The Total Cringing Dhimmitude of the Prime Minister of Quebec

I helped edit the transcript for this video before it was subtitled, and reading the text made my skin crawl. The level of cringing dhimmitude exhibited by the prime minister of Quebec was simply appalling.

Then, when I watched the final result, it was even worse. Dymphna heard my loud exclamations of anger and despair at each point of pandering and surrender, and asked me if I was OK.

The final straw was near the end, when Mr. Couillard discussed the back-to-back reading of the Gospel and the Koran — in a church! And he thought it was a wonderful, advanced, enlightened and humane event.

God help the people of Quebec. I doubt they realize the extent to which they have been sold down the river by their leadership. By the time they do, it will be too late — the shackles will be already be in place, clanking around their feet as they work the fields for their new masters.

Many thanks to Ava Lon (French) and Sandra Solomon (Arabic) for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   Thank you, Mr Prime Minister, for this message of love! Now I would like
00:04   to invite the honorable Philippe Couillard, Prime Minister of Quebec, to take the floor.
00:24   Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.
00:28   On this day of remembrance I would like to wish you from the bottom of my heart that peace be with you
00:32   “And the mercy of allah and his blessing”
00:41   We had another day of remembrance and memories yesterday in Montreal, Khalid Abu Bakr,
00:45   and today in our beautiful national capital it’s Alzedin, Ibrahim and Mamadou,
00:49   to the families and the loved ones.
00:53   I want in my name and in the name of my wife Susanne,
00:57   of my family, in the name of all the Quebec people, to transmit to you
01:01   from the bottom of our hearts the sincerest condolences.
01:10   So here we are at the end of a week marked by this tragedy
01:14   only a couple of days ago, and it feels like a long time ago!
01:18   Much was said, much was heard;
01:22   let’s hope that much was understood,
01:26   that if we talk about equality for all
01:30   men and women, it has to mean something.
01:34   That if we say, “It’s not what’s on your head
01:38   that counts, but what’s in your head and in your heart,”
01:42   that also has to mean something.
01:51   I spoke several times this week about the choice of words. We just talked about it again.
01:55   We heard that from your
01:59   community: words of mourning, yes.
02:03   Words on the intention of our entire society
02:07   Words of incredible generosity, even towards
02:11   the author of the tragedy only a moment ago.
02:19   Words of hope for the Quebec that we have to build together,
02:23   and above all make better for our children.
02:27   We have heard this hope expressed in our common language: French.
02:32   But also in the sonorities of Arabic.
02:36   With words that were explained to us: “peace
02:40   be with you”: Salaam Aleikum. “In the name of god the merciful”:
02:44   Bismillah Rahman Rahim.
02:48   “If god wills it”: Insh’allah!
02:52   “Gratitude to god”: Thanks be to Allah.
03:00   And we heard, when those caskets entered among us,
03:04   we heard “god is great”: Allahu Akhbar!
03:13   I’m repeating those words on purpose, because often in the media,
03:17   in the movies, in some expressions, in conversations,
03:21   those two words are associated with terrorism and violence. We just saw
03:25   what those words are associated with as well, for the Muslim community!
03:58   Thank you ! We have seen,
04:03   we have seen, we have heard
04:07   the generosity, the solidarity of ALL the people of Quebec.
04:11   Our wonderful capital, in mourning, but also a lot of hope that walked
04:15   together for a better future, all together!
04:19   In a church only a couple of days ago, where we heard, one next to the other,
04:23   the Gospel and the Quran.
04:31   Let’s wish that this beautiful momentum of empathy and solidarity might last!
04:35   But we need to work together for that.
04:40   Let’s get know our neighbors better!
04:44   Let’s talk to one another! Let’s visit one another! Let’s learn from one another!
04:48   Let’s always move towards the essential
04:52   of the person, rather than towards the appearances! Some time ago
04:56   I was at another funeral, it was Mgr Christian Lépine, who I think
05:00   is here among us, who was celebrating the ceremony and he quoted
05:04   words of a really great poet Yeats, who said:
05:08   “come in my home,
05:12   there are no strangers here, just friends you haven’t met yet.”
05:16   Voilà, beautiful words.
05:25   Let’s give all men and women
05:29   access to a job of quality, for Jean-Pierre, for Muhammad, for Lucy, for
05:33   Hadija, for Mamadou. For all the citizens of Quebec.
05:41   Lets’ extirpate from our society hate, prejudice and
05:45   racism. Yvon Deschamps, an author from Quebec,
05:49   you all know him, I know. He made us laugh for years and he often made us think
05:53   as well, and he moved us with this beautiful song, do you remember?
05:58   “Let’s love each other anyway, let’s love each other day after day!”
06:02   Voilà, what has to be done?
06:06   Today, yes, today mourning, but
06:10   also next year, and in ten years, when our children take over
06:14   in this society. So I’m making the wish that the death of six victims
06:18   leave behind an indestructible tide of hope
06:22   and of fraternity. I know that we can do it, because
06:26   we’ll do it together. Peace, love and fraternity for our
06:30   wounded world, unity, solidarity, hope for
06:34   our Quebec! Thank you.

