Culture-Enricher in Berlin Kicks a Woman Down the Stairs of the Subway — Just for the Hell of It

The egregious incident depicted in the following video occurred back in October, but the CCTV footage of it only surfaced in the past 24 hours.

Nash Montana, who translated the video, also includes this brief account of the incident from Politically Incorrect:

Immigrant kicks 26-year-old down the stairs

Since yesterday a surveillance video taken on October 27th at the Herrmannstrasse Subway in Berlin has been made public. We see the way in which a gang of foreigners brutally attack a woman. One of the young men follows her when she walks down the stairs to the U8, and then kicks her hard in the back. The woman falls forward down the stairs and lands face-down at the bottom of the stairs. Although this incident happened six weeks ago, and a report for severe bodily harm has been filed, an investigation into the incident has not yet been initiated, nor has a search for the offenders taken place; the prosecutor is still “checking”, it is said. Most likely our tolerant justice system has to “check” first whether we can put these guests of Merkel’s through the justice system or whether the victim just has to “suck it up”.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling.

WARNING: This is a very disturbing video. The offhand brutality of the culture-enricher is horrible. He commits a vicious and sadistic act of violence seemingly just for the hell of it, in passing, as a moment of casual entertainment for himself and his pals.

Vlad and I are used to nastiness. Our job requires us to deal with it every day. You’d think we’d get inured to it, but somehow we don’t. This particular clip is so vile that it really rocked us back on our heels.

Viewers who are sensitive to images of violent cruelty may want to skip this video:


0:02   Shocking video from Berlin-Neukölln
0:06   Multiple men are following a young woman in the subway.
0:09   The unsuspecting 26-year-old walks down the stairs
0:12   …when one of the men brutally kicks her in the back.
0:22   While the men calmly walk on…
0:25   …passersby run to help the woman.
0:28   She was treated as an outpatient.
0:34   According to the police there was no fight or any prior interaction.
0:37   A report has been filed for severe bodily harm.

41 thoughts on “Culture-Enricher in Berlin Kicks a Woman Down the Stairs of the Subway — Just for the Hell of It

  1. The civil war is one step nearer. If this were my daughter, the culprits would have to hide for the rest of their miserable lives.

    • If it was one of my daughters, or granddaughters, those lives would be miserable, but short.

      Of course where I live, the Sheriff would probably have done his job, because if she didn’t, he’d be out of a job at the next election. City police might be more PC.. but right now at least, the state DPS, would send a Texas Ranger after them.

      • You’re kinder than me. If it were my granddaughter the perps life would be miserable and long.

  2. It’s the woman’s fault. If she had been wearing a black garbage bag outfit and only went outdoors when accompanied by male relatives, this would not have happened. I’ll bet she hasn’t even had FGM – fortunately, that will be mandatory soon for German females, with beheading as a penalty for those who refuse to comply.

    • He was clearly triggered by her immodest leggings/jeans that followed the natural shape of her legs.

  3. One may want to consider the fact that modern Germans have great oral hygiene ; they use Flouridated toothpaste ; in which the Flouride travels ” transdermaly “into their brains and has a major effect on their cognitive ability. How else can one explain the absolute ” mind numbing stupidity ” of the German public and their leadership. Of course ; Frau Mekel who is ” Barren” and therefore really has no skin in the well as ..coming from academia in the Athiest Paradise ” East Germany “, is a different case altogether; She is the exemplar of soft voice and soft brain. Do not need flouride to dumb her down. It is in her bloodlines. What a Shame for the still cognitive members of Europe.

    • Well, I’m an atheist and grew up on fluoridated water, but my brain is not quite that soft. I also live in Texas now, near, but not in, Dallas so I’m a pretty typical Texas as far as attitudes.

      • I too live near, but not within Dallas. Where are you located?
        I live in Red Oak, but grew up in Mesquite. Anyone kicking a woman down a flight of stairs in my neck of the woods should expect a severe beating by one or more male Texans.

    • Funny, I was thinking the same thing.
      Lord forgive me, I know I’m a lowly bag of worms, but please let me make it up by dragging one, or more, of these guys to hell with me when I go.

  4. I wonder what would happen in Germany if a ‘child refugee’ had kicked Angela Merkel down a flight of stairs.

    Isn’t it funny how it’s normal people who have to suffer this type of thing, while the individuals responsible for it don’t?

    • I think it’s a mistake to think that crazy leftists have the same thought processes that others do, and that an exposure to “reality” would change their approach. The old “a conservative is a leftist who’s been mugged”.

      I believe that committed leftists are not subject to reality, that they are not particularly interested in their personal survival, and for them, the important thing is to remain submerged in the “movement”.

