actually, clear from the beginning. The media did not see the Assad/Putin angle. It was obvious from the reporting that something was missing, the real facts. The media were only interested in the propaganda, not in the realities.

  9. The MSM are covering Donald Trump pretty much they were Assad and his wife, aren’t they? Anything to make them look bad.

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