Juncker: We Will Have to Teach Donald Trump What Europe is All About

The illustrious nattering nabobs who steer the great Titanic known as the European Union have reacted to the election of Donald Trump just as one might have expected. The video below shows the remarks about Mr. Trump made by Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission.

Mr. Juncker, needless to say, has never been elected to any political office except that of Prime Minister of Luxembourg — a world superpower with a population of more than 500,000 people, almost as large as Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   During his campaign Mr Trump said, and I told it to our president,
00:04   that Belgium was a village somewhere in Europe.
00:08   He saw it well from far away, but it doesn’t reflect
00:12   the reality. So we will have to teach
00:16   the president elect what Europe is all about,
00:20   and what its functioning principles are.
00:24   He’s asking questions which,
00:28   to be honest, have poisonous consequences, because they are challenging NATO and therefore
00:36   the model on which European defence is based.
00:40   He has an attitude towards the refugees and
00:45   non-Americans and non-whites, an attitude
00:49   that doesn’t reflect European convictions and feelings.
00:53   For my part I believe
00:57   we’ll have two years of wasted time, until
01:01   Mr. Trump travels around the world that he has no idea about.

36 thoughts on “Juncker: We Will Have to Teach Donald Trump What Europe is All About

  1. I seriously doubt that President-elect The Donald will be losing any sleep over Juncker’s remarks.

  2. When Donald “goes around the world he knows nothing about,” I suggest he takes Juncker for the same reason. Juncker is a spiteful buffoon of the first order.

  3. Europe is “all about” speech suppression, it seems, these days.
    Junker (intentional misspelling) is presumably proud of that.

  4. Dear Jean-Claude,
    I think you are completely wrong, again! One wonders at the talent you have for completely ignoring the very people you supposedly represent and speak for. Remarkable. You see, Monsieur, Mr Trump was elected, by the people, exactly because he does reflect European convictions and feelings. Oh, the European convictions & feelings held by the people, not the top heavy, dead hand that rests like a lead weight over Europe, you know, the poor [guys] that go to work every day, obey the law, treat others with respect, and get blown up, taxed into poverty and then derided for squeaking a complaint about the direction their country and culture is taking against their wishes.
    And that, Sir is why he was elected, he represented the average US citizen, yes… women and African Amercians too. Shock horror! And that, you will never, ever understand.

    • The problem with the EU leaders, is above all, that they are not elected by the people they are ruling over!

  5. What a display of eurokratian arrogance . I would expect Mr. Trump to walk all over your kind . Mr. Juncker , you are no more than the southern end of a northbound horse .

  6. Someone should teach Herr Juncker what europe is all about. He is so out of touch. He lives in his small drunken leftie bubble, that I sense is gonna burst soon.

  7. Yes, Juncker the alcoholic, the one who said “you have to lie when it gets serious” . Meanwhile, not only do we, the European people, have to deal with an illegitimate Brussels EU, but all consequences from Trump polices will eventually filter down to us. Some may be good and some may be bad. We shall see.

    There are also things about Trump I’ve been meaning to bring up and what we don’t know about some people could fill an entire stadium.

    For those who have the time, there is a video (https://youtu.be/fVA92n7Dvsc ) about a Trump project in Scotland they should see, at least the first fifteen minutes of it to get a better picture of the type of person he and his organization represent and that to like this man does require an open mind.

    In a nutshell, the project was announced in 2006, a 2 golf course project in Balmedie near Aberdeen, included a 450 room hotel and holiday apartments – a billion pound investment.

    The project failed all the tests of sustainable development and was predicated on using an irreplaceable and diminishing resource of natural habitat. Although the local council refuse Trump’s application the government of Scotland called it in, that is, gave him the green light to go ahead with the project, because the alleged social-economic benefits. The Trump PR machine put out a lot of claptrap about a hardnose farmer who was only standing up for what was his.

    This is a side of Trump that is kept on the quiet and of course Americans in general could care less what happens on the other side of the Atlantic. Now he is your president. While I believe he is much better than Hillary Clinton, I nevertheless wish you all the very best of luck. My feeling is is that you are all going to be disappointed.

    • Carax-

      Thank you for your thoughts.

      Personally, I am already a bit disappointed with some of Trump’s rumored cabinet selections. The names being tossed around include far too many neo-con Deep State retreads that have been in government since the first Clinton presidency.

      • I wouldn’t pay much attention to the cabinet “mentions” if I were you, if your source is the MSM.

        Here’s the traditional process: Some political hack wants to get into the cabinet. He has one of his aides arrange to have an off-the-record chat with a media reporter. The aide “leaks” the “fact” that the president-elect is considering appointing the hack to be Secretary of Gumbo. The media person dutifully publishes it the “leak” in his political gossip column, and the hack becomes one of the “mentions” for SecGumbo.

        In this way the hack hopes to influence the president-elect’s decision.

        It’s a quadrennial inside-the-beltway ritual in Washington politics.

