Immolated on the Street in Kronshagen

We reported earlier today on an incident in the German town of Kronshagen where a culture-enriching fellow poured gasoline over his ex-wife and set her on fire.

NOTE: The alleged perpetrator of the deed is from Togo in West Africa. According to country table in my database (which is about ten years old, but good enough), Togo is about 14% Muslim. So the burning of his ex-wife may or may not have been Islam-related. However, as we have seen many times in the past, not all cultural enrichment is the Islamic kind; there are other varieties.

Below is a brief news report from German television about the immolation of the woman. Many thanks to Silentium Voces for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

As you can see, this video had already been subtitled in English. However, our German translation team determined that Silentium Voces’ translation was more accurate, so Vlad re-titled it.

According to later news reports, the wife subsequently died in the hospital:

After hours of hoping there is now the sad certainty: the 38-year-old woman did not survive the arson attack and died at 5:30 in a special clinic in Lübeck…

The 41-year-old alleged perpetrator is in custody and remains silent about the deed and has himself represented by a lawyer. Many questions are open. There is nothing known yet about the motive of the man, who came with his wife 20 years ago from Togo in West Africa to Kiel.

Both were married but lived separated in Kiel, and have two children aged 3 and 7.

And according to KN Online, the ex-wife’s final words were spoken in the ambulance:

When the woman finally was moved into the ambulance by the emergency workers, she was crying: “My children, my children, what will become of my children?”

From the same newspaper:

An employee of the Mare Clinic, who witnessed the attack, said while in a state of shock: “I was looking through the window and I saw a burning torch. Doctors from our clinic were running outside to help the woman.” In the aftermath she is talking to a minister in order to cope. Other employees of the clinic cannot talk about it, and plunge into work to find distraction. “It felt like an eternity before the flames stopped,” the eyewitness Angela Hauschild says. The employees in the office building across the road are speechless over the terrible deed.

Video transcript:

00:00   Her clothes are still completely burned on the ground. The woman fights
00:04   for her life. It’s 9 o’clock when a man with a white
00:07   petrol canister is spotted in Kronshagen. Suddenly, in front of the
00:11   clinic, the man pours petrol over the woman. Eyewitness: I just saw flames, a man,
00:16   a colored man with burning trousers,
00:19   which he tried to put out, and a woman on fire, in flames, screaming
00:22   and screaming and screaming. Passersby immediately rushed to help and
00:26   tried the extinguish the flames on the woman’s body. The fire was almost
00:31   extinguished, and then she began to burn again.
00:35   From head to toe in flames. With a fire extinguisher and blankets they finally
00:39   succeeded in stopping the fire. The 41-year-old, apparently the husband,
00:43   tried to escape. Police: We located the man in the vicinity
00:46   and arrested and imprisoned him.
00:49   His motive is still unclear.
00:52   The many witnesses are now being questioned. The woman was so badly burned
00:56   she is barely recognizable.

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  1. Germany is a nation of sheep. Their leader merkel wants more muslim lunatics. And if she has her way, stories like this would be censored or banned.

  2. Of the Islamic faith or not the man is obviously a third world neananderthal who has no business being in Europe in the first place.

    What in God’s name has he got to offer any civilised 1st world country?

    • The same thing barbaric europeans were doing in Africa. Nobody called them but they came anyway so Africans do the same ao [obscene insulting imperative]

  3. Why are you guys talking about islam. For your information there is nothing to do with islam.Both are chretiens from Togo.

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