CDU Party Congress: Standing Ovations for Angela Merkel, and a Lone Dissident

As a follow-up to the previous video of the Bulgarian demographer, this excerpt from a regional party congress of the German Christian democrats (CDU) highlights the deep lunacy that seems to have descended on Europe west of the old Iron Curtain.

The CDU member in this video who disagrees with Chancellor Merkel’s immigration policies is more vehement in his dissent than the fellow we saw a couple of days ago, but this guy is also more isolated. Everyone else in the room boos in response to his words, and cheers for the chancellor. The party is acquiring new members just because of her! Everything is fine for the CDU and its “welcoming culture”.

Mass insanity — I can’t think of any other explanation for this sort of behavior.

Many thanks to Egri Nök for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   “Mrs. Merkel, you are the Nemesis of our former great Christian Democratic Union of Germany.”
00:06   Chancellor Merkel faces the anger of the party base
00:09   at the regional party congress of the CDU in Jena.
00:12   Several speakers take the opportunity for a frontal attack on the chancellor.
00:16   Her resignation is demanded again and again. Boos from the crowd show
00:19   that this is not the consensus in the hall.
00:22   “And that is why I ask you, Mrs. Merkel, to give the CDU
00:26   the chance for a conservative regeneration,
00:29   and resign! As chancellor, and as head of the CDU!
00:33   Leave our party!” (crowd boos)
00:36   Before that, Merkel had stepped down from the stage to shake the hands of refugees,
00:39   which prompted one speaker to exclaim, “What you are doing here is a personality cult;
00:43   we are not the SED!” [Socialist Unity Party, governing party of the DDR] A few days before
00:46   the party congress in Essen where Merkel wants to be a candidate
00:49   for the post of head of CDU again, she has to fend off fierce criticism.
00:52   as in this case: “So for these reasons, I will, in parallel to your new nomination
00:58   as candidate for chancellor, leave the CDU.
01:02   I joined the CDU for the policies of Helmut Kohl,
01:07   and will leave it because of your policies.”
01:11   The critics are many this evening, but the applause in the hall
01:14   is particularly strong when speakers argue pro-Merkel.
01:18   This panel shows how not only society is divided, but also the CDU,
01:22   since the Euro supports, and Merkel’s refugee policies last year.
01:26   But Merkel does not deviate from her direction.
01:29   “When someone fled from Aleppo, and every evening you see the pictures in Aleppo,
01:33   and you know what is going on there — then this does not mean that this person
01:37   did not like to live in Aleppo, and maybe wants to live in Aleppo again.
01:40   But as one can see this is not easily possible at the moment,
01:44   and I’ve got to tell you that I go to sleep gloomily every night,
01:48   because I as a politician would not like all the people to come to Germany.
01:52   But the fact that there are 250,000 people who have no doctors, no medication,
01:57   where there is nothing, and we stand by powerless and watch the bombs fall —
02:02   that is depressing, not just for you but also for me, I want to make that very clear.” (applause)
02:06   After all, Merkel receives not only gratitude from refugees, but also expressions of sympathy.
02:11   Two speakers announce that they are joining the party, one explicitly because of her.
02:16   At the end, according to a speaker, roughly 800 attendees of the panel
02:20   acknowledge her words with standing ovations.

36 thoughts on “CDU Party Congress: Standing Ovations for Angela Merkel, and a Lone Dissident

    • Absolutely not Aleppo, but curiously, very similar to west Africans. Strange.

      And they shook hands with Merkel? Well why not, her treasonous, insane policies give them everything they want–including brainwashed German girls.

      The rest of the western world would be laughing at Germany, but for the fact that Europeans are edging ever closer to real violence, and the sooner the better, as every day the moslem army grows larger.

      • And don’t the fanatical suicidal “peaceful” Muslims know it? While in the meantime the denying [emasculated] Western EU masses continue to lose track of truth. Open borders and refugee status? A real winning hope popey strategy. How could ISIS and their supporting Muslim Trogan horses and fifth columns across Western Europe not be planning several very big somethings? We could look like Syria in no time at all.

  1. Must have been lots of Afghanis and Africans living in Aleppo before the war. Such a multiculti, diverse society living together in peace and harmony; so cruelly disrupted by Russian bombs…

  2. The pathos of German cognitive dissonance is overwhelmingly tragic.

    Like little schoolboys they read their essay like responses to Chancellor Merkel on their yellow legal note pad paper, sweat stained missives fraught with “no sturm und plenty drang”. What the hell is going on in the hothouse of German politic. It’s beyond weird.