      A ruler who is completely corrupt personally will generally use his position to amass huge fortunes, but will not destroy his country outright. The only real saving grace for Hillary was that quite likely, her personal corruption and greed took precedence over her leftist ideology.

  5. There will be an investigation when they believe enough time has passed to see none of the bruising, cuts or whatever else she received. Too often things like this get buried. Authorities don’t want to be hassled with this for fear of retribution from the very ppl they allowed to enter their country. so that leaves their own citizens to deal with it. Next election, don’t vote for the prosecutor, judge, clerk, trustee, police district or anyone else that handled it. Good luck to her.

    • And how are you going to get an apathetic, passive electorate who is satisfied with the filtered and censored news they get from the state-supported media, to vote en masse against a security establishment that blatantly ignores their sworn responsibilities?

  6. Israel and its Jewish people are married, so to speak. They have arguments but they ultimately are in it for the long run. Germany regardless of a history that is thousands of years old, is dissolving itself in a sea of caustic sentimentality. The noxious waters have many causes, but I think ” anti – ugly Americanism” is one cause. That is, an anti- racist creed which is hypocritical wherever it is found, including the USA. This creed requires a malevolent history with a Messianic need to overcome it.
    But this “anti – ugly Americanism ” creed, dates from 1960’s America. This was an era reeling in unrest, government misdeeds including massive spying on the American people, martial law, riots, intense racism black and white, and culminated in the Southeast Asian war. It is a poor prescription for national health for Germany. If anti – ugly Germanism keeps going on for many more years, the Southeast Asian solution will happen really close to home. To control the fiasco, Germany will turn to Russia for a handhold in a spinning world.

  7. That’s shocking alright. The B………d was carrying a bottle of beer of course, as all good muslims do. Sadly, I don’t think they will ever face a court.

  8. These Islam animals should try this in a subway in Russia. They will be corpse “literally in minutes”. I just pray that woman victim is a Feminazi to be fair.

    This is what happen when you create a culture in the West that despise White Caucasian Males. The passerby does not have balls or even an ounce of pride in his nation. Disgusting leftist society.

    • A primary objective of gun control is to take away any semblance of self-reliance or self-defense on the part of the people. This makes them completely dependent on the government, and unable to resist in any way, the deterioration of a government into a dictatorship or bureaucracy.

      It is a mistake to think that guns can be used directly against a government. The government generally has the bulk of organized, armed fighters and can overcome an armed resistance, even when the government is corrupt. The main threat for any government is a massive movement, including street protests, against them. If they order the army to fire on unarmed citizens, the army, likely as not, will turn their guns around.

      The Merkel government is obviously using the hoards of invaders to effect systemic change in Germany. I have no idea why, really. The bulk of Germans seem passive enough that the government could do pretty much as it wished anyway. I generally think it’s fruitless, even if interesting, to speculate on the internal thoughts of committed leftists. Their actions are quite predictable, so we should leave it at that.

  9. Just a guess at what happened, despite what the police claim. The girl was propositioned by the migrants, she brushed them aside and was punished. Migrants have worked out that German train stations are an ideal place to congregate where they can commit robbery and violence and get away with it. Of course, the girl should never have been out alone, should she . . . . . I hope someone has had the forethought to take photographs of her injuries.

    • Poor woman, she will be traumatised for sure and will never feel safe in her own country again.

      I wonder how the brain dead feminazis in Germany will react
      To the treatment of this woman?

      Where are the men in Germany, albeit passengers or railway staff to come to her aid?

      Why is everyone in Germany paralysed in the face on the very real threat to their civilisation?

      I despair

    • I’ve had that same thought. The report states that there was no prior interaction between the woman and the group. But I am sure that whistling after her and her yelling back to leave her alone is not considered “interaction” anymore, to protect the guilty.

    • Not only German train stations, but everywhere in Europe, also bus stations and in fact anywhere people congregate in order to travel, including airports of course.

      Such places should have plenty of armed guards with live ammo and the will to use said arms!

  10. That woman is very lucky. By the same token they would have kicked her of the platform in front of an oncoming train.

  11. They do these sort of things because we let them. So it’s really not their fault, they are just doing what good muslims always do. It’s our fault, for allowing it. Does anyone think they would have the “courage” to do something like this, if it was more than likely that they would face instant street justice?

    I think not.

    • Basically what I’ve been saying for years. Btw, is that an Aussie E. name? Looks like an aboriginal tribal name.

  12. Sorry, but where is the proof that this is an immigrant? Is it the same proof that I have that the creator of this page is engaged heavily in child pornography?

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