The Jihad Gigolo

The following article tells the sad story of a middle-aged German woman who fell for the blandishments of a sweet-talking Arab man who longed to gain permanent entry to the German welfare state. She married him, and… Well, you can guess the rest.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating this piece from Politically Incorrect:

After a brutal attack — a courageous judge

This will finally have consequences. A phony Tunisian asylum seeker wanted to gouge out his naïve German wife’s eyes and injured her severely. For this, the Bautzen circuit court judge sentenced him to four years in prison. And he expressed this very clearly: after this despicable offender has served his prison sentence he should leave “our country” for ever.

By Michael Bakunin

On August 16th, 2016, different media outlets reported about an incident taken right out of the pages of the asylum seeker picture book of horror. The blonde German Marion Z. (photo, 55 years old, nurse, widowed, probably still having dreams of her fairy tale and multiculturally well-bred Prince Charming) from the town of Radeberg in Saxony experiences a second spring and falls in love empty-head-over-heels in the year 2014 “at a dance evening in Dresden” with the two-years-younger asylum seeker named Kamel K. (small photo, devout Muslim, no residence perspective), a man with the looks and the appearance of a steroid-butch whorehouse proprietor. He seems to recognize in Marion his ticket to entry into the German welfare state.

He lies about — how often have we heard the same thing before! — his ‘great undying love’. He lets her get him a job at the DRK [German Red Cross]. Everything went quite well. Then before he could marry the emotionally crippled multiculturally-enriched German woman, he was deported to Tunisia. Therefore they immediately got married in an Arab country in the spring of 2015. Apparently the people in their respective offices in that country were either too lazy or too cowardly to suspect foul play and a bogus marriage, so an appropriate test was not administered. The free pass had been issued: because according to Article 6, Paragraph 1 of the Constitution it is allowed that a marriage with a German citizen can be lived in Germany; a visa has to be issued, benefits have to be paid.

Therefore by July of 2015 the man could come back and live under the cornucopia of the welfare and benefits state. Right after their return, everything changed for the naive German. Are we surprised? “After the wedding he suddenly was a different man.” “I wasn’t allowed to smile at other men, he accused me of cheating on him, he called me a filthy slut,” the surprised Marion recounts with utter incomprehension. “He became more and more jealous and he accused me of having affairs with other men.” At their common employer, the DRK, where he in the meantime had become a “translator” for refugees, his behavior also turned strange. “He accepted no more women, not even our female boss. He constantly monitored me.” After a few months of tactics of Muslim oppression and private Islamic terror, in November of 2015 Madam Z. threw the “charming foreigner” whom she had married in a love-crazed moment out of the apartment in a lucid interval.

Those who are familiar with the Muslim Arab mentality will not be surprised that Kamel K. became gallantly angry after these bold assertions by his wife. An unworthy broad, such an incomplete, semi-human couldn’t treat him like any German boy! (Sura 4:34 does not even have to be cited here.) He began to ambush her. “He threatened me with his fists, he spat in my face,” the Radeberg woman reports. But why she didn’t go to the authorities, and why Kamel hadn’t been already put on a plane back to the desert, only the gods in Berlin know.

What we do know is that on January 23, 2016 he could calmly call Marion Z. and vigorously threaten her: “I will gouge your eyes out so that you can’t look at another man, and no other man will want to look at you!” This Arab declaration of love was understood by the now-courageous Marion. She reported him to the police and filed for divorce. And again nobody did anything. Kamel K. threatened again, red with anger: “I will take revenge.” On the evening of April 3rd he lay in wait for Marion at the train station in Radeberg on her way to work; he tried to gouge her eyes out with a fruit knife. It was Marion’s luck that our skilled laborer from the orient was too clumsy, so that instead she ended up with a split nasal wing. An emergency operation saved her.