34 thoughts on “The Total Cringing Dhimmitude of the Prime Minister of Quebec

  1. There seems to be a slight glitch in the translation, or perhaps in the original usage. Her introduction was too muffled for me to make out. The head of the national government is the Prime Minister. The head of the provincial governments is called the Premier.

    • Not in Quebec. They don’t want to be less than fully equal, therefore their head guy is the Prime Minister. No further comment………

  2. She has too many pols the same
    who defile the land to proclaim,

    I’ll promote the Shariah
    to help my career

    Even if Great Canada’s put to shame

  3. I am wondering… has anyone ever heard of a mosque welcoming a Christian or a Jew to officiate? Might there be maybe even one reform mosque that has done such a thing?

    • The place to ask would be at the Middle East Quarterly. While they don’t have a comment section, you can email them and I’m sure you’d get a reply. They’re the ones who published the longitudinal study of American mosques, examining them for signs and behaviors that would indicate radicalization. They found 20% who weren’t radicalized…and obviously any candidate would be from that group.

  4. Quebec iz [hosed]..I know..I live here..So is Canada now that Monsieur Trudeau has taken the reins of a once good horse..Hope all’s good at Schloss Bodissey..

    • Ah, poor medge. “Things are Schloss Bodissey” are…well, it’s still a good horse, to use your metaphor. But some of us are better at staying in the saddle than others. My bow-legged better half, for instance. Moi? I’m wrestling with the opening essay for our Quarterly Fundraiser, which starts tomorrow. I so want to be the one in the main ring, however briefly. We’ll see how long I can stay up…even when wishes *do* turn into horses it’s sometimes not enough…

  5. Pardon my ignorance, but who are these people he refers to? Google tells me Khalid Abu Bakar (sic) is a senior cop in Malaysia; the others are given only first (?) names.

    • Sorry, I should have supplied the context — they’re the congegants who were killed in the mosque massacre a week or so ago.

  6. The people of Québec have been completely brainwashed over the last 50 years by the French-speaking media which is the only language most of the population speaks, even the ones who are bilingual do not really feel comfortable following the news in English.

    And politically the French-speaking media ranges from Center-left-left to Extreme-left.

    So the media’s viewpoint is completely biased. That is when they don’t actively suppress information that does not conform to their narrative.

    The situation is completely hopeless. I have given up trying to talk sense to the mindless zombies that are the majority of the French-speakers.

    Ironically, the only people who have their eyes open are immigrants from Eastern and Central Europe 🙂

    • Sounds like the rest of Canada, frankly.

      The Journal de Montréal isn’t as bad as the rest.
      Just like the Toronto Sun isn’t.

      In English, at the highbrow end, there’s the National Post that isn’t completely dhimmified. I suppose that there isn’t an equivalent in French.

