A Hurricane of Outrage Against a Swede Who Tells the Truth on Migrant Crime

If you’ve been following the news from Scandinavia over the past week, you’ll have heard about Peter Springare, the Swedish police officer who caused severe multicultural indigestion among Swedish bien-pensants by describing the magnitude of immigrant crime as it is, and not as the politically correct establishment would like it to be.

Many thanks to Tania G. for translating this article from Fria Tider:

22 out of 24 suspects are immigrants.

February 10, 2017

LAW & ORDER. Örebro policeman Peter Springare wrote a new Facebook post in which he gives thanks for all the support he has received from the Swedish people. At the same time, he reveals that 22 out of 24 persons suspected of murder or attempted murder in the city are immigrants.

It was February 3 when Peter Springare commented on Facebook that it is almost exclusively foreign culprits that are behind the violent crimes he investigates.

Since then he has been heavily criticized by people from the establishment — but has garnered even greater support from ordinary people around the country. Now he thanks them for their support.

“Once again I want to say a really really big thank you! Thanks to all those both from around the country and from abroad who have sent letters, cards, greetings in various media, flowers, gifts and more. Also a big thanks to all those who have started and struggled with various groups on Facebook to support me. You should know that all this support is heartwarming,” he wrote on Facebook on Friday.

Springare points out that it has been like standing in “the freezing cold that cuts to bone and marrow, as when standing on a barricade in the face of a full hurricane.”

He furthermore says that he has learned a lot over the past week about how “infected” the immigration matter really is. At the same time he believes that his original text has been “distorted” and misinterpreted.

“I’ve learned a lot this past week. Partly how horribly infected the topic I raised really is. But I have also, in a brutal way, become aware of how easy it is to distort a text so that it is interpreted and warped into something completely different than what was really said or was the spirit of the writing from the start. All depending on the commentators’ political agendas,” he writes.

Springare says that he has been branded a “racist” with almost surgical precision.

“It has surprised me how many commentators and high-ranking politicians have simply taken the right to deprive me of my own experiences and truths, dismissing them by saying “I’m wrong” and that I just live on stereotypes,” he continues.

“I just want to say, that when it comes to what I think or say, it is my unvarnished truth. Likewise, what I see and experience in my daily life surrounded by misery and violent death, and what the consequences for society are at large, so too is it my honest truth. I want to discuss events that are destructive and try to change the situation” he emphasizes.

Springare has not given up, but continues his recent post by giving more examples of immigrant overrepresentation in crime statistics:

Murder / attempted murder January 1, 2015 – December 30, 2016:
12 investigated cases. 24 suspected perpetrators
In 10 of the cases the perpetrator was of foreign origin.
In two of the cases the perpetrator was of Swedish descent.
Of the total of 24 involved offenders, 22 were of foreign origin and 2 of Swedish descent.

Peter Springare concludes that immigrants are “overrepresented here with respect to very serious violent crimes”, and points out that Örebro has a “very, very big problem.”

62 thoughts on “A Hurricane of Outrage Against a Swede Who Tells the Truth on Migrant Crime

    • Apparently some kind of super overlord “race”. Our glorious and fearless leaders already serving them…

  1. The left will continue to scream racism even when the jihadi’s knife is at their throats ready to cut.

    • True, someone called multiculturalism a cult and it is like a cult with “blind” obedience to their god “multikulti”. I’ve tried to convert some of these people and unless the information comes from a left wing “oracle” they won’t listen. They call it fake news. It has to come from ABC, BBC, Guardian etc even when there are videos. Scary and sad. They will die from their worship of this false god.

    • I am a swedish woman and I can tell you that what you said is absolutely right. Whatever happens it’s always our (swedish) fault, I live in Malmö the biggest muslim enclave in Sweden and the attrocities that I’ve seen here in the last 20 years can be compared to the harsh reality of countries fron central and south america: muslim behavior is not simply impolite it’s criminal! I’ve seen muslim men beating people unconscious in the street people they didn’t know, people who was just walking down the street, they do it just for fun, I’ve seen how muslims kill and torture dogs and cats just for fun, these people are evil incarnate! I once watched on tv a left minded psychologist saying that their psychopatic behavior was caused by “post war traumatic stress” and she added that those wars were created by europe so according to the “expert” if these men are demon larvae it’s our fault and we must make ammends by toleraring their violence. in sum: it is always our fault… we are trapped in a mental trap and wanting to get out of it seem to just reinforc it, I don’t know what to do! I am seeing a silent genocide in my own country and I am very very sad.

