Destination: Germany — Obstacle: Switzerland

African migrants who arrive in southern Italy aren’t interested in staying in Italy. Like most of the immigrants to Europe, they want to travel onwards to the Promised Land: Germany. The Italians ignore the Dublin rules and pass the new arrivals on to Switzerland. But the Swiss have decided to be sticklers about Schengen Zone protocols: if a migrant filed an asylum application in Italy, he has to return to Italy, as the rules require.

Some of the migrants treat the Swiss border as a revolving door, and show up again later. Others are camped out in Switzerland. And more are jammed up on the Italian side of the border.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


0:00   More and more refugees come to Germany via Switzerland.
0:04   A lot of them show up In Weil am Rhein [Swiss-German border]
0:07   with very concrete travel plans.
0:10   We have already noted that they have quite detailed descriptions
0:13   about how to get to the next police station or
0:16   where they can file and seek for asylum.
0:20   More than a thousand who illegally entered were counted
0:23   in June and July. Back in April they were barely 300,
0:28   but, one has to say, most of them won’t make it to Germany;
0:32   the hurdles are high because the refugees, who mostly are from Africa,
0:36   arrive first in Italy due to geographic and logistical reasons.
0:41   From there they try to get to Switzerland.
0:44   But the Swiss border patrol sends the majority of them back
0:47   to Italy the minute it’s clear they want to travel on to Germany.
0:51   The result? Difficult situations in Italy, where the refugees
0:54   now basically are jammed up.
0:57   Richard C. Schneider reports from Como.
1:00   Lake Como. Idyllic.
1:04   And here in Como, many tourists come for their vacations,
1:08   or even just for a quiet weekend.
1:11   Right in the middle of the city, in the park, a tent camp.
1:14   But these are not campers: they are refugees from Africa living here,
1:18   for weeks, a few hundred. They all want to go on to Germany,
1:22   but they haven’t succeeded.
1:25   I’ve been her for one month and three days.
1:28   I tried multiple times to get through the border into Switzerland,
1:31   but they won’t allow me to go on. Now I have no place to go,
1:34   and they want to deport me.
1:39   My problem is Italy. And Switzerland. I don’t need those two countries!
1:42   Just Germany! I want to apply for asylum there!
1:52   And why do you want to apply for asylum in Germany?
1:55   Because in Germany you get 350 Euros,
1:58   and you can eat normally.
2:02   This is the first destination for the refugees,
2:05   the Swiss border barely ten, fifteen kilometers away.
2:08   Those who can make it by train to the Swiss town of Chiasso,
2:12   are immediately turned around and sent back by the Swiss authorities,
2:15   if they have already filed for asylum in Italy.
2:18   This is according to the Dublin agreement, but there are
2:21   reproaches about the way this is handled by the Swiss federation.
2:25   One cannot ask from the border patrol
2:30   that in five minutes, two minutes, ten minutes, maybe, you know,
2:35   hundreds, right, after he’s heard hundreds of persons , interrogated, OK,
2:42   even minors, unaccompanied minors.
2:46   They don’t speak Italian, they don’t speak Swiss, they speak very little English,
2:50   that means without a translator,
2:54   and make a decision that is fundamentally crucial
2:57   for the future of that person. OK?
3:01   Therefore the end of the line is Como? Nobody knows what’s going to happen now.
3:04   The refugees are camping not only in the city park, but also
3:07   at the main Como train station. It creates conditions
3:10   that can result in aggression in the long run. The refugees
3:13   are already angry at Italy.
3:17   “They take our money and our documents,” they explain to us.
3:21   “We don’t want to stay in Italy. We don’t want to go in a different camp.
3:24   The Italians are all Mafia. They take pleasure from our pain.
3:28   They only use us,” they all yell at us at the same time.
3:35   The mayor of Como understands the refugees.
3:41   At the moment the situation is quiet, but of course
3:44   the dignity of humans is not being respected here,
3:47   and the city also doesn’t look appealing. So far we don’t have any
3:50   social or health problems, but it can’t go on like this;
3:53   the new camp has to finally be opened.
4:00   The new camp in Como, it’s supposedly going to be open by next week.
4:05   A reception camp for refugees?
4:08   What is the point of this? Never mind that the camp
4:11   looks more like a prison.
4:16   Of course this will only be a temporary solution;
4:19   this cannot be the answer for such a global problem.
4:22   We are speaking of something so huge that
4:25   it just can’t be regulated at a local level.
4:32   On a personal level there is drama, of course.
4:35   This young Ethiopian shows us pictures of his small daughter
4:38   and his wife. Both are already in Germany.
4:41   He doesn’t even know his child yet; she was born in Darmstadt.
4:45   He of course wants to reunite with his family,
4:48   but that seems to be impossible at the moment.
4:54   Italy tries to find a solution somehow.
4:57   Privately recorded video footage shows busses
5:00   that are taking the refugees from Como to Southern Italy,
5:03   back to the so-called ‘Hot Spots’. It happens over and over,
5:06   because only there can an orderly request for asylum be applied for,
5:10   which the majority utilizes.
5:13   But there still are those that want to go on, and they immediately return
5:17   to Northern Italy; it’s a cat-and-mouse game.
5:20   UNO refugee relief sees more and more bigger issues concerning Italy.
5:26   Compared to last year, this year sees about the same number of refugees coming to Italy;
5:31   so far we counted about 118,000.
5:35   But the number of requests for asylum has doubled,
5:38   and then we have a problem with the housing of these people here.
5:44   But the hope of many refugees and migrants in Italy
5:48   is and will remain Germany, their holy land.
5:51   But how to get there, when Europe increasingly closes down its borders?
5:56   Yes, and just recently the Chancellor identified that as a mistake.

