Angela We Have Heard on High

The following video is excerpted from remarks made by German Chancellor Angela Merkel to members of her political party, the CDU (Christian Democrats). In it you’ll hear her hectoring her minions about the lack of Christmas carols at their events, and deprecating their musical skills.

Since when did Mrs. Merkel ever care about Christians, Christianity, or Christendom? Is there anything Christian about her except her party’s name? It’s a bizarre performance, but that’s from a foreigner’s perspective. Maybe if I understood the German context more deeply, it wouldn’t seem strange at all.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Below are excerpts from an article on Tatjana Festerling’s Facebook page (and also on her website) in which she answers an article on N24 about Mrs. Merkel’s little speech at the CDU Party Convention. For clarity, with the translator’s help, I’ve broken out the text into quotes from N24 alternating with Ms. Festerling’s commentary.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for this translation, too:

Merkel gets laughs with these scurrilous suggestions

Sunday October 23

Merkel and her bankruptcy show — a commentary

N24:   “At the party convention Chancellor Merkel took a position on the basic values of her party, and sharply criticized the AfD.”
Festerling:   “Basic values” — whose values? Yours, Merkel? Or the conservative values of the CDU from long before it was transformed into a left “a*****e-party”? And by the way, YOU are really the last person who could have the right to “sharply criticize” a democratically legit party!
N24:   “The CDU, on the other hand, is a party that tries to offer solutions.”
Festerling:   Ha ha ha, that’s a good one! Many thanks, but we have had enough with your solutions, or better, with your Final Solution for Germany and Europe!
N24:   “Looking at the AfD which sees anti-constitutional values in Islam, Merkel said: “I know that there are worries about Islam. But it is up to the people to meet these worries with the fostering of Christian traditions.”
Festerling:   Noooo, the “Umvolkerin” [woman who exchanges one population with another] tries to wiggle out of her responsibility? Until yesterday it SHE was the one who preached “We Can Do That”, and now suddenly she says “WE have to do that”, WE have to meet Islam through the fostering of traditions? Tell me Merkel, do you have a screw loose?

But then it gets even more grotesque.

N24:   “She suggested to copy song notes and to find someone who can play the recorder. Merkel said, Yeah, I am being serious, otherwise we’ll lose a piece of our homeland!”
Festerling:   Right, Merkel, let’s all go and find our recorders and then we can pipe a song to the Islamic occupiers, rapists and terrorists that you invited! May we add Margot Kässmann [progressive former head of the Evangelical Church in Germany] and her love-whispers for the boys from the Islamic State? And then, problem solved? In your naïve child’s world?

And which church should Germans go to, please? The one of the Socialists such as Bedford-Strohm [Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria, advocate for refugees] or Margot Kässmann? Or the one with Wölki [Cardinal Rainer Maria Woelki, the Archbishop of Cologne, advocate for refugees] and his refugee boat?

It is just incomprehensible the fatuous way this chancellor is showcasing her complete bankruptcy. One doesn’t even want to imagine how this naïve old broad was ripped off in her nightly Greece-rescue runs. Only to then mime being a stateswoman the next day. The beneficiaries could hardly believe their luck to get so much stupidity and treason.

Video transcript:

0:00   But we are the party with the C in the name!
0:03   Do we have any self-confidence left?
0:06   One really doesn’t have to go wherever, from
0:09   Pegida to AfD, in order to be able to sing
0:12   Christmas carols.
0:15   But how many of us are still doing that within their district chapter Christmas parties?
0:19   And, sure, they’ve got some ‘tam tam tam’ and ‘snowdrop snowflake’, who knows, whatever.
0:25   Yeah that’s it, but I mean, how many Christian carols do we still even know?
0:30   And how many of them are we teaching to our children and grandchildren?
0:34   You just have to copy a few notes, and if someone can still play
0:37   the recorder, flute, or whatever, then just…
0:40   Yeah, I’m being serious, otherwise we’ll lose a piece of our homeland!

25 thoughts on “Angela We Have Heard on High

  1. When was the last time you prayed, Angela-baby? You’d better get out your childhood prayerbook and recite a few…

    Yeah, I’m being serious, otherwise we’ll lose a piece of our homeland!

    Seriously? You mean there’s a part of your “homeland” you haven’t turned into a ghetto for hostile strangers? You have created the biggest brain drain in Germany’s history – the smart ones with enough money and skills are fleeing.

    This is the hugest piece of cognitive dissonance I’ve seen in years. Or maybe since someone showed me a picture of Hillary holding a baby.
    Hey y’all – hang her from a Christmas tree….she can be the angela at the tippty-top. Maybe it will satify her lust for power?

    AIEEE! Insanity…
    UPDATE: All is not lost – Sweden is banning Christmas lights from state-owned poles:

    I hope Poles ban Sweden from the light of sanity. May those Swinish bureaucrats sit in the dark and cold, gnashing their governmental teeth.

  2. I never thought about it before but has the CDU created an outreach program to get more Muslims to join their party? Islam is as German as sausage right? Halal sausage. So what is the big deal? They will have to give them up eventually so they don’t offend their Muslim members. Hmmm, maybe she is pointing out they don’t have a culture that they care about so they don’t care. I’ve seen a crazy story recently about creating a Muslim town/section.

  3. Don’t blame Angela….She is a former Soviet. Blame yourselves for pushing the secular German nation away from it’s Judaeo Christian heritage. An example is the State prohibiting the Christian or Jewish Home Schooling of peoples own children. One can understand the weak..inbred… Hollande and Sarkozy; who now have more Mosques in France than Catholic Churches. But Germany ?. What do you expect from a nondescript East German academic ? Thank your lucky stars you are not benighted by the Clinton Clan of Grifters and Misfits. Angela will soon see the light…as she is not far from being a resident of a skilled nursing facility. What other kind of mind can be so contradictory. She will get her adult panties and three soft meals…and be left to ruminate about her worldly accomplishments. Stop looking up to these misfits.

