Legal Action Against the Proposed Mega-Mosque in Bucharest

The resistance to the building of a mega-mosque in Bucharest continues. Now the opposition group has started legal action against the proposed mosque.

Many thanks to Stefan cel Mare for translating this article from Alternative News Romania:

We must support him! Catalin Berenghi starts the legal process against the Mega-Mosque

The Mega-Mosque scandal has reached a new level. When last year Catalin Berenghi and Catalin Ioan buried pigs on the land given in Bucharest to the Muslim cult and planted hundreds of crosses in the same place, in protest against such a project, meanwhile they also started a legal action against the construction of the Mega-Mosque. The first hearing will be on October 14, 2016. The Mega-Mosque project, endorsed by Ponta [prime minister] and Iohannis [president of Romania], is defying the religious reality in Bucharest, and is part of Erdogan’s dream of spreading Islam through all of Europe.

What the Ottoman Empire never achieved in all its history, to build a mosque in Romania, is a step closer to being realized in the time of corrupt and irresponsible politicians since 1990. This is why the action of these two is being welcomed, even if for some it can be exaggerated.

We must not forget that, according to the plan, near the Mega-Mosque a Islamic university was to be built with 5,000 places. In other words, the plan was to build in Bucharest the bridge into Eastern Europe for Islam.

Now, with this legal process started and all the instability in Turkey, there will be enough reason to put a stop to the project forever.

We are watching, and we will inform our readers about the evolution of this topic.

24 thoughts on “Legal Action Against the Proposed Mega-Mosque in Bucharest

  1. I wonder what kind of money they got from the Saudis to push this. Must have been huge, with a big bonus if completed.

  2. I am trying to imagine the same thing in west Europe. I think there will be a war after something like this. I think the only way to end this madness is to push more than muslims pushes. In Romania is a saying: I rather be remembered by my children standing with my head up in my last day, than living hole my life on my knees.

  3. I do remember 2 or 3 months ago, a group of 4, 5 Afghans tried to cross the border by night in Hungary, and because of a small error, they cross in Romania. In Romania, crossing illegal the border put you in jail until you are expelled. The funny part was (I saw on news on TV) when the afghans hear that they are in Romania, they start crying and begging the border patrol to not shoot them and they start swearing on allah that if they send them back, they will never try again to cross the border in Romania 🙂

  4. Another funny happening…last year, with the big refugees wave, some of the refugees asked for asylum in Romania…about 400, I think… The border police decided to put them in a old closed prison, or psychiatric clinic…I don’t remember…but, the cook didn’t know that for muslims is forbidden to eat pork…and for about a week, they eat a lot of pork… after they said that the food is good, they asked what kind of cow is that, or how is prepared, because is good. After they have been informed that is pork, all of them declared that they decided to be vegetarians and that’s why they don’t want meat any more…I do remember that there was a small effort to hide this, so no muslim ambassador will found out…I don’t know how ended the story…but nobody protested.

  5. Thank you Stefan for those wonderful anecdotes and how Romanians are resisting Islam and the mega-financial forces seeking to undermine national sovereignties and European cultures.

    And thank all of you Europeans, wherever you are, who truly are willing to fight to reinvigorate the true Europe.

  6. Its not not true, that this would be the first mosque in romania!

    I lived in bucharest, and constanta, there afe many many mosques in romania from ottoman times,
    The biggest i saw is the “carol mosque” in the old town ovideo area of constanta romania, by black sea,

    I often stay in the hotel palace, very near to this giant mosque, and each day hou here the sickening muezzin call to prayer from loud speakers at top of minaret, its sickening, it should not be allowed.

    All along the black sea coast, from bulgaria to romania and the danube delta and up to izmail in south east ukraine and moldova are mosques, mostly relics from ottoman times, but ive seen even some new mosques or renovated mosques recently appearing close to constanta.

    The carol 2 mosque in constanta is visited by many turks, there isca daily bus service between constanta and istanbul, goes via varna bulgaria, i often take this bus, ive come to think now that it might be a route for jihadis, to get to turkey / syria, because ive seen some very dodgy looking people on that bus route.

    Romanians should bulldoze all mosques, romanians in my opinion are asleep at the wheel when it comes to islam.