      • I think that many realize what is going on, but for some it’s just that they cannot bring themselves to admit that their indoctrinated view of reality is simply wrong, and for others, to admit to their own failing in recognizing their mistake is just too big a hurdle to jump over.

      • Have you read the Danish psychologist, Nicolai Sennels? He was fired by the bureaucrats for saying the Islamic adolescents he was “counseling” were not salvageable. Or words to that effect. He explained the tribal nature of their attachments, the difference between Western ideas of honor and shame versus the tribal Islamic ones.

        When you think about it, it’s amazing there are ever *any* apostates willing to speak out.

        I would be equally sad in your situation…our long-time Swedish commenter, Da Capo, has been telling us for the last decade about the surreal suffering of regular Swedes who live in captivity. Our sympathy isn’t much of a balm for what you endure.

        There is something in Scandinavian DNA that must not have been triggered until y’all left behind the rigors of your early history and became domesticated. We have seen it surface here, repeatedly: find a group of Swedish-Americans (even those four or five generations gone from the old country) and you’ll find a leech of Somalis in the midst of them.

        Now the old Norse pirate blood that flows in the Gaelic veins of Ireland is rising to the top again, too. Ireland is racing you to the bottom, and it has less wealth so it’ll get there sooner.

        I wish there were a vaccine…

      • I work in the most populous city in South America and I can tell you, even though the population is estimated 12 million in Sao Paulo city and more than 20 million in greater Sao Paulo, nobody here beats others in the middle of the street for fun – for money, drugs, etc yes, but there’s always a reason. You witnessed a war. A war between the muslim world and the Western Civilization. And in Sweden and Western Europe it looks like the Western Civilization is losing. With the compliments of communists.

      • Heartbreaking and depressive to read. Sandra, try to move away from there.

        I took the liberty to copy and paste your post onto another website, just to help people to understand. I trust this finds your approval, I should have asked first.

        All the best

  2. Exposing the TRUTH, as George Orwell once noted, makes a Revolutionary of those who decide to expose it, and the TRUTH of any matter is as self-evident to those whose minds are open as it is to those who oppose the exposing of it.

    • But isn’t the mystery of this man’s decision to EXPOSE the truth while being a citizen of The State of Lies, is that not part of the magic of being human?

      Truth ought not need to be “exposed” as though it was something obscene and thus better off hidden from innocent eyes. But in our totalitarian politicized world, where every utterance ‘proves’ your worth or lack of it, truthful utterances can bring ruin.

      I would love to talk to him, to ask about his journey from “policeman-doing-his-job” to Truth Sayer and what he saw along the way that led him to Tell.

      The hurricane that Gates of Vienna experienced from the Brevik Massacre permanently changed how I view Scandinavia, particularly Norway and Sweden. It was at that point, six or seven years after we first opened the Gates, where we had to close our comment section. The filth erupting from the Swedes and Norwegians (most of them well-educated, as they kept reminding us) was far beyond anything we’d ever encountered online. For awhile, there was NO commentary. Then we opened the Gates part way – where they have remained: we still check your pass at the entrance.

      The amount of hatred directed at those who relay their own experience of reality is quite un-nerving at first. But after you adjust to the New Times (where you say what you see and to the devil with those who find it scary) there’s a freedom to be had. I hope this man finds it so.

      Cries of “racism” are the sure sign you’ve encountered a limited mind. That epithet is heaved about endlessly by one of two groups:

      the first can be identified by its level of slapdash silliness. These screechy fatuous snowflakes will melt in their first sustained encounter with adult reality.

      The second group is more disturbing: the noise they’re emitting via an orifice not necessarily coinciding with the one they use for nutrients is the prodromal warning to bystanders to move quickly since what follows that emission can do serious damage to one’s olfactory nerves.

      Whichever group does it, people who cry racism aren’t worth answering.

