The Statistical Reality of the Migration to Italy

The following video shows a TV presentation by Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega Nord (Northern League) party in Italy. Mr. Salvini presents the studio audience with the dire statistics of migration into Italy — how many migrants simply disappear, and how few are actual “refugees” deserving asylum.

Many thanks to FouseSquawk for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   During the year that ended in September, 130,000 people disembarked.
00:06   130,000. People that we go and get. That is, we go to Libya and bring them to our (country).
00:12   Of these 130,000, those who requested political asylum,
00:16   there are 70,000. Of the 130,000 who arrived, 70,000 applied. There is the first problem.
00:22   60,000 have disappeared. Of these 70,000,
00:26   how many have received political asylum?
00:30   2,853.
00:35   Equal to 5%.
00:39   Therefore, to the studio (audience): Number one —130,000 disembarked (arrived)
00:42   60,000 disappeared.
00:46   70,000 apply. Those who escape from war are 2,853.
00:51   5%. Another 30%,
00:57   it is said, stay here for awhile because they declare, “I am sick”, “there are problems at home”.
01:04   the 65%… are… clandestine
01:14   clandestine. Now a father of a family…
01:18   Incidentally — 4,000… die…
01:25   “For the good things, come, there is room in Rome,
01:29   there is room in Milan, income, [unintelligible].
01:34   There are 4,000 dead on the bottom of the Mediterranean in the process.
01:39   Therefore, 130,000 arrive… 70,000 apply and 60,000 disappear.
01:45   Of this 70,000, less than 3,000 are recognized as refugees.
01:49   Another twist, they say [unintelligible].
01:53   65% are clandestine, but we hope not, because we are good — or stupid,
01:58   and 4,000 are dead. For the father and family, I say
02:02   of these 3,000…
02:07   It doesn’t take a shed in the province of Venice. My home — their home.
02:11   Of these three thousand, especially women and children.
02:14   The others, expel them, because Africa in Italy doesn’t exist.
02:19   Because all of Africa in Italy doesn’t exist.
02:22   Do you know how much it costs to maintain a family…
02:26   in Africa, South America, in Asia?
02:30   €200 a year.
02:34   With €200 a year, the Pime (Pontifio Instituto Missionestre)
02:41   Helps an entire family to live in Africa.
02:45   with €200 a year — one euro a day.
02:49   We spend €35 a day for each immigrant.
02:54   This year, Renzi, the phenomenon who was here at the whiteboard before me.
02:58   A liar like few preceding him,
03:01   with four billion, with the amount the Italian government spends this year
03:06   to maintain people living near Venice, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Turin and Naples,
03:10   We will help 20 million families in Africa.
03:19   With money that we throw away here in Italy, we will help,
03:24   and I want to ask, for example, to the Don who is here,
03:28   according to you, isn’t it money better spent,
03:32   this four billion to put up a covered area in Venice,
03:38   or do I give it to the Catholic Institute to help 20 million families in Africa?
03:46   In my opinion, spend it here, it is money tossed away.
03:51   Spend it here, you help these people who don’t escape from their (country),
03:55   Who don’t drown to the bottom of the Mediterranean,
03:59   and do like our grandparents did, who didn’t escape from Italy, but remained in Italy to make
04:04   a better future for their children and [unintelligible]. Otherwise, it’s money thrown away.
04:08   It’s a [unintelligible] Why [unintelligible]?
04:12   Rather the bad (wrong) is the phenomenon that was here first.
04:16   [unintelligible]

6 thoughts on “The Statistical Reality of the Migration to Italy

  1. Of course, what Mr. Salvini does not mention, is that the money spent in Italy goes to the correct, politically-connected pockets; thus stimulating the Italian Keynesinarium. More of the money spent in Africa will likely go to real needs . . . and solutions to long term economic development; unless it first goes to the local warlords/government, and then takes a turn towards a Swiss bank account.

    Recolonization anyone?

  2. It is my belief that the military aged men flooding Europe are doing so for social welfare.
    What I don’t understand is how do they collect benefits if they disappear?
    Some have said that they re-register under a different name. What is the advantage of that?

    • Rule one is dump all ID and claim “refugee” or “destitute” or something – I imagine. a

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