      I hope that they make as big of a deal when Islamists shoot up a bunch of natives, if that unfortunate event were to happen. It’s certainly a much more common event, so unfortunately, we’re likely to have a chance to see this eventually.

      • Eventually there will be a fairly substantial flight of talent out of Canada as the PC Islamophilia hysteria really starts to put down deep roots. Probably 3 or 4 million will leave in a space of several years, mostly to escape the Leftist collaboration with Canada’s slow-motion surrender. I still very much doubt the ‘revised narrative’ of the Quebec mosque shootings. It’s uncontested there were 2 shooters, one Western, one Muslim. They both discharged their weapons multiple times. Yet it’s the the Westerner who’s officially charged. Ridiculous. It’s worse than the Ecole Polytechnique shootings of 13 women students by ‘Marc Lepine’ years ago, except it turns out the shooter’s real name was Gamil Rodrigue Liass Gharbi, the son of a Moroccan immigrant who brainwashed his son over the years. Gharbi’s mother’s maiden name was Lepine, and her nickname for him was Marc. All Canadian media went along with this at the time. National dhimmitude at the level of Sweden.

        Going forward any jihad attack in Canada will likely be ‘revised’ and the blame shifted before even the first police report is made. Canada is so done.

  7. How much longer has Mr Trudeau’s term to run? What is the possibility that he will be re-elected? Is there any other potential candidate who could reverse Mr Trudeau’s Collectivist and muslim loving legislation? Do the majority of Canadians want to stop this move towards islam? If they don’t then the USA might have to construct a wall between them and Canada to keep out the devil worshippers.

    • Trudeau gets most of his support from Newfoundland,Nova Scotia and New Brunswick . The only time those provinces voted a majority Conservative party in a federal election was in 1968 – early 70s when Robert Stanfield (from NS) was the leader of the party.
      Ontario has a fair amount of Conservatives but the greater area of Toronto (half the population of Ontario)is very Liberal .
      Alberta,Saskatchewan,Manitoba are all very Conservative although the cities of Winnipeg and Saskatoon are rather mixed between Conservatives, New Democrat (NDP -far left) and Liberal.
      The rural area and Rockies of British Columbia have a fairly Conservative following but Vancouver and Vancouver Island are very much NDP .
      The Liberals have a strong following in Quebec, although the Bloc Quebecois cuts into that support. Conservatives are usually third (except when Brian Mulroney was in during the 1980s).

      In a recent poll it was shown that 51% of Canadians supported Trump’s approach to National Security (while only 39% took Trudeau’s seriously). Polls aren’t always so accurate but I do believe Canadians have old-fashioned common sense when it comes to the safety of their country,
      no matter what the North America MSM might tell you either-wise.

        • Why should Canada leave when the UK is even more dhimmified than its off-spring? There is unlikely to be a Rotherham in Canada, after all. At least not until well beyond The Commonwealth has fallen to the caliphate.

    • There’s still almost 3 years before the next federal election in Canada. Trudeau’s support in polls is around the 39 – 45% at the moment. I believe that’s far lower than any other PM has had so early in a reign, in a long time.
      The Conservative Party chooses a new permanent leader in May of this year. Whoever becomes it, will be the Leader of the Official Opposition and will go up against Trudeau’s Liberals in Parliament. That’s when the political drama really starts and we’ll know just how the public stands on so many issues. Currently Kellie Leitch is the Conservative candidate who has been the most outspoken on immigration and Canadian values. Brad Trost of Saskatchewan is considered the most socially conservative of the lot and is a pretty devout Christian.

      As for the US-Canada border…Just remember that it is 3,000 miles long . I suggest that youy start building that wall now if it is to be efficient….

