Angela Merkel: We Must Crush the Right Wing in the East!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel took the opportunity of German Unity Day in Dresden to remind citizens of the importance of suppressing right-wing tendencies, especially in the east — the former DDR.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this article from the Rheinische Post:

Bürgerfest for German unity

Merkel calls on citizens to rise against the right wing

Dresden. While on 26th anniversary of German unification Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for opposing right-wing populists, the celebrations have started in Dresden with a street festival. Three quarters of a million visitors are expected by Monday. It has prompted the highest level of security for the police.

Given the increasing polarization of society, Federal President Stanislaw Tillich (CDU) urged further efforts to realize internal unity. That people lived in the East and West for over forty years in two different systems is now strongly felt as hasn’t been during the period since 1990, said the Saxon Prime Minister to the German Press Agency.

“We are celebrating something that is not self-evident in the story: A peaceful revolution that ended in the reunification of the nation,” said Tillich. This is at the same time a reminder “to continue to work on our internal unity”.

Dresden Mayor Dirk Hilbert (FDP) stressed that his city with its historic center would not only provide a stage for a look at history. “Also the present and future of our region become clear in these days,” he said at the opening of the festival.

Merkel: All are the people

Meanwhile, at the 26th anniversary of German unification the Chancellor called for the defense of the central freedom of the East German civil rights movement against right-wing populists. One must intervene when people with a right-wing background proclaim “We are the people” [Wir sind das Volk], said Merkel on Saturday in a video message. This slogan was “very liberating” during the peaceful revolution in the GDR.

“Today we have a different situation: Today, we have an system, in which everyone has the right to freely speak his mind and to demonstrate. And that’s why we have to say: ‘All are the people’,” said Merkel. Today, the slogan is being used by the people who believe they have gotten a raw deal, but also by those with a right-wing background — “which of course I don’t find all right, and against which we must also intervene.”

Merkel expressly praised the handling by government and society of such tendencies in Saxony. She thinks they have responded very well when they said: “Anyone who believes that he has problems which aren’t noticed by society or by the politicians should raise his concerns and suggest constructive solutions,” said the Chancellor. “This is democracy in action.”

Thierse: Right-wing extremism in the East shouldn’t be justified

In the meantime, former Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse (SPD) warned against a justification of far-right/right extremism in East Germany. Attempts at explanations could easily sound “like understanding” and “this shouldn’t happen under any circumstances,” Thierse said on Saturday on German radio. Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) warned of a general suspicion against the “whole of eastern Germany”. Meanwhile, the celebrations began without incident for German Unity Day in Dresden.

Thierse emphasized that “there is no case, and no indication of economic and social problems, that might somehow justify the violence, whether in the East or West.” Concerning the population, “right-wing extremist violence in East Germany” is allegedly “about four to five times as high as in the West”. Everybody “who wants to relativize it again” should take note.

Previously, the East Commissioner of the Federal Government, Iris Gleicke (SPD), worried about the surveys, said that increasing xenophobia in East Germany was a “serious threat” to the social and economic development in the new countries. Several East German Prime Ministers criticized the presentation and stressed xenophobia is not a problem in eastern Germany alone.

Federal Justice Minister Maas told Handelsblatt, according to a report on Saturday, that “the entirety of eastern Germany should not be put under the general suspicion of xenophobia.” Although there are, especially in the East, “clearer structures in right-wing extremist milieu”, which manifests itself by increasing violence and intimidation against dissidents. All that, however, allegedly exists also in the West.

Thuringian Minister-President Bodo Ramelow (left) made the same statement. In all of Germany refugee shelters have been burned, he said on the radio station NDR Info. “In East Germany it only becomes a very ugly side, when no foreign people are actually visible in the population.”

Dresden celebrates — 200 events in three days

Due to the Presidency of Saxony in the Federal Council, the festival on German Unity Day takes place this year in Dresden. Until Monday some 200 events are planned. The states present themselves at a country mile. The Federal Government, the Bundestag and Bundesrat offer large information tents. In addition, a colorful cultural program is designed to attract 250,000 visitors to the old town every day for three days. On Monday German President Joachim Gauck and Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) are expected at the central ceremony in Dresden.

After two bombings earlier this week and the discovery of a fake bomb on Thursday, the ceremonies are being held under tight security. 2,600 officers in uniform or in plain clothes are patrolling the town. “The Dresden police and their support staff will do everything possible so that we can enjoy a safe and peaceful festival,” said Dresden police chief Horst Kretzschmar. Whereas there is information that “unteachables” would try to disrupt the festivities. “We are prepared,” said Kretzschmar.

