Teun Voeten: “Europe is Steeped Through With Self-Hatred”

Teun Voeten is a Dutch photographer who specializes in covering wars and civil conflicts in the Third World. His political opinions are by no means conservative — his positions on most issues seem to be about what you’d expect from a journalist in the Dutch MSM. However, on the issue of immigration, Mr. Voeten would be considered a “right-wing extremist” by most of his colleagues in Europe.

The following interview with Teun Voeten aired recently in Bulgaria. Many thanks to Tanya T. for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling. The original footage was recorded in English and French, and then dubbed in Bulgarian:


27:25   Teun Voeten, photographer and journalist: In Belgium, PC language has the status of a cult.
27:30   What I notice is that criticism of Islamic fundamentalism is a taboo.
27:36   Belgians are reluctant to be confrontational, they prefer compromise.
27:41   They don’t discuss problems. They don’t even define them:
27:44   They try to ignore them in the hope that they will disappear.
27:47   That’s how Belgian politics works.
27:50   One example is the hostility between the Flemings and the Walloons.
27:53   These people, however, have no intention of killing each other.
27:56   But when we are dealing with brutal Islamic extremists,
28:01   whom I consider to be akin to fascists, we must draw a distinction.
28:06   Teun Voeten recently found himself in a shocking situation:
28:09   he was filming in Calais. Three migrants attacked him. Others came to his aid.
28:15   He was with a female videographer, who filmed the incident.
28:19   They uploaded it to the internet. A tempest followed:
28:22   Some accused them of instigating hatred. Others were indignant
28:26   that the refugees’ aggression often went unreported.
28:30   As journalists we must inform the public of what is happening.
28:34   It would be hypocritical to hide such unpleasant incidents.
28:38   At one end is the left — who naively think that we should open the borders wide
28:42   and take in everybody, which is practically impossible.
28:46   At the other end is the right, who maintain that all Muslims are fundamentalists and terrorists
28:51   who come to rape our women and desecrate/deride our culture.
28:55   This position also is disproportionate.
33:48   We keep thinking there are things that are going to last forever.
33:52   In 1983-84 I was a reporter in Czechoslovakia,
33:55   and I thought that the situation at that time would never change.
33:58   And yet the Soviet Union fell apart.
34:01   The same thing could happen with Europe. But we seem to be too arrogant to acknowledge it.
34:08   Security and stability will become a thing of the past.
34:12   In five years the European Union will no longer exist in its present form.
34:21   In Molenbeek, on the other side of the canal, illusions also seem to be over.
34:27   The Moroccan Fared, born and raised in Belgium,
34:31   states that one day he will return to the land of his ancestors —
34:35   the Western way of life angers him
34:39   Let me say it politely — the world is falling apart into small pieces.
34:43   Everything is falling apart, in every direction.
34:46   Problems arise from everywhere: look at the families that are shattered,
34:50   the couples that separate; how about the children…
34:53   also, is it OK to feed the animals with junk, and then eat them ourselves?
34:59   In your opinion, is it normal that there are so many people suffering from cancer?
35:02   It’s all about money, money, money…
35:05   but people don’t stop and think about it. Those on top keep repeating: crisis, crisis,
35:09   but they continue to get €20K-€30K a month.
35:14   They steal from impoverished people who are trying to make ends meet.
35:21   Teun Voeten has left Molenbeek: his world is not there.
35:25   He is now living in Antwerp, but his suitcases are packed for New York.
35:33   Tension is rising. Violence is a fact.
35:38   I’m afraid that what awaits us are moderate conflicts — something like small civil wars.
35:44   Europe will slowly disintegrate.
35:48   Do you think that Europe will not survive? It will not make it.
35:51   Europe is steeped through with self-hatred.
35:54   It feels guilt for the past. Colonialism is not a cause for historical pride,
35:58   but some of the mistakes were corrected.
36:02   An example of this guilt is the encouraging of collective migration.
36:06   Many people from Third-World countries think that they have the right
36:09   to use our wealth and our way of life
36:12   without having contributed to it with their labour.
36:15   Today some feel guilt because of the past, while others
36:18   think they have the right to something because of the past.
36:21   That’s why future doesn’t seem bright to me.
36:31   The rain in Antwerp has stopped. The sun brings everyone together.
36:35   The day is approaching its end.
36:38   There is time — just enough to feel how time is playing with us.
36:45   How quickly life changes. What will tomorrow be like?