      • A prodromal warning! I didn’t know that word existed in English!

        I’m not sure that these categories are still a little too set in stone. I know one fellow at work who is, to be sure, rather politically naive and a little too enamored of his own ideas, but is intelligent and has some ideas that are interesting to engage with, if at the same time somewhat poorly thought out. His idea of what constitutes racism is too broad, I think, but I have a hard time putting him into either of the two categories you propose. I think there could be a third category for such folks – the type who’ve been trained to think in terms of soft racism, perhaps, but aren’t rigid or loud about it. Maybe they could be untrained.

        • A term exists in English if you can make it stick, no? A prodromal warning in my case is a itchy spot where a fever blister wants to form. If I take the time to talk sternly to it and early enough, the blister will resolve.

          I agree with you re more than two categories. The training you describe would mean they’d have to leave their intellectual ghetto and that is difficult for many Leftists to do.

      • Dymphna-

        Permit me to say you write well.

        I do disagree that people who cry racism aren’t worth answering. The reason for my disagreement is that many people- particularly younger, impressionable minds- will be dissuaded by that oh-so-politically incorrect sobriquet.

        Finally, allow me to say I think it would be good to, once a commenter has achieved a certain level of respectability here, to allow that person to comment without “checking your pass at entrance”. Perhaps that’s not feasible.

        • I agree about the free pass. But the system doesn’t permit it.

          OTOH, the young who believe that stuff all too often don’t leave their ghetto. I know a number of young people who gave up on trying to maintain high school and college friendships because their former friends entered the ghetto and from then on, the Unwashed were clubbed until they simply gave up and retired back to the real world. Among the young in particular, minds are set in cement. They don’t change…

          ….which is why some parents are considering trying to find alternate routes to higher education for their kids.

      • > people who cry racism aren’t worth answering.

        I agree, but that does not mean that you are safe from them. These strangers or neophytes to truth and evidence have adopted a massive aura of “I-am-right-no-matter-what”. They have years of state-funded education behind their biases. These are the Social Justice Warriors – SJWs.

        Here is an excerpt from Vox Day’s book “SJWs Always Lie”. It is in PDF format:
        SJW Attack Survival Guide [Click on link]

        [Note to B or D: It could be useful to expose more readers to this short guide by posting it at a higher level in GoV.]

        • I’d like to relate an incident I had with a SJW a number of years ago. I used to take my Jack Russell terrier for long walks in a large, well know park close to the city. I always had a plastic bag with me to pick up his scats, which he usually produced soon after getting out of the car.

          On this occasion he lagged behind me and I lost sight of him for a few moments. I last saw him sniffing the base of an oak tree surrounded by wood chips.

          A young female approached me and politely asked me if that was my dog. I said yes. She said – Well he’s just done his business up there against that tree. As his owner it’s your responsibility to clean up his mess. My immediate thought was that I would clean it up but then I realized he had done it was where no one would step unless they wanted to hug the tree so I replied that I hadn’t come to the park to be lectured by a nazi.

          Boy did she turn. She said – I’m not a nazi, I’m not lecturing you. I said – Yes you are and you probably believe in global warming too.

          She stormed off towards a foot bridge and turned around to face me, just as a bunch of cyclists had to take evasive action to go around her, and screamed at me in a rage – I hope you step in dog (redacted)! I called out – Charming.

          She then stomped off in the direction I had intended to go so I chose another route in case she thought I was following her. I couldn’t believe the white hot anger that my off the cuff comment had engendered.

          • Your response was the correct one: Trigger their pain and anger (but be prepared to duck). “Let the rubble bounce” by politely smiling as they just about blow a coronary. With any luck, the emotional extreme will trigger some self-examination and change in a few individuals … but don’t hold your breath.

          • Let me say that in a civil society, we have to give other people some latitude, even to the point of being obnoxious. The lady was being a bit presumptuous, perhaps. In a close-knit society, there would be a bit of group pressure, even if unwanted or unneeded, to conform and, in this case, maintain a clean and friendly environment.

            In a case like that, I would simply swallow my anger at a somewhat obtrusive comment, and say something mildly sarcastic, but not hostile, like “thank you for letting me know what I ought to do.”

