Viktor Orbán on the Election of Donald Trump: Western Civilization Has Liberated Itself

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, like many of us further West, is elated at the results of last Tuesday’s election in the United States. Below is a video of Mr. Orbán’s brief remarks on this momentous event.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   What of the second day of this?
0:03   Esteemed ladies and gentlemen,
0:06   of that historical event when
0:09   it appears that the Western civilization
0:12   has successfully liberated itself from
0:15   the captivity of an ideology.
0:18   I am convinced that it has always been good
0:21   for Western culture and the Western economy
0:25   when it has been able to tear itself away
0:28   from an ideology and return to reality.
0:31   I believe we are living these times right now.
0:34   We called this liberal non-democracy and
0:37   we have been living in this for the past twenty years of our lives.
0:40   This era is now finished!
0:43   We can now return to real democracy.
0:48   We can return to the liberating straight talk from the
0:52   disabling power of political correctness.
0:56   We can return to reality. We can talk about the realities of problems
1:01   for what they are, and the solutions for these problems
1:04   do not have to be based on ideologies, but rather
1:07   we find them on a pragmatic and common-sense basis,
1:10   and with creative ideas.
1:14   I am convinced we are experiencing great times.
1:18   We even view Brexit from this perspective.
1:22   Brexit is not a tragedy at all. It is not a defeat.
1:26   It is an attempt by a great nation to make itself successful
1:30   by means other than those held by everyone earlier.
1:34   Therefore, I am convinced that all of Europe and the Western world
1:38   have taken steps toward experiencing a great intellectual transformation
1:42   in recent months. We must not fear this.
1:46   We must see the opportunities that rest in this transformation,
1:50   just as we did in 2010 during the crisis. Hungary did not look at the problems,
1:54   but the opportunities, and seizing on these opportunities,
1:58   Hungary transformed itself into an economy that we can exchange ideas about here.

13 thoughts on “Viktor Orbán on the Election of Donald Trump: Western Civilization Has Liberated Itself

  1. Of course the fight far from over. Even in the US George Soros’ “Rent a Riot” business is wreaking havoc with a possible collusion with Obama to derail the transfer of power. But something started and genie is out of the bottle… Soon they will be elections in Europe (if the imported Muslim army not decide to attack first) and one after another PC Liberal governments will fall.

  2. Crossware, thanks for the translation. I tried listening and was happy to realize I understood at least half of what Orban was saying. Maybe my Hungarian is coming back a bit. But having your work meant that I understood all that he was saying.

    I still think he is one of the most intelligent and realistic men in the European world. (Nope, can’t include Angela in this collection).

    • Thank you very much! I love your comments Maria Dee… I wish we could open a bottle of good Hungarian barack (peach) pálinka together and drink for both of those great man: To Donald and Viktor!

    • I agree with you. His speech was full of common sense which is entirely unknown to our PC ideologues. They are in funeral mode here in the USA, weeping and wailing that people get their facts wrong because they watch skewed and lying programs like Fox News. ( I kid you not.) The Left is SO FAR out of reality, I think it will be impossible to deal with them in a normal manner. They are mentally delirious.

      It is a good thing that Trump has so many connections with Central Europe through his first and third wives, because it is only the Hungarians, Poles , Czechs and Slovaks who, still remembering the traumatic legacy of Communism, don’t want to be swamped by tyrannical Brussels – the newest iteration of German fascism!

  3. Yes, indeed, DiMu. You write: “It is a good thing that Trump has so many connections with Central Europe through his first and third wives….”

    Ivania Trump (his first wife), who emigrated from Slovakia, has already stated that she wishes to serve as US Ambassador to that nation.

    I think a Trump gambit to support Central Europe’s demands for the EU to reform will flow naturally from his family ties.

    Melania (Trumps current wife) is fluent in Slovenian and German. But she is a more shy personality. Thus, expecting more than “arm-candy” diplomacy from her may wishing too much.

    • Orson-

      I think both of Trump’s wives would make better US Ambassadors than some of the political hacks Obama currently has in place.

      Our current Ambassador to Hungary is one of the most, if not the most embarrassing political hack in our diplomatic corps.

  4. CORRECTION: Ivana wants to be the US ambassador to the Czech Republic.

    ““[That] is where I’m from and my language and everybody knows me. I’m quite known all around the world. Not only in America. I have written three books, and they were translated in 40 countries in 25 languages. I’m known by the name Ivana. I really did not need the name Trump.”

  5. What interesting comments! It is one reason I come here every day, the other is of course the Baron and Dymphna. (PS to you both — as soon as I recover from tuition checks for college-age grandchildren, I will send a check your way — you are both SO worthwhile).

    Crossware, I would love to share some palinka with you — I am familiar with it from my trips to Hungary to visit my family there. Also my mother had a source (or maybe she made it herself, she’s gone so I’ll never know).

    But let’s raise an imaginary glass to both the Donald and Viktor Orban, two strong men who believe in freedom and are determined to protect it. Long may they live (if I could remember Hungarian spelling I would put it in Hungarian, too). It translates roughly to Lord help or save them or something like that — although I really think it means Lord give them long life? You will have to help me out on this one because my Hungarian is really very poor. I haven’t been to Hungary since my husband’s stroke, so I am really out of practice in that beautiful language. Isten eletshen, forgive the spelling in the second word. I know I got Isten right (means Lord or God) right?

    • Maria, it would be presumptious for me to speak for the Baron and Dymphna, but I don’t believe you need to keep apologising for not making a contribution. I have, sadly, no children or grandchildren (and at 68, probably won’t), but living mostly on a UK state pension, and trying to enjoy my retirement, I sometimes struggle to put a few dollars in the tin.

      Best wishes, Mark

  6. Hello. I am American. I spent my early youth in the Warszawa neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. The area is now called Slavic Village. Maybe that’s one reason “common sense” was my highest scoring area on an IQ test. Ha, ha. I am very glad to have discovered your site. I study French and teach English. Thanks for supporting our new president, Donald Trump. I posted 5000 tweets to get him elected. I love Europe, and I want to see it happy and prosperous. Best wishes. Freesia.

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