Quebec Will Start Looking Like Afghanistan!

The following video is from a debate in Quebec’s Legislative Assembly in Quebec City about proposed religious accommodations for the province. Muslims in Quebec have been agitating for their interests, and the new proposals would favor them while pretending to be religiously neutral.

Notice that the two women in this video have diametrically opposite opinions about the same declared facts. One of them thinks Quebec will end up just like Afghanistan, and is appalled by the prospect, while the other thinks it would be just fine. All hail Diversity!

Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   We’ll allow chador and the hijab, of course — that also
00:04   does not cover the face — in the nurseries and
00:08   in public schools, where it is the most present. There will be possible accommodations
00:12   for the niqab and the burka. We will allow
00:16   the religious menus in the nurseries. Quebec will start
00:20   looking like Afghanistan! —Quebec is enriched by this diversity.
00:24   Madame Mailloux, I deeply believe it. —To hear the Minister
00:28   of Justice say that the veil is just an article of clothing, is something deeply shocking,
A chart about clothes!
00:32   when the overwhelming majority of people know very well that the hijab
00:36   isn’t a simple piece of clothing. —A Quebec woman
00:40   out of free will chooses to wear the hijab, it’s her right.
00:44   —The hijab is a political banner. It is a symbol
00:48   of political Islam, which wants to impose a theocracy
Louise Mailloux: Citizens’ Group for Equality and Secularism
00:52   and replace human rights with the Shariah. By forcing women
00:56   to wear it, Islamists wish to give to Islam as much visibility as possible
01:00   and get us used to its presence. That’s why it’s essential for them
01:04   to be able to introduce this veil in our public institutions. Moreover,
01:08   it looks like the inhabitants of Quebec are considered idiots. —It’s not the case; not really.
01:12   The government is subsidizing private schools.
01:16   Religious subsidies are being granted to Jewish schools, which don’t respect
Quebec will finance 100% private Jewish schools. Impunity for the Jewish schools!
01:20   the educational system. A network of Hasidic family nurseries
Hasidic Jews will no longer manage their network of child care.
01:24   benefited by 20 million from 2007 to 2013.
The liberal government of Jean Charest had allowed the establishment of a network
of 122 care centers in 2006, which obtained a grant of nearly 20 million for six years
01:28   Religious organizations are exempt from income, property, municipal and school taxes.
01:32   No citizen in Quebec has right to such
01:36   privileges. With this law project in the child care services,
01:41   we’ll allow a nutritional diet based on religious grounds. This law project
01:45   allows the chador and the hijab. In this way children will continue to be exposed
01:49   to hijab in our schools and our nurseries. —I’m telling you, because I know them very well,
01:54   there are parents who chose for their children to have this contact
01:57   with diversity. An there is, for the parents, this need
02:05   to put their children in contact with diversity. From a very young age.
02:09   We are going to create, in a way, the ideal conditions for
02:13   this claiming of rights by the political-religious lobbies,
02:17   for those would-be theocrats who are the fringe, the most intolerant and the most
02:21   uncompromising of all religious groups, and which contribute at the same time
02:25   to increase pressure, especially on the Muslims. We know that there are,
02:29   here in Quebec, associations that claim to be inspired
Muslim Association of Canada: Allah is our goal, the prophet our leader, the Quran our constitution,
jihad our way, martyrdom our greatest hope
02:33   by the thought of the Muslim Brotherhood, while others are communists.
02:37   Those people are active in their communities and towards their representatives
02:41   Their common, ultimate goal is imposing the Shariah and they use
02:45   different strategies to reach their aims. Entryism
02:49   by different demands for accommodations is one of their strategies, and
02:54   the hijab they are imposing on women and girls is their Trojan Horse.
02:58   This law project is simply going to throw open the doors of our public institutions for them.

16 thoughts on “Quebec Will Start Looking Like Afghanistan!

  1. It’s a race to the bottom of the bottom of the Abyss as Sam Harris would say, Canada wants Sweden’s crown.

    • The UK believes it can stage-manage the travesty to fruition. Interesting article from John M. Joyce at the New English Review (NER) – The Lancaster Plan.