      • In 1945 Canada was largely conservative, though not as much as the US. Hard to believe, but Canada had the 2nd largest navy at the end of the war. In the 50’s the Avro Arrow fighter jet was the F-16 of its day. The largest expat contingent at NASA was Canadian, by far. Canada’s conservative roots went deep. But after about 1970, under ‘Papa Doc’ Trudeau the shift Left started taking hold. And it’s only accelerated since, despite Harper’s 11 years. Canadians pocketed the great benefit of his sane financial stewardship, then booted him out for a selfie-taking Leftist buffoon. Hard to believe, but Canada was once a stalwart conservative nation with a loyal but fast-growing leftist Liberal Party rising to power periodically. It’s true to say that now between the Liberals, NDP, the Bloc Quebecois, and greens, Canada is 70% Left. Nothing’s going to shift that. Canada has made its choice of ever more Leftism, and ever more dhimmi submission to Islam.

        • > It’s true to say that now between the Liberals, NDP, the Bloc Quebecois, and greens, Canada is 70% Left.

          You forgot to add the PROGRESSIVE conservative Party to that list. 😉

    • In my disgust, for what it’s worth, I’m willing to bet anyone here that meathead-er Trudeau will be re-elected, it just seems to be fait accompli now in North American elections. Obama was a perfect example. Never was there a better case for a one-term President.

      And Canada’s move toward islam? It is absolutely frightening how politically clueless most Canadians are! But then Canadians are certainly not the only ones, my wife’s countrymen and women (Norwegians) are every bit as bad.

    • From what I can tell, the Canadian economy was in an economic downturn in 2015. Voters, whether rightly or wrongly, blame the party in power during an economic downturn.
      The Conservatives had the bad luck in 2015.
      Never be pessimistic about political fortunes. Humans are fallible. A party in power can make mistakes which will cost it an election. World political history shows this.

  8. The Baron’s headline that “…. the PRIME MINISTER of Quebec…” gave me some real hope that Quebec had finally separated as their own country and that would mean the western provinces would no longer have to send transfer payments.

    But darn it, it was just a translation glitch ! As noted, “Premier” is the correct title for provincial leaders. The last Angus Reid poll done in December shows that Couillard had a 30% approval rating. The next one is due out in late Feb. or early March.

    In the USA it’s MAGA,
    In Europe it’s MEGA,
    In Canada we say MTADTA (em-tad-ta)
    Make Trudeau A Drama Teacher Again !

    • The translators give me their texts, and I use them. In this case, the translator is not French-Canadian, nor even French, but a Pole. The word they use in Quebecois seems to be the same one she hears in French-French for “prime minister”, so that’s how she translated it.

      We go to war with the army we have, not the one we wish we had.

    • Either a drama teacher or ski instructor. Whichever way he can get into a workplace accident first…

      • Historically in Commonwealth countries the provincial leader in a provincial Parliament has sometimes been more commonly referred to ‘Premier’, or as ‘Prime Minister’, not only in Quebec. There was no standard practice until after WW2. Plus in French ‘Prime Minister’ is ‘Premier Ministre’, and they used some other term instead of the English ‘Premier’. Though it does seem to be the case that Quebec is now like a de facto separate country. Dhimmitude and full Islamization are much further along there.

  9. I have very little in the way of sympathy for them. Had a girlfriend from there once (I know, the girlfriend from Canada; could it be anymore cliche?) Full blooded Chinese, but she was raised there, so she was Canadian. Her mother and father escaped from Mao and his ilk, and came to Canada to survive. Her father was a decent sort, but her mother could never understand why I’d want to fight the likes of Al Qaeda and the Taliban (they killed 3,000 of my fellow citizens…I’d have wiped them all out if I could have) or that I was so against the socialist policies of her government (you know…like the ones you ran from). The girl in question was indoctrinated, but salvageable…or so I thought, but that story is more beside the point…outside of how hard she turned left after we split (which was very interesting in and of itself seen through the eyes of the man I am years later). Talking with several of her friends and those I met over there, it’s amazing just how close to bringing down the hammer and sickle on themselves they really were and how contemptible we in the U.S. were for not falling lockstep behind the civilized world by clinging to our guns and outdated freedom.