            I don’t really see any reason to have called her a nazi.

            I take my dog running with my bicycle before dawn when it’s the coolest part of the day, and was on the receiving end of a comment like I described. So what? Let’s give each other a break and a certain tolerance for irritating, but harmless, actions.

          • >> “Let’s give each other a break and a certain tolerance for irritating, but harmless, actions.”

            Sorry to burst your bubble, Ronald; but SJWs will not give you a break. They will presume you are guilty – especially if you look white and male – and then proceed to set the hounds of hell on you. They are classic bullies. You have to know how to handle them. Please refer to the PDF that I had posted in this thread. It is tactical survival.

          • You called her a nazi? Shame on you.
            I live in a large (maybe Canada’s largest) gated community on Vancouver Island, where many people think they are better than the hoi-paloi–and many own dogs, which are a real and growing problem.

            All these dogs are ‘walked’, and I use the word very loosely; it’s a toilet run. I have walked behind some of them, and come to the conclusion that most dogs literally can’t walk 100 yards without peeing or defecating, and ALWAYS on someone else’s property.

            They also bark and bite. I have tried to reason with some of these mentally retarded owners:
            “Look, when your dog is defecating on my property and you’re standing on the sidewalk, what’s behind you?”
            “Blank stare…”
            “The kerb, or gutter, FGS, or the road, if your mutt did it’s business there, no one would have any reason to complain!”

            One replied: “But the dog didn’t want to go there…”
            “Who the hell is in charge, you or the dog!”

            They do always have to ‘pick up’, but that isn’t the point.

          • To peter 35. I forgot to mention that I also called her a totalitarian. I made a value judgment on the spot. As I stated in the first paragraph I had the means and the habit to clean up after the dog had done his business. The girl was about 30 yrs younger than me. She made the choice to confront me and obviously didn’t like the response. Truth hurts I guess . I wasn’t aggressive, my tone was calm. Her aggressive response suggested to me that there was an underlying mental deficiency in her character, as is so true of most SJWs her age.

            Shame on me for calling a SJW a nazi? Welcome to the real world. Re the dog owners in your area – I suggest you seek the services of a trauma counselor.

      • ” EXPOSE the truth”

        Dymphna, a sublime and grand woman. My second Jane Austen and James Joyce combined, as they exposed the societal diseases of the time.

        I pray we keep together now and the Other Life in one corner of The Garden of Eden to reflect on the Truth that sets us free.

        We want to discuss why Mr Trump, God bless him and protect him and others, who are telling the Truth, and are our This time and Age Saviors from ourselves.

        Why are western Traitors so immersed in Hitler’s BIG LIES.

        Big Lies: muslims Built America, muslims enrich our culture, muslims belong to religion of the meek;

        And the Biggest lie of the Century: Tension in the Middle East is because of the “illegal settlements” , while settlements are in Judea not Palestinia.

        Ok, and why the far, far away Indonesia and Iran show so much hatred and malice towards Israel? Have they built any settlements in Jakarta-istan or Tehranistan? Traitors let the blessed staff of Moses touch your tongue be afflicted with dystrophy and restore your tail. You deserve a tail and a rein.

        You ruined your nations by your BIG LIES.

        I always look forward to reading every ideas and comments in G o V by you both and by wonderful and logical commentators like Nemesis, Bishop, Colonel Bunny, Seneca III, Steyn, just to name a few.
        “The hurricane that Gates of Vienna experienced”
        Yes I remember that very well. And I wanted to say a few logical things like: Sometimes the society or the Traitors are responsible for crimes committed by frustrated people who see their nation devoured by “jihadi wolves” and are bridles to say the Truth or they will lose their job, reputation and even head.

      • Dynphana:

        Thank you for the short history of The Gates. I stumbled upon your site quite recently when I was looking into another matter.

        • It’s difficult for me to do a “short” version of anything, so I’m glad you liked it. There will be a bit more in our fundraiser post…

          Most people who come here do stumble through whilst looking for something else. it’s delightful when they stay to contribute their ideas.

        • Althea-

          I too “stumbled on this site”, albeit some time before you did. It took me a while, though, to realize what a gem it is.

