Migrants get the Gold Mine, Germans get the Shaft

A concerned German citizen named Eckard Gerlach has done the math on the welfare benefits lavished on asylum seekers by the German state. Needless to say, the migrants make out like bandits.

Germany is a socialist country, so the state provides a monthly child support payment of €190 per child to every family with children. Asylum seekers, however, receive more than five times as much per person. When a migrant has multiple wives and a dozen or more children, he receives a staggering amount of financial assistance, and becomes a wealthy man by ordinary German standards. His wealth is further augmented by the free services he receives — services that a native German has to pay for.

Eckard Gerlach has launched a petition demanding that the government equalize the benefits received by native Germans with those received by the “refugees”, in order to keep German families from sliding into poverty.

For readers who understand German, the page with Mr. Gerlach’s petition is here.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   To our politicians the welfare of asylum seeker children
0:04   is worth over €1,000 per month.
0:08   Compared to that, the €190 child support
0:11   for German parents is decidedly dismal.
0:14   Until the end of last year (2015)
0:17   it was even less, €165 per child.
0:21   For asylum seeker parents with five kids pulling €5,000
0:24   into the family coffers,
0:27   their kids are the key to prosperity.
0:30   For Germans, the €190 brings
0:33   the threat of being impoverished.
0:36   In Ludwigshafen an asylum seeker family
0:39   with five kids between the ages of 4 and 13 —
0:43   therefore there are seven people in one household —
0:48   they receive altogether a fabulous €3,512 monthly
0:52   for food, personal body care, and clothing.
0:56   Per person this comes down to €500 monthly,
0:59   cash in hand.
1:02   In this total amount a lot of costs are not included,
1:05   for instance rent and utilities, medical, translator for the doctor’s visit,
1:10   furniture and public broadcast fee,
1:15   free public transportation, access to public places
1:20   such as swimming pools, social worker care, translator costs,
1:27   taxi fares for appointments for instance at the doctor’s office,
1:31   language courses, sports courses, and on and on.
1:35   When we assume that the rent with utilities for seven persons
1:39   costs about €1,600,
1:42   and medical costs roughly €1,500,
1:45   and €500 monthly for miscellaneous,
1:50   then they receive €7, 112 altogether,
1:55   which per person turns out to be the handsome sum
1:59   of €1,000 per person per month.
2:03   A second example from the Main-Taunus-Kreis.
2:07   One asylum seeker family with two children.
2:10   Here the consumption need is listed at €4,367 per month.
2:15   Again, a good €1,000 per person per month.
2:20   This corresponds with a monthly employee’s
2:24   gross income of a handsome €7,000,
2:27   an income which most Germans could
2:30   only dream of for their entire lives.
2:33   In the first example from Ludwigshafen,
2:36   with five kids, Germans would have to earn
2:39   a gross income minimum of €11,000 monthly.
2:44   The five asylum seeker children therefore
2:47   make their parents into top, wealthy income earners,
2:50   without any work in return.
2:53   Now ask yourself the question,
2:56   if possibly these are isolated incidents.
2:59   Master of Fiscal Affairs Hubert Königsstein
3:02   did the math based on an asylum seeker
3:05   who brought his four wives and 23 children to Germany,
3:08   and filed for asylum.
3:12   He calculated how much this costs the German tax payer.
3:16   Result: four wives and 23 children get roughly
3:19   an incredible €30,030 per month
3:22   from the social assistance agency.
3:26   That converts to €1,110 per person per month,
3:29   woman or child.
3:32   Therefore about €1,100 per person per month
3:35   is the normal amount for consumption needs,
3:38   and it is therefore not an isolated incident.
3:41   It is hence no surprise that every year
3:44   millions of people come to Germany,
3:47   give birth prolifically, and let themselves
3:50   be showered with prosperity!
3:53   And it is not a surprise either that the German population
3:56   shrinks into the poverty trap with
3:59   a miserly €165 child support per month.
4:04   The two top economists Prof. Hans-Werner Sinn
4:07   und Prof. Bernd Raffelhüschen