There was no charge for attempted murder or manslaughter (then the district court would have taken the case). Instead it became a case of “severe bodily injury”, which could only be penalized — on probation — with six months. Obviously the frightened prosecution had too big a respect for the immigrant, who in the meantime had brought hundreds of thousands of Muslim friends and already had experienced the blessing of the grand Muslim mother A. M. [Merkel]. Kamel K. confidently and in domineering fashion claimed during the trial that he only wanted to scare the German woman. That he didn’t see any blood after the “deed”. “My wife lies.” In his lamentations he relished: “She only married me because of the money.” And he complained: “In Germany the laws are made only for women.”

The humane failure of Marion Z. and the failure of the German authorities (federal foreign office, foreigners’ registration office, police, prosecution) was not continued by the judge, Dr. Dirk Hertle, at the circuit court. He immediately took this crime for what it was: The bestial offense of a “lost” Arab. He imposed the maximum possible penalty of four years. And he added in clear words: “You terrorized this woman. Your jealous Arab macho attitude has driven you to your crime. That has nothing to do with honor, you walked away in a cowardly fashion, left your bleeding wife on the ground. I hope that you will leave our country after your sentence — forever.” Our country needs such judges desperately now more than ever. Such words should be heard in every courtroom to finally stop the stupidity of the German authorities who are being kept on strings by the furious freeloading cliques of the established media and politicians. But we all know what will now have to happen to judge Hertle. This kind of courage has to be punished by the establishment.

One may assume: Kamel K. will either be punished with a year and a half on probation in his appeal, or he will be released again after a year for reasons of prison overcrowding, “good behavior”, or “traumatic experience during flight and persecution”. The politically-controlled constitutional state knows many ways and tricks so that nobody who really deserves it receives a fair punishment — especially not culturally sensitive Muslims. And then K. will probably, with the help of another blue-eyed German woman, enrich the country until the end of his days. The scars on Marion Z.’s face will remain forever. May they be a warning for the sacrificial lamb and for all who are or want to become refugees’ sweethearts.

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  1. Given how craven the MSM is, whether in North America or Europe, it is unsurprising that pertinent information on the nature of Muslims, of their long-standing behaviors, and of Islam itself, are not found in the print or TV media. But I would think that there would be a bit common sense wisdom imparted by the people, one-to-one, to their neighbors and friends – given over the back yard fence, on the park bench, on the sidewalk, or in the grocery store aisle – all in very quiet voice of course, on how to avoid Muslim trickery. Particularly the sexual predatory practices of Muslim men.

    Aren’t parents of girls in particularly warning them of these dangers as they progress to maturity? Certainly there are a lot of smarter frauen and frauleins after last New Year’s Eve.

    Was Widow Marion really that unaware of what’s been happening in, or more accurately, what’s being done deliberately to, Europe? She hasn’t read of the Muslim sexual exploitation goings-on in the UK’s Rotherham?

    Life’s a tough teacher. Students are given her tests first; then if they’re paying attention, they’ll have learned the lesson.

    • If you knew the things german girls are taught at school! they are constantly bombarded with mental nuke about abortion, contraception, race mixing, interracial dating… I’m 32 and have 3 children and my childless older female co workers call me “mrs rabbit”… Germany is a giant insane assylum

      • Ever see a seven “kids” plus two fat gross wives and fat gross hubby leading all in Arab Garbo in line Muslim “family” holding up traffic while they cross a busy city center street? That was Dublin. Not Dublin California.

  2. Personally I can’t find even the smallest smidgen of sympathy for her. Any freeborn woman that chooses of her own free will to become a gender slave gets precisely what she deserves – its a Darwinian sort of thing.

    • It is not her fault. A simple woman who is exposed to the lying media and politicians may be fooled into thinking an Arab man is essentially the same as a European or a Jew. She cannot fathom the depths of depravity of Muslim lifelong derision of women as weak and at the mercy of all-conquering Man. Even in Israel where this depravity is known for a century young girls especailly from less fortunate households fall prey to the Muslim predators, and one in their villages they become chattels lower than camels, wothwile for their reproduction, unworthy of humanity. That is the Muslim Arab view of women and it works.