      • Dymphna

        A German philosopher by name of Hegel said this, around 1800: “He who speaks the truth, needs a fast horse!”

    • I believe Sweden, Finland and Switzerland had a head start into fascist/communism as compared to the remainder of the West, and one only need to look back into the history of those three countries to realize that aspect to them.

      So, that Swedish policeman who has decided to expose the TRUTH would have had an upbringing that deliberately inculcated only one view of life, an indoctrinated collectivist version that denigrated Swedish and Western history as the stumbling block to the ‘final solution’ to all the ills of the world.

      In my humble opinion, our hero, and because he has worked at the ‘coal face’ of multiculturalism, has permitted snippets of truths, probably unwilling at first but nevertheless, certainly noted, to filter in through his indoctrination over the years that has tugged at his tunnel vision to the extent it eventually shattered his ‘education’ exposing to him the real world and the workings of his own country, and in a whole new light that was and is, and quite plainly, self-evident to him.

      This policeman is an example of why the collectivization of whole populations into one tiny thought bubble will never succeed.

      • I thought it was Italy that had a head start. Think of Gramsci, et al. Were there big intellectual names in Sweden and Finland who spread the word? It certainly was an intellectual phenomenon to start.

        Marx thought it would be the highly industrialized areas where workers would “shake off their shackles”…little did he know it would be the poor Russian and Ukranian serfs who would be forced to go first. The idiot didn’t realize he’d created a top-down monster with a huge swollen intelligentsia head. He should have looked at Lenin…

        • Fascism was the answer to Communism in Spain and Italy and National Socialism was the more favored remedy in Sweden, Finland and Switzerland until the fortunes of war became clearer in 1943.

          The Swedes were fearful that the Nazis would invade and take Swedish resources for themselves, so they threw their lot in with the Germans occasionally while remaining ‘neutral’.

          Many escaping Norwegian and Danish Jews found shelter in Sweden to survive the Holocaust. Interesting too, that Sweden has never been involved in any war for over a hundred years. Maybe it has been that lack of aggressively pitched testosterone into their neighbors backyards that has caused such submissiveness to Islam?

          • I think the pervasiveness and inclusiveness of the welfare state in Sweden is more responsible for their submissiveness.

            If you think about it from a Darwinian view, for war to have a positive effect on the genetic pool, the successful warriors have to have a breeding advantage, In the days of the Plantagenets and the Tudors, the successful warriors were rewarded with lucrative and respected knighthoods and titles of nobility. Nowadays, returning warriors are lucky to get a job.

            World Wars I and II had exactly the opposite effect: machine guns and archaic commanders were responsible for the mass slaughter of millions of the bravest and most devoted citizens.

            Today’s emphasis on special forces and the status afforded to inactive rangers, Green Berets, Delta Forces, SEALS, and Marines (did I leave anyone out?) is a welcome step back to rewarding fighting ability and duty.

          • Undoubtedly, welfare has had a huge impact on the population throughout the West, and not just in Sweden.

            We put signs in place at our Zoos and nature parks that read, ‘Please do not feed the animals’, yet such a wise policy of not having animals become reliant on handouts is not observed within our own countries.

            There will always be a ‘warrior class’ who will choose a military or police career over that of civilian employment and it is the utilization of those who choose a military career through the ‘blooding’ of them in war to carry on that tradition that generally contributes to a country’s masculinity. Deny the ‘warrior class’ their combat experience and a country may as well put up cardboard cutout soldiers and equip them in dresses and wooden rifles.

            One of the most vociferous, persistent and successful of all the Left’s campaigns, has been the anti-war movement.

            When one understands the impact that this has had on western countries then one begins to appreciate just one single tip of a many pronged assault that has been waged against us for nearly one hundred years.

            I agree that special forces are good fighters, but who are they in place to fight for – the government and its policies of the day or the people?

      • “I believe Sweden, Finland and Switzerland had a head start into fascist/communism as compared to the remainder of the West, and one only need to look back into the history of those three countries to realize that aspect to them.”

        Huh? I am German, have been interested in Finland since my youth — had felt the persistent love of some men i knew to their former brethren-in-arms — and am reading lots of Swedish. Do you misinterpret the traditional high sense of solidarity in these countries
        for communism?

