Ravensburg: Culture-Enriching Violent Rapist Gets Four Years in Prison

The following article describes the rape trial of an asylum seeker in the German city of Ravensburg. The evidence against the perp was so overwhelming that even the defense lawyer felt compelled to say that he couldn’t understand why his client didn’t just confess to the crime.

The most telling sentence in the account is this: “Although there was very little that spoke in favor of the defendant, the court sentenced the defendant to significantly less than the six years asked for by the prosecution.” That pretty well sums up the nature of “justice” as it is typically applied to culture-enrichers in Germany.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this article from the Schwäbische Zeitung:

Court sentences rapist to four years in prison

Clear evidence thanks to DNA — no doubt about the words of the victim

On Monday the county court in Ravensburg sentenced a 39-year-old man to four years in prison for rape. After three days of court hearings, the judge and prosecutor were in no doubt that the asylum seeker had raped a 53-year-old woman in her apartment on the evening of September 17, 2016.

“Normally, sex-crime cases are difficult to prosecute — they’re difficult because it’s one person’s word against another’s.” With these words the magistrate Veiko Böhm introduced his 30-minute rendition of judgment on Monday, only to conclude: “These proceedings, on the other hand were very simple. Because the state of evidence was excellent.” The 7th chamber, he emphasized, has absolutely no doubt that the rape occurred as the 53-year-old woman had told the court: Under the guise of needing help filling out some official papers, the 39-year-old offender paid a visit on September 17th to the unsuspecting, good-natured woman in her apartment. When she rejected his sexual advances and slapped him across the face, he smashed her head onto the tabletop, and then he raped her. The victim screamed for help; a neighbor alerted the police. A short while later the man, now a fugitive, was apprehended and taken into custody.

The strongest evidence for the 39-year-old’s guilt: the DNA of the victim on his penis, which was collected immediately after the offender was arrested. During the trial the offender claimed that there was no sexual contact that took place that evening, and that he had never even opened his pants. “That is not compatible with the victim’s account,” Judge Böhm said.

Screams for help and injuries

The neighbor also gave witness testimony that she heard screams for help during the sexual attack. Furthermore, the victim sustained considerable injuries that evening, among other things a black eye and a hematoma, “Nobody creates such injuries themselves,” Böhm stressed, and he excluded the possibility that the woman had unjustly accused the offender of committing a crime — that instead, the man had been a cheap source for acquiring drugs for the woman. “The entire picture and your contradictory testimony and behavior have played a part in your implication of yourself,” the Judge clarified to the 39-year-old. The chamber also felt it reflected very negatively on the offender that he — despite the very clear and strong evidence — decided to not spare the victim to have to give testimony in court. Although there was very little that spoke in favor of the defendant, the court sentenced the defendant to significantly less than the six years asked for by the prosecution.

The defense counsel’s final statement is something that should stay in people’s minds for a long time to come. He let everybody know that he had a lot of problems understanding the mentality of people in the defendant’s circle of culture. He stated that he tried to prompt his client to just admit to the crime, but that “either he couldn’t comprehend the word ‘confession’ or he was possessed of ‘extreme masculine pride’.”

The translator adds this afterword:

LET ME SUGGEST A THIRD OPTION: He didn’t give a [darn] because in his mind he did nothing wrong. And of course he couldn’t comprehend the word “confession”. I don’t think Muslims even have a concept like that in their culture, at least not when it’s about violence against women

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  1. Four years for raping a Swedish woman? Where are women protesting this disgusting mollycoddling of immigrants? Hang him! take him from his safe haven and hang him.

    • I meant German woman of course but what I really mean is White European Women.
      If European men don’t start protecting their women what good are they? Grow a pair for God’s sake.

      • I think at this point it is up to GERMAN women who STILL speak of what the Russians did to German women during WWII , in hushed tones with anger accents … to hit the streets and RIOT! YES, I said riot! To have the laws changed to make sure the rapists given at least 20 years for violent assault and then deported by airplane and delivered by a VERY OLD parachute, over the country that sired them.

        German men have become useless-bots afraid of foreign illegal aliens and afraid somebody MIGHT call them a racist. LOL Stupid, really stupid. There MAY be some men who care about their women folk, but I am really not sure there are enough of them to take this migrant problem by the “horns”.

        BOO !!!! Germans!! The RUSSIANS are coming or maybe not. I think the Russians will just leave you to the violence of migrant TERROR.

    • Rape isn’t heavily censured in the West. When my daughter was 17 she was raped. Even though she fought off her attacker and even though the police had a signed confession, he was let go. The jury claimed she hadn’t “fought hard enough” – though they saw pictures of the bruises on her neck from being choked and then raped.

      The commonwealth attorney used her case to get the law changed in the Commonwealth’s General Assembly but a fat lot of good it did her.