  3. Oh! And she still loves him ❤️

    Shell take him back at the drop of a hat, even after he tried gouge out her eyes!!!!!!

    All my life, ive seen tons and tons of women like this, western women, they turn their noses up at good men, smart men, intelligent men of there own race and culture, and shack up with types like sheep herders from morroco because they got black hair and a suntan,

    These type women, enjoy getting [the poo] kicked out of them, they feel like then they are with a real man!

    Its a type of mental deficiency, i believe,

    Women like controversy, from this they get attention,
    I bet this german woman, tskes this brute back to her bed.

    Ive seen it a hundred times, it beggars belief.

    The amimal who did this should be hanged.

    Doesnt she have any brothers???

    They probably disowned her for taking up with a muslim nazi.

    German women must keep away from muslims!!!!

    Dont betray your own men, own race and culture,

    In ww2, women who slept with or went with the nazis were tarred and feathered.

    • “The animal who did this should be hanged.”

      Scorpions, snakes, muslims and devils have harm, destruction in common. No surprise. Those who brought those scorpions here deserve to be eliminated like flies.

    • I’m afraid it is not easy NOT to betray our men. I dated German men for ten years without success. My criteria:

      – Must have a good moral standing
      – Must want several kids
      – Should be from similar socio-economic background

      Ended up with a Spaniard.

  4. This is incredibly common here in Germany, and it is not only women who fall into these traps also homosexual men are explitely targeted by muslims who want to come here, many muslim men are meting gay german men in dating sites exploiting the fantasies about a macho hairy arab stud that many german gays have, this sound humorous but it’s sadly true, muslims convince these men to send them money and give them a place to stay once they come here.. a friend of mine said Europe is like Elizabeth Taylor once beautiful, admired and envied and then old, ruinous and willing to marry any suitor who want to take advantage of her..

  5. These desperately lonely old Christian broads are still swarming Turkey and elsewhere. I imagine it’s the one sided black and white without nuance that they find so attractive. What the feminist weakened west would call “abuse”. Everyone else is available for cash. Meanwhile Islam penetrates deeper into liberal sodden Western Europe. Strange old world.

  6. If I remember it correctly there were recently also two cases of injuring women in the face with acid in Germany (not uncommon in some parts of the world).
    And a few years ago a juvenile cultural enricher who almost killed his pregnant girlfriend by kicking her into the stomach (because he didnt wanted her to give birth to the child).

    But one can certainly find similar cases in many other countries.
    Very often only reported in local media, and only as “singular incidents”.

  7. Time for western men to put down their sewing kits and start acting like men again.
    Deep down women want men that will take the lead. It’s human nature.

    • It`s not so much about acting like a true man. 😉
      Very often this women are either old, stupid (in some way or the other), or too young and naive, or (sorry to say) not very attractive.

      So they are easy prey for men who have other reasons for a partnership then a man normaly would have.
      Often they also dont accept western men that are on their own level of attractivity.
      And for good men they themselves are not the first choice as potential partners.
      Especially when you think about what economic hardships a man can get after a divorce in our western societies.
      For a migrant with no work and Money, maybe allready living from wellfare system, this also looks different.

      And last but not least there ist what I call the “50 shades of Islam-factor”.
      Female behaviour based on a biologic predisposition.

      • It’s not that different from men going to places like Thailand and getting taken for a ride. The difference is that for men, it rarely ends in physical injury (unless by way of police action, and a good bit of that is well-deserved), but is otherwise quite similar, I find.

        A friend was an immigration judge and saw these obviously mismatched couples. A real eye-opener. I wonder how many beatings were avoided due to this immigration judge?

        • Yes its a somewhat similar phenomenon.
          Only that those men mostly do not date muslim women.

          Men and women alike want (though not always get) a partner that is a bit higher in social standing, physical attractivity or wealth.
          And while most men will go for the physical attributes and youth, women will go for oeconomic security, social standing or dominant male behaviour (most of this is unconcious, the rational mind finds arguments only afterwards – he was so handsome, charming etc.).

