Bush on the Primrose Path

Obama’s ruination of MENA had method after all. And here we thought it was just mendacious madness. Now it turns out that after eight limp-wristed years he has succeeded in dragging home a goodbye gift for the whole world. Just what everyone needs: the soft music of a ticking-bomb crazy state.

BHO makes Bush’s iconic picture, holding hands with the Saudi prince as they walk through the bluebonnets, look positively benign:

Since Obama entered office nearly eight years ago, Iran’s record in advancing its aims has been of uninterrupted success.

Iran used the US withdrawal from Iraq as a means to exert its full control over the Iraqi government. It has used Obama’s strategic vertigo in Syria as a means to exert full control over the Assad regime and undertake the demographic transformation of Syria from a Sunni majority state to a Shiite plurality state.

In both cases, rather than oppose Iran’s power grabs, the Obama administration has welcomed them. As far as Obama is concerned, Iran is a partner, not an adversary. Since like the US, Iran opposes al Qaeda and ISIS, Obama argues that the US has nothing to fear from the fact that Iranian-controlled Shiite militias are running the US-trained Iraqi military. So too, he has made clear, that the US is content to stand by as the mullahs become the face of Syria.

In Yemen, the US position has been more ambivalent. In late 2014, Houthi rebel forces took over the capital city of Sana’a. In March 2015, the Saudis led a Sunni campaign to overthrow the Houthi government. In a bid to secure Saudi support for the nuclear agreement it was negotiating with the Iranians, the Obama administration agreed to support the Saudi campaign. To this end, the US military has provided intelligence, command and control guidance and armaments to the Saudis.

Iran’s decision to openly assault US targets then amounts to a gamble on Tehran’s part that in the twilight of the Obama administration, the time is ripe to move in for the kill in Yemen. The Iranians are betting that at this point, with just three months to go in the White House, Obama will abandon the Saudis, and so transfer control over Arab oil to Iran. For with the Straits of Hormuz on the one hand, and the Bab al Mandab on the other, Iran will exercise effective control over all maritime oil flows from the Arab world. [my emphasis – D]

It’s not a bad bet for the Iranians, given Obama’s consistent strategy in the Middle East.

Obama has never discussed that strategy. Indeed, he has deliberately concealed it. But to understand the game he has been playing all along, the only thing you need to do listen to his foreign policy soulmate.

According to a New York Times profile published in May, Obama’s deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes is the president’s alter ego. The two men’s minds have “melded.”

Rhodes’s first foreign policy position came in the course of his work for former congressman Lee Hamilton.

In 2006, then president George W. Bush appointed former secretary of state James Baker and Hamilton to lead the Iraq Study Group. Bush tasked the ISG with offering a new strategy for winning the war in Iraq. The ISG released its report in late 2006.

The ISG’s report contained two basic recommendations. First, it called for the administration to abandon Iraq to the Iranians. The ISG argued that due to Iran’s opposition to al Qaeda, the Iranians would fight al Qaeda for the US.

The report’s second recommendation related to Israel. Baker, Hamilton and their colleagues argued that after turning Iraq over to Iran, the US would have to appease its Sunni allies.

The US, the ISG report argued, should simultaneously placate the Sunnis and convince the Iranians of its sincerity by sticking it to Israel. To this end, the US should pressure Israel to give the Golan Heights to Syria and give Judea and Samaria to the PLO.

Bush rejected the ISG report. Instead he opted to win the war in Iraq by adopting the surge counterinsurgency strategy.

But once Bush was gone, and Rhodes’ intellectual twin replaced him, the ISG recommendations became the unstated US strategy in the Middle East.

Caroline Glick sees clearly. This is the sad burden of a prophet.

Read the rest to understand more fully one aspect of the scope of Obama’s treasonous actions in the Middle East.

For this one, thank Valerie Jarrett and Ben Rhodes. If you smell sulfur, thank Lucifer.

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  1. When one of my colleagues was at sea I used to go on to marinetraffic dot com and see where his boat was. May I suggest that anyone interested in the whole straits of hormuz situation go along to that website (there is also an app) and take a gander – in real time – at the traffic flowing through that narrow stretch of water.


  2. Those two walking on that garden path exemplify the most recent; Supreme Court of the United States decision to declare that human beings of the same sex can join in Holy Matrimony. This will not affect Laura Bush since she is of the opposite sex and not involved in this particular ” same sex ” issue. Look closely at the eyes, posture and submissive demeanor of Mr. Bush….and you will know which one is the bride. Alice in Wonderland and Gulliver’s Travels are insignificant social commentary in comparison to what is going on before our very eyes today.

  3. Speaking of the smell of sulfur, all petroleum contains trace amounts of sulfur and I’m beginning to think that petroleum is the oil of the Devil’s unction. It is, after all, an abiotic substance from the bowels of the earth and the evil that has been engendered from the competition to control its flow is unfathomable. All the chaos and horrors occurring in the Middle East today can be directly linked to oil and the propping up of the petrodollar, the central banksters’ lubricant to grease the palms of corrupt politicians. It may not be accidental that the most fundamentalist practitioners of Islam, the Wahabi House of Saud, have been rewarded with vast reserves of the sweetest crude to finance the spread of satanic evil.

    • It’s hard to miss that connection to oil, isn’t it? But Jewish brains and technology will find us the replacement for oil as it begins to run out. And that will change the game some…that’s why it’s in our best interest to protect that tiny place. And just one reason Bill Gates – he’s the well-meaning George Soros – pours in so much money to higher education and start-ups in Israel. His inventions run on energy of some kind or other…

  4. Thank you Dymphna, I did not know that about Bill Gates. Soros is szaros and very evil of course. I know way too much about him. I know what he did during the ending days of WWII in Hungary, too. It involved violence and death for others, but he was doing the shooting, so he got off scot-free. If you look at his pictures, you can actually see the evil.

    I’m glad to hear that Bill Gates is doing these things. For once, good news! Yay. I always had a “feeling” that Gates was kind of a good guy, good to hear this.

  5. Bill Gates is a big supporter of Common Core. This alone makes me distrust him, not to mention other problematic globalist agenda he’s aligned with. He may not be as bad as Soros, but he is still a globalist. Be wary.

    [I could expound on this at length but it’s off-topic.]

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