    That was about 12 years ago. I can only imagine how bad it is now. Quebec is lost, and Canada is not any further off. We’ll have to guard ourselves from them in the future. Best to get yourself in the mindset now that those people are lost…and are not our friends now.

    • That doesn’t apply to all Canadians, at least 40% are pro-Trump. Look up The Rebel media, they’re a right-wing Canadian group that does good stories and some first-person journalism.

      Things may turn quickly when they do turn. Who’d have thought that Sweden Democrats would be doing as well as they are? Or that the PVV has hung on in spite of the hatred in the Netherlands. Marine Le Pen is a long shot, but she still has some chance.

      There is a resurgence in nationalism and that’s a good thing. It will take some discernment not to fall into nationalism’s old sins, but I think everyone is cognizant of the inherent dangers. Besides, the technologies we have now will tend to mitigate the problems.

      BTW, it doesn’t look like it but Quebec is still part of Canada…

      As for Leftist women, enh. You made a lucky escape. Our son has the same complaint – slim pickings for any sane women. OTOH, I correspond with women who feel the same way about the men they meet. Y’all are living through hostile times.

  10. We’re speaking English on this blog, not French, which indeed has to differentiate premier ministre from premier ministre fédéral. English has two separate words: premier, which Americans cannot pronounce (it’s pronounced “PREEMyer” and no other way), for a province or territory, and prime minister.

    The premier of Quebec (not Québec) made the remarks. Quebec does not have a “prime minister.”

  11. Pardon me, maybe this is not relevant, but I thought this is correct timing to insert a note about dishonesty of Muslims: “Allahu Akbar” does not mean Allah is “great”, but Allah is “greater”; google translator also gives: greater=اکبر=akbar and great=کبیر=kabir.

    And one should ask “Allah is greater than what?”. The phrase belongs to the initial idolatry phase of Islam in which Allah, that actually is the Black Moonstone still residing in the Black Cube, was considered to be greater than three sister idols. Father “greater” than daughters, that’s what “Allahu Akbar” is all about. The acrobat Muslims and their charlatan Quebecois friend adopt a free translation to conceal the real meaning of the phrase.

  12. I want to look at the situation in light of human genetics.

    Any trait will deteriorate over time (generations) if it is not selected for. By traits, we can mean intelligence, group identification, hostility to strangers, or even the use of vision. A lot of what we consider desirable functionality is genetically-determined, although in a complex way. This includes honesty, perseverance, public consciousness, altruism, and even personal conscience.

    One of the problems with modern society, particularly the welfare state, is that considerable resources are taken from those with productive traits, and used to assure the survival of those with dysfunctional, or non-productive traits. Thus, hundreds of thousands of dollars are used to maintain the survival of drug-addicted newborns whose mothers and fathers were drug-addicted, sociopathic, criminals who them
    selves could care less about their children. Guess what the newborns will become once they get to be 10 or 11 years old?

    In societies like Canada and the US, there are almost no requirements to survive and have offspring. The additional resources that productive people might gather to support their offspring are confiscated by the state. There is a general dampening down of the intelligence, common sense, and group identification of the population.

    There is an additional malevolent trend in the rise of the mega-state. The interests of the mega-state are to grind down any local or group identification, to bring more power and less accountability to its own bureaucrats. An example of that is the passion of the Obama administration to bring ghetto blacks via enforced public housing into what were mostly-white suburbs. Another example is the passion of the European Union bureaucracy to bring in hoards of Africans and Middle Easterners into relatively homogeneous European countries. Additionally, the mega-state will homogenize all public media, so there will literally be no information available to potential dissenters. An example of this was the rush of the Obama administration to transfer the control of internet domains to a mega-state NGO. This NGO does not have any constitutional constraints concerning the freedom of speech, and can be expected to squeeze out domains critical of Islam, migration, and big government in general, in the next few years.