          At least when its about a partnership and/or children, and not just sex and dating.
          Thats why rarely your average woman will marry a younger and poorer men.

          From an evolutionary point of view it makes sense, but cultural speaking ts not a always a pretty aspect of human nature.
          And sometimes it can mean the downfall or drastic change of a civilisation.
          Especially in times of a crisis or conflict.

          • Btw.
            One should not underestimate how important it is for young male jihadists from the west to find a “real” muslim wife.

            That is certainly one of the reasons why they go into places like Syria or Yemen.
            To find their Jihad-Misstress.
            Theo Padnos wrote about it in his book about his time in Yemen.

    • “Human nature”? Not in the west it ain’t. In the nude liberal Hell on earth in the advanced stages west nature is the enemy. Nature however is not confused about which side is up. We’ll be stepping over bodies on the street again soon.

  8. I’ve always questioned the self-esteem and intelligence of Western women who form any kind of sexual alliance with a Muslim male. They seem to want to be owned and bossed around by a macho Muslim. Maybe it’ the “mystique” and the exoticness of the thing, the novelty of being with a “foreign” male from a foreign culture that has different rules governing male-female relationships. These alliances often don’t end up well; they’re not “Dutch” treats in which the male is expected to behave like a civil human being and to reciprocate the woman’s behavior. In Islam, that’s out of the question.

    • Western women have not, by and large, awakened to the games men play. These games are common among us too. Treating women like an object to be dominated. You woo them and fuss over them and tell them you love them, but when she gives in, or even marries you, you turn on a dime and domination kicks in. First by stealth, little by little, with most of these men. But with the crude ones, they turn into an ogre right away — as soon as they are sure they “have her.” There is a guy Roosh who travels all over, and teaches men how to play this, how to trick women more successfully.

      Why should it be different for them with exotic men who play the same game, but have even fewer scruples? I once knew a German woman who flew into the States to marry a guy on death row. And another woman offered to pay his DNA test, because both got fooled into thinking he was innocent. He knew how to woo women into being foolish… and you know what? He was guilty of a horrible crime, raping and killing and elderly lady, was found with her blood all over him, yet these women (and various “activists” as well) got fooled. If these women had wanted to know, they could have found out what he did, and what evidence there was. But they were drawn into this pernicious game. Blast it. Young women need to wise up. Once you know the game is afoot, it’s pathetically easy to spot it.

      • Did you ever work in the same women’s shelter I did? This sounds 3,000 times familiar.

        Only met one woman out of those 3K who wanted to change her name and disappear. She didn’t whine, or say he wasn’t “fair”… (though her tales would make me shiver). By saving nickels and dimes for a long time till she had enough money for a bus ticket to somewhere – or two bus tickets, since her 10 year-old son was good at keeping secrets, too – she had accrued enough money to get to our town from two states away.

        A lawyer got her a new SS# – first time I knew they could do that. She always told us that if he ever sussed her out, she’d be gone. She had a good job that didn’t require meeting the public. One day she went into town for groceries and saw a “Wanted” poster with her face on it. She called to say goodbye; I never heard from her again.

        Admirable woman. The lawyer was angry. Thought she should have made a stand. I told him he didn’t get it.

        • It’s politically incorrect to say it, but there is often a dynamic in abuse. That doesn’t make the abuse right.

          I’ve seen men be on the receiving end, too. This isn’t a gender-specific thing. Other abusive relationships aren’t that different.

          What seems to happen is a mixture of wanting to fix things/him/her, fear, the frog not realising that the water temperature is rising, an inability to put one’s foot down early on, embarassment, feeling sorry for the abuser, and so on. There’s a reason why one finds the same people repeatedly involved in abusive relationships.

          All of this became clear to me once when I had an ABUSER complaining to me about his failed relationship (incidentally, I’ve since heard a similar complaint from a female STALKER, and the thinking was very similar). It became obvious to me that the on again off again dynamic is what activates these animals.