4:10   calculated the cost for integration at a minimum
4:14   of €450,000 per refugee.
4:18   If we assume that the average time span
4:21   for refugees is fifteen years,
4:24   this amounts to €2,500 per month.
4:30   It isn’t just the €1,110 per month,
4:33   as Master of Fiscal Affairs Königsstein calculated,
4:37   those costs are doubled,
4:40   when one calculates in hidden costs, for example such things
4:44   as school, safety, care, and health costs
4:48   for older people, inability to work and unemployment, handicapped care,
4:52   retirement and elderly care for reunified senior family members,
4:56   and many many many more things.
5:00   Let us therefore demand a modest €1,000 for German children as well
5:05   and the suspension of financial obligations,
5:08   such as for instance alimony.
5:11   Support now the petition for €1,000 for every child or youth
5:16   with your name.
5:19   It is shocking that in the presence of our established political parties
5:23   which all claim to be “social” (to care),
5:27   that this equalization with asylum seekers
5:30   has not been achieved a long time ago.
5:33   A saddening 2.5 million youths ages 14 to 18 years old
5:36   are facing the threat of poverty in Germany.
5:41   They face ostracism because their parents
5:44   aren’t able to afford school trips for example,
5:48   while at the same time millions of euros
5:52   are just raining down on asylum seekers’ heads, and this comes on top of politicians lavishing
5:56   on themselves generously with roughly
5:59   €10,000 to €20,000 monthly.
6:02   Apparently all of our politicians
6:05   from the large and expanded coalition
6:09   have — with one exception — lost all moderation
6:12   and grip on reality,
6:15   with Merkel leading the way.
6:18   Or… is it intentional?
6:22   Support now the petition for €1,000
6:25   for each child and youth,
6:28   with your name.
6:31   The basic law article 3 secures equality, by the way,
6:34   that includes financial equality
6:37   with asylum seeker children.
6:41   Tell friends and acquaintances,
6:44   and parents of kindergarten and school
6:47   about it and donate €2 to €5
6:50   if you like my initiative,
6:54   which has cost me nine months of my time already,
6:59   and we have to make it successful.
7:03   With this note in my hand
7:06   I’ve already asked over 150 mothers with small children,
7:09   whether at €1,000 child support
7:12   they could see themselves having a couple more kids.
7:18   Almost all spontaneously agreed,
7:21   if they didn’t have already three or four kids.
7:24   Our demographic problem,
7:27   child poverty,
7:30   would therefore be eradicated with €1,000 child support.
7:34   My name its Eckard Gerlach.
7:37   I am here to stand up for native families
7:40   so that they’re not held in poverty,
7:43   but instead receive equal prosperity,
7:46   which politicians of all established parties
7:49   are distributing one-sidedly for asylum seekers.
8:21   Maybe you will ask yourself
8:24   why until now neither TV, media nor papers
8:27   would report about this crass discrimination
8:30   against German families?
8:33   Why are exactly the least left-leaning parties
8:36   neglecting this topic completely?
8:40   Why are the SPD-dominated public broadcast channels
8:44   ARD and ZDF talking about this the least?
8:49   Is there a secret order and a plan,
Poster #1: “Mass Immigration as a weapon: expulsion, extortion, external policy”
8:52   a political ideology and geopolitical interest,
Poster #2: “George Soros the multibillionaire,
his global network and the end of the world as we know it”
8:55   that is behind this massive, which is behind
8:59   the massive discrimination and impoverishment
Poster #3: “Geo-imperialism, the destruction of the world”
9:02   of children of German families?
9:05   If you are interested in this topic
9:08   and if you always want to be informed
9:11   then please put your name and email address
9:16   on the petition under gleichberechtigt.eu.

46 thoughts on “Migrants get the Gold Mine, Germans get the Shaft

  1. Yes, EUrope………………..
    Yes, boys and girls…………….
    You’re paying for this.

    ALL OF THIS!!!

  2. I can here Pat Buchanan chuckling, this is beyond insane, ninnies.
    Giving generous cash handouts to people for cranking out children, instead of tax breaks on earned income, is just stupid.
    Any policy prescription to promote native fertility will be totally undermined by these Zombies.

