Interview With Tommy Robinson in Israel

As we reported yesterday, Tommy Robinson is currently on an extended field trip to Israel. Early this morning he gave an interview over skype describing his experiences.

Many thanks to Victor Laszlo for recording and editing the interview, Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

The photos at the top of this post (courtesy of Tundra Tabloids) show Tommy at the illegal camel races that he describes in the interview.

7 thoughts on “Interview With Tommy Robinson in Israel

  1. Thank you for keeping us posted on Tommy Robinson. He is a rebel of almost majestical proportions (Sorry, Queen Elizabeth). Or so it seems to me anyway. Formerly Great Britain has gone so timid and politically correct that it’s really hard to retain much respect — and I’ve always been an anglophile. and this is why it beats me to understand why they have let in so many muslims, whose orientation/beliefs are so diametrically opposed to the Great Britain that I thought I knew.

      • Thank you, but Brexit has not yet been started thanks to the Gina Miller legal challenge. The UK Supreme Court will decide the appeal in December but even if the uphold the High Court ruling, the matter will ironically go to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

        Whatever the legal outcome, we can actually bypass the entire system and use the UN rules concerning rights to self determination. What our courts say is one thing, but internal law supersedes that concerning self determination.

  2. Gotta agree, Tommy’s only crime here is his clothes. We are somehow supposed to pretend that there is no Jewish history in Israel, and that the Palestinian cause is the only legitimate one is ridiculous. The word Palestinian did not even exist until Yasser Arafat made it up. They were part of the Ottoman empire, then the British empire, and were considered part of Trans Jordan or Syria. There was never anything that had a Palestinian national identity, thus no Palestinians, other than a vaguely identified area with no population to speak of. It was the Israelis that made the country into
    what it is today that makes it special.

    On second thought, keep the fashion look. We want you to look like you just woke up from an all night pub tour of Tel Aviv. It just wouldn’t be real if you showed up with a suit and tie on a tank holding a M4. It would look totally staged.

  3. Carlos Danger. […] Hadrian the Great invented the word Palestine centuries before Arafat existed. [redacted]

  4. I hope his time has come. His sense of humor, warmth, wisdom–amazing person. I think he is learning how rare a leader he really is.

    The media is hysterical about him. Right Wing? What does that even mean?

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