Disinformation and Provocation Among the Migrants in Szabadka

The brief video below tells an intriguing story about the “refugees” gathered in Szabadka in northern Serbia at the border with Hungary (see this previous post about Szabadka).

An unidentified group of visitors staged combined operation of disinformation and provocation among the migrants, mostly Pakistanis, at the migration center in Szabadka. The provocateurs — all we know about them is that they were whites — came to the asylum seekers and told them that after yesterday’s Hungarian referendum was complete, they would be allowed across the border and would be able to enter the EU.

Those who retailed this disinformation did not do so as a hobby. Some well-funded organization — a George Soros affiliate springs to mind — anticipated a turnout of less than 50% in the quota referendum, and used it as an opportunity to stir up trouble among the immigrants in Serbia. But it’s too early to determine anything else about the incident.

Many thanks to CrossWare for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:03   In northern Serbia thousands of migrants are waiting to enter to the European Union.
0:07   Their numbers continue to grow, because most of them believe that after
0:11   the mandatory quota referendum, the borders will be open for them and they can enter the EU.
0:16   Our crew visited in the settlement center in Szabadka to ask the migrants about this.
0:22   We asked some young people from Pakistan, and they told us
0:25   they trust that positive news will reach them soon.
0:28   In recent days many talk about the vote that is happening in Hungary.
0:35   They finally realized, they must open the borders and we will go in!
0:42   We heard after the second they will open the borders.
0:47   They told us Hungary will open its borders and
0:50   we can easily go where we want to go.
0:53   The migrants told us they heard this information from some people who visited the center.
0:59   People like you came here, people like the ones who live here, and they told us.
1:05   Many of the migrants have already packed up and are hoping that as early as
1:09   Sunday evening or Monday morning they can begin to enter.
1:14   They are some who have already started walking from the center in the direction of the border.

4 thoughts on “Disinformation and Provocation Among the Migrants in Szabadka

  1. Frankly I, like many others too, really do not care what these ” migrants”
    Choose to believe. All young men looking to free load of hard working European nations.

    Seemingly far to idle to either stay and fight for their own countries of origin or to strive to improve conditions there.

    With this attitude what have they really got to offer anyone?

    The left will tell of their brave and epic journeys to Greece all off which
    Is mainly a fantasy.

    Arrest these idiotic, left wing, open border provocateurs immediately, sentence them to at least 20 years jail for treason, without the right to appeal to show that there is a huge price to pay for their stupidity.

  2. I don’t know if anyone else caught it, but watching the video of the Charlotte race riots, you could see not only white rioters among the black, but interspersed among the crowd, whites with clipboards. There was also an intriguing shot of a white man with a backpack approaching a black rioter and tossing him a water bottle. The black rioter just caught it, and went on his (riot) business, like it was what he expected.

    But we know more directly that Soros and his ilk are funding BLM and other grievance groups.

    I’m sure they know how to stay this side of criminality, although it seems by systematically dissolving the bonds of civilization is a worse crime than simply embezzling a billion or two.

    I think a good way to fight these organizations is to make dual citizenship illegal. It will limit the scope of radicals like Soros. He has twice as much scope for disruption if he can use the shelter of nationals in multiple countries.

    Also, the people who foul their own nests will think twice, as they will have to be accepted on the spot if something goes wrong with their calculations, and they have to flee. I think even Israel will be less of a safe bet for Jews if they don’t already have citizenship. There are rising tensions between the liberals and orthodox, the liberals hate Netanyahu, and I don’t think either the orthodox or Netanyahu would be too keen on allowing in millions of liberal Jews.

    Duel citizenship with Mexico, Israel, Iran, Hungary, Turkey…all make no sense at all. You can have only one main loyalty, and it is dangerous to allow someone the privileges of citizens if they have a prime loyalty to another country.

  3. Why has Soros not been removed to jail? I don’t understand modern generations of politicians. Russia has an arrest warrant out for the old goat.

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