As ISIS Advances into Germany, the Germans Surrender to Islam

The following two reports deal with opposite ends of the process of Islamization, which is rapidly accelerating throughout Germany.

First, a brief TV news item on the continuing inflow of mujahideen for the Islamic State, disguised as “Syrian” “refugees”. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The story below from German public broadcasting (also translated by Ava Lon) highlights the other end of the process: the surrender of German institutions to demands made by Islam. The article describes the capitulation of the school system, which has now decided to allow a schoolgirl in Saxony to wear the niqab, a full-body garment that leaves only the eyes and the hands uncovered.

As it happens, wearing the niqab to school is illegal in Saxony. Normally Germans are sticklers for following the rules, and would regard any form of lawbreaking with revulsion. In this case, however, it appears that the multicultural imperative is stronger than the deeply-felt urge to be law-abiding:

Schoolgirl is allowed to wear niqab despite ban

For three years now, a 16-year-old student from Belm (Landkreis Osnabrück) has been coming to school fully covered. This is actually forbidden.

However, no punitive measures were taken against the girl and her parents so far; the school has tolerated the concealment. Now the religion committee of the state parliament has interfered and decided: the young woman is allowed to wear her niqab, which leaves only a slot for the eyes.

They did not want to force her to remove the veil, explained State Secretary Erika Huxhold. And this despite the fact that the pupil was violating the Lower Saxony laws, the Lower Saxony constitution, and the Basic Law.

16-year-old gets involved in the lessons

The reason: According to statements of all involved, the school peace is not endangered by the fully-veiled 16-year-old, explained Huxhold. There had been no complaints from classmates, teachers or parents during the entire time. In addition, the student was also taking part in class. Schooling is still compulsory for the 16-year-old, and she will graduate from high school next year. The well-being of the girl was in the foreground, she [Huxhold] said.

Headmistress tried to prevent the full covering

The headmaster of the high school in Belm had tried for a long time to persuade the girl and her family to give the veil up — but without success. Only when she became aware of the case of an 18-year-old student from Osnabrück, who also came to school with a niqab in August, de she turn to the Lower Saxony school authorities. In the case of the 18-year-old, the Osnabrück administrative court had forbidden participation in lessons while wearing the niqab.

The Lower Saxony school authority also commented on the process in Osnabrück. An official spokeswoman declared that the state could not fulfill its educational task with disguised pupils. They said that open communication, which includes the spoken word, gestures, and body language, were not possible with a face veil.

Is Belm the precedent?

According to The Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung, four other cases are known in the country in which minor pupils have worn the niqab. They were able be persuaded via dialogue to remove it. According to HAZ, the CDU [Christian Democratic Party] fears that Belm could set a precedent. Stefan Politze (SPD) [Socialists], on the other hand, praised the committee’s thoughtful, leveled action “in the best interest of the children”.

Video transcript:

00:00   A year ago the Paris terrorists attacked.
00:06   130 people were killed in the attack. We now know that all nine terrorists
00:12   came to Europe pretending to be refugees. Now German intelligence is warning that
00:18   there is still a danger that more Islamic State fighters
00:21   will be smuggled into Germany. The IS terror militia trained them
00:24   in their behavior, so they wouldn’t stand out, even if they were interrogated by the police,
00:27   or by filing an asylum application. No more details have been released.

21 thoughts on “As ISIS Advances into Germany, the Germans Surrender to Islam

  1. I’ve just heard from two Arabs that I know that (well-integrated) friends in Europe have recently been doing well teaching Arabic and belly-dancing to the natives. Now, you’ll clearly note from the belly-dancing bit that we’re definitely not talking about islamists, here, but 100% okay people who happen to be of Arab origin. That’s not my point.

    My point is that some European natives are making efforts to learn more about “the other” – seemingly when “the other” isn’t making that much effort to learn about them.

    Now, having contact with the “100% okay people” I’ve mentioned above, they’ll be able to delude themselves a bit longer about what is actually happening…

    • Re the ‘other’, we saw that recently here in coastal British Columbia where a government agency in cooperation with the BC Ferries bused and ferried over 140 moslem ‘refugees’ from Victoria to Mayne Island for a picnic day. It was a day of obscene naivete by all concerned. (islanders, not moslems!)

      Islanders falling over themselves for the poor, poor refugees, who devoured everything put in front of them and slung paper plates and drink cartons and napkins on the ground, (as they have done throughout Europe) and were too dumb to understand when one of the ‘refugee’ kids asked permission to clean up the mess! It actually didn’t occur to the islanders as to why the kid asked ‘permission’–why didn’t he just do it.

