Eric Zemmour on Emmanuel Macron

Below is a brief interview with the popular French commentator Eric Zemmour, who discusses the Socialist presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, and specifically the latter’s remarks on French culture and the colonization of Algeria.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   RTL — morning. We don’t necessarily agree.
00:04   8:17 am. We don’t necessarily agree, this Tuesday morning, with Eric Zemmour.
00:08   Good morning, Eric. —Good morning. —Eric, Emmanuel Macron was in the heart of electoral polemics.
00:12   A difficult passage for the candidate, but useful to know better who he is
00:16   and what he wants. —Macron was right.
00:20   He doesn’t need a program. No need for numbers when you have letters! A couple of letters,
00:24   a couple of words and all is said. Two sentences were enough. First one:
00:28   “There’s no French culture; there’s culture in France, and it is diverse.”
00:32   The second one: “The colonization of Algeria was a crime against humanity.”
00:36   Two sentences like a signature. Two sentences that make sense,
00:40   two sentences that comprise the system. Now we know who Emmanuel Macron is,
00:44   where he situates himself politically, ideologically,
00:48   “where he’s coming from”, as the Marxists said in days of yore.
00:52   Macron is as much from the right as from the left. From the right, economically liberal, and
00:56   from the left, liberal concerning values. A “son” of Madelin and Cohn-Bendit [“Danny the Red”],
01:00   of Justin Trudeau and Hillary Clinton. Macron is a pure intellectual product
01:04   of those decades when university professors,
01:08   sociologists, historians were explaining to us that France was only a result
01:12   of countless influences coming from elsewhere.
01:16   Mixing and crossbreeding. From the South, from the North, from the West, from the East.
01:20   France is a huge, vague territory, where every immigrant, every invader
01:24   brought along his culture for the higher good of those mental retards, the French.
01:28   As if our kings, our cardinals, our emperors,
01:32   our writers, our artists, our academia, hadn’t had — with just a secular effort —
01:36   united all those influences in an original corset:
01:40   Greco-Roman and Christian, often a corset of iron,
01:44   that at one time people didn’t hesitate to call “French genius”.
01:49   The genius of a pure language, the genius of Classicism, the genius of
01:53   a thought — clear and rational. Blaise Pascal
01:57   didn’t incarnate French culture. And Racine and Rabelais and Voltaire
02:01   and Victor Hugo and Flaubert and Balzac and Chateaubriand
02:05   and Watteau and Latour and Boucher and Monet.
02:09   Everybody know that Lully came from Italy, Picasso from Spain and Cioran
02:13   from Romania. But they didn’t come to our country by accident; they knew
02:17   that French culture existed, since they wanted to soak in it
02:21   even more, and assimilate. —So there’s another quote,
02:25   concerning of the colonizing of Algeria. —Yes, but for the globalist and diverse mobility
02:29   France only exists in order to be found guilty,
02:33   but if French colonization in Algeria is a crime against
02:37   humanity, then all human history is a crime.
02:41   All the peoples on Earth were alternatively colonized and colonizer.
02:45   Algeria was already colonized by Romans, Spanish,
02:49   Arabs, Turks. France sent her armies
02:53   to stop centuries of pillage, of razzias, by barbarians
02:57   who were supplying Arab harems with European slaves.
03:01   France not only colonized Algeria: it founded it. Its name
03:05   didn’t exist. The conquest was tough, violent, merciless,
03:09   like all the conquests, but French colons, have — in the Roman way —
03:13   cultivated the soil, built towns, nursed the population, educated the children
03:17   and incidentally, discovered the oil. The population
03:22   of Algeria numbered two million inhabitants in 1830,
03:26   ten million in 1962, almost forty million today;
03:30   compare it with the number of native Americans left in the Americas
03:34   in the reservations. —Eric Zemmour.

5 thoughts on “Eric Zemmour on Emmanuel Macron

  1. Didn’t this genius marry his high school teacher? The more I find out about Mr Macron the more I despise him. As a banker and allegedly former socialist, he already generates a strong dislike in me. That he chooses Algerians over the rich cultural heritage of the country of his birth should register as much distaste in the palate of the French voter as a bottle of corked wine or overcooked escargot. Maybe he should be running for the office of the Grand Mufti of Algeria instead of president of France…

  2. I was delighted when he noted that the French colonisation of Algeria was in response to the barbarism of (Ottoman) raiding parties which enslaved white Europeans for many, many years. The US Navy was founded to stop the Barbary Coast pirates from attacking ships, stealing goods and kidnapping American sailors. This was after the Ottomans were accepting 10 per cent of American GDP in ‘tribute’ each year but still attacking ships. The French invasion of Algeria was to finally stop the activities of the Muslim pirates and that the colonisation was brutal was only proportionate to the brutality of the Ottomans who wiped out entire European coastal communities, slaughtering the elderly, murdering or enslaving the men, and turning entire generations of women into sex slaves. I was so delighted by his mention of the harems, I literally applauded in front of my computer. Few things disgust me more than the celebration of sex slavery depicted in ‘harem art’ (and even today in modern ‘romance’ ‘literature’). Only the brain dead can possibly look at some of those paintings and not wonder ‘why does this picture show an apparently European woman being exposed in the slave market?’

  3. All I could think listening to Zemmour was the futility, the futility. His brilliance availeth naught. Les clercs are deaf to his raison. Stamped. France is Guilty. That has been their “education.” That is what they know. And they will frog march – excuse the pun – the nation to its death. Brilliance, the depth of his knowledge, the love of country that underlies that knowledge — means nothing. To them it means nothing. And their number is legion.

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