49 thoughts on “Angela Merkel: We Must Crush the Right Wing in the East!

  1. I may have missed something here. I did not notice any suggestion or hint to indicate that democracy or free speech should be available to those who do not agree with her.

    AND they are prepared for the “unteachables.”

    • That’s perfect. If Merkel doesn’t like a slogan when used by people of a right-wing background (PORWB) she must cause the state to intervene and crush the users of the now-not-ok-in-the-wrong-mouths slogan.

      German (Merkel) democracy “in action.”

      This is surreal. Next we will see AntiFa auxiliaries and the VoPo conducting punitive raids on deviant non-approved thinkers ordered by the ambitious, eager communist toad during the Golden Years.

      • I think Merkel and the Western world is a victim of neo Marxism ideas through social and humanism studies. They have given us new political correct values that open the Western world to be radically changed from within. Look at EU. All presidents are not democratic elected. They are appointed? The EU parliament can not propose a law. They can only accept the laws that are put forward from a policy based unelected big government(commissars). Why did the people of Europe accept the undemocratic EU?

        • That is a difficult question. More and more I like the idea that the people of the West simply have not been able to conceive of the notion that their political elites actively seek the destruction of their “own” people through mass immigration.

          Similarly, Westerners saw mass killing and enormous destruction to defeat vicious, murderous National Socialism in WWII. It has simply been inconceivable to them that their own leaders would not be on guard against any ideas and methods that might allow political power to fall into the hands of fallible people as it recently had.

          The political elite, however, was able to sell the ideas that (1) “nationalism” (not coercive socialism) was the real danger and (2) that an authoritarian government with the outward forms of democratic input is the bulwark against such “nationalism.”

          The people lost control to the E.U. (and their own governments in important ways) and those who were left with the power (formal and informal) concealed this AND proceeded to govern energetically with the hatred for their own that only far leftists and deluded ideologues can have.

          It’s been very difficult for ordinary citizens to grasp such absurd ideas. It’s been like trying to come to grips with the reality that your own parents might have nursed a hatred for you all your life. People who love their own kind would not flood their lands with Muslims and various other types of unassimilable, violent, arrogant, parasitic primitives with no intention whatsoever of making a contribution to the host country.

          • When national socialism is bad and banned and international socialism is good and promoted you know that something fundamentally is wrong with your politicians and your country?
            Erik Solheim, a Norwegian hard core socialist, was just appointed to head the UNEP. And a socialist and earlier head of international socialist is now being appointed gen sec of the UN????

    • Merkel is a sociopath. Vote her out, or throw her out. If she continues her demented path, Germany will descend into madness and ruin.

  2. So who is the East-German totalitarian? Who is it who would want to suppress the politifcal opposition; to label them as ‘extremists’ and round them up and put them in prison camps.

    At one stage Germany thought that the jooz were the cause of all grief, and they were thus demonized, now it is the ‘far right’ whatever that is (everybody who opposes Merkelist socialism I guess, especially Christians). So watch out for the next move; a covert form of incarceration without trial I would gues, or maybe political/judicial murder…..

  3. Merkel with her entourage has moved far to the left and has opened a gap in the center and the right wing of the political spectrum. Now, Merkel curses Germans who have not followed her follies. Hence, it is not the extreme right that is dishonestly targeted by Merkel but her own voters who had elected her ten years ago and have turned their back with disgust.

  4. ‘”Attempts at explanations could easily sound “like understanding” and “this shouldn’t happen under any circumstances,” Thierse said on Saturday on German radio.’

    Isn’t this a rehash of the ‘no platform for racists’ bleat? When an argument is unassailable ignore it if possible, outlaw it where necessary.

  5. These ‘support diversity’ events are popular in Britain. They are attended largely by the usual suspects – the same crowd that on other days is throwing molotov cocktails in anti-fascist demos.

  6. And all this when almost all the violence comes from the radical Left.

    As seen again during the Day of the German Unity in Dresden (Tag der Deutschen Einheit, which is at the same time the so called Day of the Mosque).

  7. “Unteachable?” That’s a new leftist smear. It’s bad enough that they refer to anyone who shows dissent or whose thought processes are incongruent with the leftist template as far right. Now we are supposed to be educationally sub normal as well.

