Tommy Robinson, Well-Known “Neo-Fascist”, Visits Israel

For the last four days Tommy Robinson — the former leader of the English Defence League and now the leader of PEGIDA UK — has been on a field trip to Israel. He’s been traveling around to various places of interest, including the Golan Heights, which is where the above photo was taken. He and his traveling companions happened to encounter a couple of IDF tanks on patrol, and Tommy — with his usual cheerful persuasiveness — managed to convince the soldiers to let him stand on a tank.

Tommy has been having a field day posting photos on Twitter. When the British press saw him with — horrors! — a WEAPON in his hand, they went berserk. Now they’re calling him a terrorist and whatnot, and want Her Majesty’s government to do something to stop this dangerous right-wing extremist.

KGS of Tundra Tabloids has been traveling around with Tommy (I believe he took the photos, but I’m not certain). Check out his website for multiple posts and many more photos, along with brief accounts of their itinerary.

13 thoughts on “Tommy Robinson, Well-Known “Neo-Fascist”, Visits Israel

  1. And not just any rifle, but a M4 carbine.

    But then again, a lot of British lefties would still freak out if Tommy was seen with a Brown Bess or a Martini Henry…

  2. i am so happy to tommy in my country…and to all those who advice him to “stay safe”- please be aware that although the political situation in isreal is always fragile, in terms of personal security it is much safer than any big westran city. we do not have no go areas in israel. the street crime is close to zero, u can walk alone in the middle of the night in any street in any israeli city, and girls are much safer in our street that in london

    • I think East Jerusalem is somewhat of a NO GO area – similar to a French “banlieue”, maybe? But in general, what you’re saying has also been my experience visiting the country.

      Indeed, I was gobsmacked to see that in Tel Aviv, at 3 AM, young women can be seen milling around (presumably going home from parties), seeming to be more concerned about their cellphones than their surroundings. They looked UNCONCERNED about personal safety, less concerned than MEN would be in most cities in general, never mind women.

      I did my laundry in a laundromat at 2 AM. A woman who was there doing the same started talking with me, offering me all sorts of free “life advice” (typical Israeli!). Females don’t generally do things like this, elsewhere, I find.

      One of my big conclusions is that (secular Jewish) women in Israel are in many ways more equal and less suppressed than Western average, because the streets belong to them also. I realise that this may not be true on the income side and in some other ways, but in terms of the general intimidation of daily living, they seemed to me to be much less affected.

      It was an eye-opener.

  3. Yes…they’re my pics, had an amazing time and fun getting them. Tommy’s infectious positive attitude is wonder to be around.

    Just after that pic op, we went up to the observation point overlooking Syria, Mount (Har) Ben Tal, witnessing a couple of barrages, smoke and all, the air thick with cordite.

    Yesterday the lads were wallowing in the Dead Sea while a trio from the pajamas and slippers club faced them (in direction Mecca) for evening prayers.

    Heh…ironic…praying to the counter-jihad. 🙂

  4. I feel a little bad about this – but the idea of Tommy Robinson being a terrorist threat is completely comical.

    Look at him standing there with a rifle – sorry again – looking the typical Brit on holiday – a little too portly, an unhealthy slightly blue tinged skin tone, grinning like a kid – clearly unknowing of how to use the weapon in his hand.

    If he was stood outside the space shuttle pointing and grinning in a similar touristic setting the first thoughts in my head would not be “Tommy the astronaut” or “Tommy, terrorist threat to our solar system”.

    I know as a former football hooligan Tommy would be resolute and enthusiastic for a bit of a scrap but be capable of using a weapon or be a terrorist threat? Sorry.

  5. Well, if Tommy was a candidate for PM I think many people would vote for him.
    I would certainly.

    But, not so fast.
    Our next PM will be Farage, and then we’ll see. 🙂

  6. Tommy Robinson is “far-right” according to the lamestream media?
    Please! That is beyond ridiculous. What’s next? Claiming that him visiting Israel and posing in an IDF T-shirt shows that he’s an anti-semite?

    Do they even know what far-right means?

    What a bunch of far-*left* commie ‘tards.

    Compared to the UK, Israel is the normal country these days, as Tommy seems to be discovering. 20 years ago, it was an “insane” place. It hasn’t changed very much. It’s the rest of the world that has gotten much worse. That’s a scary thought worth analysing.

  7. The really funny aspect of the whole situation is that Israel is emphatically not an “open carry state”. Individuals who are not licensed cannot own firearms, and even a licensed civilian is not allowed more than 50 bullets in a lifetime if they are not purchased and used in a rifle range. So, even if Robinson picks up the local culture, he will not be slinging guns in London.

    Again, Israel is not the place for 2nd amendment advocates.

    Having said that, Israel, of course, has tough security laws, many, many officially-sanctioned security personnel, a very efficient military, and strict control of immigration. So, of course Israel would be safer than New York, Chicago, or London.

    I’m going to beat my old drum here. The US ought to abolish dual citizenship. If you think you prefer to be a citizen in Israel, you ought to be subject to all their laws. If you want to retain the privileges of the US, you need to be treated as an Israeli guest, not citizen. When you become a citizen, you take the bad with the good. You can’t mix rich desserts with healthy cuisine.

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