          I’ve helped people get rid of “crazy” exes (though not quite as crazy as the ones you were dealing with, Dymphna, it seems), and from what I’ve seen, the #1 goal is getting the victim to be 100% willing not to have any further contact with the abuser, no matter what the circumstances. No talking “one last time”. Just hang up the phone. Once past that point, most abusers that have a grain of normality in them move on – probably to the next victim, but they move on nonetheless.

          It doesn’t justify the violence, but it explains why it’s always the same subgroup that is on the receiving end of these situations. Some victims *do* make repeatedly bad choices and that *does* have something to do with *them* being the victims, even if it doesn’t change the fact that their victimiser would be out victimising someone else, otherwise.

      • Vera sounds like another woman who lets liberal journalists and globalists do the thinking for her. RooshV doesn’t teach men how to abuse women. He also argues AGAINST marrying Western women as he considers most of them as damaged goods. He doesn’t consider marriage to be a fair for men deal given hostile anti-male divorce/custody laws across most of the Western hemisphere.

        What he DOES teach men is how to [obtain the amorous favors of women], how to attract women, how to deal with ‘[excrement] tests’ and how to generate attraction. It’s about how to [obtain the amorous favors of women] for single men and as the old saying goes: All is fair in love and war (deal with it). Basically that stuff that a generation of single-mother raised men apparently has forgotten about, which is why they’re locked in their parent’s basement playing computer games. If you take issue with that – well, that’s another topic altogether.

        He is NOT a rapist and he is NOT a Muslim, he has never been convicted of a single crime. As a matter of fact he has been very outspoken in warning against Islam and how it destroys Western communities.

        Before you go about accusing people of immoral or criminal behavior you may want to get your facts straight. Don’t just blindly regurgitate the [odious material] that the MSM is feeding you.

        • I looked at his web site when there was a big controversy about his coming to TO.

          He’s not a rapist and doesn’t advocate violence, that is clear. He basically advocates emotional manipulation in order to get “her” into bed. Not a nice guy, but nothing illegal in that.

          He’s the male equivalent to the gold digger looking to marry the rich guy, using similar methods. Not a nice girl, but nothing illegal in that.

        • It is a game played also by some women against men, and in same sex relationships also. It’s when one of the partners is mistakenly thinking she (or he) is in a loving, cooperative relationship and does not see that they are instead in a domination, deceiving relationship.

          Never said anything about rape, gentlemen. Did you actually read it before rising to comment?

          Roosh does not advocate marriage? Well, that’s a mercy.

          No, nothing illegal about contrived seduction in bad faith. That does not make it right.

    • 1) Mr. Cline, I’m happy to see you “here” again. 🙂

      2) When I lived in Atlanta and attended Georgia Tech (sadly, unable to finish my degree there, but did eventually get one), there were many “international students.” I met them in my math, chemistry, English, foreign lang (Russ&German), economics, and other classes. At the time, the number of male to female students was something like 100:1. (My entering class of 1200 students had 32 females, one of them me.)

      Thus I was, for a time, considered “interesting” dating material by many of these internationals. Here’s the shortest dating story: an Iranian student (“Fred”) asked me to go with him to a pizza restaurant and then maybe to a movie. We got to the pizza place (tables so food could be brought; not take-out) and perused the menu. I figured out what I’d like–with the usual care for what $ would be reasonable rather than excessive–and waited for the waiter to come to our table.

      The waiter, all of us being in the South, asked me first for my order, pizza and iced tea. I placed it. Then the waiter asked “Fred” for his order, which included beer. All the details nailed down, the waiter disappeared into the kitchen and “Fred” and I (I thought) were prepared to continue our surface-level conversation about Tech.

      To my complete surprise, “Fred” hissed at me in absolute vituperative tones, “What do you MEAN, talking to another man when you’re with me?!” I said, “He’s the waiter. I gave him my order, and you heard every word I said.”

