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Anti-Trump protests continued across the country today, as angry demonstrators and rioters blocked streets and bridges and marched through city centers. A young lady defecated on a Trump sign while videographers recorded the historic moment. In Portland, one of the protesters blocking a bridge was shot by a passenger in a car. Police are searching for an African-American man who is suspected of carrying out the attack. The victim is recovering in the hospital.

In other news, a Syrian asylum-seeker is being detained in Germany on suspicion of planning an attack on iconic German landmarks as a mujahid for the Islamic State.

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Financial Crisis
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» Anti-Trump Protests: 1 Shot After ‘Confrontation’ In Portland; Marchers Hit NYC, L.A.
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» DNC Staffer Screams at Brazile for Helping Elect Trump
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» Father of Officer Gunned Down in Dallas Sniper Attack Sues Black Lives Matter
» George W. Bush Honors Wounded Warriors by Painting Their Portraits
» Hoax: Hijabbed Student Admits Attack by Two ‘White Male’ Trump Supporters Never Happened
» Insider: Elites Conspiring Against President-Elect Trump
» It Looks Like George Soros is Funding the Trump Protests Just Like He Funded the Ferguson Riots
» ‘It Should be Illegal to Vote for Trump,’ WE Day Rapper Tells 16,000 Kids
» Leonard Cohen: A Final Interview
» Louisiana: Hijab-Wearing Muslima Fabricated Story of Attack by Trump Supporters
» Mom Investigated After Kicking Out Son, 7, For Trump Vote
» Moore: Trump Voters Aren’t Racists, Many Voted for Barack Hussein Obama
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Middle East
» Exclusive: ‘Trump Will Bring an End to Islamic State’s Reign of Terror’ Paul Nuttall Says
» Turks Hold “Anti-Islamophobia” Events in US While Persecuting Christians
» Russia Arrests 10 People on Suspicion of Terrorism
South Asia
» ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Pakistan Bombing
Australia — Pacific
» ‘He Deserves a Full Presidential Pardon’: Pauline Hanson Calls for the Release of ‘Australian Hero’ Julian Assange ‘As Soon as Possible’
» Austria: North African Asylum Seekers Busted With 300,000 Euros of Drugs
» Austria: Syrian Migrant Accused of Multiple Machine Gun Murders
» Canadian Officials Preparing for Potential Flood of Mexican Migrants After Trump Wins Presidency
Culture Wars
» Stockholm Defends ‘Gender-Equal’ Snow-Clearing

Italy: Ex Banca Marche Manager Indicted for Corruption

One of four failed banks rescued last year

(ANSA) — Ancona, November 11 — A judge on Thursday indicted the former manager of one of four banks that went bust last year for corruption. Massimo Bianconi managed Banca Marche until spring 2012. Also indicted were businessmen Vittorio Casale and Davide Degennaro. Trial begins January 18. An investigation is ongoing into a total of 37 suspects in the lender’s bankruptcy. Prosecutors say there was an exchange of favours between Bianconi, Casale and Degennaro over bank financing for their businesses.

Finance police during the investigation seized assets worth 15 million euros, including 20 bank accounts, equity, and homes in Bologna, Parma, and Rome. Among these was a residential building in Rome’s tony Parioli neighborhood, whose ownership had been transferred from one of Casale’s companies to one belonging to Bianconi’s relatives.

The government stepped in to rescue Banca Marche, Banca Etruria, CariChieti and CariFe a year ago, saving jobs and protected account holders but rendering bank equity worthless.

One of Banca Etruria’s former bondholders, Luigi d’Angelo, committed suicide after his life savings went up in smoke. In October, the Bank of Italy-managed Interbank Deposit Guarantee Fund (FITD) announced some 2,000 savers were reimbursed a total of 4.7 million euros after their bonds in the banks became worthless following a bailout. Approximately 95% of the compensation claims were for under 50,000 euros and half of those were for under 10,000 euros, the FITD said.

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American Uprising

Everything is about to change.

by Daniel Greenfield

This wasn’t an election. It was a revolution.

It’s midnight in America. The day before fifty million Americans got up and stood in front of the great iron wheel that had been grinding them down. They stood there even though the media told them it was useless. They took their stand even while all the chattering classes laughed and taunted them.

They were fathers who couldn’t feed their families anymore. They were mothers who couldn’t afford health care. They were workers whose jobs had been sold off to foreign countries. They were sons who didn’t see a future for themselves. They were daughters afraid of being murdered by the “unaccompanied minors” flooding into their towns. They took a deep breath and they stood.

They held up their hands and the great iron wheel stopped.

The Great Blue Wall crumbled. The impossible states fell one by one. Ohio. Wisconsin. Pennsylvania. Iowa. The white working class that had been overlooked and trampled on for so long got to its feet. It rose up against its oppressors and the rest of the nation, from coast to coast, rose up with it.

They fought back against their jobs being shipped overseas while their towns filled with migrants that got everything while they got nothing. They fought back against a system in which they could go to jail for a trifle while the elites could violate the law and still stroll through a presidential election. They fought back against being told that they had to watch what they say. They fought back against being held in contempt because they wanted to work for a living and take care of their families.

They fought and they won…

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Anti-Trump Protests: 1 Shot After ‘Confrontation’ In Portland; Marchers Hit NYC, L.A.

Demonstrators with signs reading “Not my president!” clogged streets in New York City on Saturday during a fourth day of anti-Trump protests nationwide, which included violence in Portland, Oregon, where one person was shot.

A gunman was being hunted following the incident on Portland’s Morrison Bridge after 1 a.m. PT (4 a.m. ET) Saturday. It was unclear whether the shooting was politically motivated.

“Preliminary information indicates that a suspect was in a vehicle on the bridge and there was a confrontation with someone in the protest,” Portland police said in a statement. “The suspect got out of the vehicle and fired multiple shots injuring the victim.”

Authorities said his wounds are not thought to be life-threatening.

The suspect was described as an African-American male in his late teens. He is believed to have fled in a gray or silver sedan…

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Café Targeted by ‘Muslim Privilege’ Complaint Fires Back

A California restaurant targeted by Islamic “lawfare,” the practice of using American law to enforce Muslims’ wishes, is asking a court to order Muslim women who complained of religious discrimination to pay its legal expenses as punishment.

The case developed after managers at the Urth Caffe in Laguna Beach asked the Muslim women to leave because they were causing a disturbance.

They had been asked by restaurant workers to abide by a publicly promoted policy at the restaurant to give up or share popular patio tables after 45 minutes. But they refused and eventually left only after police were called.

The women later obtained a lawyer who claimed they were the subjects of religious discrimination and sued. The restaurant counter-sued for trespass.

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Civil Service Reform Should be Near the Top of Trump’s Agenda

The federal government requires structural reform. Because it is very expensive and time-consuming to fire anyone, bad behavior is not just tolerated but propagated. Civil Service protections originally intended to guard against a politicized bureaucracy have now become guarantors of the high-handedness and lack of accountability we saw with Lois Lerner, now retired with a six-figure pension after pleading the Fifth Amendment.