      As for marital rape? Don’t even bother.

      We need to clean our judicial house before we put any energy into inveighing against the culture rapists. I know the unwritten rules and attitudes toward “spoiled” women, both from personal experience and from counseling over 3,000 battered women.
      At the same time, what passes for modern “feminism” is a criminal trivialization of a crucial issue. Those regressed poseurs who think they’re avant garde for wearing enlarged versions of female genitalia on their heads should be sentenced to watching six month of FGM videos and then forced to write about it. Over and over again. They need to be housed with women who are willing to show them what can be done to female genitals, preferably women who suffer from fistulas. Again, they should be required to write about it. Repeatedly.

      FInally, for those who whine about prisons needing to practice restitutional justice, they could be required, once out, to help support these disabled TRUE victims.

      In the west We need women of courage who take both their femininity and their freedom seriously. The latter means being responsible for how you respond to what happens to you.

      In all those years of counseling, I met only one woman who got it. She secretly saved dimes, quarters, the odd stolen dollar here and there until she had enough to #GetOnTheBusGus. She spent all but ten dollars to buy a ticket for herself and her son to as far away as possible. She never blamed anyone, just wanted help in making good her escape. We didn’t have to spend a whole lot of time on what a bad guy her husband was. In fact, she only visited the shelter briefly – she was terrified of somehow leaving an official trail. A lawyer we knew got her a new Soc Sec # and name. A great name!

      She was right about her husband’s tenacity. About a year after her arrival, pictures of her and her son began appearing on various community bulletin boards – I saw one at the health food store. He’d systematically searched each town in an ever-widening circle from their home state to…Bingo! here. She had a go bag at the place she worked and within hours she’d picked up her son and was gone. Never looked back. [By then she had a car and two years’ worth of savings from working at a secluded private lodge that didn’t require much interaction with the public.]

      The lawyer was mad because she wouldn’t “stand and fight”. I told him he didn’t get it. For some women, standing and fighting means you get both knees broken.

      I think of her often. AFAIK, she stayed gone till her son was grown – that was her goal, that he couldn’t get the boy. I never knew why but I had my suspicions…

      There was this other woman who hid in a motel. I met with her but it was hard to talk because she couldn’t stop shaking. Her husband found her and broke down the door. She was so scared she shot him as soon as he got through. She shot him until the clip was empty. Sometime I’ll discuss why she – as were other women who were forced to do that – was so sure one or two shots weren’t enough.

      • Thanks so much for sharing your dramatic experiences, Dymphna. For some reason, violent wife-beaters and wife-rapists get a pass from the justice system. I guess the bureaucracy, in whatever form, chronically prefers soft targets, rather than the difficult-to-prosecute, dangerous emotional and persistent killers who are as likely to turn on the prosecutors and judges as on their vulnerable spouses.

        But, the Ravensburg court represents a new low in judicial irresponsibility. It’s hard to determine if the judge was ordered to soften the sentence, flat-out bribed, or was pursuing a political agenda of soft-pedaling refugees. Possibly the judge was physically threatened and knew first-hand the total inability of the justice system to protect anyone, even its own police and judges.

        The whole incident reflects the atomization of society and the lack of any community to which the victim can turn. If the incident happened, say, to an Armenian or black or Hassidic woman, the community in question would inundate the prosecutor and judge en masse. So, fragmented communities are far easier for bureaucrats to deal with. Leaders (like Trump and Oroban) like to deal with people, bureaucrats like to deal with units.

        Identity politics brings marchers and rock-throwers in the street in the US every time a violent black criminal is shot by the police. White identity is, of course, systematically discouraged and, where possible, criminalized. Even the Trump supporters at Fox go totally weak-kneed when confronting (or not confronting) the idea of racial or cultural identity, including white identity. Realistically speaking, it would be ludicrous to expect, say, Irish to coalesce with Hungarians or Germans, but you get the idea.

        Given a diverse, rather than a homogeneous, society, identity politics is necessary to assure some protection of the individual.

      • This is really sick. I feel so bad for what your daughter went through…

        Meanwhile the MSM only seems to say a word about women getting mistreated when theres a “slutwalk” , or when the Donald’s found to have said something shocking… meanwhile the Guardian seems to be on a crusade to make any sex with a “drunk” woman be treated rape – meanwhile ignoring the masses of violent rapes that go unpunished, or are “punished” with joke sentences.

        • In VA code, if two equally drunk/incapacitated adults, male & female, engage in intercourse and then go somewhere to sober up, the woman can – if she chooses – charge the man with rape. She’s within her rights to do so and some have done. One young man who ‘enjoyed’ such congress was so charged by the magistrate, but the police decided there wasn’t enough evidence to make the charge stick so they let him go.

