The Suicidal Ladenburgers Reflect the Suicidal West

In his latest essay Paul Weston explores the politically correct context surrounding the rape and murder of Maria L. in Freiburg by a “17-year-old” Afghan.

The Suicidal Ladenburgers Reflect the Suicidal West

by Paul Weston

One of the more disturbing aspects of left-wing politics is the outright refusal by its followers to accept that we on the “right” don’t wish to commit collective suicide alongside them. No matter how much older and wiser I become, I will never understand the civilizational death wish of the Left. But not understanding it doesn’t mean I can ignore it. I am involved in their suicide because they have made me involved. And whilst it is suicide for them, it is very much murder for me and all those like me.

Take the horrifying case of the naïve and brainwashed Maria Ladenburger, raped and murdered by a “child” Muslim migrant in Freiburg, Germany. She was a medical student who also went out of her way to help migrants in a refugee centre. Her father is Dr Clemens Ladenburger, a senior lawyer within the EU Kommissar class. I’m sure he constantly extolled the virtues of multiculturalism to his innocent daughter, in line with the tragically oxymoronic motto of the EU, “United in Diversity.”

The trouble is, we’re not really united in diversity, are we Herr Ladenburger? In fact, we are very much disunited by it, what with them a-raping and a-murdering us at every opportunity, insh’allah! But I doubt poor Maria feared Islam. Her knowledge of this 7th-century supremacist ideology would have been gleaned from a liberal angle only. She would have been unaware of expressions such as Mohammed’s “I have been made victorious through terror.” Words she had been trained to associate with Islam would only include “Islamophobia”, “racism”, “xenophobia”, “inequality”, “Palestine”, “oppressed”, “refugee”, “victim”, etc.

And now she is dead. One day we might all end up prematurely dead as well. Western governments tell their people the self-same lies Papa Ladenburger told his daughter. We have nothing to fear, they earnestly yet disingenuously preach. If you are fearful, you are mentally unwell. You are suffering from a phobia. Islam is a religion of peace. Those who refuse to accept this lie are fascists, racists and Nazis.

Poor Maria never wanted to be thought of as a Nazi. There are many people like her. None of them want to know the truth, because once having accepted the truth, they could no longer be liberals. They themselves would be labelled racists by their ex-friends! So they live a lie that will one day force them to submit to Islam. They are effectively committing suicide, and if they oppose those who do understand what is happening, then they become complicit in our murder as well.

An Afghan migrant murdered Maria, but it was her father who handed her to the Afghan migrant. Ergo, Papa Ladenburger was complicit in her murder, just as the political Traitor Class across the West is complicit in our future murder if it turns out Islam isn’t a religion of peace at all, and is actually the religion of blood and war as Winston Churchill stated.

It now turns out that the parents of Maria Ladenburger have asked mourners not to send flowers to their daughter’s funeral, but to send money to refugee charities instead. No matter what terrible things happen as a result of their insane beliefs, nothing seems to deviate the liberal mind from collective suicide.

The behaviour of the Ladenburger family is one small reflection of the behaviour of the entire West’s Traitor Class. They don’t mind committing collective suicide as a race, nation, people and culture because they seem to hate everything they themselves stand for in what they see as an unfair world. They view everything in black and white. They see an undeserving oppressor class (themselves) which can be exterminated without remorse, and they see an ever-deserving oppressed class whose members can do no wrong, and can only throw off their chains of oppression after the oppressor class is extinct.

This is very much a mental illness. The driving instinct of humans is that of survival. To embrace your demise is a form of insanity. When suicidal Western elites insist that those who do not wish to commit suicide must – simply must — accept the circumstances that can only lead to our cultural and racial eradication, then the Western elites become complicit in our murder. Just as Papa Ladenburger is complicit in the rape and murder of his daughter.

Unfortunately for us, stopping our future murder is proving to be very difficult. It is now a crime to wish to racially and culturally survive in the liberal West. Or at least a crime if you speak out about it. I wish to survive. I am threatened by resurgent Islam. I believe Islam to be a backward, savage, dangerous and disgusting political ideology which imperils my future survival because of the murderous and supremacist edicts within the Koran and Hadiths.