        In my view Switzerland is much more patriotic than Germany (not too hard). How communist could Finland be with public TV making this video on their civil war

        Civil War 1918 1/4 — I am referring to all 4 parts —

        or honoring their soldiers from 1940-44 like this


        [As far as I could find out this is a lyrical text on the men who came back from Karelia, wounded on body and soul. Suggesting you watch also a performance with Jorma Hynninen.]

        Sweden is special; starting from having not been in war for more than 200 years now, which supported the “success” of left social engineering. You might find these two speeches interesting

        Dr. Nima Sanadaji Speaks at Cato Institute on Nordic Socialism

        Introduction to Swedish culture
        BTW: a second policeman has come out; this time from Stockholm.


        (Really that’s about what police told Norwegian TV already a few month ago.)

        Expect more, IMHO in Sweden the tide has started to turn.

        • I think one needs to appreciate the time in history of which I mention and its impact on whole, what were then, European nations.

          Communism was making political inroads into Germany, France, Spain and Italy during the 1920s, as it was doing throughout the entire West. Hitler’s answer to the Communist threat was National Socialism and any nation that valued its worth against Soviet Russia generally fell in with Hitler’s thinking.

          Are you aware that the Fins adopted the swastika as their national symbol for their air force and tank corps?

          As for Switzerland, Germany received much financial and war materiel aid via that country. Nazi gold from the camps was stored in Swiss Banks.

          There is very little difference in ideology between National Socialism, Fascism and Communism, so one needs to know a little bit of 20th Century history to appreciate how easily one ideology will fit into the other to become a form of Fascist Communism or the New World Order way of doing things.

          I am very aware of Finnish resistance to the Red Army during the Winter and Continuation wars. They fought the Soviets to a standstill which is quite an accomplishment.

          Yes, I believe too that Sweden and other Scandinavian country’s are finally awakening to how they have been undermined by their own people.

          • “Are you aware that the Fins adopted the swastika as their national symbol for their air force and tank corps? ”

            Oh, this you got totally wrong. The swastika is an old (indo-?)germanic symbol of power and health. Yes, it’s true, a swastika was painted on the plane that von Rosen, a Swede whose sister-in-law should become Karin Göring, donated to the White Fins in 1918. But Marshall Mannerheim — as first president of Finland IIRC — ordered a Finish heraldry to be created and the swastika was included — years before Hitler joined the DAP.

            Finland always refused to become an ally of Germany and whenever the German government wanted the Fins to silence their press on some topic, the answer was: we are a democratic country with free press.

            Here is not the opportunity to really discuss all this history; would enjoy if we could do so on some long walks. IMO for you Americans there are quite a few more fields left to dig down beyond the WWII propaganda than the stuff uncovered by Diana West.

          • oops. Spoke too soon. Perhaps consider using bitly to manage those freight train-sized links that plow right through any margins. Thus your google search for edmonton+swastikas, etc becomes, via bitly, the much more manageable,


          • Ludwig, yes I am aware of the swastika’s ancient esoteric symbolism, that is why it was being used.

            Maybe you could delve into how it came to be used in the 20th Century and for what purpose?

            Finland purchased aircraft from both Britain and Germany and so I am well aware of Finland’s ‘independent’ stance during WW2. It was the Red menace over the Russian border that the Fins wanted no truck with while Hitler could be kept at arms length, and while Mannerheim wanted no alliance with Germany he nevertheless shared with Hitler many of his ambitions.

            You could delve a little more into the relationship between Mannerheim and Hitler – you may be surprised at what you find.

            And for you own info – I am Australian.

  3. Swedish Journalist Exposes Awakening To Islamic Rape Culture

    More about the policeman Peter Springare-case.


    Published 9 feb. 2017
    Alex Jones talks with Swedish journalist Celia Farber about the ongoing immigration crisis in Sweden

  4. He’s a normal person and he can’t be the only only one in Sweden. May God protect him and give him and his fellow normal Swedes the power to bring the truth to the Swedish people.