      “That doesn’t matter! When you’re with me, you talk only to me! ***I*** will talk to the waiter!!!”

      I left the table to go to the restroom and think. I took my bag with me. I did not return to the table. I began the very long walk home.

      When “Fred” and I had a class together a few days later, I was blissfully invisible to him. He–and his particular group of friends–never spoke to me again.

      Thank the Lord.

      • Good on you! 🙂 Does my heart good.

        Haha. The man hadn’t yet wised up to needing more stealth. He let you see his real nature prematurely.

        • Vera,

          “Haha. The man hadn’t yet wised up to needing more stealth. He let you see his real nature prematurely.”

          Interestingly enough this is exactly the reason Islam itself is going to fail. More pain yet to come but fail it will. It is feeling its testosterone and can’t hold back but it can’t yet win either.

          Yes, they’ve shown their hand to soon.

          Will have to deal with the traitors first though.

          Maybe concurrently.

          • Did you see the vid passing around where various islamic scholars and others being on TV seated on each side of the moderator, and then the fight starts? Absolutely hilarious. Tables overturned, they go at each other. All these people know in disagreement is verbal insults and fisticuffs.

            Yeah. How do we get at the traitors?

          • Excellent Vera, thank you. Almost choked on my tea!

            Some mechanism for dealing with the traitors will emerge from the ashes.

      • Cynthia, thanks for the laugh – though I suppose you didnt felt like laughing at that moment. 😉

        I once had a girlfriend from Egypt, that had immigrated to Austria as a youth (none practicing muslim, austrian citizenship, never ever wore a headscarve).
        She always took care of not to met any egyptian or arab men, or being noticed by them as a person of same heritage when in public.

  9. This is such a familiar story, they do from time to time emerge in the Papers.
    Classic situation is the woman who falls in love with the apparently “westernised” Arab living in Europe. They marry, and then he changes into this authoritarian dictator. When they have children, the family back in Muslimland applies pressure for the children to be raised as muslims. If the wife resists, on a visit to the old country, the children disappear into the care of the grandparents, wife is cut off and returns to Europe without them.

  10. It’s nature’s game. Procreate or die off. Abort and die off. Islamize and you’re dead dumb.

  11. I refereed a high-level amateur Flag Football (Canadian style) game yesterday in Canada. The winning team (by a margin of 6 points) comprised all CFL (Canadian Football League (Canada’s NFL equivalent) ex-professionals. The 15-member squad consisted of relatively equal black and white players (all the blacks are American as are several of the white players).

    They are the best team in the league, although 3-4 other teams in their division can play them close. I found them polite and agreeable and supportive of me as a referee. It probably helped that I played 3 sports for cash (not a lot) in the day and I’m known to them, and I’m also a Gaelic Football, Soccer and Aussie Rules Football referee.
    Returning to my point; three (3) wives and a total of eleven (11) children were in tow on the sidelines near the squad. All three wives were white. All eleven children were halfrican.

  12. relatively equal black and white players..should read …relatively EQUAL NUMBER of black and white players.

  13. For nearly 1400 years the world pretty much feared Islam and fought it continually–at least we don’t read that it was invited into cultures or nations deliberately.

    Then, after WWII, first as a trickle and now as a torrent, the West, in particular, begins accepting Islam as a long lost child. A reasonable European explanation at first was the need for labor owing to the tremendous loss of men in the War.

    But now, it continues, as a quirky, almost suicidal, phenomenon. What are we doing? Has something affected our brains? If it’s Gramscian transnational progressivism and postmodernism, why has this become so powerful and hypnotic to so many people? How can a movement like this secretly take over so many minds? Is the Net abetting its power?

    So, the mystery is not Islam so much, but our psychology. Our elite psychology. If our elites are this susceptible, perhaps we should strive our best to deny elites the acquisition of power?

    • Of course. Tribal wisdom says that those who display hunger for power must not be given it. Even those who do not may become corrupted, and tribes watch for that very carefully.

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