    These leftists have a lot to answer for.

    • “Unteachables” sounds a heck of a lot like Hillary’s “irredeemables.” Methinks they’re reading from the same play book.

      Too many people have focused on Hillary’s “basket full of deplorables” and missed her follow-on statement that these same people were “irredeemable,” which is far more damning. Combine this with her threat of a “day of reckoning” and “camps for adults” and it doesn’t take much to infer what she would like to do with people she views as beyond redemption, i.e. unteachable. (Her Maoist wardrobe should be a clue.) This mindset is likely widely shared across the technocratic managerial class ensconced in all Western governments. Their hatred of populism and baleful rhetoric isn’t based on any principles, this is obvious from their willful criminality; rather, it is the knowledge that, at the very least, they’ll lose their power, position and prestige; or, worse, be held accountable for their crimes against the people.

    • We are witnessing the birth of a new leftist propaganda offensive around the concept of unteachability. Concepts like Black Lives Matter, safe spaces, white privilege, patriarchy, blacks can’t be racist, and Hands Up Don’t Shoot magically appear and circulate at warp speed like free cocaine. The genius Rush Limbaugh has illustrated this brilliantly with his collection of audio sound bites.

      We already see attacks on free speech as “hate speech.” Now the tactic will have a broader scope to attack people who have the designated status as defined by demagogues, even status involving non-action and mere thoughts (“Not no but he’ll no!”).

      Traditionally the criminal law in common law countries (I can’t speak for civil law countries) properly punishes behavior carefully defined by courts and legislatures over centuries. Punishing speech or mere passive resistance is obviously tyranny. Such as fining/”taxing” people who fail to participate in Obamacare . . . .

  8. When will Germany wake up and see through the political flip flopping of this evil woman .

    She and her family FLED INTO EAST GERMANY whilst most sane Germans
    Were heading in the opposite direction, now she suddenly embraces unification?

    Every that drools from her mouth is a calculated lie. She has abandoned her people to a future hell as a European third world state, knowingly and willingly, as she did to the Greeks, all in the pursuit of her deluded, egotistical, political legacy.

    Frankly she is just a NWO mouth piece for Soros who will very likely cause as much carnage and destruction to Germany and parts of Europe as Hitler “achieved”

    GET RID!

  9. The ONLY ” UNTEACHABLES “in Germany today are Angela Merkel and her cohorts, who insist on mongrelizing and destroying the Nation by the forced introduction of members of an Alien culture which has a fourteen hundred year proven history of leaving misery, death in its wake. There is no such thing as ” Radical Islam. Ask Erdogan. All of Islam is radical…and If Frau Merkel and friends are so enamored of Islam…they should emigrate to Saudi Arabia { if they would be allowed in } The Saudi’s want no part of the so called Miliary age ” refugees ” ; but might accept her. She and the Argentinian Mr. Bergoglio should leave for Saudi Arabia immediately.

  10. «Wir sind das Volk» is good against dictators, but ‘democrats’ do not accept the principle. So..

  11. “Das Volk ‘free to speak their minds'”–like hell they are.

    History DOES show that tyranny has a remedy…………..

    Tree limb.
    (Some assembly required.)

    AND…….This ‘Nazi’ stuff is getting VERY old, and VERY boring.

  12. “Every-one has the right to freedom of speech and demonstration” .Is she having a laugh or does she think that we are so stupid that we will not notice?

  13. Angela Merkel is the problem. Marine Le Pen hit the nail on the head recently. She said governments are outmoded and need to be revitalized. Tyranny is rampant in government. The EU has gone crazy power mad. The USA is haunted by the vision of Hillary Clinton. We will live under freedom or die under the yoke of Communism and Islam. LIVE FREE OR DIE was the motto of the Revolutionary War . We need to adopt it or we will definitely go under.

  14. How many times can this witch tell her nation, “Shut up and put up with your demise,” and face no repercussions?

    Europeans are like battered wives.

  15. Merkel is trying to turn Germany (my country) into a islamic hellhole while Hillary Clinton wants to turn the US into a latin american slum..

    • Hillary’a girlfriend, Huma Abedin, she of the Muslim Brotherhood connections, will make sure that the slum is run by Islamists.

      • Even a bright and educated person such as Hillary could get so ignorantly closely entangled with an Islamic person such as Huma.
        It is quite obvious that those Islamics are desperate to latch on to any person with some powerful connection. Hopefully, with the world getting less ignorant and more politically aware of the danger of infiltrated by Islamics and those gullible pro-Islamics, they would learn their lesson the hard way.

