Tommy Robinson in Palestina Libre

The photo above was taken yesterday by KGS in an unspecified Arab area of Israel. Among the revolutionary jihad icons on the wall behind Tommy is Leila Khaled, a heroine of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in the 1960s and ’70s.

The PFLP was a Marxist outfit backed by the Soviet Union, so the iconography surrounding it merged Arab nationalist themes with the stylistic elements of traditional Communist propaganda. As I wrote back in 2011, the “Palestina Libre” theme is still perennially popular among socialist revolutionaries, particularly in Latin America.

Here’s another version of the monochrome image of Leila Khaled:

And the image to the right is a copy of the original photo that made her so famous.

I don’t recognize the fellow with the mustache next to Ms. Khaled on that wall. Perhaps someone who is more familiar with the heroes of revolutionary jihad in “Palestine” (or who can read the Arabic caption under his face) will identify him for us.

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  1. I am so sick of these people and I don’t mean Tommy Robinson, I mean that woman with the rifle or gun or whatever it is. I am sick and tired of the middle-east as well. Why are these people seemingly unable to live in peace with anyone? They don’t even live in peace with each other, as I’ve known since the 1960’s when I first started reading the news as a youngster.

    Grow where you’re planted. Live in peace. Be nice to each other. Obviously none of this makes sense to the so-called “peaceful” muslims.

    Oh, well — time to go make supper which includes PORK chops. which is another thing I’ve never understood. I bought a copy of their holy book but have not been able to get very far in it at all. Maybe there are remedial classes available somewhere?

    Never mind. Several religions don’t eat pork and I do not criticize them for that but I do eat pork! I love it because pig meat is the most flavorful of all. . .

      • 1. its copycat from the jewish bible.
        2. The Philistines, who were aegean people, relished pork. Thus the palestinians who took over the name though they are from the Arab peninsula should[not] eat pork, However, they have nothing to do with the old Philistines, they are total invaders to the Holy Land.
        3. Pork is highly likely to harbor an infestation with a worm, which if it hatches insdie the bowel does cause its offspring to mature in the brain. the Scolex is the most common cause of new onset seizures [in people] over 20 years old. Usually from eating undercooked pork in a third world country. Which is probably why the old hebrews forbade it in the first place. Ruminants dont have this worm.

        • Your info on scolex was intriguing enough to look up. Among many sites, I found this good explanation:

          Of course modern beef can have its own problems – e.g., those tapeworms particular to ruminants. Or BSE, which decimated the cattle in the UK in the 80s or so.

          We don’t eat much meat here at Schloss Boddisey, though we eat small amounts every day: everything from occasional organic ground pork when I can find it (for breakfast sausage or Italian meatballs), organic beef, chicken, and lamb; wild caught salmon and whitefish; and wild-caught clams for chowder. I also make a variety of dishes with canned salmon, kippers, etc.

          I love organ meats – “the awful offal” as the B says, or “the nasty bits” as my kids used to call liver, kidneys, and sweet breads. We use only local organic lamb since the others are halal slaughtered.

          Organic is more expensive but since we eat such small amounts of it, I can manage.

    • Conflict is a condition of life. You don’t have to kill an opponent or treat him unjustly, but you have to be willing to back up your own interest with force.

      I’m far happier seeing conflict than surrender.

    • [redacted]

      First of all the Middle East is mostly desert and the people have to travel from green spot to green spot to survive. (Yes, making sure your animals don`t eat all the pasture at one place would help as would having not so many animals or People. But strength is in numbers). Then there is not only one tribe in the area but many and its survival of the stronger one.

      The we have Sykes-Picot. Why do you think the borders of the Middle East (and Africa by the way) look like they have been drawn by a ruler? Because that’s how they were drawn.
      Yes, GB and France knew that certain tribes lived in certain areas but because of geostrategic interests and power politics the borders were drawn not according to those living spaces but right through them.
      Reason: If you have only one tribe in your sphere of influence and they rise up, all in the area are against you. But put 5 different tribes in your sphere of influence (and some of those tribes hate each other with a vengeance!) and you can play them off one against the other. Select the weakest tribe as rulers and support them. Then this tribe will have to kiss your feet because if not you withdraw your support and the other tribes just kill them.

      Because of this the people of the Middle East never made the transition from tribal society to law society. Just look at the Yemen. A short time ago a foreigner was kidnapped and the tribe that captured him was only willing to release him if the ruling tribe would give the kidnapping tribe some concessions.

    • Now now Maria, you should know by now that the fact that ‘racicalised’ Muslims spend most of their time killing other Muslims means that Islam is a religion of peace!

  2. This PFLP terrorist slug, Khaled, is still alive (unfortunately). She’s one of the “glorified” hijackers of TWA Flight 840 in 1969. This has nothing to do with hijabs and pork. She is a terrorist who justifies the slaughter of innocents for her phony, genocidal cause. She is “celebrated” by genocidal maniacs of her ilk.

    • Yes, and she is an atheist. Not sure how well that sits with today’s leadership of Hamas…

  3. The one one the right is Georg Habash, the founder of the PFLP, a leftist terrorist organisation which made waves in the 70ies.

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