  5. All the Muslim dead heads can hear is another vile kufar enemy of the moon beg for his life. All the groveling does is empower them beyond the merde de la merde’s wildest 1400 year old dreams of infidel blood and guts letting. “Quebec Libre” Eh?

  6. Why do you say “immigrants” leaving it open as to whether they are Japanese/Korean/Hindu/other immigrants. Mind you, crime rates from these other communities are typically *far* lower than non-immigrants.

    Pl. call it like it is. They are MUSLIMS.

  7. If I recall correctly, Police Officer Springmare is set to retire so he is liberated. It must have taken so much effort for him to tow the line.

    What is tough for many of us to fathom is that others have no compunction engaging in a cover-up, whether it’s skewed crime statistics, polluted water or any number of examples of malfeasance.

    It takes guts and bravery to speak out.

    • It takes immense courage. The Whistle-blower law in the U.S. helped some, but not entirely. Back in Obama’s first term, his Homeland Security head, Janet Napolitano, was putting her cronies in high positions. These women proceeded to sexually harass the male agents who had to report to them. It took a long time for the scandal to break.

      Anyone remember the first big Obama Czar scandal??


      If I were well enough, I’d do a series on the Obama malfeasance. My particular interest is in BLM, the Bureau of Land Management…I think we’ll see the flash points there as more illegal immigrants set up camps where American homeless are holed up now.

  8. This infected attitude of denial of reality and passivity before it does seem to exist in all Western societies. It’s our Achilles heel. I’d say 80% of the rage against Trump is not personal, it’s lodged in this strange reverence we have for multiculturalism, inclusion, diversity. Canada probably has this attitude with perhaps a greater intensity than almost anywhere. It’s tied in with our sense of courtesy, politeness, the Dudley-Do-Right mentality, which is not just an old Hollywood riff.

    But what’s the underlying ideological foundation? I’d say it’s a secularized reduction of the basic tenets of a Christian ethos: helping the weak (Good Samaritan), compassion, forgiveness, love your neighbor. There must be other Christian stories that counsel the flip side: prudence when dealing with avowed enemies, protect your family and community, forgive but stay vigilant, etc. But those stories have been lost or jettisoned.

    A partial, bowdlerized ethos is evidently worse than none at all.

    Political correctness (cultural Marxism) is how the elite portrays and justifies its ruinous multiculturalism. Ordinary mortals have accepted PC rhetoric out of a Christian sense of generosity. Note also that multiculturalism was altogether fine, constructive, and generally helpful until Islam started its campaign of cultural jihad.

    So on one side we have the Left maintaining and promoting multicultural ‘generosity’ to Muslim invaders, supported in a sense by Christian ethics, and justified by a Marxist PC ideology. On the other side there are Muslim front groups and mosques and Imams and ordinary Muslims who make no secret of their hatred of the West, and their ‘religious’ desire to conquer it through jihad (convert, tax, or behead), and they’re deadly serious about this. When 80% of Muslims say they want Sharia that means 80% want the Islamic Empire restored in a modern iteration that will outlaw and suppress all faiths but Islam, and only then will ‘peace’ be established. This ain’t going away anytime soon.

    The opposition to Trump is a good indicator of how in denial we still are. Though admittedly it’s only 30% or so. I wonder what effect the upcoming Trump Support rallies later this month might have. At any rate Sweden will be the first Western state to undergo full Islamization, with a parallel Muslim governing Council in Parliament, in exchange for peace. If the Imams were to speak out, the violence and crime would likely stop overnight. The 91% Muslim crime rate in Sweden is simply a tactic of war. The same will happen across the West. So, Germany will be next to be Islamized (62% of their military is already Muslim). And very likely Canada next, b/c of Canadians’ passivity and extreme denial, far worse than in the US.

    The question becomes: how to ramp up that part of our Christian faith that counsels caution in dealing with avowed enemies, protecting the family and community, etc.

    • You have obviously given your comment much thought Stephen, and in much of it you are, I believe, correct in your assessment, but there are other factors a country must be made to undergo before MC/PC can be widely accepted as a working model toward the ‘final solution’ which is what basically drives those who promote such dangerous policies.

      The ‘final solution’ being of course the intermingling of all races and cultures so that ‘differences’ are no longer apparent.