  16. “Diversity” and “multiculturalism” are top-down imposed ideologies to change cultures, that have never come from the people, so I think dissent is perfectly justified. And doesn’t the Left venerate dissent. Ah, it appears to be only dissent that they sanction. How surprising!

    These elites think that the mere utterance of the words, diversity and multiculturalism, stops all debate. And I don’t see why the global elites should have a voice while the populists and nationalists don’t.

    Merkel really is showing her Communist upbringing.

  17. I guess you can take the woman out of the Stazi, but you can’t take the Stazi out of the woman.

    Seriously, the East Germans probably should have thought twice before re-unifying with West Germany. As usual, the promise of unearned wealth turned their heads: West Germany was far more technologically advanced and prosperous, with generous assistance promised for its “backward” brothers.

    Now, how is it that the East is far more resistant to the Islamic invaders than the West? My opinion is that even though the East was socialist, the overall lack of resources and built-in inefficiency of the entrenched bureaucracy guaranteed that only the stronger would survive. You had to struggle every day: that environment does not encourage meekness.

    The people in the West, on the other hand, had everything given to them on a silver platter. They were protected by the Americans and fed by the government. They were treated to periodic hunts for former Nazis. I understand there was never any de-Nazification in East Germany, the theory being that being a Communist naturally precluded being a Nazi, or some such thing.

    Anyway, the people in the East were less prosperous, coarser in manner, more willing to fight, and less beaten down about the Nazi past. They also, from what I understand, had a more self-conscious cultural identity than the West Germans. Again, the siren song of material prosperity kept them from realistically examining whether it might be to their self-interest to maintain their existence as a separate country, albeit one with more freedoms. That worked out very well in other countries, such as Hungary, Serbia, etc.

    I think other mega-countries, such as the US and Canada, will eventually break up over culture differences. I think that’s what the Succession of the South before the Civil War was about. Not slavery or tariffs. And I think the Confederacy, or whatever it came to be called, would protect the southern borders of the alliance (of course there would be an alliance between the US and the Confederacy) as well as Hungary will protect the southern borders of the EU countries.

  18. Well may we have militarily defeated Germany in two world wars, but we never quite killed off the ideological roots of National Socialism.

    The Nazi German government did not surrender to the allies in World War 2, it was the defeated German military that signed the unconditional surrender papers while most of the Nazi government and top Nazis fled to all points of the compass out of Germany.

    Look up the difference in surrender documents between Germany and Japan. The Japanese government signed the unconditional surrender document, not representatives of the Japanese military.

    The American military governor of Germany pardoned over 40,000 Nazi’s who did not escape the Western allied occupation of a then divided Germany. How effective is it to pardon indoctrinated ideologues? And while that was going on thousands of higher echelon Nazis escaped via the Vatican Ratlines while the U.S. government took in thousands of Nazi scientists and others, under operation Paperclip.

    For instance: The CIA was given life under Reinhard Gehlen ‘ex-Nazi’ intelligence network – please look him up.

    One needs to also take on board that some within the U.S. and British governments were actively supplying Nazi Germany with resources and information throughout the war, indeed, some very well known historical Americans were very active and have had airports and other things named after them for their service.

    When one studies 20th Century and beyond history, one is compelled to accept that there are controlling forces not largely known within most world governments, and financial and industrial corporations that have been able to manipulate much of what the West now does.

    Look at German history over the past 150 years and then realize that an ideologica virus has taken hold within the German psyche, that while it may not infect all Germans, it is especially made to infect those who are assisted in gaining the levers of power, as it is also infecting much of the Western governments. Then understand why it is that this ideological virus is also allied with Islam and why Hitler and his henchmen felt so comfortable allying themselves with Islam and why Merkel does what she is told to do and why her Finance Minister Schaeuble has recently come out suggesting that German Muslims – if there can ever be such a thing – should try to fit in better with German values – whatever those values may be today.

    And then remember this, that nothing in politics/history occurs by chance, as nearly everything of note, or what is made to be noted, is planned and then acted on. What we are now seeing in Europe is the culmination of a plan put together by some noted Nazis even before the war came to an end, that plan was termed, The Madrid Circular and was a plan that envisaged the surviving Nazis, with assistance from some very old institutions, and working from ‘neutral countries’ like Argentina, would put all that Nazi loot taken from Europe to use in compromising the business, financial and industrial aspects of the West.