Am I still allowed to say that, Prime Minister May? Am I allowed to wish to survive and remain outside the confines of a prison cell?

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB. His website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

28 thoughts on “The Suicidal Ladenburgers Reflect the Suicidal West

  1. This leads to a very disturbing analogy: What distinguishes these “progressives”, who not only seek to commit suicide, but to annihilate a great number of people with them (because that is the very purpose of their sacrifice), what distinguishes them from the Islamic suicide bomber? Except that the latter does not primarily target his own kin, while it can happen it is not the purpose outright. Heck, in all dreadful relativity it is even the Muslim who has the better cause here. I am looking into a bottomless abyss, and it is staring back at me.

    • Oh, I’m *so* glad that someone finally says what I’ve felt for a long time: that PC leftist-[epithets] are actually crazier than Islamists, in the sense that suicide is less evolutionary than murder.

      Islamists look sane by comparison.

      When we look at Islamists and think that Muslim societies have a problem, we should also look at PC leftist-[epithets] in our own societies, and see the mirror image of the same problem!

      • Yes liberals are every bit as evil as their Muslim jihadist allies. If not worse since they have less excuse. They were not raised Muslim after all. Too few conservatives get this. Most conservatives are utterly clueless. Even now. Whenever I hear a so-called Islam realist prattle “what will it take for liberals to wake up?”, I realize I am dealing with a know- nothing. You may as well complain, what will it take for the Allies of Islam (in the destruction of the West) to wake up. Because that is the reality. The Left is in alliance with Islam unto the End.

  2. Her parents will almost certain never acknowledge their delusion.
    Because then they had to realize and admit their own guilt and responsibility.

    Not an easy thing for loving parents.

      • That would require to be aware of harm and danger.
        But if one is ignorant and ideologized then they are blind.

    • This horror could be described as an example of Western Honour Killing.The father of the poor young woman was only trying to integrate with the invaders at any price.

  3. What is going on in Germany because of Merkel’s “Refugee Welcome Culture” is not only dreary, it’s shocking. The murder of Maria Ladenburger is just another sacrifice on the altar of current multicultural and no border religion, and that creed requires many many victims. The more are the victims, the more its precepts and dogmata will tie together the faithful in their struggle against the infidels. The Afghan boy who perpetrated the assault on Maria, who abused against her and eventually drowned her, is however not seen as the enemy. The enemy is the infidel, the Islamophobe, the Populist, the Neonazi. In short: everybody who disagree with the immigration policy, who wants to preserve and defend tradition and indigenous culture against the multikulti marmalade, against the parallel sharia societies and the Salafi mosques.

  4. I wish we would stop callin Islam a religion as that mischaracterizes what it is. Far better it be called a violent ideology with world conquest as its objective. Islam and nazism have much in commn and the sooner the parallels are recognized the better for the WesternnWorld.

  5. Many Germans on Quora( when asked whether Germany is safe to travel to) reply that there has been no problem.One lady who stays away from her native village said,in her village everyone is happy with the migrants.Is this a lie or the inhuman acts of the migrants are not common everywhere?
    Germany has erroneously(?) declared a demographic imbalance.erroneously because that attracts outsiders to breed with the natives and this is what they are trying ,expanding their tribe with the native girls.They want to create a white,blue eyed,blond Muslim race.The European nations have not learnt from history.Islamic Jihad of M.A.Khan gives ample examples.Amir Khusrow,the Persian Sufi poet,gloated over Hindu corpses arranged in a pile by the Arabic,Turk,Persian,Mongol invaders.Now a film is being produced in the U.S. People there,being ignorant of reality,are going to go gaga.Women especially are attracted to handsome,Arabs or Turks and have stealthy affairs even visiting North African,Middle Eastern nations for the same.Now these people are saying:-don’t come to us,we are coming to your nations.