    Many believe muslims invaders, will not trouble them, many romanians claim that muslims live peacefully in romania, and its all ok. What fools they are.
    Have they forgot there own history???

    Turkey, istanbul is just a 5 hour bus ride from constanta.


    • There are mosques (few), but not build by ottomans 🙂
      After 1990, some muslims coming in Romania for business, improvised some mosque.
      In Constanta the mosque were build because, after many wars with ottomans, prisoners were taken…after releasing of the prisoners some of them settle in Dobrogea (Constanta area)….and then the state decided to build 2 or 3 mosques. But ottomans never did it.
      And yes, old muslims are no longer muslims (old, I mean from the times before 1990)…considered after islamic norms. During the communism, muslims became just like all the rest. They were eating and drinking just like everybody else. There was no special rules for them. The arabs after 1990 came with new ideas about islam, but they didn’t succeed to get the old muslims.

    • And believe me…romanians are not asleep when it comes to islam…Probably you don’t speak romanian, this is why you think they are asleep.

    • In Romania are 10 or 12 mosques in total…And 10 of them in Dobrogea, where from old times some turks and tatars lived after being released. And there was a debate about the number…main idea is that there is no need for more….
      Romanians tend to hide the real intentions when it comes to multi-kulti…they know that Bruxelles stigmatized all those against multi-kulti…Romanians are kind with all people, as long they eat pork and drink wine and beer. 🙂

    • And yes, muslims are very silent in Romania. The muslim community has about 70.000 members. Last year an arab tried to simulate on the street an anti-islam attack from unknown romanians…After 2 months the secret service came with video-audio recordings about this and they were expelled from Romania…For ever. Bilieve me, I am romanian…as long I don’t feel aggressive intentions from your side, you can be ET if you want…But, when I feel that my children are in danger because of you, I will do all I can to send you as far as possible. And I really don’t care if is legal or not…We do have problems with gypsies…we were forced by EU to not react aggressive against them…Before we became members of EU, romanians burned down many gypsy villages, because they were stealing and rubbing. After our membership in the EU, we have problems if we react aggressive against aggressive gypsies…but, even so, there are many fights still. It is complicated, probably you will never know the truth, if you don’t speak romanian.

    • As final reason, imagine desecrating in the west a mosque. What you think will happen to those desecrating the mosque ? In Romania, also the government know the feeling of the people regarding islam… This is why you don’t dear as president or prime minister to have wrong position about this. And yes, the young generation is little to soft…they are young, they are indoctrinated with new rules from EU…but still, they do have aggressive attitude against aggressive islam or aggressive gypsies. The new orders from EU is to eliminate from history books all the parts where we fought ottomans. But until now nothing was done in this direction. Probably they will succeed to brain wash also young generation…but the old generation will continue to speak. I will explain to my children what my grandfather told me about the war with islam…He was soldier fighting against ottomans. I will tell to my children the history.

    • BUILD by ottomans on Romanian teritory. There are probably 15 mosques in Romania, and almost all very old. Romania and Bulgaria had some conflicts in history. Bulgaria occupy a part of Dobrogea, Romania took that back, then Bulgaria did it again and Romania took back again…at a moment, when Bulgaria was conquered by ottomans, that part of Dobrogea was under Bulgarian administration. So ottomans took also that part. Until Romania recuperated that part, ottomans did build few mosques, and today they are still in place. But ottomans never built a mosque on territories under Romanian control. About Romanians sleep and Islam…don’t be so sure about. They don’t make noise because in Romania are only a few muslims, and muslims in Romania know that is not good to force your luck.

    • Zhukov, there are no dedicated mosques in Romania above the Danube, but Dobrogea is below the Danube. The Dobrogea region which was disputed with the Bulgarians and the Ottomans was not a part of the Romanian vassal principalities which had cultural autonomy and did not allow Islamist proselytising. Therefore, when the nascent Kingdom of Romania got Dobrogea, we got it with a small Turkish Tatar population and pre-existing mosques.

      There are mosques, as in spaces of worship in buildings for the use of the Muslim community that formed during Communist times – Syrians, Iraqis, North Africans etc. But not actual mosques, as in the specific architecture. It’s like making a church in a random space that could also be a shop or a theatre.

