Polish Patriots Invite the French and Other Europeans to Their Independence Day Rally

Every year on November 11 the Poles celebrate their independence day with a huge march and rally on the streets of Warsaw. This year they are inviting patriots from other European countries to join them to celebrate the free and independent nation-states of Europe.

The following video specifically invites the French to Polish Independence Day. Many thanks to Ava Lon for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


17:42   Poland is standing up against immigration.
17:48   Like every year a huge patriotic rally will take place in Warsaw on November 11.
17:54   This year Polish people are asking French people to join them.
18:00   November 11. Poland found her independence after 123 years of occupation
18:06   Every year, on November 11, hundreds of thousands
18:09   of Polish patriots celebrate their Independence Day.
18:12   This year our rally will be dedicated to Europe.
18:18   It’s time for patriots from the entire continent to unite and help each other
18:24   We must defend our nations, our traditions and our cultures.
18:30   We must say NO to Multiculturalism and other experiments that endanger the peoples of Europe.
18:36   We all can see what radical Islam represents.
18:42   Corrupt politicians and the biased media are trying to make us believe
18:45   that Europe has to accept millions of refugees.
18:48   It is simply impossible to assimilate such a number of people, who don’t understand
18:55   and don’t respect our culture and our laws, and among whom many terrorists are hiding.
19:00   It’s an invasion.
19:12   Join us in Warsaw on November 11 for the most important patriotic rally in Europe.
19:18   We’re expecting you. We invite you to the largest patriotic rally in Europe.
19:24   Tomorrow belongs to you.

22 thoughts on “Polish Patriots Invite the French and Other Europeans to Their Independence Day Rally

  1. The Polish patriots and the Hungarian patriots give me hope for the future.I hope that they can extend the invitation to the Dutch patriots also.

  2. I wish Americans were as awake about the Refugee threat as the Polish people. With the help of infowars and Refugee Resettlement Watch more Americans becoming aware of their potential threat to our culture and liberties. Many thanks to Gatesofvienna blog as well. I wish I could fly to Poland and join the Polish people in their celebration. 🙂

  3. In years gone by, the “Marsz Niepodleglosci” Facebook page had around 200k to 300k likes. As a result, the march could count on around 50k-100k attending… not this time, though – as around June, the Facebook page was deleted. As a result, there are only around 7k “going”, and 7.5k “maybes” so far for this year’s march…

    Here is a recording of a previous independence march – in 2011, when it became a big thing, after its opponents invited German “anti-fascists” to try and intimidate those attending (a move which totally backfired):


    And here is a translated video, from a blogger detailing police efforts to provoke the marchers and portray them as “Nazis”


    With the new government in Poland, such police provocations should at least be a thing of the past – however given the efforts of “anti-fascists” and the Soros-funded opposition movement KOD to try and derail the march, and, also the censorship of Facebook, every person who can make it would be very appreciated, and would help make sure that the leftists don’t prevail.

    attendance needs to be high,

    • Also, this year’s march is going under the slogan “Poland the bastion of Europe”. Given that the focus of last year’s march was resisting Islam and the wave of “refugees”, my guess is that this year’s focus will be quite similar.

      • Thankfully they have a traditional webpage: https://marszniepodleglosci.pl Though the FB page was the most popular way to solicit donations and spread information.

        I’ll be attending this year and covering it for my website. I saw it in person only once. Unfortunately the provocations and a minority of hooligans hijacking it are focus of mass media attention. Poles are still struggling to find their identity post-Communism. Patriotic displays like we see on the 4th of July are natural to Americans while it’s still quite new in Poland. Polish patriotism is less purely pride-based than adversarial and hostile towards leftists and the old regime. The fifth column of the mass media, along with old party aparatchiks and the repulsive leftists do everything they can do attack patriotic sentiment.

  4. I find the words patriotism and nationalism here often. I see the words duty and honour less so. Without them, pride goeth for the proverbial.

  5. When it comes to the muslim threat, is anything off-topic?

    A people (or people plural) who do not know their own history are condemned to repeat it. That would be a terrible shame. The Hungarians and Poles still remember their history and do NOT wish to repeat it. Once was enough. Muslims do not change because (in my opinion) they are brainwashed thoroughly and not encouraged to think at all. As well, their lowest impulses and desires are encouraged by their leaders (9-year-old girls for marriage is one of the worst examples).

  6. Devout Poles may want to consider turning their backs on the” Muslim friendly” PRETENDER POPE { Bergoglio } as well as his bishops ; and ally themselves with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch in Moscow. As” far out “as this idea may initially seem ; The Devout Russian Orthodox Church has a legitimate argument about it’s Apostolic succession ; and has not been corrupted by the OneWorld Globalist agenda like the Vatican. As a practicing Roman Catholic…..I now believe it is time to listen to the Christian Churchmen who are actually practicing Christ’s teachings`. They happen to be Russian Orthodox.

    • Excellent suggestion. This Argentinian socialist pope who enjoys washing and kissing the feet of muslims – while ignoring the mass murder and sex slavery of Christians throughout ISIS-held territory – is unworthy of any respect whatsoever. At the very least, the Patriarch will lead them to God instead of leading them to Marx, as Bergoglio does.

      • Yes he is sickening. Popey is visiting Ireland soon – apparently. Weird goings on there. With Islam rising everything is now potentially offensive to Muslim “victims” who are reaching that magic number. Occupation complete. Soon they will move onto the offensive. You know the rest of the story.

    • Indeed.

      The tale of the Good Samaritan is read as a suicide pact only by mentally deranged leftists.

      The Samaritan did not invite the injured traveler into his home to sleep in his bed, eat his food, spend his money, or sleep with his wife.

  7. Poland has suffered under many and various tyrannies; Islam by far the worst. Poland will have ZERO tolerance to Islamic supremacy. Destroy ALL mosques, banish or imprison imams, close all madrassas, where they exist. Damn Islam to hell.

  8. I sure hope those scadillions of cash flowing from west to east don’t soften up the Polish front lines too much. The Chechyans and others are already behind the lines. Mosques are being demanded and built space. Potentially Poland is as corrupt as anywhere else. Who would have though Western Europe or the US would take such huge casualties within a few short decades?

  9. They ought to bring the hussars with them. They look imposing and pretty at the same time.

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