Government employee unions have become a mainstay of the Democratic Party, with employee dues, harvested from taxpayers via salaries, laundered into the party’s coffers. So the Democrats will fight like hell, up to and including a filibuster, mass demonstrations, and possible violence. Donald Trump will need to persuade the public, and mobilize public opinion against those Democrat senators who resist the reform movement. There are 23 Democrat senators up for re-election in 2018, and some of them must be made to get very nervous.

I would suggest beginning with a bill to fire any federal employee who takes the Fifth Amendment with regard to behavior related to duties in office. The Democrats will cry that the Fifth Amendment is a constitutionally guaranteed right, so no retaliation is possible, of course. But there is a well-known precedent to the contrary: breath or blood tests for drivers suspected of driving under the influence. They retain their right to not incriminate themselves, but in most states they lose their drivers license. That license is not a right. And neither is a federal job.

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DNC Staffer Screams at Brazile for Helping Elect Trump

(Huffington Post) On Thursday, Democratic Party officials held their first staff meeting since Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss to Donald Trump in the presidential race. It didn’t go well.

Donna Brazile, the interim leader of the Democratic National Committee, was giving what one attendee described as “a rip-roaring speech” to about 150 employees, about the need to have hope for wins going forward, when a staffer identified only as Zach stood up with a question.

“Why should we trust you as chair to lead us through this?” he asked, according to two people in the room. “You backed a flawed candidate, and your friend [former DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz] plotted through this to support your own gain and yourself.”

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Election Day’s Biggest Losers #1 — Barack Obama, The Progressive Movement

There is simply no way to overstate the destruction that Election Day has wrought upon the legacy of Barack Obama. Every single one of his ideals, everything he worked to achieve — ObamaCare, unilateral immigration actions, weird bathroom rooms, bad deals with Iran, overreaching gun control, etc. — were dealt a catastrophic blow on Tuesday night.

Hillary was to be the guarantor of the last 8 years. What he did, she would expand and protect. Where he stumbled, she would pick up the banner and carry on. The entire success or failure of the previous administration came down to Mrs. Clinton being Obama’s successor. …And she blew it.

Barack Obama’s legacy is now the presidency of Donald Trump.

Don’t believe me? Here’s what Barack Obama said at the Congressional Black Caucus dinner in September:

[Comment: Part one of five part series. Links to other articles in the series at end of article.]

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Father of Officer Gunned Down in Dallas Sniper Attack Sues Black Lives Matter

The father of one of the five police officers killed July 7 in a sniper attack in Dallas charges in a federal lawsuit that Black Lives Matter incited a “war on police” that led to his son’s death.

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that the Enrique Zamarripa’s lawsuit was filed Monday in the Northern District of Texas and seeks $550 million in damages on behalf of his son, Dallas Police Officer Patrict Zamarripa.

“While Defendant Black Lives Matter claims to combat anti-black racism, the movement has in fact incited and committed further violence, severe bodily injury and death against police officers of all races and ethnicities, Jews, and Caucasians,” the lawsuit says, according to the paper, adding that “defendant Black Lives Matter is in fact a violent and revolutionary criminal gang,” the lawsuit says, according to the paper.

Patrick Zamarripa, 32, and the other officers — Brent Thompson, Michael Krol, Mike Smith and Lorne Ahrens — were killed as they guarded a march protesting recent shootings of blacks by police officers.

Authorities said the gunman Micah Johnson “wanted to kill white people,” especially white officers.

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George W. Bush Honors Wounded Warriors by Painting Their Portraits

Former President George W. Bush is honoring wounded warriors by painting their portraits.

“Over the past several months, I’ve painted the portraits of 98 wounded warriors I’ve gotten to know — remarkable men and women who were injured carrying out my orders,” he wrote on Facebook on Veterans Day. “I think about them on #VeteransDay and every day.”

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Hoax: Hijabbed Student Admits Attack by Two ‘White Male’ Trump Supporters Never Happened

“The female complainant admitted that she fabricated the story.”

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Insider: Elites Conspiring Against President-Elect Trump

Paul Ryan in coup, says insider

The Clintons, the #NeverTrump GOP faction and their minions aren’t going to relinquish their power and exit the political underworld so easily, says Clinton insider Larry Nichols.

“You’ve got to remember, they’ve made large promises to people that have put billions of dollars into that Foundation — they can’t walk away from that, — so no, it’s not over.”

Hillary didn’t make her concession speech on election night because she was coordinating with Obama to ensure that she and the Clinton Foundation would be protected with presidential pardons, Nichols said.

“She was checking on Obama, checking to make sure that everything was in place, since they were having to face defeat, making sure that he had her covered with a pardon, making sure that the Clinton Foundation was covered with a pardon,” he continued.

Nichols warned that there’s two other factors that concern him going forward with a Trump presidency: Paul Ryan and a hostile Congress.

“Number one, Paul Ryan,” Nichols said. “Paul Ryan has already said that if Donald Trump tries to build that wall, he has a lawsuit waiting — already got it prepared, a lawsuit to stop him.”

Despite being a Republican majority, Congress will likely block any executive orders Trump may issue to strip away Obama’s previous executive actions, Nichols noted.

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It Looks Like George Soros is Funding the Trump Protests Just Like He Funded the Ferguson Riots

Paid instigators are making an already bad situation much much worse.

As riots and protests rage through the streets of America, the question has to be asked:

Does someone behind the scenes want to see civil war in the United States?

The answer is almost certainly yes.

And it isn’t likely to settle down anytime in the next few days. (If you aren’t prepped for this, go here to learn how to stay safe.)

Just a little background: this has been going on since the midst of the campaign when actors were hired on Craigslist and trained to disrupt rallies…

An eyewitness in Austin, Texas spotted protesters being transported by chartered coach buses.

Why would anyone want to cause all this trouble?

That’s where the web gets tangled. It certainly seems counterproductive to set fire to America. After all, what these people are doing is likely to end up with more tyranny — like martial law, for example.


That’s precisely the plan.

Back in August, hackers from a group called DC Leaks got into the private documents of the Open Society, an organization founded by George Soros. Soros, whom DC Leaks referred to as “the architect and sponsor of almost every revolution and coup around the world for the last 25 years” is a pro-globalist billionaire who has been trying to take over the world via shadow government for decades.

Zero Hedge reported on the findings in the Soros leak:

[Comment: Highly recommended reading. Soros is an enemy of the Republic of the USA. His assets in the US should be seized and frozen and an arrest warrant should be issued — at the least he should be extradited to Russia. If any other person did what he does to destabilize and terrorize America (under the guise of financing human rights groups) that person would be rotting in jail.]

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‘It Should be Illegal to Vote for Trump,’ WE Day Rapper Tells 16,000 Kids

OTTAWA, November 10, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Canadian rapper “Classified” told the 16,000 students attending WE Day in Ottawa that “it should be illegal to vote for Trump” — a statement that drew enthusiastic cheers from the waving teens and ‘tweens who packed Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre.

But as Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition points out, the implicit message is that it would have been better to vote for abortion extremist Hillary Clinton.

Abortion extremist Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also spoke at the Ottawa WE Day, his second appearance in as many years. Despite telling the youths at WE Day 2015 that what people say “matters deeply,” Trudeau has banned anyone with pro-life convictions from running as a candidate for the Liberal Party and refuses to allow Liberal MPs vote their conscience on life issues.