28 thoughts on “Teun Voeten: “Europe is Steeped Through With Self-Hatred”

  1. The first thing that needs to be changed is the education curriculum. A more balanced view of European history is required, plus a good hard look at non-Western cultures. Examine their treatment of women, their contempt for human rights, their endemic corruption, their caste or tribal-ridden societies, and then, with Islam, multiply those negative characteristics 100 fold!

    The Brexit vote and the Trump victory have shown that defeat is not inevitable.

      • There was a duplicate of your comment so I removed it.

        I read that essay from NER when it was published. The love of country in England has fallen to the ‘chavs’ to do – and Tommy Robinson has taken on that soubriquet for himself. The higher classes loathe him even more than they hate themselves.

        What is particularly sad is the poisonous cradle-to-grave welfare system in England (and I presume the rest of Britain). It has destroyed the culture and the moral fiber of the individuals caught in its web. That smothering security is not a kindness; to pay people to do nothing is cruel and damaging.

        I’ve never been able to fathom the severities of the class system in Britain either; they are every bit as uncompromising as the Indian caste system. Again, the class wars lead to self-hatred. I used to think it was having a monarchy that did the damage but other European countries have the same vestigial remnants and it doesn’t seem to harm them, so that’s not it.

        Self-hatred is a mystery. On a culture-wide level it’s a suicide pact. That’s why Brexit was so heartening – i.e., to see Britain make a bold move toward self-determination.

        • The English class system goes right back to the Normans. The Normans did not mix with the Saxons, but massacred them and then sequestered themselves in their fortresses, founding the aristocracy. Even today, the old aristocracy have Norman rather than Saxon names. Fitzgerald or -william (fils de gerald, william), Grosvenor, Fiennes — these are examples. The other thing was the Industrial Revolution. This happened first in Britain. Other countries took note, and ensured their lower orders did not get as royally screwed as ours did by the robber barons of industry–they took measures to ensure a level of social justice. But in Britain, this did not happen, and working people in the industrial communities have had a strong sense of grievance ever since. That means basically northern city dwellers, so the country is geographically as well as politically divided.

          • The Irish indigenous population many of whom are now Protestant converts, when dealing with concerns about the latest invaders, remind you about the original Norman conquest of Ireland and how they in a relatively short time the Norman’s became Irish speaking under Breton Law and “More Irish than the Irish themselves.” Meaning they became dyed in the wool Micks who fought the new Normans and English who followed. A huge number of Irish names are in fact French or Norman if you will. Irish literature mentions “Saxon foe” or the “Anglo Saxon”. You do not hear “Norman foe”? Maybe sometimes “Anglo-Norman”. I am no expert. That’s my tuppence worth of hearsay. These deep foundations will not be budged by the plastic zeros of the migrant and jehadi heavy Euro pong cloud .

        • The English class system is a problem for everyone one in the UK not just England. The so called middle classes are the worst with their snobby and condescending attitudes. It has never changed. Before the partition of Ireland the southern catholics were the ones they hated the most, but then just before the Irish holocaust we had the very well concealed Peterloo massacre something much worse than Bloody Sunday.

          The Indian Caste System is probably the nearest equivalent to the English class system. This time all non whites are seen as superior to the indigenous English.

          Stuff it I’m an English Republican

          • Yes,we Normans are even racist against other whites. Following my family back almost 1000 years its amazing how our Normans almost always married into other Norman families. Although I have found a couple of saxons in our line. We would at times refer to yankees as those damn saxons.

          • Besides listening to my prejudiced Dublin-born mother – who was every bit as class-conscious as the English – I came to understand English class snobbery by reading all of Anthony Trollope. A brilliant novelist was he. A fine sketch artist. He satirized the anti-Semitism of the English upper classes perfectly — to the point that the modern British p.c. mind calls *him* anti-Semitic for pointing out reality in the mid 19th century.

            What is most ironic in all of this is the protestations by individual Brits that they themselves are most tolerant, and that the worst sin of all is “racism”. So they sacrificed all those girls in Rotherham on the altar of tolerance rather than risk being seen as racist – or worse, being fired for that sin. One couldn’t even name it,much less address the problem. Modern-day culture in the U.K. and in urban areas of the U.S.- those “blue” states – is caught in a nightmare of deep, stultifying and contradictory ignorance.

            No wonder the level of alcohol consumption is so high.

            I don’t see any way out of this mess since conversation is prohibited. I have become increasingly intolerant of those screaming post-adolescent females, calling for Donald Trump’s death. That’s not free speech, it’s reckless ranting.

