Criticism of Politicians Has Become a Crime in Germany

As we reported last Thursday, a German man will do jail time for creating two images — each clearly labeled as “satire” — that mocked politicians. For making the images and putting them on Facebook, he was judged to be guilty of “incitement”. The satirical content of those images involved Islam, so the prosecution for creating them may be seen as yet another instance of the implementation of UN Resolution 16/18 at the national level.

Now, however, the criticism of politicians for any reason whatsoever seems to have been criminalized in Germany. It’s as if the sharia code against criticism of Islam has been extended and generalized to include all criticism. In other words, the German government has become Islamic, so that criticism of political leaders is de facto criticism of Islam, and hence forbidden.

The video below shows a man angrily confronting Martin Schulz, the former president of the European Parliament and now the man who is favored to become the next German chancellor. The critic’s angry words in this video have been identified as “libel”, and he will be charged for them.

A summary from PolitikStube:

Halle: A citizen cusses out the SPD as “traitors against workers”

An incident at the visit of Chancellor candidate Martin Schulz in the University hospital at Halle. The man is accusing the SPD [Social Democrats] of betraying workers. Now the 46-year-old has been slammed with a charge of libel. The State Protection Agency has picked up the investigation.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

An afterword from the translator:

I only find this interesting because the man accuses the SPD of traitors for the worker class and instead of just shrugging it off, they have filed a police report for libel. Kind of obvious that they apparently feel guilty and they’re now crushing this man with everything they have. I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes to prison for forty years or more.


0:00   Okay, good day!
0:03   Herr Schulz, the SPD, they are traitors against workers.
0:06   Get him out of here, I can’t believe this!
0:09   Murder, terror, manslaughter!
0:12   I can’t believe this!
0:15   And rape! Everything! Herr Schulz!

17 thoughts on “Criticism of Politicians Has Become a Crime in Germany

  1. When dissenting speech is outlawed by the political class, and the apropos cognitive dissonance the political class have groomed the public on along with the Kool-aid drinking class of folk who drunkenly endorse it. Well it has led them to gulping down huge quaffs of an intoxicant called “power”. Imagine with the election of Hillary Clinton in America, we presently would be joining in on that ultimate kegger.

    The German people now, right now need a hero or a fiend. What to do? what to do?

    Unlucky gent who got dragged away didn’t even shout a pejorative. He described the daily acts on a German municipal police blotter.

  2. Until today, I was convinced that the fall of Germany to Islam was inevitable.

    After reading this, I’m convinced that Mission Accomplished is today, 26 February 2017.

  3. Little Kapo’s obeyed the Big Kapo and dragged the prisoner away?

    Like the Italian Premium Stallion (Silvio Berlusconi) said it on 2 July 2003:

    “Signor Schulz, so che in Italia c’è un produttore che sta montando un film sui campi di concentramento nazisti: la suggerirò per il ruolo di kapò. Lei è perfetto!

    In English: Mister Schulz, I know of a film-producer in Italy who is making a film about Nazi concentration-camps. I will recommend you for the part of a Kapo [concentration-camp inmate appointed as supervisor]. You are perfect!”

    If he gets elected as next German chancellor can he be called as Kapo di tutti Kapi? 😉

  4. Really.
    Anybody out there in internet electron-land STILL think there is/will be a peaceful solution to this metastasizing, arrogant totalitarian mess –here, there or ANYWHERE??

    Me neither.

  5. With all that rich Western history that is chock- a- block full of tyrants and what became of them, one after the other, those who can still think independently must now wonder why it is that humanity never learns from its past mistakes.

    • Where is he supposed to go? The cancer of Islam is everywhere. Our so-called leaders are bending over backwards to accommodate the followers of Mohammed.

  6. “prison for forty years or more” – when people are getting a couple of years or less for rape?

    • One problem in Germany: ‘Beleidigung’ (insult) and ‘Beamtenbeleidigung’ (insulting and official) are actually illegal. It’s not the same as libel which must be proven to be a lie. Just like in islam, you aren’t allowed to ‘insult’, even if you’re not telling any lies. So calling a fat, incompetent official fat and incompetent would be insulting and could be prosecuted.

      Beamtenbeleidigung has been a crime for a long time in Germany, this isn’t new, but I don’t know whether politicians have made much use of that law recently.

      • me neither. But however, calling a cop ” pig”,” idiot”, or what have you will cost you; well no jail, but like a 1500€ fine will do.

        How about insulting a US Officer?Provided you left your hands visible on the dashboard.

        Keep me informed.

    • prison for this? [redacted] He will not even be fined.

      BTW it was a very popular Nazi slogan in the 1930s: who betrayed us? social democrats! Who freed us? The Hitler party. (It’s a rhyme in german: wer hat uns verraten? Sozialdemokraten! Wer hat uns befreit? Die Hitlerpartei). The betrayal thing refers to signing the Versailles Treaty by the social democrat secretaries of the Weimar Republic.

  7. The Europe-wide push to shut down free speech is going on apace, not just in Germany and Sweden. In the European Parliament, a British Labour Party MEP has put forward a bill which would allow the president in the debating chamber to pull the plug on any MEP espousing ‘populist’ opinions so that he or she cannot be heard by the wider public and for these ‘populist’ speeches to be expunged from the EU Parliamentary record as if they had never been made.
    As reported in Breitbart London:
    Senior Labour MEP Richard Corbett, who shepherded the bill through parliament, argued that it is dangerous to allow elected members a free platform to speak at a time when “there have been a growing number of cases of politicians saying things that are beyond the pale.
    “What if this became not isolated incidents, but specific, where people could say: ‘Hey, this is a fantastic platform. It’s broad, it’s live-streamed. It can be recorded and repeated. Let’s use it for something more vociferous, more spectacular,” he told the Associated Press.

  8. Hi, you might have the capitalisation of Poltikstube wrong – it’s not ‘Tube’ like in ‘YouTube’ or others of their ilk, but “Stube” is a chamber in German. Die ‘gute Stube’ is a way of saying ‘livingroom’. See how they set up their logo, where ‘Politik’ is in blue’ and ‘stube’ is in grey. It’s politics discussed ‘in camera’ (oh, just noticing that this is another trap …).

    • Thank you! That’s good to know. I’ve fixed it, and will keep it in mind for the future.

      It reminds me of, which my eye sometimes reads as WetRansfer instead of WeTransfer.

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