  7. Many people in the US and Western Europe today had never had a close knowledge of the menace posed by Islam, under all its forms, such as The Ottoman Empire or the Tatar Invasions, which are present in more than 90% on the history of Romania, until 1877 (the year of the Independence from the Ottoman Turks).
    The Romanian scholar Cantemir (who was a Moldavian, when Romania was made up of 3 contries: Wallachia Moldavia and Transylvania) was among the first historians to write a compendium about the Ottomans.
    Get a gist of what is the history of Romania – these 4 pages from a book written in 1919 will suffice:
    As you see, the fight against Islam armies IS the history of Romania.

  8. The fight against islam was tge history of spain as well, but now look at whats going on in spain! They forgot their history it seems.

    I suggest its same in romania, complacency has set in.

    I lived in bulgaria romania. Ukraine, moldova for 8 years, one of my close friends is in gendarmerie in bucharest.

    Even he is asleep at the wheel with islam.

    Many turks go to romania to steal women, infidel girls.
    Its sickening.

    It seems to me that most ordinairy romanians have their head in the sand with islam.

    I lived in bucharest in 2003.

    Romania is a great country, i have been all over.

    Im often in constanta still these days. :))

    • Zhukov, I am in Scandinavia for many years…Me and many romanians in Scandinavia, we are talking about all this planed aggression against Europe. I must accept that also in Romania the new generation is soft, partially brainwashed by Bruxelles propaganda. What you don’t see is that today, in Romania islam is not visible, is a non-present danger. This is why people don’t react, because they don’t have the problems west has. But, I am sure that when first bomb explode or first muslim will start killing on street, there will be hell for muslims. Or maybe I am naive ?

    • Or maybe that I am still having the old image of Romania ? The Romania I know, I grew up ? If things are as you say, then those living in Romania are no longer romanians. And yet, there are young romanians fighting muslims also in the west…I still think that the spirit of freedom is present in young romanians. In Romania the people have other problems today…The [odious substance] imported from Bruxelles, corruption, anti-Romania politics, etc…Islam is not a problem today. Gypsies are. Politicians are.

      • Be careful when you said Islam is not a problem because Islam and Islamic people do tend to rear their ugly heads wherever they go.
        Islam do tend to cause extreme hardships and extreme poverty to others or to every country they invaded or migrated to due to the fact that Islamics tend to be extremely selfish, stingy, unhelpful and narrow minded in their economic activities.
        They rarely employ infidels who don’t submit to them but they would always expect and demand to be employed in all occupations imaginable even if they can’t fit in to our infidels more superior(or more generous) way of doing things. Of course many of us infidels are forced to be generous with them even as they kept pushing us infidels to a corner with not much choice or resources. Those Islamics are dangerous. They caused many of us infidels difficulty in surviving once one is surrounded by their Islamic evil societies.
        Those Islamics rarely migrate to or parasite on their other numerous Islamic countries and instead those Islamics tend to inflict endless harm on Western countries and cunningly parasite on rich Western countries. That is how they operate. That is why so many of those Islamics are filthy rich due to constantly taking from us infidels and giving almost nothing back to us infidels.

    • I never heard about turks stealing girls from Romania…I know there are women, usually poor and stupid, that are marring arabs or turks…but they are a very small number. I also know about young brainless guys converting to islam. And again, they are a very tiny number. I also know about young generation preferring pseudo music, like gypsy music, forgetting Romanian music. But, again, this is happening in big cities, where brainwashing is in full speed. If you get out of the cities and go in the rural, traditional Romania, you will find a different world. A hard working world. Biggest problem today is destruction of national education system. In the past 25 years, Bruxelles is doing the best he can to destroy everything in Romania. Romanians see this. But, romanians are able to accept a lot of [excrement] before exploding. When they explode, it is better to not be one of those who served [noxious substance] to romanians. They burn everything they identify as enemy.

    • He is right…the biggest danger to humans is decadence. We need god as a model for love and dedication, not a reason to kill. Social engineering is killing the loving inner god, living empty spaces. The empty spaces are progressively filled with a different version of god…a satanic one…god of hate and crime.

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