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Leonard Cohen: A Final Interview

Leonard Cohen, who died this week, was one of our greatest songwriters—Bob Dylan told Cohen that he considered him his nearest rival—and is a figure of almost cult-like devotion among fans. He began as a poet in the vein of Allen Ginsberg and Frank O’Hara before releasing his first album, in 1967. Suffering from terrible anxiety, not much tamed by alcohol and drugs, he conquered his fear of performing onstage after decades of Zen practice.

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Louisiana: Hijab-Wearing Muslima Fabricated Story of Attack by Trump Supporters

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) — A University of Louisiana Lafayette student who said she was physically attacked and robbed of her wallet and hijab made up the story, according to the Lafayette Police Department.

Public Information Officer Karl Ratcliff said police are charging the 18-year-old student with filing a false police report.

The young woman filed a police report Wednesday claiming two white males approached her near the campus, in the 100 block of Smith Street, around 11 a.m.

She also claimed one of the males was wearing a “Trump” hat and they both yelled racial obscenities at her, police said.

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Mom Investigated After Kicking Out Son, 7, For Trump Vote

Child cast his ballot during school mock election

(Houston Chronicle) A Houston-area mother is facing an investigation after posting a hugely controversial video on Facebook.

The outrage surrounding the video showing her kicking her 7-year-old son out of the house for voting for Trump in his school’s mock election has led to it being shared thousands of times across several social media platforms.

Since you voted for Donald Trump, you can get you s*** and get out,” says the mother at the beginning of the video. When the boy starts to cry, she just says “uh-uh, the suitcase is packed by the door,” and hands him a sign that said “my mom kicked me out because I voted for Donald Trump.”

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Moore: Trump Voters Aren’t Racists, Many Voted for Barack Hussein Obama

Filmmaker Michael Moore pushed back today against the notion that Americans who voted for Donald Trump did so based on racism.

Moore, who warned fellow liberals that Trump was going to win the election, said Trump voters were motivated by economic pain and lost jobs more than anything else.

“You have to accept that millions of people who voted for Barack Obama — some of them once, some of them twice — changed their minds this time. They’re not racists. They twice voted for a man whose middle name is Hussein. That’s the America we live in,” said Moore, explaining that younger white voters turned out in record numbers for Barack Obama.

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North Carolina State University Gives Students Post-Election Coping Resources

Activists have taken to the streets to protest the elected Republican candidate, Donald Trump, in exhibits that can only be described as temper tantrums, many of which have become violent. But rather than repudiate the behavior of these protesters and dispute any contention that the election was anything but fair (let’s pretend for a moment that the mainstream media was unbiased in its campaign coverage), North Carolina State University has fed into the notion that its students were somehow wronged by the election outcome and are providing them with “comfort” foods and safe spaces.

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Officials: 150 US Border Agents Being Sent to South Texas

EDINBURG, Texas — Federal officials say 150 Border Patrol agents will be deployed to South Texas from Arizona, California and elsewhere to help process a spike in immigrants who have been apprehended after illegally entering the U.S.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement Saturday that agents from Tucson, Arizona, and San Diego will be temporarily reassigned to the Rio Grande Valley. Agents working another portion of the Texas border will join them.

The additional agents will assist with screening and processing immigrants taken into custody along the border, many of whom are unaccompanied children and families.

Leaders in the city of McAllen said they’re struggling to provide services and noted that October was the busiest month for a church support center since 2014 with more than 5,600 immigrants offered assistance.

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Police Say They Shot Man in PA. Mental Health Facility to Save His Bleeding Victims

Police officers shot an armed man inside a mental health facility after he stabbed several people and put down his knife but refused to drop his gun while his victims were bleeding badly, authorities said.

Seven people were taken to hospitals, including the man and at least four stabbing victims, Allegheny County spokeswoman Amie Downs said. It was unclear if any injuries were life-threatening after the Friday afternoon attack at Turtle Creek Valley Mental Health/Mental Retardation in Homestead, just southeast of Pittsburgh.

Police implored 38-year-old Dustin Johnson to drop his gun or be shot based on texts from inside that the victims were bleeding profusely and needed help, Downs said. Johnson dropped his knife but not the gun before he was shot, she said.

Employee C.J. Fulton told WTAE-TV that the man complained that a stay at the facility had “ruined” his life…

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Scenes From the Liberal Meltdown

Days after Donald Trump stunned the world by winning the presidency, liberal America remains in the throes of a massive mental and emotional meltdown.

Anti-Trump protests have spread to more cities and continue to turn violent. In Portland Thursday night, rioters stoned police and vandalized businesses and cars.

Anyone expressing support for Trump has become the target of unrestrained venom: There are calls to boycott New Balance — its sneakers have been publicly burned — because an official said Trump would be better on trade issues.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Grubhub, the online food-delivery service, demanded that employees who agree with Trump resign, because “you have no place here.” (He had to retreat: His lawyers read him the First Amendment and noted that political discrimination also violates California law.)

This is just vicious stuff. But for pure pathos crossing into the absurd, we turn (as usual) to the college campus. Consider:…

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Stun Grenades, Rubber Bullets Deployed in Portland After Anti-Trump Protest Devolves Into “Riot”

According to Wilamette Week, Portland Police have deployed stun grenades and rubber bullets on protesters near Pioneer Courthouse late tonight, after anarchists smashed the windows of shops in downtown and the Pearl District.

The use of so called “flashbangs”-loud explosive devices designed to stun and disperse crowds-came near midnight, and police said they were deployed as protesters threw projectiles at officers.

Police deploy stun grenades as anarchy overtakes Portland’s anti-Trump protests. Photos by @chrisonstott.

– — Aaron Mesh (@AaronMesh) November 11, 2016

At least one reporter, with WW’s news partner KATU-TV, was hit by a rubber bullet, apparently fired by riot police.

Around 4,000 people started their protest at Pioneer Courthouse Square and moved to northeast Portland, according to The Oregonian daily. Police on Twitter wrote that protesters were preparing “gas and flares” and were “arming themselves with rocks from construction site.”

Police have deployed less lethal munitions such as OC spray and vapor (pepper spray), rubber ball distraction devices, rubber baton rounds.

– — Portland Police (@PortlandPolice) November 11, 2016

The demonstration blocked traffic in the city as protesters moved across other major roadways, local media reported.

“Crowd throwing projectiles at police. Significant damage to area car lot,” police said.

Portland Police deploy smoke grenades after ordering protesters to continue moving

– — arturodetexas (@arturodetexas) November 11, 2016

Portland police called the protest “a riot,” citing its “extensive criminal and dangerous behavior.”

Police in Portland, Oregon, declare anti-Trump protest a riot amid “reports of attacks on drivers and vandalism.”

– — ABC News (@ABC) November 11, 2016

At least 19 cars at Toyota of Portland were vandalized, a sales manager told the paper. Later police reported of new cases of vandalism in the city. Photos on social media showed the smashed windows of local shops.

Portland activist Greg McKelvey said Thursday that several human rights groups in the city would be working together under the new name, Portland’s Resistance.

“In order to survive President Trump there needs to be a strong resistance. Our group believes that Portland has an opportunity to become a beacon of light for the rest of the nation,” McKelvey wrote in a press release on Facebook. The group has scooped over 3,000 likes so far.