      One aspect to a country’s acceptance of multiculturalism and the subsequent importation of cultures and ideologies that are so alien as to completely standout against the importing country’s own culture to anyone who wishes to notice, is the denigration of the host country’s own culture to an equal or even lesser status than those newly arrived cultures.

      An example of that denigration could be but not limited to; special laws in place to protect the new arrivals and government involved in propaganda that promotes the new arrivals. There are many other examples too numerous to mention.

      Another means of making any proud nation state become susceptible to MC/PC destruction is to feminize the male populace by excluding the nation state from taking part in war – even when taking sides would obviously benefit the nation state. By not taking sides when hostilities erupt on the nation state’s borders and remaining ‘neutral’ is the coward’s way of dealing with such a crisis and can lead to the emasculation of the nation state.

      Sweden has such a history.

      But, the final nail in any nation state’s coffin is the infiltration and complete undermining of all its institutions for which we in the West, and this has only occurred within the West, are now paying a heavy price for not combating whenever it was discovered.

    • Actually, the percentage of Muslims in the German armed forces are closer to 15%.

      I’d say the rage at Trump as President is most directly related to the concrete plans of left and globalist organizations to literally take over the US and western governments with Hillary as President. They were so overconfident, they didn’t implement the many avenues of real cheating and fraud they had available. Just because they’re powerful, doesn’t mean they’re competent.

      Hillary talked about taxing the rich, but made it plain that she was perfectly comfortable with international banking cartels that amassed oceans of money through currency manipulation and taxpayer loan guarantees. What she really had a problem with was entrepreneurs like Donald Trump who made money through productive enterprise and who were relatively independent of the globalist cartel.

      The Obama administration made such progress demolishing the institutions of the US as a culture and country, that all he needed was one or two additional terms. Hillary was going to be the surrogate Obama. Her history and statements such as increasing the number of Syrian refugees shows her to be in total compliance with the internationalist cartels. I suspect Hillary liked money more than she liked abstract philosophies, but no matter: she got her choice.

      So, we can attribute the hiatus in the destruction of the US to overconfidence on the part of the globalist cartels and neocons, who are much the same. But, their fury is showing. They literally had no contingency plans, again from overconfidence, and are being much more open about their rage and obstructive tactics than cool calculation would dictate. In effect, they are victims of their own propaganda, which can’t be anything but good.

      It’s like the Muslim terrorists. Logically speaking, the best strategy for Islamists would be to just lie low and allow the ongoing infiltration of the US by the Muslim Brotherhood and the Saudi royal establishment continue. But, Muslims must be Muslims, and the covert infiltration of the US is in a race with the very real proclivity of Muslims to resort to violence at the first opportunity.

      Similarly, the hard left is used to having its way through violence and intimidation. They already have control of the bulk of the educational establishment, so really, all they have to do is lay low. But, the administrations like Berkeley are so stupid, they allow violent, illegal protests to demolish the myth of campus free speech on network tv. Again, victims of their own propaganda.

  9. The politically correct bubble that is Sweden will only burst when ordinary Swedes like this Springare guy speak up and challenge the taboo. They are all fearful of being branded Racists, and losing their job over it. Well, someone, maybe many, will have to sacrifice their jobs for the PC straitjacket to be broken.

  10. For Derikuk,

    Please reread the original posting of the man with the dog. You’re assuming the woman was a SJW,a fire-breathing Trump hater, when there was no evidence whatsoever to support that. In fact, a civic consciousness, to keep the park clean, is directly counter to SJW ethos, which is to coddle every immigrant criminal and polluter in sight.

    So, again, I see no reason whatsoever to have called the woman a nazi. There’s no reason to insult someone gratuitously.

    By the way, I have no need of a pdf to handle SJWs. They don’t talk to me, because I make mincemeat of them. The problem is not winning a debate with them, which is the easiest thing in the world. The problem is to get them to debate in the first place. If your pdf covers that, let me know, and I’ll be happy to read it.

  11. “We put signs in place at our Zoos and nature parks that read, ‘Please do not feed the animals ”

    If those animals were to convert to islam, then in Europe they would be fed, housed and provided with teenage flesh.

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