    • When you feed the rats, you will get more of them. Then you will NEED TO get a cat and some traps . . . as much as you like killing. If not, disease will be in your non-future.

      • Rats breed between 80 and 90 pups a year, assume mice the same. With all the extra wives and other breeders in the concubine of each Muslim male, they probably reach about half that number.

  3. Yes it is all intentional. Merkel and her co-conspirators are out to destroy the native, white people of Europe. Their chosen weapon is human WMDs. They and their guests are ramping up the pressure to achieve either abject submission or a civil war. In that civil war, the usurpers who rule will attack their own citizens with ferocity, be sure of it.

    The IRA had a slogan “the armalite and the ballot box”. It is a good one for these days.

  4. Germany is a so-called wealthy country. Socialism is still solidly based on the old mercantilist concept that the power of the state is paramount . . . except that the “enemy” is now within. The “wealth” comes at the expense of certain CLASSES of individuals within the state, and is given to those who support the power of the state. Government pick winners and losers.

    REMEMBER: The wealth of the state is not the wealth of the free individual.

  5. In the arithmetic of invasion, these socialist fools running the show will one day wake up to discover that nooses and 9mm cartridges cost almost next to nothing, and muslim numbers are nowhere near enough to offset the anger of ethnic Germans. The results when Germans finally awake will be priceless…

    • The moon: If and when the Euro invaded countries awake, they will have been conquered. Apathy and self indulgence rules. It will be like awakening to a bad storm at 3am with lightening flashing and winds at 70 mi and hour as a cold front moves thru that happened in my area last March when several tornadoes tore up four houses near me and trees down, etc.

    • Moon-

      At the present pace by the time any ethnic Germans and Western Europeans awake they will be tiny minorities in their own countries.

      It is hard to see much future for peoples that are not stimulated to self-defense by multiple rapes of their young women and children.

  6. Now I understand this prediction. “One day, millions of men will leave the Southern Hemisphere to go to the Northern Hemisphere. And they will NOT go there as friends. Because they will go there to conquer it. And they will conquer it with their Sons. The WOMBS of our women will give us victory.”

    Predicted by Houari Boumedienne, President of Algeria at the United Nations in 1974

    • As I’ve said before, Boumedienne was a bit short on geography, but hey, he’s a moslem!
      The ONLY moslem country which is (partly) in the southern hemisphere is Indonesia.

      Other than that, the glorious south is free of the filth, although they are starting to infest Australia, and my brother in Melbourne is disgusted with the amount of ‘halal certified’ products on supermarket shelves.

    • Great quote, but never verified. Can you find and present an original UN or contemporary newspaper record of this quote? I tried in French and English and just could not. There is no proof he said it.

  7. The biggest problem with “all of this” is they don’t have to defend anything and don’t have to fix anything and don’t have to tell the truth about anything. It isn’t just this subject. It is how everything is ran. And now we have Putin asking what is wrong with you guys.

  8. Notice they always ask for more. The thought is not to limit the aliens to the same amount as the native population, it’s to increase the native population to the level of the aliens. If the Germans had just discovered how to turn dirt into gold I guess it wouldn’t matter but it sounds to me like this would be a big step towards breaking the country’s financial solvency. They need to be spending their extra money on jails to house some of their new residents.

    • Wrong, they need to be spending their extra money to deport all muslims who in any way, shape, or form refuse to integrate or denounce sharia. Ultimately, since the Germans refuse to do such when it is relatively easy to do so, they will be forced to spend far more to wage civil war against those who refuse to agree to the above, and astronomical sums to rebuild the destroyed cities and infrastructure should the Germans manage to prevail in ejecting the invaders.

      • They have to deport ALL Muslims. Do not forget while their number is low they use taqiyya and pretend to fit in while they are breeding as rats. Then after their number grown again they will start to introduce Shariah all over.

        • It may very well come to that. My own thoughts and opinion is that nothing will be done until the 11th hour, and when the average European finally decides to fight back, the result will be an extremely bloody civil war and fight to the death.