[Comment: Soros paid agitators, communist and usefl idiots gather together. Notice their age — products of the communist indoctrination centers aka universities. Let me guess they’ll make a flag and it will contain a clenched fist. Communists become positively rabid when people stand against them. This really is some sort of psychosis.]

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Thanks to Trump, America Dodged the Bullet

It may well be true that Donald Trump has made his greatest contribution to the nation before even taking office: the political destruction of Hillary Clinton and her infinitely corrupt machine.

It’s difficult to grasp how much damage Clinton and her cronies would have inflicted on this country had she been elected. Hyperbole of this type has become a commonplace in political rhetoric in recent years — we hear every day that Obama “destroyed the country,” when in fact Tuesday’s results demonstrated exactly the opposite. But Hillary Clinton is something else — a kind of human focus of corruption and vileness not often encountered outside of fiction. Four years of Clinton in office would have left the United States in a condition of degradation unseen since the collapse of the Italian republics of the Renaissance.

AT readers don’t need any recital of Clinton’s crimes, nor do we have the space for them. A complete recitation from Rose Law Firm to Whitewater to Benghazi would require the wordage of many articles of this length. We need but mention the two that happen to bookend her career: that she helped free the rapist of a child and then laughed about it, and that she stole relief funds from the very wretched of the earth — the poor of Haiti.

It is not going too far to state that there is scarcely a single genuine act of magnanimity, of kindness, or of simple decency in Hillary Clinton’s record.

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The Unbearable Lightness of Anti-Trump Hysterics

Donald Trump’s victory on November 8 was a shock to liberals all over the country, all over the world. So confident of their own brilliance, superiority and their own rightness in all things, his win was a major shock to their tender but blinkered sensibilities. It had apparently not occurred to them that he could actually win. So out of touch with the American people outside of their personal space, they were completely taken by surprise by his electoral success.

Hillary and her inner circle were shocked as well. It never occurred to them that her many crimes, her foundation schemes to enrich herself, her lifetime of lying and her carelessness about national security would filter down to voters. They assumed regular people, those stupid people Jonathan Gruber counted on to accept the nonsense that is Obamacare, would not know about or read the thousands of leaked Podesta emails that expose the totally self-serving nature of the Clintons and their staff. The emails prove that they care nothing about the country, the shrinking middle class, ISIS, or Iran’s nuclear ambitions. They care only about winning, keeping power and staying rich. Liberals routinely and mistakenly view the American people as beneath them, as ignorant. To their great shock, the deplorables are more informed than Clinton and the DNC ever thought possible.

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Thousands March in Anti-Trump Protests in Downtown Chicago for 4th Day

Carrying signs and chanting, “Not my president,” thousands of people marched through the streets of downtown Chicago on Saturday to protest President-elect Donald Trump.

On the fourth day of demonstrations since the Tuesday election, protesters walked shoulder to shoulder down the Magnificent Mile to Millennium Park, pausing outside the Trump Tower along the Chicago River where police set up barricades to keep them from getting close.

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Trump Plan Calls for Nationwide Concealed Carry and an End to Gun Bans

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump — who said he has a concealed carry permit — called for the expansion of gun rights Friday, including making those permits applicable nationwide.

In a position paper published on his website Friday afternoon, Trump called for the elimination of gun and magazine bans, labeling them a “total failure.”

“Law-abiding people should be allowed to own the firearm of their choice. The government has no business dictating what types of firearms good, honest people are allowed to own,” Trump wrote.

It’s not a departure from what he’s said on the trail this year, though it does mark a shift from a position he took in his 2000 book “The America We Deserve,” where Trump stated that he generally opposes gun control but that he supported a ban on assault weapons and a longer waiting period to get a gun.

“Opponents of gun rights try to come up with scary sounding phrases like ‘assault weapons’, ‘military-style weapons’ and ‘high capacity magazines’ to confuse people,” Trump wrote Friday. “What they’re really talking about are popular semi-automatic rifles and standard magazines that are owned by tens of millions of Americans.”

Trump said in the paper he has a concealed carry permit. The permits, which are issued by states, should be valid nationwide like a driver’s license, Trump said.

“If we can do that for driving — which is a privilege, not a right — then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege,” Trump said…

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Trump’s Data Team Saw a Different America-and They Were Right

The president-elect’s analysts picked up disturbances others weren’t seeing-the beginning of the storm that would deliver Trump to the White House.

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Trump Reveals Policy Goals: “Building That Wall”, End “War on Coal”, Repeal ObamaCare, Dismantle Dodd-Frank

On his transition website, the Trump team has laid out the framework of his initial policies with policies focused i) on American Security including as Defense and National security, Immigration Reform and Building That Wall, and Energy Independence; ii) Getting America Back to Work Again including Tax Reform; Regulatory Reform; Trade Reform; Education; Transportation & Infrastructure and Financial Services Reform; and iii) Government for the people including Healthcare Reform (Obamacare), Veterans Administration Reform and Protecting Americans’ Constitutional Rights.

The key highlights include:

overhaul in immigration policies, including “Building that Wall” , the Trump transition team will “execute on the following ten-point plan to restore integrity to our immigration system, protect our communities, and put America first” — i) Build a Wall on the Southern Border; ii) End Catch-and-Release; iii) Zero Tolerance for Criminal Aliens; iv) Block Funding for Sanctuary Cities; v) Cancel Unconstitutional Executive Orders & Enforce All Immigration Laws; vi) Suspend the Issuance of Visas to Any Place Where Adequate Screening Cannot Occur; vii) Ensure that Other Countries Take Their People Back When We Order Them Deported; viii) Finally Complete the Biometric Entry-Exit Visa Tracking System; ix) Turn Off the Jobs and Benefits Magnet promoting a strong, robust military force to defend against the “threat posed to our nation and our allies by radical ideologies that direct and inspire terrorism.” The administration will push for immediate and sustainable actions to counter the threats posed by radical ideologies; will address the “catastrophic threats posed by nuclear weapons and cyber attacks” and will “ensure our strategic nuclear triad is modernized to ensure it continues to be an effective deterrent, and his Administration will review and minimize our nation’s infrastructure vulnerabilities to cyber threats.” dismantling and replacing of the Dodd-Frank Act financial-sector law with pro-growth policies. This means that banks will be allowed to not only engage in prop trading again, but to invest directly in hedge funds. “The Dodd-Frank economy does not work for working people. Bureaucratic red tape and Washington mandates are not the answer,” says statement on Trump’s official transition website. changing the tax code: policies since President Obama took office “have been blocked in one way or another” by Democratic opposition, the transition website says in section outlining “tax reform/economic vision.” It adds that “a Trump administration tax plan can be summarized as lower, simpler, fairer, and pro-growth.” as the website summarizes “a Trump Administration tax plan can be summarized as lower, simpler, fairer, and pro-growth.”