        • Can’t let your second para go, Dympna, Better to support some deadbeats (and their innocent offspring) than let worthwhile people starve.

          • So far that belief has increased the rolls of the deadbeats. Food banks can be set up far more cheaply to feed the poor. But when your govt pays more to “immigrants” than it does to its own citizens, the system is broken. I’m waiting to see the tax plan in Britain that will force old people out of their homes because they are “too big” for one or two people. That kind of law is lawless and unjust.

            Jobs for the uneducated are hard to come by and as more work is turned over to robotic routines it will be even more so. Britain and the U.S. are post-industrial societies. Despite what Trump said (and I look to see him walk it back) manufacturing isn’t returning to previous levels. Even if it limps in if Trump is able to pull off a tax amnesty, the numbers will be much reduced.

            No one need go to bed hungry here because there are food banks. But with the drug problem, kids are hungry because of parents who can- and do- manipulate the system; food benefits can be turned into cash for drug money. I don’t have an answer but I do think a collapse is in the offing as the result of underemployment and drug use.

            The last thing that should happen is government “help” – government ruins lives. As they used to say – not a hand-out but a hand up via education and jobs…and where are the jobs??

            What both countries need is an education overhaul from top to bottom. So far the only education reform is the kind that drives unsupervised children away.

            I hope he starts a real, genuine overhaul – and begin by eliminating our federal Dept of Education. What a bureaucratic nightmare.

    • You are absolutely correct. The education completely taken over by Cultural Marxists in all western countries.

      • And there in is our problem,as with the Dutch, only they have taken it to a whole new level in western Europe. The useful idiots have no clue as to reality either past or present. I at one time had respect for our educators, many years ago . Now I hold them in nothing but contempt. Wither marxists propagandists or pedophiles theirs is a disgusting profession now. I will not even socially shake hands with a educator, but that maybe the Norman coming out in me.

    • My opinion is that the place to begin is with the equivalent of a first amendment. The government should not have the right to punish, fine, regulate, or in any way interfere with free speech, written communication, or publications. People being legally harassed for hate speech, criticism of Islam, or anything else, should have judicial relief. Internet should not be censored or regulated. If a snowflake gets his feelings hurt, he should stay off the internet.

      Even Hillary recognized the limits of the US Constitution when she talked about “public shaming” while praising Resolution 16/18 of the UN calling for criminalization of criticism of Islam. Hillary gave an illustration of her commitment to freedom of speech when she had the producer of “The Innocence of Muslims” jailed. “Public shaming” probably means indirect means such as IRS audits, excessive inspections of businesses, and “unexplained” delays in vital government duties such as the issuance of permits or passports to people who speak too freely.

      In fact, the last 5 or 6 presidencies have been textbook examples of the control that government has when it regulates everything, and taxes everything. When you’re taxed into poverty, you are dependent on the government to refund part of your money in the form of “grants” or services. When Hillary talked of excessive taxes on the wealthy, she didn’t mean her corporate donors. She meant the independent businessmen who, when successful, become quite wealthy and who have the ability to challenge establishment, corporate rulers. Like Donald Trump, who Hillary would make good and sure would never rise again, once she became President.

      • There should be limit to free speach. As much, as I am against Islam, I don’t want someone saying that every moslem has an obligation to cut head of a kufir. It is simply not true. Moslem has an obligation to support jihad, but even Mohammed understood that not every man is a fighter and can support jihad financially, or by some other means.
        People can make references to some sources, which is known to be falsifications (Protocols… for example) and should not be protected by the 1st amendment. This is a fine line and very difficult to control.

        • There should be limit to free spe[e]ch. As much, as I am against Islam, I don’t want someone saying that every moslem has an obligation to cut head of a kufir. It is simply not true.

          Beyond the usual “crying “FIRE!!” in a crowded venue, free speech is not limited. Lies are covered. If they weren’t, most all politicians would be in jail. We could begin with all the lies President Obama told in order to get that horror, The Affordable Care Act, passed in Congress. Now it is foundering as those who knew better than Obama predicted. Was it designed to fail? To create chaos? Who knows. But the lies were sung for years about this monstrous piece of lying legislation.

          So lies are permitted in free speech. But they do have consequences.

          The fine line isn’t very fine. Civil courts exist so those who think they have been defamed or harmed by a lie can seek redress against the offender.