          Europeans are very efficient at bloodshed and genocide, although the gene is dormant at present. Too many years of peace have suppressed their extremely bloody history. I would not be surprised to see war when it comes, spread to the entire islamic world, as they will not idly stand by while Europeans slaughter millions of fellow muslims. Not much of a stretch to imagine Israel getting dragged into it before the end, and nukes raining down upon muslim cities from Islamabad to Riyadh, and the leveling of Mecca before it is over.

          We haven’t seen the end of the beginning yet.

          • The moon: The gene seems to have dissolved thru time, and Euro folk have not been taught history or family values in several generations, the US is following suit. Lack of critical thinking is a real issue on both sides of the Atlantic, so an MRI should detect if brains are missing.

    • First, before taxpayers are forced to pay for more prisons, they should ask themselves how many more prisons will they be asked to pay for given that the door is wide open to any and all “migrants” — which could number in the BILLIONS since the government seems intent on eradicating its own native population obeying the UN policy of “migration” of peoples from alien cultures into the West.
      Meanwhile, Merkel tells Germans to go to church.
      Is there a more callous Western leader than Merkel?

      • You definitely nailed the problem–the U.N. Throw in the left wing Catholic and Christian organizations, plus overpaid and greedy bureaucrats, they all have a vested interest in open borders.
        Wake up people your very existence is at stake.

    • “Notice they always ask for more. The thought is not to limit the aliens to the same amount as the native population.”

      That thought immediately occurred to me also. It would shut off the inflow like a tap. Britain could learn the same lesson too – it’s why the invaders mass as Calais, waiting to cross the Channel. In fact, the entire western world could – ultimately will – learn that lesson and do so very harshly.

  9. More evidence that the government is picking winners and losers, and the losers are the native German people. The winners? the lunatic leftists and their migrant Muslim army.

    One wonders how much money is being siphoned off here in the US from the taxpayers and doled out to the “refugees”? from first setting foot on OUR soil through the outlay for upkeep/maintenance/welfare/all services combined.

  10. STUPIDITY CURES ITSELF. Once the Police forces and Military organizations become fully aware of the ” Game Plan to overwhelm their country with primitive savages identified as Muslims ” ; the bullets will fly and the stench of the dead will make Verdun seem like a Botanical Garden. It will not take much for the citizenry to be joined by the Police and Military { or the Military and Police be joined by the citizens } in an all encompassing ; sweeping attack on all Muslim interlopers who refuse to leave Germany. During the Los Angels riots of years back ; quite a few civilians joined the Police forces and were taking shots at the rioters with their own private weapons. Wait for a spark to ignite and watch how effective this new generation of Germans { who still carry the warrior gene } rid the country of the ” Soros Refugees “. Time is short because of the demographic time bomb. By 2019 the cleansing of Europe will be underway. Gates of Vienna….all over again.

    • >> the Military and Police be joined by the citizens <<

      Don't count on it. The police, the military and the judiciary are owned by the scum in power. They are the attack dogs in the front line of persecuting the native populations. Their ranks are swelled with alien invaders. They are not the solution. They are part of the problem.

    • >> the Military and Police be joined by the citizens <<
      You mean the significant number of soldier with Turkish background? Which side they join I wonder?!

  11. The same goes for Sweden or Austria (and a few other countries in Europe).
    Its like they say: “One can either have a Social Wellfare-State or an Immigration State. But not both.”

    No joke: In Vienna they turn the lights out at night two hours earlier now, because of lack of money (the city`s debts are skyrocketing).
    Vienna is the place in Austria were most asylum seeker go, because they get the most wellfare money here (Vienna is the capital city but also one of 9 states).

    • Vienna is a red-green-muslim swamp. Red since 1918, with exception of the 7 nazi years, red-green since 2010, with the greens calling the shots, because the socialists’ main objective is to keep the FPÖ out of government, together with importing muslim voters. That leaves only the red-green option.