    • “The pathos of German cognitive dissonance is overwhelmingly tragic.”
      Am I the only one who sees parallels here with the German mindset in the 1930’s?

      • Germans do not, and did not, have a monopoly on idiot voters and politicians.

        Americans demonstrated the same lunacy in 2008 and 2012 when millions fell at the feet of the Indonesian, communist, Muslim, dope-smoking Man of Mystery. Millions more swooned at the feet of that exemplar of American womanhood, the bloodthirsty, Alynskite, sniper-dodging grifter, Hillarita.

        Canadians elected the moon calf moron Trudeau and Sweden had the bemedaled Mona Sahlin, a certifiable who came within a hair of being prime minister. France had Sarkozy, a “conservative,” who said that metissage “est une obligation.”

  3. No, not mass insanity Baron, just the kind of people in positions that they have been actively vetted for.

    Generally speaking, all in politics today have been sifted and sorted on their political leanings.

    So, we can safely assume that while the German elite all sing from the same hymn book that Frau Merkel and her puppet masters put forward they will be just as tone deaf as to what is actually going on around them as were the Democrats and their puppet masters.

  4. Oh yes, the migrants will join the CDU, but it won’t be long before they have to drop the “C”, meanwhile many of these clueless liberals will blunder on rather like Hillary and her crowd. They won’t change course as they believe they are right.

  5. Germany began to give up Christianity a 150/200 years ago. Then they gave up Liberty and embraced a giant centralized Welfare State. Government Health care, government schools – the private sector was crushed. Hitler just walked in and took over a mental state of mind already in place. It could have been the Communists – the other large party in the 1920’s and early 1930’s. No difference.

    Germany is done and over with. They want it that way. They can’t see what they are doing is insane.

    The CDU is the “Christian” Democratic Union allied with Bavaria’s CSU “Christian” Social Union. These two parties have gone totally statist. The other major parties are the Socialists and Greens in different forms. That means that 90%/95% of the Germans have sold out.

    A smart freedom loving German, and there are a few, should leave before he has to flee.

    The AfD gets 5-10% of the vote. That is the only hope but there will be no Trump or Brexit in Germany. The Germans are just Scandinavians with BMW’s.

    • Good observation. The wealthy welfare state can do what the Communist governments of the USSR, China and Cuba were not able to do: smooth out all the rough edges, and leave an undifferentiated mass of people with no more initiative or creative thinking than a herd of sheep.

      But, actually Islam is ahead of them in this regard. Islam has created masses of undifferentiated people even though Islam is by definition antithetical to wealth creation. Islam uses the mechanism of first-cousin marriages across generations to create masses of people who look alike, act alike, and think – so to speak – alike. Any rough edges that accidentally remain can easily be rounded off by the Islamic law that any individual who deviates however slightly from Islamic thought or practice can must be killed by any other Muslim.

      • YES YES YES to the second paragraph of this comment. This is one of the most succinct explanations of the Ummah’s program that I have ever seen!

      • No wonder the NWO is so interested in this. A system of controls functioning unchanged for 1400 years while multiple other controls were emerging and falling apart in other parts of the world. This is the Globalists Overlords wet dream!

    • I believe that the old parts of Eastern Europe/Russia will assist in saving the staggeringly stupid Western half. With Italy about to form a new less than friendly government to the EU, the cracks within the façade that is the European Union have suddenly become even wider.

      An elected Marine le Pen and Geert Wilders will then tear the Brussels monster asunder.

      I agree with many on this site that Europeans, especially Germans, have become passive bystanders to the Globalists plan. One needs to take on board though, that the Elite initiated a psychological exercise that apportioned the blame for all that the Elite have been involved in back onto their own people, who appear in the main, to have been gullible enough to accept such a false premise. Such an exercise as arranged by the Globalist Elite has made the flooding of Europe with invaders that much easier but, there has also been a resistance to this obvious cultural genocide that is building and that the controlled media is finding very difficult to keep quiet.