    Bringing these observations to the matter at hand, it’s not surprising that majorities, or near-majorities of Canadians are not upset at the prospect of mass migration into Canada. Their identity instincts have deteriorated, as has their survival instinct and critical intelligence. Elected leaders in the US, Canada, and Europe have high verbal ability, but very little critical thinking and even less character.

    There is a paradox, I admit. Quebec has traditionally had a strong French consciousness, and now its in the forefront of diluting identity influence. Perhaps it would have been best to let the Quebec separatist movement have its way and split from Canada. This is not to wish them harm, but to rethink the desirability of, in fact, maintaining relatively homogeneous cultures. English-speaking people have traditionally been more-or-less second-class citizens in Quebec. Perhaps that should be be price of living in a different culture. You have personal freedom, but you are required to publicly support and maintain the culture in which you choose to live.

    • Hi Ronald,

      I answered to both your points at and in the Gates of Vienna postings at:

      Further, you said in this thread: “….Any trait will deteriorate over time (generations) if it is not selected for. By traits, we can mean intelligence, group identification, hostility to strangers, or even the use of vision….. Thus, hundreds of thousands of dollars are used to maintain the survival of drug-addicted newborns …. will become once they get to be 10 or 11 years old?…”

      That sounds like Darwin, when he made his points for eugenics. I think there has to be a balance.

      • Hi DFD,

        I had seen your replies previously. Thank you for the erudition.

        As far as the genetics, I am, in fact, a Darwinist in that I believe that genetics is destiny and that the genetics of a population is of prime importance.

        Eugenics got a justifiably bad rap for several reasons. First, was the involuntary eugenics practiced by US and state agencies. People were sterilized without their consent and often without their knowledge.

        Worse, the Nazis killed off whole populations on the grounds of racial purity and superiority. If that’s not a justifiably bad rap, nothing is.

        Also, there is the problem of inordinate government control and the inevitable tendency of government to mess anything up. The government should have exactly zero to do with who has children and who does not. Even a semi-functional government program to raise the genetics of the population would use IQ scores. What you would end up with, as I have pointed out, is a population of highly-verbal sociopaths wedded to powerful government bureaucracies.

        But, I think there is little question that the welfare state contributes to the genetic deterioration of the population by nullifying, if not reversing, any selective pressures for a high-quality population. In effect, we are removing resources from productive people to support the offspring of non-productive people. You don’t have to be a genius to see that will give you more non-productive, dysfunctional people.

        What can government do? Get itself out of the way. Every internal government intervention discourages the ability of people to take care of themselves and their offspring. The destruction of the right of free association through affirmative action and equal-opportunity housing is a prime factor in discouraging quality people from having children.

        There was a very, very important, but underrated article at Gates of Vienna on the benefits of an extended family for having many children raised with a quality upbringing.
        The point was that having an extended family nearby to help with the burdens of child-raising makes an enormous difference in the lives of struggling parents.

        Under fair housing laws, you will not get an apartment or community of related people, unless you already are benefits of an identity politics.

        So, I am as opposed as you to government-enforced eugenics, but I think there is ample room for government to bring itself out of the way.

        What about people who can’t or don’t work and need support or they will starve in the streets? In the past, public aid agencies sometimes required people on the public dole to undergo sterilization. The alternative was to allow them to breed children who would also be on the public dole. There were plenty of stories about people who were laid off after years of productive work, and the public social worker required the wife to undergo sterilization as a condition of public aid.

        Is there a solution? I have a few ideas myself, but in the end, you have to be able to take a stand. Non-productive people have a right to a life and even to reproduce, but they do not have a claim on the resources of more successful people. Are there ways of avoiding people starving in the streets (or quietly out of sight?). Yes, but they involve an explicit decision-making.

  13. How easy its for the Muslims in western countries to fool the dhimmis. They put up hijab- clad women as spokespersons or as announcers to pretend equality. Look at the audience here. All male.

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