Austria: School Class Without a Single German-Speaking Child

German may a dead language soon in Austria, at least in the school system.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from Kurier:

School class without a single German-speaking child

The Mayor of Vienna Neustadt is alarmed and demands immediate help from the Education Ministry

The city of Vienna Neustadt is facing an educational and political mess. A cry for help from the mayor Klaus Schneeberger (ÖVP) towards the Education ministry shows the dramatic situation. For the first time there is a preschool class (the Otto Glöckel-School) where not a single child speaks German as his mother tongue. The average of children with a foreign native language in preschool classes is already at an alarming 80.33%, says Schneeberger.

With a migration rate of about 23% the largest school and kindergarten city of Lower Austria tops the list for all of Austria. This development is especially mirrored in the educational institutions.

Class interrupted

Already, in eight of seventeen kindergartens and five of eight elementary schools the proportion of children with a foreign native language has surpassed 50%. In high schools the number is already at 56.64%. The kindergarten educators, teachers and directors are reporting partially catastrophic knowledge of the German language on the part of the students. Especially in the so-called “hot-spot schools”, it’s almost impossible to hold normal lessons. The Otto Glöckel-School is one of them. There a third grade class is taught in which 93% of the children do not speak German at home. “It should be clear to everyone by now that it is de facto not possible to hold a targeted lesson class. In order not to spoil these kids in future a strengthened support system of schools and cities, such as Vienna Neustadt, for instance, is absolutely needed,” Klaus Schneeberger explained last Thursday. He rules out the demand by the Vienna city president Heinrich Himmer (SPÖ) for more teachers and targeted language education. Schneeberger wants to make the Education ministry responsible for that. “If we don’t react now, then we will have problems. The language deficits of the children of today are fertile soil for unemployment tomorrow.”

Projects from the city and other education authorities are a good thing, but state support so far was only a drop on a hot stone. “The ministry has to recognize the signs of the times, and finally act in a consequential manner,” opines Schneeberger.

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  1. This is just one of the many examples of the forthgoing islamization of Europe. For the third time in history (8th and 17th century also), but for the first time by purpose. The anti-Christ seems to be at the winning hand, fortunately we know from Scripture he will not finally succeed.
    We in Europe need our borders back and get rid of the satanic EU. Miss Merkel deserves trial and imprisonement. That is my opinion and I am aware not to be the only one.

    • I absolutely agree with you. Austria as well as Europe is already on the brink of being Islamized…and soon after, the Islamization of the whole continent! If these politicians do not act now, if they keep on having a blind eye and a deaf ear to the truths that are happening around them…then the whole of Austria and of course whole of Europe will be under the clouts of Shariah Law. Poor Europeans they will become the minorities in their own land of birth

      • Any European politician who lifted a finger to stop it would get exactly what Milosevic got. USAF bombing the Presidential Palace, Prime Minister’s House and a flood of Neo-Con vultures calling for his/her head. Thanks Maddog Albright!

        • That would have been true if Hillary had gotten elected. I don’t think President Trump would consent to use NATO or US forces for internal EU enforcement. It’s one of the reasons the neocons and globalists hate Trump so much. Trump set back their timetable for consolidation of Europe.

  2. 1975 spent a semester in Vienna studying art & sculpture. Homogenous ly native plus the odd diplomat and guest worker.

    You cannot escape the truth or the future when you read stats like these.

    Straight up suicide.

  3. Here is an interesting quote from “The Austrians: A Thousand-Year Odyssey” by Gordon Brook Shepard written in 1996. I love to get out this book and re-read parts whenever I am feeling anxious about the disappearance of my favorite country in the world.
    ” But in 1683 it was touch and go whether the green crescent of Islam would not be hoisted over their great cathedral St. Stephan. Turkish troops had already breached the defensive walls and were fighting their way into the city when, on 12 Sept., the great Christian relief army reached the ridge of Kahlenberg Hills above the capital. At 4am Mass was read by the Papal legate Marco d’Aviano, to the assembled officers. Twelve hours later it was all over. The rescue army after fighting its way down the vineyards and the villages into the north-west approaches to the capital, met the main mass of Kara Mustapha’s forces head-on and broke them… the Turks fled eastwards, never to return again.”