          But not the college. They tried him, though he wasn’t allowed to attend the hearing or present any contrary evidence. The college’s kangaroo court, comprised of students and administrators, kicked him out of school and told him he would not be allowed to return until the girl had graduated. She was granted special counseling for this trauma and an excused delay in her academic work…

          That was some years ago. I hope he was able to put his life together and move on from what they did to him. And for heaven’s sake, I hope he quit drinking to the point of inebriation. Doing it in the presence of girls is downright dangerous.

          BTW, the colleges which ban alcohol are reported by students to feel safer.

          • Sometimes it may not be easy to stop, due to peer pressure. I’ve learnt that not drinking doesn’t need to be so bad, but it took time.

            Here in Britain, there is a lot of binge drinking. And I’m sure a lot of resulting “rapes” – according to the Guardian, and the VA college definitions…

            [this nest of responses has run its course. See (way) below for my reply – D]

  2. This should act as an object lesson to all western european women: that any act of kindness or charity to the invaders will only put one into harm’s way; that the state does not have their back and will only take action against the invaders grudgingly; and lastly, that most european men have become completely emasculated and will not defend or avenge their women. The rapist should have quietly been taken care of by the police when they apprehended him, and there would have never been a need for a trial that resulted in such a mockery of justice.

    • Once you get to a summary justice system, with executions by the police sanctioned, you give up any semblance of law. This is, in fact, the level of organization of Islamic societies, where dictators like Saddam Hussein and Mubarak ensured some sort of public safety by terrorizing the terrorists. It’s functional for Muslims, but the corollary of that knowledge is to keep Muslims out of western societies.

      I think the point of the article and of Dymphna’s heartfelt story is that the system of justice, as we think about it, is ineffective and broken. It cannot guarantee security, or even provide a fig leaf anymore. Note that one of he campaign promise of Trump was that he would provide physical security in black neighborhoods. If he follows through on that, he will have not only helped black citizens tremendously, but would have made a significant step towards a truly functioning, national society.

  3. Dymphna,
    How horrifying! I have evidently led a somewhat sheltered life (although I was molested in my teen years) so I have such great sympathy for what you have written.

    Muslims, from what I have read, thiink all women are available to them (which in muslim countries seems to be true). This is why it is so wrong that there is gun control in so much of Europe. Women need guns to protect themselves […]

    I will also add that it was a huge mistake to let the muslim savages into Europe in the first place. Between Merkel and Pope Francis, great sins have been committed towards European women.

    P.S. Could you send me your address? I tried to donate online but I can’t do paypal. Somehow your address has disappeared off my desk. . . but I would be very happy to donate to your and Ned’s good work. My email is below, so if you would be kind enough, let me know where to send a check to you.


    • Armed FEMALES make a polite society.

      I believe in a WORLDWIDE second amendment. ESPECIALLY for females. Teaching self-defence and gun control (which is safely shooting your attacker DEAD). Unfortunately, females are fed this lie/[…] to TRUST everyone. Even your closest male relatives cannot be trusted. That is the unfortunate truth. As one male self-defense instructor told me: Teaching many women self-defense is like pushing a rope. He found it very frustrating. Many women need to learn to get the mamma bear instinct to protect themselves and their families. The world will be much better if they did.

  4. Golly, Baron, maybe he didn’t know it was wrong to bash a woman’s head against a wall and rape her. I mean, jeez, shouldn’t some consideration given to the concept of criminal intent.

    Say, is it illegal in the USA too? Maybe I need to check out the laws in Virginia!

  5. With these savages, there is always brutality involved. In almost every case of rape committed by these troglodytes, they try to smash the heads of their victims. They simply do not care whether the person lives or dies.

  6. I visited Ravensburg back in the scorching summer of 2003. Charming little place, with hardly a single Enricher to be seen… what a difference 13 years makes eh?

  7. @ Green Infidel…

    That comment has run out of replies, so here it is…

    People who’ve visited Britain have come back shocked at the level of alcohol consumption they witnessed. Seemed to me to be a function of the soviet-level state apparatus currently running Britain. The Irish, held for years in a death grip by the Catholic Church, had the same problem…

    If there is “peer” pressure then that’s when parents step in and assess whether this kid is simply too young for the mosh pit of whatever school he’s attending… these are what is known as the ‘threshold years’ — anywhere from age 18 to 25 — and what a person does in those years can make or break them. Just because they’re out of the house doesn’t mean parents shouldn’t retain their helicopter licenses. Not today, especially.

    I’ve got an app a book for that:

    Hold On to Your Kids: Why Parents Need to Matter More Than Peers


    The authors are Canadian doctors, each respected in his field. I was given a copy of the book in 2006 when it came out. It hasn’t stale-dated. Very apropos, as the times get crazier.

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