      One of the naive islanders said to a group of others: “I have seen the ‘other’, and he is us”. I could go on, but you get the drift.

      My point here is these moslems were on their best behaviour, as many have been here in North America and even some in Europe; fine one day and raging jihadis the next! Why? Because they follow the same terror-manual–the koran, which TELLS them what to do, and be devious in doing it. And that is why, Mike, I would seriously question your “100% OK Arabs”.

      Just a personal opinion, but loads of examples right here in North America of shootings and even beheadings, to prove it.

        • Well it’s open to interpretation, but as I see it the mere fact that he asked ‘permission’ from the kaffirs shows he had been coached to do that, as it would ‘go down well with the naive kaffirs’.

          If he had really wanted to clean up he would have just done it.

  2. The veiling may seem romantic to some people but. . . in this day and age, it is no longer. If you want to wear a veil then stay inside the home and let someone else do the grocery shopping. I would hate to live in Europe these days although I wanted to do so when I was much younger – of course back then it was Europe, not Eurabia. Do they realize what they have done?

    Charles Martel, where are you — the war will start soon I think. Nobody can tolerate this[ ] forever. Even in Garden City, Kansas, which has been over-run by them, people are losing patience and understandably so. Crime rate up, rape rate up, everywhere the culture enrichers go it is the same old story.

    And no, I am not an ignorant idiot. I read and I watch and what I see is not a good thing at all. Some cultures should not mix. Muslims and democracy in a free country do not mix well at all. We have seen this with our own eyes for the last 20 years. When does enough become enough? When do we start deporting the egregious offenders? The people who want a muslim culture should go back to a muslim country where they will feel happy and comfortable, being told what to do by the local ayatolla.

    America is for a free people, don’t you know. Not really suitable for others who have to be commanded to pray and follow all kinds of rules that we don’t even necessarily know about. But they are not compatible with a free society.

    • Maria
      You miss the point they are not here to integrate they are hear to dominate. You state: “The people who want a Muslim culture should go back to a Muslim country where they will feel happy and comfortable, being told what to do by the local ayatollah.” the reason it is three fold, Hajrah, Dawa, Jihad…the migration, the proselytization and then the forced conversion!
      THAT IS THE HISTORY OF ISLAM and it remains so today.

    • Why “should” they go somewhere else? Their self-interest (which we all use to make decisions) tells them it’s a much better bet to stay and tunnel through for the Ummah.

      Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda — none of those are in play when it comes to sharia law. So even if self-interest wasn’t in play, their religion tells them to stay.

      BTW, also included in dead-end thinking is “all we/they need to do is_______” followed by directions to do something beyond anyone’s ability.

      Heed carefully what realists like Mike say. The history of Islam is a long, ferociously bloody one. But we ignore history at our peril. I suggest reading the site, Political Islam. Bill Warner has been educating people since 2001.

      Look at his top video – 3 minutes on “Killing Chickens”

      His books and pamphlets are helpful in understanding the political nature of Islam.

      I put this video up periodically, since it’s the best I’ve seen on why we lie down and allow Islam to run over us.

      The first time I saw it was akin to my first reading of Scott Emmet’s book on the ways history has been twisted to hide the perfidy of Islam…both created a paradigm shift in my point of view. Now that video has over 3,000,000 views, and rising. It’s simply the most cogent explanation for why we behave irrationally in the face of helpless terror.

      Listen and read, Maria. Knowledge really is power. Even ugly knowledge.

    • Muslims have recently “settled or invaded” near me: Tallahassee Fl. Some in Birmingham and Montgomery and cities in Ga. I call friends in other cities near me or keep them email updated . Same thing will happen here as in the EU if not already: rapes, robberies, muggings, etc. police will do little as told by their PC top dogs to ignore. Muslim agenda always is to invade, org. a jihad, have a local mosque with a radical Iman, rise up and fight using rifles in the streets, terrorist acts where people gather, and form an Islamic state like what soon will turn the EU into an Islamic state.

    • Where do you find these things??

      Very funny in a heavy kind of Germanic way. It’s hard to pick a favorite — maybe the plane hitting a big Ikea store as representing how Germany conquers Sweden. And Merkel on the English throne was good for a laugh. Also the German tanks in the outback in Australia.

      Must have taken that guy a long time to put together the video. I recommend it to other Americans just for the geography lessons it provides. Not to Eastern Europeans, though. It would hurt too much.

      Germans today are way too timid to even attempt it.

    • The fact that Americans resisted the siren call of the elitists will be studied for a long time. Imagine Clintons declining a salary while serving in the Oval Office! Trump says by law he has to be paid something so he’s taking a dollar a year. Another campaign promise filled.

