Child Bride Gang-Raped by Eight Men at the Asylum Shelter?

The following article was published by the Bavarian daily Münchner Merkur. Note: the gang-rape described in the story is not confirmed as an actual occurrence. The description of the incident is based on the testimony of a single soldier.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation:

14-year-old girl raped by eight men?

Erding — At an asylum waiting room in the year 2015, a 14-year-old girl was allegedly raped by eight men. This came to light in the proceedings against a deserting soldier.

The 28-year-old time soldier from North Rhine-Westphalia had to face court in Laufen because he was absent for five months from his troop as a mountaineer, and fled to South Africa. He was fined €2,000.

During the trial, however, the NRW man reasoned that he was being mobbed and humiliated. That the worst of his experiences were when he had to work with refugees. He told Judge Thomas Hippler what he had experienced in the waiting room of the asylum home in Erding.

“I saw how these people were dealing with each other, and with their children. How all the various nationalities and religions led to conflicts and attacks, how they threw their food on the ground,” he was quoted as saying by the Berchtesgadener Anzeiger.

The worst, however, was when he had to search for a 14-year-old forcibly married child bride. The soldier said that she was raped by eight men. That he finally found the bleeding child hiding under a bed.

He sharply criticized the procedures established by his superiors. He couldn’t speak to any of them about what happened. “Shut your mouth; that’s no one’s business, especially not the media’s,” one of his superiors allegedly told him. The soldier couldn’t deal with this. His testimony in front of the court ended with these words: “I can’t do it anymore. I am at the end; I just feel like s***.” The 28-year-old enlisted in the Bundeswehr in 2012 — for an eight-year stint as a soldier.

At the offices of the administrative court nobody knows about the alleged rape at the asylum waiting room. Injured people always are treated at the Erding Clinic, paid for by the administration.

The asylum waiting room in Fliegerhorst is a facility of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. The spokeswoman for the office, Natalie Psuja, says: “After discussing this with colleagues at the location and with the police we can tell you that this incident is not known, and that there never was a police report filed.”

7 thoughts on “Child Bride Gang-Raped by Eight Men at the Asylum Shelter?

  1. Note the bossy conflation of “Migration and Refugees”, two different categories. It calls to mind the UN’s “Global Forum of Migration and Development”, the brainchild of the tainted and dictatorial Peter Sutherland, who heads it. Likewise in USA, instead of an office of Refugee Assistance, or Refugee Reception, there is the Office of Refugee Resettlement, presenting that combination (a questionable one) as a fait accompli.

    The categories become blurred in the public perception. Perhaps that is the idea.

  2. I am beginning to think that people paid from public (taxpayer) funds tend to be quite full of themselves, also careless and downright stupid. Why didn’t they know about this girl being raped? Do they mix them (refugees) all together instead of separating them by age and sex? This is just common sense, but as many of us know, common sense is not all that common these days. Especially not in Germany, which is where I presume this happened. Thanks again Angela Merkel — history will not be kind to you.

    • Plausible deniability because there never was a report filed… it’s the careless full of themselves people of Germany.

  3. Germany isn’t far behind Sweden.
    Darkly amusing how the Germans surrendered faster than the French this time around. Still, France is giving England some stiff competition for fourth place in the Down the Toilet sweepstakes.
    Plucky old England has taken a substantial step back from the edge of the toilet seat and a solid third place finish and looks promising now for fourth, if not even further back. Mme. Marine could still, however, give the Nigel a run for his money.
    It’s a cliff hanger to be sure.
    The best contenders for, the don’t-b0ther-me-I’m-not-even-in-this-stupid-race prize are still all in East, or what brother Rumsfeld referred to as The New Europe.

    • Not at all. The Brexit vote although stimulated by opposition to immigration will not change the attitudes of the British elites when it comes down to the jihad. Taliban types preaching hatred of the kuffar are being let in from Pakistan to tour mosques without the Home Office even blinking. When did you last hear of any Salafist mosques being closed down in Britain or undesirables deported? Several Salafist mosques have been closed down here in France recently , some firebrand preachers deported and there is more overt distrust and dislike of Islam than in the UK.

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