    • I think it’s extremely dangerous to underestimate Merkel and the damage she can do. Totalitarian governments and the Supreme Court are two of the most obvious gerontology care zones.

      Recall that Hitler also blamed the German people, rather than himself, for the catastrophic defeat of World War II. At least Hitler was mitigated by the conspiracy between Albert Speer and the German military to ignore Hitler’s last, insane, utterly destructive commands for Germany. His orders would have left Germany more crippled than even the Morgenthau plan.

      Merkel seems to speak for the German political establishment and the press. So, who is there for the Germans to turn to?

      And let’s not single out the Germans. At least 50% of the US electorate, including college-age suburbanites, Jews, and establishment Republicans, are totally unswayed by Hillary’s chronic corruption, venality, and incompetence. Her speeches are not all that coherent either, if you ever bother to listen to one.

  4. What? The Fuhrer Angela is lamenting Christmas carols being forgotten? Is she not being inconsiderate to the needs of her guests, many of whom would feel quite offended by the singing of such carols??

    • Don’t be sorry. You’re not missing out on anything. Germany is not what it used to be. Month after month the place is turning into a hellhole just like Sweden. Believe me you don’t want to picked of the streets dead in those places. If you’re looking for Christmas markets and shops why not go to Hungary or Poland? It may not be as fancy as Germany used to be but at least you can walk around without a Sig Sauer.

    • Has she secretly converted?
      I guess this is your “sometimes you just have to eat your peas” moment.
      Obama’s surrounded by converts.
      I feel trapped in a nightmare, like when you waken during the middle of sleep but your body is still asleep so you can’t move.

      • To quote from Mr. Matthew Bracken excellent essay:

        Another enduring but rarely examined weapon in the Islamic conquest armory is the offer of amnesty to well-placed infidel leaders who agree to convert to Mohammedism. Can I see Angela Merkel wearing a hijab? Yes, certainly. Whether the badge she wears on her suit is red or black won’t matter to the former Communist, not if it is a matter of saving her neck while retaining her status. Study the history of Islamic conquest, and you will find numerous cases where Western leaders announced — after clandestinely opening the city gates to hijra invasion — that they had already converted to Islam.

        As reward for this valuable service, well-placed defectors to Islam are often allowed to preserve their wealth and positions by taking fresh Muslim names and swearing fealty to the new Islamic regime. It’s intentionally made very easy to convert to Islam. The shahada conversion prayer is only a sentence, a handful of words. Sincere inner belief is not required, only publicly outward submission, which is the true (and nearly always obscured) meaning of the Arabic word Islam. Submission.

  5. Angela Merkel is sick in her head. Unfit for any position except that which is in a straitjacket in a mental institution. Perhaps they can also teach her how to handle a fork and a knife when eating. For my part I say:Denmark must leave the EU, the sooner the better. The politicians running!? the EU are just like Angela Merkel: mental nutcases unfit for office. I was only 18 at the very end of 1979 so I have had no say in entering the EU (or EEC as it was called in 1972 when Denmark voted to join).
    Off topic:Click on link to go to webpage where you can cast your vote so that book may be published:
    The author is a director of Sharia Watch UK ( the icon of which is visible on the left hand sidebar of this blog.

  6. The infantile utterings of Merkel and the joyful laughter of her CDU claqueurs is the living proof of a thesis of Diana West published in “Death of the Grown-Up”. The silly speech leaves nothing else than embarrassment. Before, the empress with new clothes was walking naked through the land. Now, Merkel stands naked in front of her claqueurs and plays the flute.

    • That would empty the halls, for sure.

      Western electorates seem impervious to displays of infantile affect and speaking, reserving their horror for any appearance of masculinity.

  7. “Maybe if I understood the German context more deeply, it wouldn’t seem strange at all.”

    Oh; that’s easy: Elections next year; a real (hopefully) opposition at the start, that can be expected to gain 15+ percent of votes.

    That woman says everything that seems useful to her _at the moment_ to keep power.

  8. Merkel and the other globalists, no matter what they say, are still going to push the globalist ideal: no borders, no security, no sovereignty, and no democracy. So I doubt Merkel is concerned with losing a piece of the German homeland – on my next trip to Chile I will try to photograph the area where she was reported to be looking at retirement properties.

    It is sometimes difficult to tell, through sources most of us have, who people like Merkel really are; Marxists, crony capitalists? Psychopathic puppets pushing the Muslim immigration policies and the artificial villain, Russia, as the useful enemy?

    • You and I have had our differences, but you are totally on the spot on this one. The current leaders, Obama included, have very questionable loyalty to, or identification with, the countries they lead.

      Include Obama in the list of mystery leaders. He was born in the US, but lived almost his entire adult life in foreign countries with a heavy Muslim influence. He is the reason the framers of the Constitution made being native born a requirement for President, but they were not able to plan for the contingency of being born in the US and immediately shipped out to foreign cultures.

      As you noted Merkel’s plans to retire outside Germany (why would she remain in a culture she has no identification with), consider my prediction that Obama will reside outside the US once he leaves the Presidency. The only way he will remain is if he obtains a high UN office, with a diplomatic passport. My betting is that he’s actually more afraid of a Hillary presidency than a Trump one. Obama knows Hillary, and knows how much loyalty counts with her.

  9. Merkel never changes direction or even her knickers probably, she only changes her slogans. She is bought and paid for by our old friend George Soros.

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