        • @Baron Bodissey

          I hope you are correct. But I saw something on PressTV, not sure how mainstream they are, if they are psyop, or what, but according to them, the flip-flopping has begun. Trump indicated he was wavering on pursuing legal prosecution of Hillary Clinton who broke laws ordinary citizens would already be in jail for. It was supposed to be one of his campaign promises.

          I don’t believe the American people have had control over their own government, or who gets elected, since November 22, 1963. In Europe the deception of the European people, the loss of control, had already long begun in 1945 or before that. Not only are most of the lies about the EU believed by most of the people, it has since then continued to be a continent occupied with US military garrisons, whose alleged purpose is to protect Europeans from the Russian bogeyman.

          • our national vote was rigged long before 1963. Remember that Joe Kennedy, JFK’s father, bought the Chicago vote. That tampering was obvious but Nixon refused to call for a recount bec he put his country first. He thought that a recall which saw him win and JFK lose would cause a cultural earthquake. Catholics had waited a long time to see one of “theirs” elected.

            For a good look at how vote tampering in England went on in the mid-19th century, read Anthony Trollope. A fascinating account of the mechanics of vote-rigging at the local level after “universal” suffrage became the law of the land (though not for women). I’ll see which of his many novels illustrate how the elites bought the vote in their districts. Both sides were full of dirty tricks all the way down.

            Same here: in rural counties a white man’s vote could be had for some moonshine. In some places (Connecticut) it is -or was – a law that all bars and liquor stores closed on voting day.

            Blacks say they have to be twice as good as a white man in order to get hired. That was once true but it has lessened a great deal in the 21st century. The ones who manage to escape this “plantation thinking” often find themselves shunned. Fortunately, once you leave the resentful, aggrieved group think behind, the shunning seems immaterial – cuz you know at least your momma still loves you every bit as much as she does your drug-dealing little brother serving time for getting caught…

  8. Was this the meeting Boris decided to skip, calling it “whinge O rama”? Seems he was right.

    • Amazing watching these failed idiots play their games of being erudite, pretending it’s fifty years ago, when in reality they are conquered people living in denial.

  9. The Titanic sank because it was built in Belfast, the EU is holed and, please God, will sink next year.

    • You might like to check out the other two ships in that class called the Olympic and the Britannic. Three of them were made, the Titanic was the second one built.

  10. Mr. Juncker, you should visit America before you bloviate about your ignorant opinions about us. We are a nation of immigrants and we mix fairly well together. We have our problems, but they are not nearly as bad as YOURS!

    Take the beam out of your eye before criticizing our great country, which twice saved your sorry butts in two world wars. It almost looks like we may have to do it again although I fervently hope not. You can stew in your muslim-invaded country and try to figure out how to get your nice French food when the muslims demand halal. And then no more French food, it will all be halal crap. Good luck and you will need it.

    I did not mean to insult halal food, just think that it is for muslims only and the French should be free to eat as they wish. My problem with muslims is they don’t understand the principal of “live and let live” and that is my major worry about them. Everywhere they go, they try to impose their ideas instead of living within the country they chose and adopting the principal of live and let live. That seems to be outside their thinking as far as I can see.

    • Ah, Maria_Dee, dead right about moslems, they quickly ruin any and every country they infest, and as you know they have now infested Europe, FGS!

      Btw, you say your problem with moslems is they won’t ‘live and let live’, I would hope that’s not your only beef with islam–personally I have not one single, solitary good thing to say about the murderous, backward, misogynistic, bullying cult!

  11. to set the proper tone of his meeting with juncker, trump should set it up at the ww2 luxemburg american cemetary.

    • There is an anecdote- don’t know if it’s true- that when de Gaulle pulled France out of NATO, he told President Johnson he wanted all US troops off French soil by a particular date; LBJ is said to have replied, “Does that include the ones who are buried in it?”

      This said, de Gaulle was a great French patriot and unfier, and personally courageous; in August 1944, he processed from the Arc de Triomphe to Notre Dame while there were still German snipers in the city.

  12. ” Junker ” refers to a clapped ouit..beat up…barely functioning automobilr ; here in the states. What a great sir name for the man.

  13. Too bad the EU is so Soviet. Otherwise they might have to the accountability mechanisms in place to remove this drunkard.

  14. Juncker “willl have to teach Donald Trump what Europe is all about and what it’s functioning principles are”.

    Not bad, coming from a man whose ‘principles’ are causing Europe to grind to a halt.
    My, but the future looks interesting!

    • Congratulations, Peter! You managed to avoid the odious cliché that pops up here mindlessly:
      “may you live in [ ] times”.

      It used to appear here daily. Now I redact it: middle school children who are home-schooled read some of our posts and the comments. That’s why we redact…there may be other clichés I haven’t thought of, but that one is the very worst. At least it’s the worst of those that don’t rely on four-letter words to RILLY RILLY get their point across.

      • Thanks Lady D, and as for four letter words–Never! One of the many things I like about GoV.

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