      Soros believes that Europe is doomed. He has been planning massive civil unrest in Europe for decades, but I don’t believe this will occur as Russia does not wish for Europe to fall apart because Russia and Europe are historically tied together on the same piece of land and regardless of the distances and history involved, they all share a common cultural background that is now being suppressed within Europe.

      I think that Putin is not being given much credit for what Russia has been able to achieve in just the last decade. While Western Europe has fallen into fasco-communism Putin has become a force to be reckoned with and a Leader who many ignore to their own detriment.

      The people of Europe will prevail, but it may come at great cost.

  6. I see! So she is going to save the world, is she? I only hope that the popular fury with her boils over and she is scorched beyond repair by it.

    German leadership has a history of being the wrecking ball of peace and security in Europe – and she is its post-modern iteration.

  7. Absolutely disheartening, true. Brexit went through and Trump got elected. By contrast, Hofer was not. I think this all says a lot about the validity of Mark Steyn’s repeated assertion that in the history of the West it’s the Anglosaxon countries that are the flagbearers of freedom.

    I take some comfort from the fact that some high profile Germans do speak out against the Merkel insanity. And one man to watch is Police Union Chief Rainer Wendt:

    Remember that name! If I’m not mistaken, this is the fourth time he pulls no punches.

    • The counterexample to your thesis is the Visegrad 4 countries, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, and Hungary, which are uniting in resistance to the fascism of the EU and the euro. With all due respect, it’s still very much up in the air how completely England is going to exit the EU. Their super-abundance of Muslims and africans came about through their own immigration policies (or non-policies). They are led by politicians firmly in favor of staying in the EU. It is quite possible within the bounds of the Brexit vote, to have only an associate membership like Switzerland. This would subject them to all the rules of the EU bureaucracy. I’ll lay you even odds (I’d be taking advantage of you) England will wind up with some sort of associate membership.

      Yes, it’s true the US had Trump. Yet Canada, another largely Anglo country, has recently elected Trudeau, a rabid Muslim immigration advocate if there was ever one.

      • I’m wondering how much longer it will be before the Canadians do something about the wide eyed boy pretending to be the Canadian leader?

        • I wondered how my countrymen could be so stupid, but of course it goes back to his evil father, a man most westerners despised, but easterners idolized–and there are many more easterners.

          However, there are signs even now that many are starting to realize, finally, just what they voted in. Some people just learn with glacial slowness. Trudeau’s handlers are responsible for the ruinous policies–he wouldn’t be smart enough.
          An acute embarrassment.

          • Andrew Bolt had a article on Trudeau the younger a week or so back, just after that Cuban Dictator Castro kicked the bucket. In that article he put up a photo of Trudeau to compare with a photo of Castro around the same age – the likeness is amazing.

            Any rumors up there in the far North concerning Trudeau the elder’s wife having a one off fling with Castro around 45 years ago?

            If indeed that was the case then one might then understand why Trudeau felt so homey in his eulogy to a mass murderer?

          • I love the idea. So very karmic. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean Baby Doc can’t call Castro “papa”. Bet she never asked for child support, though.

        • I can’t stand the dude but wherever I go wild eyed fans of him are everywhere here in Canada.

  8. Baron, at least two spoke out against Merkel, according to the video. How small the number actually is, the report does not say.

  9. They are just as delusional as the Democrats were (are)! The real question is how screwed up the everyday folks? Hard to get a measure because of the statewide censorship…

  10. Normally it’s difficult to predict the future. But it’s easy to predict the European future.

    1. Loss of identity
    2. Loss of freedom
    3. Loss of security
    4. Loss of wealth
    5. Loss of health

    I wish Paddy Power would give odds.

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    • Nope, I’m not going to ban you. And I haven’t been deleting any of your comments, as far as I can recall. And they’re not being caught in the spam filter.

      So I don’t know what’s going wrong. It’s possible that your browser has “issues”, or maybe your computer does.

      But I’m not deleting your comments. I don’t even recall being annoyed by them!

    • Carax, you’re not put at the end of the queue intentionally. Sometimes I start the process from the top – those would be the comments written later, and sometimes I begin them at the bottom. The latter would be the first written. It depends on how easy it is – i.e., which computer I’m using.

      Nor have I deleted your comments.

    • Carax, I did a search on your comments. 138 of them. Didn’t find anything outside our comment rules; they all seemed reasonable from my p.o.v. Sorry yours aren’t getting through, though obviously some have.

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