Controversy Over Veiled Women in Corsica

The burkini uproar in Corsica seems to have morphed into action against veiled women entering a school in Bonifacio. The mayor of the town seems a bit of a dhimmi — he’s concerned about equality, and dialogue, and building mosques for the culture-enrichers in his town.

Many thanks to Ava Lon for translating this French news video, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   At the end of the day in a school in Bonifacio the parents refuse
00:04   to talk about an incident from back-to-school day; none of them
00:08   is answering our questions. —”It’s a non-event.”
00:12   “No comment.” Last week two fathers prevented two veiled women
00:16   from entering the school; the mayor had to intervene,
00:20   reminding them about the law. —“This allowed us to talk about the questions
00:24   that might have been waiting to be addressed. Because for a year and a half,
00:28   I think, in Corsica, like in the rest of our national territory,
00:32   with the phenomenon of the terrorist attacks, there’s a “passionate crisis” concerning
00:36   identity problems, in Bonifacio, like elsewhere.” A passionate crisis made worse
00:40   after the terrorist attacks and fed by the fear of the radical Islam.
00:44   “Yes I have to wonder when I see an upsurge of young women
00:48   that I knew when I was a supervisor in the high school in Bonifacio,
00:52   and who were young Muslim women completely emancipated;
00:56   when I see them today aged 20 or 30, moving towards an expression,
01:00   perhaps, of Islam, veiled, refusing contact and so on, yes,
01:04   I’m wondering, because what I would like to accomplish with them is that everybody finds his place
01:09   in society.” Veiled women that were born and grew up in Bonifacio, tell us about their worries.
01:13   They refuse to talk in front of a camera, but here’s exactly what one of them told us:
01:20   “Before, when leaving the school, all the veiled women would congregate;
01:24   now we are being watched in a bizarre way. They tell us:
01:28   ‘If you want to wear a veil or long clothes, why don’t you go to Morocco?’”
01:31   Wanting a dialog, the mayor of Bonifacio
01:34   has received several Muslim representatives. He supports a project
01:37   for the construction of a place of worship
01:40   in his town.

2 thoughts on “Controversy Over Veiled Women in Corsica

  1. Let`s hope that some proud Corse citizens will know what to do (fe. get rid of this Dhimmi-Mayor).

    Btw. the plans for errecting large mosques in the some european capitals like Athens (Greece), Bucharest (Romania) and Warsaw (Poland) are all int the final stage.
    The building campain will soon beginn.
    Of course with the financial aid of the nonmuslim citizens of these countries.

    • Absolutely agree! There is always one official willing to capitulate and let the side down, in this case a deluded left leaning, bleeding heart Mayor.

      Get rid of him people (tar and feathering first entirely optional)

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