fixing education: Trump will advance policies to support learning-and-earning opportunities at the state and local levels for approximately 70 million school-age students, 20 million post-secondary students, and 150 million working adults, To achieve this, Trump will promote high-quality early childhood, magnet, STEAM or theme-based programs; expansion of choice through charters, vouchers, and teacher-driven learning models; and relief from U.S. Department of Education regulations that inhibit innovation. restructuring US energy policies including ending the “war on coal”: “make full use” of both renewable and tradition energy sources. “America will unleash an energy revolution that will transform us into a net energy exporter, leading to the creation of millions of new jobs, while protecting the country’s most valuable resources — our clean air, clean water, and natural habitats,” the website says. “The Trump administration is firmly committed to conserving our wonderful natural resources and beautiful natural habitats.” The transition team also vows to open onshore and offshore leasing for federal land and waters for fossil fuel producers, streamline energy permitting, end “war on coal.” The site also pledges “top-down review of all anti-coal regulations issued by the Obama administration.” “Repeal Obamacare” — the Trump administration will work with Congress to repeal Affordable Care Act with replacement that “returns the historic role in regulating health insurance to the states,” according to transition plan released Thursday. Replacement would include promotion of Health Savings Accounts and option to buy insurance across states lines. The transition team also says it will act to “protect innocent human life from conception to natural death, including the most defenseless and those Americans with disabilities” and “modernize Medicare, so that it will be ready for the challenges with the coming retirement of the Baby Boom generation — and beyond.” protect Americans’ constitutional rights: the Trump administration will veto legislation that exceeds Congressional authority, take actions as Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief that are consistent with his constitutional role, and nominate Judges and Supreme Court Justices who are committed to interpreting the Constitution and laws according to their original public meaning. Trump says “he will defend Americans’ fundamental rights to free speech, religious liberty, keeping and bearing arms, and all other rights guaranteed to them in the Bill of Rights and other constitutional provisions.” He hopes to minimize the role of government including the “Tenth Amendment guarantee that many areas of governance are left to the people and the States, and are not the role of the federal government to fulfill.”

The full breakdown can be found here.

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Trump Could Pull Out of Global Climate Accord in a Year: Lawyers

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump could use legal short-cuts to pull out of a global agreement for fighting climate change within a year, keeping a campaign promise and by-passing a theoretical four-year wait, lawyers say.

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What a Difference Eight Years Makes

In November of 2008, the world of conservatism was rocked by the overwhelming victory of Barack Obama as the nation’s 44th President.

In that election, Obama was not bashful about his plans. He was the epitome of a liberal, calling for government action on healthcare, the environment, and the economy. Conservatives were reeling as the unsuccessful George W. Bush administration mercifully came to an end.

However, they were also upset that the 2008 GOP presidential nominee Senator John McCain ran such an ineffective campaign. Only the spirited efforts of the dynamic vice presidential nominee, Governor Sarah Palin, gave conservatives any hope about the future.

At that time, the Congress was controlled by Democrats and the Republican President, George W. Bush, was leaving office during an ongoing war in Iraq and Afghanistan and record deficits. In addition, there was a serious financial crisis that almost destroyed the country’s economy. To fix the problem, the GOP administration advocated massive government bailouts to selected industries, such as automobile manufacturers, that was the antithesis of free market economics.

Not surprisingly, Obama won the election handily. Despite the doom and gloom, conservatives did not riot or destroy property and they certainly did not threaten the new President of the United States. Obama was given respect as our new President, even though conservatives totally disagreed with his very liberal agenda.

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What? Clinton Camp Says Media Bias Caused Loss

Leftists blame everyone but themselves for embarrassing Clinton loss

In a totally delusional move, folks in Clinton’s campaign are accusing the media of being biased against Hillary Clinton thus costing her the election.

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Canada Bans Islamophobia … and That’s Just the Start

‘We need to get policy makers to do something … so condemnation is followed by comprehensive policies’

The proposal came from Samer Majzoub, the president of the Canadian Muslim Forum, Bergman reported.

“While a motion will have no legal effect unless it is passed as a bill, the symbolic effect of the Canadian parliament unanimously condemning ‘ all forms of Islamophobia,’ without making the slightest attempt at defining what is meant by ‘ Islamophobia,’ can only be described, at best, as alarming,” she wrote.

“What exactly are they condemning? Criticism of Islam? Criticism of Muslims? Debating Mohammed? Depicting Mohammed? Discussing whether ISIS is a true manifestation of Islam? Is any Canadian who now writes critically of Islam or disagrees with the petitioners that ISIS ‘ does not reflect in any way the values or the teachings of the religion of Islam’ now to be considered an ‘ Islamophobe’ ?”

It’ s still not too late to rescue the nation. Read Pamea Geller’ s classic: “ Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance”

The motion in parliament was carried by Thomas Mulcair, the head of the New Democratic Party.

[Comment: NDP platform is pretty much the same as the Communist Party platform. The Liberals are one micron to the right of the NDP.]

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Real Threat to Ontario’s Economy Isn’t a President Trump

Following the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of our southern neighbour, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne commented that she was “shocked” by the result, and that the election of Trump could be a “danger to the economy of both of our countries.”

It’s true — Ontario’s economy is about to get even less competitive. But don’t blame the new president-elect of the United States. Responsibility for Ontario’s economic decline lays squarely at the feet of the Ontario government.

The premier whose government ran nine consecutive deficits and doubled the debt in as many years is saying the threat to the province’s economy is a man who has never held elected office.

The reality is that Ontario’s economy is not threatened — it’s under full-fledged attack by its own government.

The cap-and-trade tax taking effect on Jan. 1 will tax companies based on their emissions. From bottling and packaging plants to the auto and gas sectors, companies will be forced by the government to buy carbon credits if they want to continue building things and employing workers.

A report by Stikeman Elliott estimates that the policy will cost small manufacturers $136,000 in the first year. And by 2030, the tax will cost each large participant at least $2 million. The cost will rise so significantly because the government expects carbon credits to increase in price by 428% from $18 per ton to $95 per ton.

For Wynne to suggest that Ontario’s loss of competitiveness is being threatened by Trump is doubly ludicrous given that manufacturers have warned her government that they will relocate outside Ontario because of cap-and-trade.

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Unexploded Nuclear Bomb Found Off Canadian Coast

A commercial American diver, who went underwater to study sea cucumbers, looks to have discovered an unexploded nuclear weapon off the coast of Canada, close to the border it shares with Alaska.

It is believed that the nuke is from a B-36 bomber that crashed in the area in 1950.

Sean Smyrichinsky, the diver who stumbled on the wreckage, who was told by a friend who lives the local area about the crash. The man joked that he may have stumbled across the wreckage, which has been a mystery for the past 60 years.

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Amazon Delivery Drivers Are Forced to Poo in a Bag Because They Work 11-Hour Shifts Without Time to Take Breaks, Documentary Reveals

Amazon delivery drivers are under such pressure to meet deadlines on their 11-hour shifts that they have no time for toilet breaks — and use bottles or plastic bags in their vans as emergency lavatories, according to a BBC investigation.

A reporter from the Corporation got a job with a firm called AHC Services, one of a number of agencies which provides drivers for Amazon Logistics in southern England.

In a two-week stint based around the Amazon depot in Avonmouth, Bristol, the investigator said fellow drivers told him they were expected to deliver as many as 200 parcels per day, for which they were paid £110.

His new co-workers admitted they had to ‘defecate in bags’ and ‘urinate in bottles’ because they didn’t have enough time for toilet breaks.

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BBC Editor Defends Decision to Air Interview With Marine Le Pen on Andrew Marr Show Amid Furious Row

BBC executives have defended the decision to air an interview with French far-right leader Marine Le Pen on Remembrance Sunday following an angry backlash on social media.