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  1. The refugee camp outside of Como shown in the video is also not too far from George Clooney’s 14-bedroom villa on the lake. Maybe he would like to walk his talk and house a few.

    Meanwhile, economists, academics and research tanks are still acting like they are trying to understand whether assimilation of Muslim populations constitutes a relevant issue.

    The United Nations research institute for social development considers it a moot point. They are consider multiculturalism and the eventual end of the nation-state as a “fact” that cannot be altered in the same way that the plan of a European Union cannot be altered because the wise men say there is no alternative. All these plans, like the immigration policies, are organized around ideals and are oblivious of the actual dangers even though they say they are fully aware of them – usually when they have no other choice but to admit it, like Merkel.

    • You only have to look at them to see that they are North African and not Syrian.

      Self entitled, ignorant, illiterate, free loaders,for ever whining what they want, where they want to go. Good on Switzerland, send them back to Italy who should send them packing too.

      They have absolutely NOTHING to offer, will not assimilate, nobody wants them apart from left-wing lunatics, no border
      Activists, the usual luvvies and celebs, not forgetting the Mad Mutti Merkel, Hollande, Juncker, Tusk and Sutherland, who will not be content until Europe becomes a satellite 3rd world hell hole of the African continent.

  2. For quite a while I have had a question about the European Union and now it’s pertinent for the U.S.A. . . .

    Do we have any kind of evidence that the global transfer of Muslims was conceived, planned, and carried out by the Bilderbergers and/or Bohemian Grovelers?

    If so, when was this plan first hatched? Where? Who first conceived it?

  3. “… They don’t speak Italian, they don’t speak Swiss, they speak very little English,”

    It’s fascinating that he didn’t mention German or French. (Unless by “Swiss” he means Swiss German (which a Berliner would probably look down on).

    Much the same comment – and its followup – apply to the U.S.

  4. I do wonder why the West is trying to commit suicide. None of this makes sense, at least not to me (I was a computer programmer before I retired, maybe that is why it makes no sense — computers are rational, people are not).

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