      • The Nazional Sozialist is just as red as the Communist party. It was as socialist and welfare as you can get. The difference is in the make-up of its state-sanctioned hatreds. As in Muslim countries the first hate was Jews, and the second was libertarians. The rebranding of the NaZi party as “right wing” is a socialist plot to offer the alternative. It is no alternative as the communist and so called Palestinian history shows.

        • Well there are different opinions on that.
          But as todays Commie-Leader of Northkorea said himself: “There is no difference between Nationalism and Communism.”

          He should know best.
          Actually in the past I`ve never seen a single communist nation that was not at the same time totalitarian and nationalistic – ie. fascist.
          I belive its similar to Shia vs Sunni – the other one is always the “false Muslim”.
          Or the “false Socialist”.
          While from the ouside it really makes not much of a difference.

        • It always comes down to COLLECTIVISM vs. INDIVIDUALISM

          . . . and I’ve noticed that there are still some ignorant people who still think the latter is an evil concept (probably because they are married to the former). It is collectivism that is the evil. It is individualism that is the domain of freedom.

  12. The land of my great grandfathers and great grandmothers has allowed itself to be conquered by the muslim hoards without firing a single shot. Its time for a toast, pour yourself a Yag, its bombs away, I am sorry for the Rhineland’s, that your best days are gone forever.

    • Don`t make the mistake to belive it can`t happen to you!
      Soros and his NGO`s are active on both sides, and the Saudi influence on the US-Government is well known (likewise in the EU).
      To name just 2 players in this drama.

      In Austria many shake their heads about the Germans, forgetting that the situation around them is even worse.
      From my perspective in Europe the situation in the US doesn`t look so good either.
      And to some extent these developments in the EU are also a result of US-policy and geostrategic interests.

  13. The people who have the sad…negative comments about the distressing future of Europe being taken over by Muslims are overlooking one important fact; Stupidity cures itself. Islam is pure stupidity. An intelligent person always looks at the bright side. Islam produces nothing of benefit to mankind. Be optimistic people. WITH ALL THIS SCHEISSE….THERE HAS TO BE A PONY SOMEWHERE. VLADIMIR PUTIN AND A RE ENERGIZED RUSSIAN ORTHODOX CHURCH { ARE THE PONY ] AND WILL EVENTUALLY PREVAIL. The saving grace for civilization is the fact that the inbreeding of Islam has resulted in super low IQ people who are not that difficult to eradicate.. Only a small percentage of patriots are needed to implement the change. European cities will soon stink with the remains of the invaders. Optimism is the opposite of defeatism. What are you ??.

  14. >> An intelligent person always looks at the bright side. <<

    That seems to fly in the face of evidence. I've encountered scores of very optimistic fools; blissfully unaware of the ground shifting beneath their feet.

    Smart people are realistic. They see the danger (pessimism) . . . and then seek and implement ways to survival (realism) and prosperity (optimism).

    • To refine it a little more, DeriKuk: an intelligent person gleans what he can from the bright side because that is usually where answers lie. Then they follow through with what you say further on, i.e., having looked at the bright side, they use their well-developed faculty of discernment to take what is useable in order to implement ways to survive.

      Sooo…with modifications, the intelligent person is indeed an optimist. A pessimist is an optimist who got stepped on hard when they were young and vulnerable and had no way to extricate themselves from a poisonous situation.

  15. Islam, according to their doctrine, already own the kafir money. They have come to Germany to claim it. What an evil, evil system.

  16. Documentary film makers usually have a story to tell with the camera lens. This one shows how Muslims game the system everywhere they go, especially in Dearborn Michigan where they first entered the United States:


    They pay for Mosques and businesses to look like Middle Eastern architecture. And once planted in a region, pool their welfare benefits to push out the indigenous business owners and replace them with Muslim owned enterprises.

    Every time I see a burka or burkini I get sick to my stomach. Misogyny in display for all to see and submit to a 7th century belief system!

    • Molly-

      Dearborn is a blight on the otherwise great state of Michigan. May it soon be pushed into the lake and out to sea.

      The Ummah’s propensity for collective action is one of their greatest advantages over us. This is why right-thinking people in the West need to find some sort of positive counter-programming they can bond over to resist the expanding reach of the Ummah.

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