    • Agree, but they haven’t been taught true history in so long now, same in the U.S. People have to get info online, old books or certain TV channels. If Islamists see that the EU is waking up, they will fight to conquer the EU in full with much bloodshed. They have come too far to quit. EU Men need to man up and wake up to the real world from whatever world they are in now.

  2. Sean Thomas at the Telegraph wrote something very similar called the “The lefts self loathing is a problem for us all” but the Telegraph has removed his article. Only WN sites repeat what he said.

  3. He says “The left wants wide open borders, while the right believe that all Muslims come to rape women and desecrate culture.” Here’s the difference: One of those ideas protects the nation and the other doesn’t. One of them works and the other is a fantasy. OK, so not ALL Muslims are going to rape your women… So what? What do you lose by treating them all with that suspicion?

    When shipping hazardous materials, you treat them ALL as if they are going to leak, explode and cause a crash of a plane, train or truck. Every one of them. It’s called “better safe than sorry.”

    Protect the nation! Worry about hurt feelings later… if at all.

    • Not all Muslims are going to rape – but their religion justifies it if they decide to. Nobody who follows the instructions of Allah and the example of Mohammad ( ie Muslims) should be allowed to settle in civilised countries.

    • A Muslim is just that. Surely we must know the rest of the story? Let’s hope we don’t wake up to a Muslim surprise one of these daze. Hopefully our non Muslim populations will go trump in time.

    • Spot on. In a similar vein, I readily admit to being a racist – it’s amazing how easily the admission silences the opposition. I mean, what’s so bad about putting your own kith and kin first? Not even they can say.

  4. It seems to me that the grass-roots Left cannot support their native cultures because then they would have empty lives. They see themselves as movers and shakers, remaking the boring, contemptible world into something new and exciting by endless and ever more violent protests and risk behavior. It is a total fantasy, fed by the crap they imbibe in history classes (or rather victimology classes) and the whiny media, like the BBC and The Guardian in UK.

    They are witless and therefore easily manipulated by hardened ideologues and nefarious billionaires like Soros (may he rot in hell). But for the Left elites, it’s all about one thing only – POWER. Being radical, they drive the political agenda and because their policies are so insane, they need the stupid and the Welfare dependent to vote them in – hence the immigration invasion.

    The class system still exists, but isn’t it more a matter of accent and mannerism? It has certainly provided excellent fodder for the British sense of humor which is largely class-based (or used to be). At least there is not the measuring of melanin levels in the skin that happens in South Africa, still!!!

  5. “Open the borders and jus’ let evervbody in…I jus’ love evervbody. I jus wan’ my bottle. Hic.” We may as well have a bunch of drunks in charge. The hangover will be massive.

  6. The Red Dwarf and all the others. No matter what’s going on. It keeps the light on. (Errr… “light hearted”)

  7. Teun Voeten left Molenbeek because it’s now 80% muslim.

    March 2015: http://www.bruzz.be/nl/nieuws/oorlogsfotograaf-neemt-afscheid-van-molenbeek

    “Hij trok er weg, omdat hij de verpaupering en de islamisering niet meer kon verdragen. “Het is een etnisch-religieuze enclave geworden van een zeer gesloten, bekrompen gemeenschap.””

    He went away, because he could no longer stand the deterioration and the islamization. “It has become an ethnic-religious enclave of a very closed, retarded community”.

    Don’t feel much sympathy for this man. It’s his leftist worldviews, which are still being propagated throughout the entire Belgian educational apparatus, that have led to the current situation in the first place.

  8. So now he’s living in Antwerp. Great. But his coffers are ready for New York. Wow.

    And while Mr Voeten leaves it to the Vlaams Belang to bravely deal with the fracas the leftist insane worldview is responsible for:


    (i.e. Vlaams Belang protesting against the building of YET ANOTHER MOSQUE, Antwerps 50th (!!!!!!!) in the Luchtbal neighborhood in Antwerp-North)

    …. he is leaving for NYC, and when he becomes a US citizen, if that’s his aim, guess who he will vote for?

    Why, the Democrats of course!

    • You’re absolutely correct. The US should screen immigrants not only on the basis of whether they will commit violence, or so-called support the Constitution, but if they will vote as a bloc in favor of measures which will damage or dissolve our culture.

      This would mean barring entry to some people that are assumed to be eminently importable.

      • It’s a no brainer. Unless you turn your security over to Muslims. Muslims inside the gates = No security. Again, a no brainer. ?

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