      Best read with a glass of Comte de Lauvia ’29 in hand.

      • A good story, celtic; pity you coudn’t give the name of the speaker. I hope you weren’t corrupted by the Armagnac, which I see currently sells for around £700 a bottle.

    • Aren’t you forgetting Germany?

      At this point, Canada is far, far behind Europe–probably even behind the U.S.

  2. Once the women are freely wearing bags over their heads while their men sport unkempt beards and man-jammies, native Canadians will be able to easily identify the invaders when the civil war starts.

    Too bad one cannot get the leftist loons to wear some kind of uniform to identify themselves as well…

    • I hope you are right. For now I am seeing more Communist Canadians than ever. People like deer in a reserve, never seen a predator just slowly chewing the grass and curiously looking at the wolf (in their man-jammies) as they slowly climbing under the fence.
      If today would be 1940 then they would spew about Nazi-phobia and ask an SS Obersturmbannführer to speak about how wonderful is National Socialism and how terrible are all those resistance fighters and jews who are slandering the one true system…
      As November 11 coming up it is specially painful to watch a country flushing themselves down the toilet while so many died in the past to preserve its freedom. [Expletive]! I am “just” an immigrant here, this is not my homeland by birth, but I love this country and it makes me angry beyond anything!

      • Any Westerner with a basic knowledge of history should mourn the disaster that was the Great War. November 11th is more than just the end of a war; in my mind it also marks the end of the war that ended thousands of years of Western civilization. Since then, the Western world has been lurching from one disaster to another until we find ourselves here, almost a century later, afraid of our own shadows; debating whether men dressed as women should be allowed to share the same bathrooms and locker rooms as real women while we import the great grandchildren of those whom we once had conquered and civilized. And those savages don’t debate rights of men wanting to impersonate women; they enslave theirs, and rape any woman left undefended for good measure, while cutting the heads off of any infidels who do not submit.

        It is a good thing all those who lived in the twilight of the Western world in the years leading up to the Great War are dead; they would be appalled at what we have done with our inheritance.

        • You have nailed it! Too many of my family members died to protect freedom. I question just how much the people governing this country even think about this on November 11th.

  3. If you are pro-burka, you are pro-sharia and anti-women’s rights. It’s a simple as that. Supporting Islam is supporting all the dysfunction experienced in UK settings such as Rotherham.

    • Mick agree: Quebec’s cities will become just like Paris with garbage strewn on sidewalks, parks, under bridges, and people living homeless, hindering businesses that end up moving or closing. Canadian leaders are pushing globalist agenda as in the EU. Will Canadians stand up or remain apathetic like EU folks.

  4. It is just more insanity in western countries that this discussion is on an endless loop.
    Do any of these do-gooders know that the face veil is not permitted in Mecca?

  5. What I see here is the usual patronising lib[eral] response to reasoned argument in order to close it down.

  6. What these foolish governments are doing is aiding and abetting a religious group to avoid integration into the wider community. They are creating a more benign form of apartheid where muslims are State aided to develop separate lives from the host population. Where at every conflict point the host changes to accommodate the new comers. Where all concessions are expected from the hosts and none from the immigrants. They are allowing the building of a nation within a nation. How long will the native population put up with that, is the $64,000 question.

    • Until they are unemployed and literally starving. Most people have too much to lose by rocking the boat at present, but take away their livelihood and give them no hope and you will see widespread protests and violence against those who brought them to that point.

      • And I wonder if Euro folks will react when they are forced out of their houses by invaders who need a place to live (as in the cold winter). It will be interesting to see if they even care when it happens maybe soon as winter sets in.

  7. We must push back, but take risk of being summoned by Human Rights commission, and have others help us out when we get into trouble, courage of huge proportions are needed. We need a huge group formed, that will be able to stand up to them, alone we will accomplish nothing. It will be an uphill battle, but where will these people come from that aren’t afraid.?

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