Critics hit out at the corporation accusing it of giving a “platform for fascism” and branded the timing “inappropriate” after it emerged the National Front leader would appear during a pre-recorded interview.

But the BBC has dismissed the outrage, claiming the controversial politician is a “serious contender” for the French presidency.

[Comment I’m glad that the BBC didn’t cave in to Political Correctness this time.]

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Berlin ISIS Suspect ‘Spied on Brandenburg Gate for Attack’

A 19-year-old Isis suspect was spying major Berlin landmarks as targets for attack, according to a court document released on Thursday.

A 19-year-old Syrian man, currently under arrest, spied on the Brandenburg Gate, the German parliament (Bundestag) building and Alexanderplatz with Berlin’s iconic TV Tower, according to a document published on Thursday by Germany’s highest court, the Federal Court of Justice (BGH)

The court had released the document to announce a decision to extend an investigation into the man by three months.

According to the document, the suspect had fallen in with Isis in 2013 and undergone military training with them.

In 2015 he travelled to Germany with his brother-in-law at the behest of his parents and arrived in August of that year as an asylum seeker. He stayed in touch with Isis through his smartphone, the court document says.

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European Union Accepts the End of the TTIP Deal With President-Elect Trump

President-elect Donald Trump’s move to the White House has completely ended any EU/U.S. trade talks regarding the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investors Partnership, the European Union said on Friday.

From mass protests in Germany to huge online petitions, TTIP was believed by those on the left and right to be a “corporate stitch-up” deal.

[Comment: Already a blow against the Globalists.]

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France’s Le Pen Rises After Trump Win

France’s anti-establishment and anti-Europe party leader Marine Le Pen congratulated U.S. President-elect Donald Trump and said his victory is a harbinger of what could happen in her own country.

“The election of Donald Trump is good news for our country,” the presidential candidate and National Front leader said in a televised statement Wednesday at the party headquarters near Paris. “Lets trust the French people, who cherish their liberty, will see this as one more opportunity to break with the current system that’s shackling them,” she said, beaming through her nearly five-minute speech. The changes wrought by voters in the U.S. and the U.K. “are burying the old world,” she said.

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Hillary Clinton Would Have Caused WW3 — Not Trump, Says Former German Politician

Politicians and pollsters around the world were shocked by Trump’s historic victory in the US presidential election on Tuesday.

The Republican secured 290 votes from the electoral college — meaning he also secured the White House — depsite losing the popular vote by an estimated two million.

However according to Willy Wimmer, former Parliamentary State Secretary in the German Defense Ministry, the world could have dodged a bullet by electing Trump instead of a woman with far more experince in politics.

He claims with Hillary Clinton as president, a third world war would have been just around the corner — whereas Trump will prevent one…

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Italy: Renzi Speaks to Trump, Stresses Strategic Alliance

Italian premier said he wanted Clinton to win during campaign

(ANSA) — Rome, November 10 — Italian Premier Matteo Renzi spoke to United States president-elect Donald Trump on the telephone late on Thursday and congratulated him on his election victory.

“During the conversation, the premier reiterated the strategic importance of the alliance between Italy and the United States and the willingness to work to together in view of the 2017 G7,” Renzi’s office said in a statement.

The next G7 summit will be held in Taormina, Sicily, Italy, in May.

Renzi backed Trump’s Democratic rival Hillary Clinton during the election campaign while stressing that he would work with whoever won.

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Italy: Antitrust Fines Nine Modeling Agencies

Total of 4.5 million euros for ‘anti-competitive behavior’

(ANSA) — Rome, November 11 — Italy’s Antitrust Authority said Friday it has sanctioned nine top modeling agencies and ASSEM modeling agency association a total of 4.5 million euros.

The authority said it found an anti-competitive agreement in violation of EU anti-trust regulations between ASSEM and Brave Models Srl, D’Management Group Srl, Elite Model Management Srl, Enjoy Srl (presently in liquidation), Img Italy Srl, Major Model Management Srl, Next Italy Srl, Why Not Srl, and Women Models Spa. Img Italy has adhered to the authority’s leniency program and is immune from sanctions.

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Muslims in Italy: ‘Give us Back Our Mosques or We Will Pray to Allah in the Vatican’

Despite a major Muslim protest at the Colosseum against the closure of illegal mosques, Rome police have continued shutting down so-called “garage mosques,” and now Muslims are threatening to invade Saint Peter’s Basilica to pray there.

This week, authorities closed down another makeshift mosque in Rome for failure to meet building norms and for non-compliance with safety standards, the sixth such mosque-closing in the last months.

In response, Muslims in Rome have threatened to invade the Vatican to pray in Saint Peter’s Basilica, which Italian media are calling Islamic “blackmail.”

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Shame on Sharia: Women Beaten: Robbed and Raped. A Chilling Expose of How British Females Are Being Sentenced to Lives of Misery by Muslim Courts

As a young British-Pakistani woman, Lubna faced an agonising decision. She was brought up a devout Muslim in a prosperous middle-class family in the north of England, but her arranged marriage to the father of her two children was a disaster.

He was both sexually abusive and physically violent; he and members of his family regularly beat up Lubna.

When he suddenly disappeared to pursue a new life in America with a new woman, she was left to work night and day to support his elderly parents until they threw her out of their house.

Lubna moved to London to rebuild her life. She studied for a university degree, and with the support of her family, began civil proceedings to divorce her husband.

Unlike her terrifying marriage, the process was largely pain-free. Thanks to a restraining order, her furious husband — who returned to contest the divorce — was banned from approaching her.

The court granted her custody of their children and successfully hid her address from him for fear of reprisals. But after she was persuaded to obtain an Islamic divorce in the sharia court, her true nightmare began.

First, the clerics tried to persuade her to attempt a reconciliation with her abusive husband. Then, after they disclosed her address, he threatened to kill her, kidnapped her children, and subjected her to an horrific rape that left her needing an abortion…

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Silent Fans Remember Victims of Paris Attacks 1 Year on

Soccer fans at Stade de France have observed a minute’s silence one year after the Paris attacks.

Friday’s poignant silence before the World Cup qualifier between France and Sweden remembered victims of the attacks on Nov. 13 last year, which saw 130 people killed and hundreds more injured.

The night of terror began when three suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the Stade de France, where France was playing Germany in a friendly match. One passerby was killed. At least one of the bombers tried to enter the stadium but was foiled by security guards.

Security measures were the same Friday as they have been since the attacks, with spectators patted down and their bags searched twice — once near to the stadium and the second time close to the entry gates.

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SNP Ministers Hit With £500k in Legal Fees as ‘Named Person’ Scheme Deemed Illegal

SNP ministers have been ordered to pay around £500,000 in legal fees after seeing their illegal Named Person scheme defeated at the UK’s highest court.

Five judges at the Supreme Court blocked the Scottish Government’s attempt to roll out the controversial state guardian scheme earlier this year, ruling the intrusive legislation breached human rights laws.

Despite the humiliating defeat, defiant SNP ministers declared victory and vowed to make changes to allow its contentious flagship policy to proceed…

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Swedish TV Chef Brutally Beaten by “Muslim Men” Because He “Looked Like Mr. Trump

Anders Vendel, a famous chef, restaurant owner and TV star from Malmö, Sweden, was savagely beaten by three “Muslim” men because they thought he loooked like “Mr. Trump”, Sydsvenskan reports.

