A Bad Internet Connection? Destroy the Migrant Shelter!

Below is another brief article translated by Nash Montana, this time from OE24.

The translator includes these remarks:

From Austria, a small news snippet which I think is extremely interesting. The article says that the 15-year-old Afghan had been served with a restraining order. Yet they are mulling over whether to place him in a different facility. So which is it?

The article is sketchy but I reckon this is what a restraining order in Austria looks like these days: “Don’t touch anything in the asylum home, and if you do, we will make you someone else’s problem (an SEP).”

The translated article:

No internet: Refugee loses it

15-year-old Afghan destroyed his shelter because he was angry

Because the WiFi connection in the refugee shelter in Köflach (Voitsberg District) wasn’t working to his satisfaction, the 15-year-old Afghan lost it and destroyed a large part of the shelter after a heated argument with a guardian.

Restraining order against the boy

The boy vandal couldn’t be calmed down, so the guardian called the police in Köflach. Since the 15-year-old boy had drawn attention for his aggressive behavior in the days prior, he has now been served with a restraining order. Furthermore it is being considered whether to move the 15-year-old Afghan into a different facility.

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  1. Send him to a facility back in his homeland as clearly he cannot adapt to life in his new environment.

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