    In my humble opinion, I would say that they have been highly successful in their endeavour.

    The West is now teetering on all out war with Russia – a country that wants no part of any New World Order, especially an order made under Nazi plans. Ask yourself why Russia has once again – according to the lying MSM – become the antagonist of the West. Could it be that Russia and China are now roadblocks to total world domination that would bring every country under the control of a new Reich, a Fourth Reich?

  19. This old hag merkel, has just a few years of life left on this planet!!!
    Maybe shorter if she rightly [intemperate prediction redacted].

    This evil woman has destroyed european culture and its peoples!!

    Why is she still strutting around, ? This evil woman is still breathing air, still spouting off her lies, still being given air time.

    How many body guards does she have?

    Anyone know exactly where merkel sleeps at night???

    She needs to be payed a visit, asap, it must be possible to get to her?

    Ceacescu, comes to mind, if enough people surround her place of sleep,
    The army, cops, may stand down, and hand her over to the mob.

    This is what MUST HAPPEN, AND SOON.


    [Intemperate prediction redacted] await you merkel.

    History will repeat!!!!!!

    • I hope your scenario has credence, however the Nobel Peace
      Prize is to be announced this coming Friday and I have a horrible feeling that it could have Frau Merkel’s name written all over it.

      This would be a catalyst though for all right thinking Europeans to wake up and realise exactly what the NWO has in store for them.

      You are correct that history does repeat itself and no revolution is ever peaceful, banners and rhetoric have never toppled a tyrant to date and I believe Mutti Merkel can certainly be described as one, her distain shown overtly of her own people is truly both tyrannical and despicable and should be “rewarded” appropriately.

      • Peace Prize for Merkel?
        Well the Peace Prize committee are certainly stupid enough, as they have proved several times now.

        Even left leaning Norwegians are embarrassed by the imbeciles!

  20. Is this some sort of German pragmatism? What should we do about the Muhammadans raping and stealing? We will teach them. What should we do about the cultural practices of the Muhammadans? We will teach them.

  21. Given Merkel’s background as a communist I believe it is clear who she is referring to as an “enemy and right wing.” The Germans need to rid themselves of this cancer as soon as possible.

  22. Did you pick this picture of Merkel on purpose? The hand gesture looks like Abu Bake al-Baghdadi. It is some Muslim sign for ‘one god’ versus the pressed together thumb pointer middle finger sign of Orthodox Christians symbolizing the Trinity if I am not mistaken.

    • Or she could just have been picking her nose and showing the results of the exercise to her enthralled audience.

    • Nope. I picked it because it was (1) unflattering [but then most pics of her are] and (2) easy to extract from its “blue screen” background so it could be placed against other backgrounds.

      • Love the hyenas; nice touch!
        Makes me wonder though, can this woman really be so mad as to knowingly subject her own people to such misery; to knowingly ruin her own country?

        Even we atheists have heard of Judas, but the treachery of this woman sets new boundaries, and what does ruining Germany really accomplish?

        Years ago I said the Germans would be the first to revolt against the madness, and while that could still happen, the likelihood grows dimmer… We shall see, but things cannot continue in the present vein.

          • Marxism failed but capitalism is moving off the world stage, too – driven off by the ruling classes. When I’m not so tired (tomrrow) I ‘ll leave a link to the unparalleled Peter Drucker’s book, called “Post Capitalism” – or summat like.

  23. We? Who is this “we” she is talking about? And what is that garbage about people having the right to freely speak their mind? Yes they have that right, so long as they don’t mind being thrown into jail if they disagree with the Merkel-witch.

  24. She is a domestic enemy of the German people and the German Republic. Sharia is inherently opposed to Einigkeit & Recht & Freiheit!

  25. This right-vs-left notion is just a device by which the ruling class divides and conquers, and keeps the peons under their thumbs. They want people to think their only choice is 1) to be a Nazi, or 2) to abet the destruction of German culture. Of course, one can reasonably oppose both those positions.

  26. Nazism was bad. Communism was bad. But the worst are still the Islamic mongrels with their never ending pushy Islamism, pushing their Islamic people and their Islamic inferior brand/traits on almost every aspect of our lives. I know they want to get rich and control more land/people but using their extremely nasty inferior Islamic extremism to get richer is just so unethical.

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