      I do worry though: he’s combining insiders (Priebus) with uppity outsiders (Bannon) and expecting them to work together…those staff meetings will be one mosh pit after another. Music provided by Trump.

  3. For those Westerners who are bored with their lives, having already succumbed to the moral desert of post-modern Western culture, to see people who are so steeped and loyal to their seemingly restrictive, conservative culture is a truly mind-blowing experience.

    Don’t all Westerners at bottom, long to belong again? The best thing for them to do would be to visit Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria etc and see what sink-holes they are and get a new appreciation of how darn lucky we are to live in the West. But because the West has trampled all over its own moral values. it has reduced itself to a sterile wasteland – fertile ground for The Barbaric Other to infiltrate and conquer.

    • Nothing surprises me that IS fighters going into central Europe, and they will spread out in all directions until the EU is fully conquered as an Islamic state. The EU masses will give their countries over on a silver platter, and kow tow to their rules incl sitting back as women and girls forced into concubines. People and church groups that help resettle here, that say it’s ok for Muslims resettling- they know nothing about Islam and their agenda for world control. Never studied anything about the past wars, the history of anything on this planet, how they treat the women and shiria law. Canada will soon fall the way they are going with their ultra leftist leaders. Gotcha DiMu, esp. last paragraph. Zero moral values and decline.

  4. One of the nice things about wearing a niqab is you can draw on the resources of the community when you take a test. In other words, anyone can be in there.

    On the broader aspects of the political committee which apparently broke German law with ease, remember the Muslim woman in Turkey who opposed lifting the law forbidding the wearing of burkas and veils on the street:

    “Once you allow some to wear the veil, we’ll all be wearing the veil.” Because those who don’t will get acid thrown in their faces.

    I’m thinking Germany is in the snowflake generation right now. If the adults are like this, I’d hate to think what the kids are like, but I’m not so sure there’s an underground current ready to burst into civil war. They may simply go on doing what they’re told.

    • Ronald B: Parents of young adults (snowflakes) never taught them anything, and their parents (born during and just after ww2)) didn’t instill values to their offspring. Likewise in the U.S. , Canada. Another generation being born never being taught either. Public schools and churches (majority) teach little. P.C. churches in the U.S. are more social outlets and preaching is shallow, focusing on rock music and sports activities. If there is any underground group ready to burst into civil war, it will be lead by much older men (60’s onward) with their middle aged sons who think it’s time to take it all back. Snowflake young adults are in the streets protesting Trump, who don’t have jobs, with parents supporting them, raised with no values of any kind and see nothing wrong with a border less country where anyone can come in and stay.

  5. Re: “For three years now, a 16-year-old student from Belm (Landkreis Osnabrück) has been coming to school fully covered. This is actually forbidden.”

    “However, no punitive measures were taken against the girl and her parents so far; the school has tolerated the concealment. Now the religion committee of the state parliament has interfered and decided: the young woman is allowed to wear her niqab, which leaves only a slot for the eyes.”

    Isn’t it patently-obvious by now that the Islamization of Europe generally, and the Islamization of Germany specifically, are being facilitated from above? That the leaders of Germany and of the European Union have sold-out or have been co-opted by Islam and those who favor it? Phrased differently, there is a undeclared war being waged – a Muslim invasion taking place – and the European elites have become Quislings and traitors to their own nations and people.

    It is certainly an open question whether the European elites are undertaking their actions – i.e., aiding and abetting the Islamic invasion of the continent – voluntarily or if they are being compelled to do so in some manner, via blackmail, bribery, intimidation and the implied threat of violence, or some other means of persuasion. However, it is growing more-and-more obvious by the day that what is happening (the de facto Islamic invasion of Europe) could not in fact happen without the active collaboration/collusion of the elites themselves.

    In spite of the ceaseless fog of propaganda and disinformation issuing forth from the elite-controlled media, every day more and more Europeans are figuring out this betrayal out for themselves. The real question remains – when this knowledge reaches critical mass, what will they do about it?

  6. Classroom Watch is a fledgling website which aims to bring together instances of pro-Islam bias, such as this story, in Western schools. We hope to inform and encourage concerned parents and teachers:

    If you can provide personal testimonies as parents or teachers, or instances of biased textbooks etc, or wish to support us (not financially) please let us know.

  7. De ting about, or the ISIS on the cake if you will , is that dey are programmed to wipe us off the face of the planet – even if it means they will be obliterated first. Now that is a really serious death cult. Funny how the unreal refuses to see.

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