    When I was there last April for a few weeks, we went to Mass 3 times. Churches still gorgeous, but few people in them taking part in Mass, whether we were in a big city or small one, though the churches outside of the big cities had more parishioners, that’s true. Unfortunately, the archbishop of Vienna has just about given up trying to protest the invaders coming in at this level. He has meekly tried to say in his own way, that hey this is not right– we are sacrificing our culture based on Catholicism to the enemy, but he just gets laughed at by his fellow priests and the media. I think in his heart, he does not like what is going on, but he is too career-oriented and meek to really do anything about it. But I would love to hear what some Austrians think of Bishop Schoenborn. I met him once at a private fund raising event in Ca. some years ago but I don’t know him personally.

  4. I want to flee from this rotten country, greenland would be fine, some suggest australia or new zealand but I hate heat and sun.

    • Try Tasmania, or the far south of NZ. Hotter than you’re used to, but not as hot as the rest. Indeed, perhaps all those who still love freedom should congregate in Tasmania and do our best to revive its economy (any entrepreneurs among you? anyone who actually makes something?) and let it hold out as the last bastion of the West.

      • I visited tasmania in 1997 and new zealand in 2002, honestly i would not like to live there, i prefer russia, latvia, greenland or iceland

      • How about staying in Austria and doing something to preserving it instead of fleeing? Unrotten it, in a manner of speaking.
        Fleeing is cowardice in my book.

      • …you’d be the first to call have them bombed by the USAF if they actually kicked out the infestation.

        The US campaign conducted against Serbia in the 1990s by Wesley /Clark/ and Mad Dog /Albright/ and others was a warning about who runs Europe.

      • Exactly, and no one seems to be asking why moslems used to hot desert climates would want to live in cold , windy, frozen places like Greenland, Alaska, Iceland, the Yukon and Nunavut in Canada.
        Why? Just being a little facetious here!

  5. Oz and the dead extinct Kiwi would not be a good choice. Their countries soft underbellies as with other doped up western crave markets have been well and truly infected. Currently populations of feminised men and women are floating with the tide of unreality. Doesn’t the Muslim know it.

  6. “School class without a single German speaking pupil”, am I to suppose the language in the classroom is Arabic?

  7. Way back in the 1970s, I believe, when many immigrants to Sweden were from Vietnam, the policy was to keep them out of school while they learned Swedish, at the state’s expense, and then integrate them into the education system.

    Expensive and idealistic? Yes, but fairer to them, native pupils and the wider society.

  8. We MUST stay in Europe and defend our beautiful continent with its unparallel civilisation.

    I have visited seven European countries,all of them beautiful in their own way.

    If we do not fight them they will destroy everything,castles,temples,statues,churches,museums,not to mention our libraries with the world’s wisdom in them.All of these are our soul.

    Who do you think burned down the Library of Alexandria?
    The Muslims who said that everything was said by the Prophet and written by the Koran,so every other book was useless.

    Above all is our freedom,the way we live.
    I will never give up,i will not surrender to the inferior.

  9. I don’t know, when I read this if you are gloating or mourning. This is what the smashing modern democratic world wished for.

  10. Just hate what is happening with the muslims and how they are planting themselves and their stupid beliefs around and in every corner of the world. Those of us who believe this is wrong should unite and fight for our homelands and our religious beliefs. Christians, Jews, Hindus and all other peaceful religions. Remember Islam is not a religion but an ideology put forward by a pervert and instigator of hate towards others of dis similar beliefs. Call me racist if you will because I despise what is happening in Europe, sweden u.k. and now in Canada with its muslim loving prime minister and his muslim infiltrated government. Stand up for decency and cry out for the protection of our culture and christian beliefs. Long live Christianity and the expulsion os Islam with its mandate slaughter

    • I wouldn’t call you racist, Rosina. Islam is not an ethnicity, but an ideology. In other words, and I’m not the first to make this point, the problem is the software, not the hardware.

  11. They are Mu[slim]s. They believe in a man who was murderous, a rapist and had the belief that all who didn’t obey him should die!

    It is in Canada, and our converted Muslim PM Trudeau has in his power, for now, to create the ”NEW WORLD ORDER”. He has many counterparts in other Governments. The infamous Obama was eager to represent “THE NEW WORLD ORDER” The war in countries was a deliberate phase so that so-called refugees and asylum seekers could infiltrate other countries. Our kind souls were fooled by the SATANIC cult. Luckily as has been written before we know they don’t win in the end.

    Do as much as you can now, to help our God win the battle. Voice your opinion, march in protests, call racism at every offense directed to you! Stand up and share your name. Have no fear for you know the end result. I’d rather die fighting than kneeling to Satan!

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