In a Facebook post that was later removed, Mr. Vendel — who is a known anti-Racist figure and a star of the TV show “The Struggle of the Chefs”— described the brutal assault that took place early Saturday morning in a late-night fast food restaurant in Malmö.

“I am in the emergency room as of a couple of hours ago awaiting X-rays. I was beaten up by three Muslim men between the ages of 25-35. They thought I bore a resemblance to Mr. Trump.”

“Two of the men grabbed my arms from behind and the third one started punching me all over the face. I tried to defend myself with my legs. After about 20 fists to my face, I fell down to the floor. All three then started kicking me as much as they could in my face and head. I now have a broken nose, bumps, a clogged eye, mouth, lips and jaw. Even a broken right thumb,” he continued.

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UK: More Than 80 MPs Plot to Hold a Vote Calling for a Second EU Referendum

A coalition of more than 80 Parliamentarians, led by Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron, is planning to force a vote on sending voters back to the polls as a condition of supporting Article 50 being triggered.

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Venice #Venexodus Protesters Oppose Tourist Numbers

Hundreds of residents of Venice have staged a protest against the rapid depopulation of the Italian city.

Protesters hung a sign over the city’s famous Rialto bridge and some carried suitcases to symbolise having to leave.

Locals say they are being forced out by high rents, housing shortages and a surge in the number of apartments being rented to visitors at inflated prices.

The population of Venice has dropped to under 55,000, from about 175,000 in 1951.

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Exclusive: ‘Trump Will Bring an End to Islamic State’s Reign of Terror’ Paul Nuttall Says

DONALD Trump recognises ISIS is the “real threat to human-kind” and must form a global coalition against the death cult, Paul Nuttall has claimed.

Talking exclusively to the, the Ukip leadership hopeful claimed Putin and Russia are not the real threat to global instability and that the election of Trump presented a chance for world leaders to unite against the “real enemy” of Islamic extremism.

Mr Nuttall said: “I think Trump realises what the real threat to human-kind is in the 21st century. It isn’t Russia, it isn’t Putin. The Cold War is over, we’ve done that in the last century.

[Comment: Well, it looks like that Russia will have a free hand in smashing ISIS.]

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Turks Hold “Anti-Islamophobia” Events in US While Persecuting Christians

Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan said years ago that “Islamophobia” should be recognized as a crime against humanity, while he remains hostile toward Christianity and even shows virulent anger toward any mention of the Armenian Genocide. Politicians in Germany received death threats after voting to recognise the Armenian genocide. Turkey has recalled its envoy to the Vatican after Pope Francis described the mass killing of Armenians under Ottoman rule in WW1 as “genocide.”

Meanwhile, Turkey’s government stepped up its war on Christianity in the spring and seized all the churches in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir, declaring them state property; and churches in Turkey are also said to be becoming extinct.

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Russia Arrests 10 People on Suspicion of Terrorism

Russian security officials say they have arrested 10 suspected terrorists during a special operation in Moscow and St. Petersburg on November 12.

The detainees were described as Central Asians, and the statement by the Federal Security Service noted the cooperation of the security agencies of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan.

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ISIS Claims Responsibility for Deadly Pakistan Bombing

QUETTA, Pakistan — The death toll from a bomb blast at a Sufi shrine in southwest Pakistan Saturday has risen to 50 people with more than 100 wounded, officials said.

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‘He Deserves a Full Presidential Pardon’: Pauline Hanson Calls for the Release of ‘Australian Hero’ Julian Assange ‘As Soon as Possible’

Pauline Hanson has called for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to be pardoned so he can be released from hiding after publishing secret military files.

The One Nation Senator urged Donald Trump to consider granting the ‘political prisoner’ and ‘Australian hero’ a presidential pardon.

Wikileaks had published information which damaged the Clinton campaign over the course of the U.S. election.

‘I hope that in light of his great service towards freedom and truth President Elect Donald Trump will consider granting Mr Assange a full presidential pardon,’ Senator Hanson wrote in a statement on Thursday.

Mr Assange has been holed up at the Ecuadorean embassy in London since 2012, to avoid being extradited to Sweden over sexual assault allegations.

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Austria: North African Asylum Seekers Busted With 300,000 Euros of Drugs

Investigators in the Austrian cities of Graz and Vienna have made a series of arrests of migrants who they have caught carrying and attempting to sell over €300,000 worth of street drugs.

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Austria: Syrian Migrant Accused of Multiple Machine Gun Murders

VIENNA (AP) — An Austrian state prosecutor says his office is preparing multiple murder and terrorism-related charges against a Syrian man who reportedly says he killed badly wounded members of the Syrian army with bursts from his submachine gun.

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Canadian Officials Preparing for Potential Flood of Mexican Migrants After Trump Wins Presidency

The federal government is preparing for a potential surge in Mexican migrants coming to Canada after Donald Trump’s election victory, CBC News has learned.

Sources confirm high level meetings took place this week with officials at Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and in other departments.

The news comes as Canada prepares to loosen rules for Mexicans to enter the country by lifting a visa requirement on Dec. 1. That restriction has been in place since 2009.

[Comment: Watch the Communist Trudeau welcome them as future Communist voters. Oops did I say communist, of course I meant Liberal.]

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Stockholm Defends ‘Gender-Equal’ Snow-Clearing

Stockholm’s ‘gender-equal’ snow-clearing policy is not to blame for the traffic chaos which has engulfed the Swedish capital, the architect of the policy has claimed.

“Gender equal snow-cleaning is not to blame here,” Daniel Helldén, the city’s Green Party transport head told the Expressen newspaper, stressing that the policy, which prioritises cleaning pavements and cycle lanes over roads, did not even appear to have even been followed.

“There is a lack of gender equal snow-clearing now, according to the reports I’m getting,” he said. “It’s still difficult to walk on the pavements — and it is important that snow-clearing prioritises walkways, public transport and cycle paths.”

Stockholm’s municipal government, a coalition of the Social Democrats and the Green Party, brought in gender equal snow cleaning last year, pledging to make moving around the city on icy winter days just as safe for women as it is for men.

Men are statistically more likely to be drivers, while women are more likely to use pavements, cycle paths, and public transport.

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38 thoughts on “Gates of Vienna News Feed 11/12/2016

  1. Szaros Soros should be deported — preferably to Siberia but at least out of the USA. He really does qualify as an enemy of the United States of America and at one time our government did follow through on this.

    Hungarian readers will get what I said. Heh. I don’t want to be rude so I will not translate it into English.

    • LOL! 🙂 But I agree… Soros and his Rent a Riot business is unlawful. He should be arrested and and other fake “civilian” organization eliminated.

    • The man’s 86 years-old.

      Seems like that would be wasted effort, especially since then it would take operatives in Siberia or wherever he would be sent to keep an eye on him. It also might not improve relations with Russia or wherever he might go.

      The big problem with having money is that it only takes so much to live, even if the living is high, and then one has to figure out what to do with the rest of it. And, an atheist can’t properly donate it to something like a church. Scientific research is a possibility, but which “theory” is likely to be somewhat right?