  6. This idea in this article………..It’s a crime to want or strive to survive culturely or personally. Really shocking…….and it’s true.

  7. Great piece Mr Weston .. Heartbreaking about Maria.
    Heartbreaking for all the young girls who are the target of these
    murdering rapist slavers ..

  8. Black Pigeon Speaks had an interesting video recently “Europe: The Next Yugoslavia” where he says the Bosnian Serbs declined from 43% to 31% and the Bosnian Muslims increased from 26% to 44%, which led to civil war, with the Serbs fighting to preserve themselves and them being made into a vilain by the US government, which bombed them into submission. He also points out that Bosnia’s demographic profile is the model for the whole European continent.

    It most certainly seems the case for UK, France, Sweden, Belgium and others with a muslim population of 6-10% who continue to take in “children” adult economic muslim migrants and hand them citizenship, and perhaps less so in Eastern Europe where Christianity is still strong and historical conflicts with islam are still remembered. The question is: what’s going to happen in 20-30 years, when (if things continue as they are now) muslims might be 40-50% of the population in some Western European countries? And, if a civil war erupts, who will intervene to help the non-muslim europeans survive? USA, who helped the muslims in Bosnia and where the number of white children born is now less than half of the total children born? (imagine their demographics in 20-30 years from now) Other Western European countries with the same demographic problem? There’s been a concerted effort of demonizing a united Europe, with calls to destroy the EU, rather than reform it, isolation coupled with a big national welfare state (which favors muslims more than any other group), and bad-mouthing the Eastern-Europeans. So, when it comes to survival of the white race and European culture, the situation doesn’t looks so good at the moment. Even if Farage, Le Pen and Wilders have the courage to stand up and speak against islam, I am not convinced the measures they are proposing will remedy the situation (in fact it might make it worse). I believe we need another political current in Europe, a political movement with strong Christian values, which acknowledges the danger of the islamic ideology, with respect for freedom and democracy, against the welfare state and for a strong united Europe.

    (Full disclosure: I’m voting in the Romanian Parliamentary elections this Sunday and I’ve decided to support Alianța Noastră România. There is a chance they won’t meet the 5% threshold, but it’s a new party founded this summer and their platform matches the beliefs listed above. If elections are coming up in your country, make sure to check out the new political parties, there might be one worth supporting).

  9. As long as civilized men, those of us for whom this is murder, not suicide refuse to think the unthinkable, say the unspeakable and do the unacceptable this situation will continue to drift, inexorably toward that suicide/murder mentioned before.
    The is a certain piquant irony in the coincidence of Mohammedan suicide/murder by bomb, and European suicide/murder by gov’t. The victims in both cases, unhappily are the same.
    We all have the same animal nature. But we do not all have the same relationship with or understanding of our animal nature.

    The fact that NOBODY on the bad side nor the good wants to grapple with, or even mention, is that the rules for maintaining justice and order among civilized men ARE DIFFERENT from the rules for defending civilized men from barbarians.

    It all really is just that simple.

    A barbarian does not think or feel or behave like a civilized man. He does not understand life in the same terms. He does not hold to the same moral code. His sense of justice is not moved in the same way by the same facts.

    Although I would LIKE to believe otherwise, I gravely doubt that Europe, in any form we would recognize as Europe, is likely to survive the next 30 years.

    If they have ANY intention of preserving what pieces are left of the various European cultures, European MEN have to grapple, in a practical, hands-on, commonsense way with the facts that they have been utterly betrayed by both their governments and their very own women.

    Yes, you read that correctly, their very own women.

    Go ahead and try to tell me that the rabid “feminists” of Sweden who have come up with such insane ideas as banning urinals and men’s habit of standing while urinating — go ahead and try to convince me that their bizarre passion for emasculating the sons, brothers, fathers and husbands has NOTHING to do with the fact that their country has been overrun by brutes and rapists.

    You better have a pretty clever argument!

    I wish those Euro-guys luck, but not with much hope.

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