      He may be a serious embarrassment to Americans of Hungarian descent, but there’s always two choices one has to disassociate oneself: translate your name into English (plenty of that was done during first world war) or don’t explain the origin (the odds are others will never guess what it is on the first five tries after which they usually give up).

      • >>The man’s 86 years-old.
        He has children and some of them already involved in the “family business” of toppling and subverting governments…

        • While they probably aren’t too young, either, it would seem to be more practical to approach things from that angle. No?

    • Better still a purpose built gas chamber should be built at his expense to execute him for treason. Would be the perfect punishment for him

    • I must be missing something. So Clinton actually won more votes than Trump? The way I see it that only means something if you have proportional representation, which the U.S. does not.

      So in a first past the post system it is a rather useless statistic, but then the Democrats are proving themselves rather useless people, and shockingly poor losers into the bargain; not to mention actually trying to vote a crook with a shocking record into the Presidency.

      • It’s entirely possible to win the popular vote but not the election if you are talking about a national thing, the presidency included.

        That isn’t necessarily true with _all_ things. It depends on the body politic rules. Only if the rules say majority vote, period, is that what’s needed.

        If the “losers” have a high count in places lost while the “winners” have a low count in places lost, the over-all totals can add up differently than if it’s based on “group decision votes.”

      • I am pretty sure the democrats were cheating wherever they had the opportunity, but just like at Brexit, it was not enough to cheat themselves to victory.

        • I think they stopped cheating, because they deemed it unnecessary after they started believing their own propaganda. Had they continued cheating, they may have won.

      • No, it is looking like a lot more votes for Clinton. There is disinformation on some media about that. But we won’t know for sure, for a couple of weeks, or so.

        • It takes some time to ratify the final tally. Whatever it is, Clinton’s margin will still be less than 1%. IOW, it doesn’t change anything.

          In a country as evenly divided as the US is at the moment (and often is), the popular vote will always be close but not truly meaningful in the sense of representation. Thus the Electoral College.

          • “…..but not truly meaningful in the sense of representation.”
            That was the point of my comment which others seem to have missed. Thanks!

          • Actually, won’t the democrats almost always win the popular vote even when a republican wins the election?

            This would be because the cities are owned by Democrats and that’s where the vote density is highest while electoral vote density is lowest.

          • That is the key point, the “popular vote” when it’s less than 1% more than your opponent is a very hollow victory. But if you have nothing else (and Democrats have nothing else)… you cling to it.

          • Actually I was on the Herald Sun website and there they said that so far( as counting of postal votes continues )Donald Trump is 7000 0000 votes ahead or Hilary Clinton.So looks as though Trump is winning the popular vote too.

            Looks like at least one commentator on this site is – one of those faux conservatives- Republicans In Name Only ,who identify as” Never Trumpers..”

          • A yuge number of absentee ballots (the majority likely for Trump) will never be counted. That’s because absentee ballots are not opened until after the election day vote is tallied. If one candidate wins by a margin of votes that is greater in number than the number of absentee ballots then the absentee ballots cannot possibly change the outcome and are not counted – this is true in most, if not all states. Trump probably won the popular vote by a considerable margin. Pretty much only CA and NY could lift Clinton up. But the lying media does not want you to know this.

  2. Soros does need to be charged for financing these rioters in violation of our federal civil rights laws. Podesta needs to testify about their secret agreements to usurp the democratic process, too.

  3. I’m surprised you did not have the story of Keith Ellison (muslim socialist from my state) running for DNC head. Great choice democrats! You just got your butts kicked, and now you want to go even farther left. Hope that works out for you. I have actually watched these idiots suggesting that Bernie Sanders would have been better than Hillary.

    Also, the Swedish chef has about as much resemblance to Donald Trump as he does to the Muppet character. You mean they are both white males? That is about the only resemblance.

    • Yes, I have been watching the convulsions in the Democrat party with some amazement. When much of the reason for their election loss was because of hard left policies and ideology, lurching further to the left will destine them to a decade out of office. The British Labour party is a good example they should be soberly considering.

  4. Peter35,
    Clinton did not win more votes. It takes awhile to count them all but this morning it was released that Trump won more votes than Clinton — it was close, but nevertheless he won fair and square.

    Let me get on my soapbox for 2 seconds. Anyone who would prefer the known liar Clinton to the unknown Trump is a nutcase. America elected the first black (and relatively unknown) president and he proved to be a disappointment to conservatives. So this time around conservatives turned out to elect someone more to their taste. That is democracy in America — the people speak and so it goes.

    • Leftists were also disappointed with Obama but mostly because he lacked the powers of chairman Mao and didn’t seem to know how to negotiate well enough to get more of their pet stuff through.

      • Ah, but he did what he could to further the rotten cause of islam whenever the opportunity arose.

        Now why would an American president try to further the cause of the known enemy (for 1400 years) unless he was either a complete idiot, or a moslem?

      • Had he murdered a few MILLION people, Obama’s legacy could have been file under “Great Leaders”. Alas, he fell far short of his idols. I doubt Hillary Clinton would have made the same mistake. For that reason alone, I am grateful that she came up short in the election..

  5. As an English observer of this election I must admit that I was horrified at the vitreolic hate directed at Trump by celebrities including Streisand and others.

    The Democrats were thoroughly appalling in attitude that the smell of sewage coming from a stench pipe smells nicer than them.

    The intense campaign of hate has only worked to favour Trump and probably swung swing and undecided voters towards the Republicans, however the lefts refusal to accept defeat is only making matters worse for them or blaming the FBI or whatever.

    • The Sheriff said Mohammed’s actions were “to be deplored”, so they have “deplorables” in Scotland too!

    • Wow……oh wait… “However, the sheriff did not formally proceed to conviction of the accused in respect of the charges….he would consider a submission from Mr Mohammed’s lawyer ”

      This is in a country where a Scotsman was arrested and charged with “revving his car in a racist manner”.

      Where Hamas reps. say they were made to feel “very welcome” by the ‘progressive’ SNP.
      Alex Salmond funded and help launch (with public money that had previously gone to Sufis and Ahmadis), a Muslim Brotherhood-connected initiative, the Scottish Islamic Forum- formed by two radical Muslims, one of whom was Humza Yousaf (recipient of the US future leaders programme), now a Scottish Minister (despite losing his own party’s ticket, ‘elected’ via the list system- positive discrimination in other words).
      Yousaf is a propagandist for mass Muslim immigration and Sharia courts (a sign of a mature democracy apparently).

      There’s a long way to go before the Scottish establishment sees sense.
      A stifling air of political correctness suffuses public discourse and life.
      Journalists are sacked for discussing Islam and democracy.

      The SNP are heavily involved in trying to thwart Brexit because they want ‘independence’ in the EU.
      (no it doesn’t make sense).
      It’s a testament to the duplicity of politicians and the gullibility of voters.
      If SNP supporters ever wake up to what Islamification and replacement migration actually mean, they now have no nationalist party to voice their concerns- it has been completely hollowed out by ‘progressives’.

  6. For those who believe that everything will now change for the better be warned. The MSM will try and slow things down and downplay events.

    Two years ago the Rotherham child grooming revelations should have started our revolution and seen anglophobic labour wiped out for good

    It is such a pity that the MSM STILL plays the muslim as the victim

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