Just Lie Back and Think of the Multicult

These two clips from German TV feature news reports from disparate sources that highlight an agonizing problem for the German multicultural Left: How to discuss the incidence of sexual attacks by “refugees” — which has grown too large to be completely ignored — without aiding the cause of PEGIDA, AfD, and other “extreme right” movements in Germany.

Watching these videos makes you wonder just how many culture-enriching rapes and molestations go completely unreported.

The common theme of the accounts given by the women interviewed in these reports is that it’s more important not to give any oxygen to the right wing than it is to prevent rapes and other forms of sexual violence.

The first interview is with Selin Gören, a Turkish-German left-wing activist who encountered a group of migrant rapists, and felt compelled to lie about it to the police.

Many thanks to Nash Montana for translating these clips, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

For more on Selin Gören’s mendacity in service of Multiculturalism, see this article in The Daily Mail.

The second video describes the dilemma faced by two young ladies who were groped by culture-enrichers at a rock concert. They’re dedicated Multiculturalists who have served the cause in the past, so how could this happen to them?

The TV presenter in this clip discusses the “delicate” problem of how to discuss the problem of sexual violence by migrants without providing fodder for the right wing:

Transcript video 1:

0:03   When Selin Gören describes herself,
0:06   she thinks of words such as socialist, anti-fascist, feminist.
0:10   She is national spokeswoman of the left-wing youth movement Solid in Mannheim.
0:14   She never misses a single demonstration against racism,
0:17   and she, the same person who applies herself so much for refugees,
0:21   was raped at the beginning of the year, presumably by refugees.
0:28   Selin Gören had an argument at home, and wanted to get some fresh air.
0:32   Even though it was already 1AM,
0:35   she went to a swing in a nearby playground,
0:39   She soon noticed that she wasn’t alone,
0:42   picked up Arabic or Kurdish words.
0:47   When I saw them first they sat on a park bench,
0:50   and they were drinking.
0:53   I felt that they were inebriated and my first thoughts were,
0:57   yeah, well, typical average youth, drinking at night with friends
1:00   on the bench because they can’t at home.
1:03   I didn’t give it another thought, it just seemed like a totally daily situation,
1:07   and I just walked on by to the swing.
1:12   Just walked on, to remain cool. And then, just as cool, Selin Gören says,
1:16   the three were suddenly standing behind her and harassed her.
1:21   I didn’t want to start a fight, I just grabbed my purse,
1:24   and walked away at a fast pace.
1:27   Three, four meters along I was pushed,
1:30   and I fell to my knees,
1:33   and one of them grabbed me from behind,
1:36   and he had — with his one arm — he held down my arms,
1:41   and with the other he pushed my upper body down,
1:45   and the other who stood in front of me put his hands around my neck,
1:49   and he choked me,
1:52   and I had to gasp for air, and then it all started…
1:55   The rape.
1:58   But then she was able stop one of them by biting. They let go of her;
2:01   they fled and stole her purse.
2:04   She went to the police, but not a word about the rape.
2:08   What did you report to the police for the record?
2:11   That I was robbed. And I… I said that it was a mixed group,
2:18   that there were migrants among them but there was a German there too.
2:24   And the… uh, infringement I omitted.
2:32   She was raped, probably by refugees,
2:35   but she only reported theft,
2:38   for which act Germans were then part of as well.
2:43   Why did you lie? I lied because I was afraid that this would be, uh,
2:47   abused by the right, in order to stir hatred against refugees,
2:52   which right after Cologne and Silvester
2:55   night had risen dramatically,
2:59   and I just didn’t want my story to somehow…
3:02   give them a boost,
3:05   especially after they found out that it was me,
3:09   so they’d say that, yeah, look here, you leftists,
3:12   now you too get raped by migrants and refugees,
3:15   so you should finally figure it out too.
3:18   Did you feel you did the right thing at that moment?
3:21   Uh, no, uh, but I also didn’t feel that the other would be more right.
3:28   Regardless of what I did, people would have had to suffer from it…
3:31   What went through your head? That we’d be having refugee centers burning here in Mannheim…
3:38   It was still night when Selin Gören came home from the police,
3:41   only, once she was at home she actually began to grasp what really happened,
3:45   and she broke down.
3:48   First I cried, I cried and cried,
3:51   and I couldn’t sleep either, I just…
3:54   I… couldn’t calm down and, uh, yeah…
4:00   I would have to say, one of the worst nights of my life,
4:04   to then sit there… and then to also realize that,
4:07   oh s***, Selin you didn’t report them, that’s not good.
4:12   Another twelve hours she lives with the lie,
4:15   then on the afternoon of the next day
4:18   she again drives to the police station,
4:21   she reports the rape, and she admits
4:24   that there was no German among the offenders.
4:27   I was really ashamed of myself as I went back,
4:30   because I mean, I knew that it was not okay,
4:33   that I lied…
4:37   uh, well, I knew that I had good reasons
4:40   for making this huge mistake,
4:45   but just because I had good reasons for what I did,
4:48   it doesn’t make my mistake any better.
4:51   Even though the police should protect rape victims,
4:54   information somehow made it into the media,
4:57   and immediately the hate campaigns took off online.
5:00   Selin Gören’s fears became reality.
5:05   The comments were just as expected.
5:08   About 80% were “I hate refugees, they’re all rapists,
5:13   there you have proof, deport them all, close the borders…”
5:16   I was really angry. I never doubted that my reporting the rape was wrong,
5:19   but I was thinking about what I could do
5:22   to stand against this hatred against refugees.
5:26   Now she feels guilty about the racism,
5:30   and on Facebook she writes an apology to all refugees.
5:35   Why did you do that? I just felt like I was partly responsible, I think.
5:40   Because I did after all report the rape in the end.
5:46   And so now, Selin Gören feels like she is an offender.
5:50   The real offenders have not yet been apprehended.
5:54   Whether they really were refugees is therefore still unknown.

Transcript video 2:

0:00   Sometimes three words are enough to create an image in front of our eyes.
0:04   These three words are ‘Silvester night in Cologne’.
0:08   The image: Women who are sexually harassed by southern-looking men.
0:14   This image has shifted things quite a bit in many heads and hearts,
0:18   suddenly good and evil, right and left,
0:21   cannot be categorized so easily anymore.
0:24   When those who receive protection here, the presumed ‘good ones’,
0:27   become the attackers, what then?
0:30   This is a question that preoccupies two young women from Bremen,
0:33   who a very short time ago experienced something similar to what happened in Cologne.
0:36   Swantje Hirsch on a moral dilemma:
0:40   What Lea and Malina experienced has deeply affected them.
0:43   They don’t want to show their faces,
0:46   because the suspected attackers are still at large.
0:49   They say that they were sexually harassed multiple times, apparently by refugees.
0:53   For them the incidents are a double shock,
0:56   because they are engaged in anti-racism activities,
0:59   and are also active in the leftist scene.
1:02   To us this has somehow shocked us after all, because we were always
1:05   the people who would say, ‘Don’t think like that’,
1:08   and ‘No, these are clichés’, but once one experiences it on one’s own body,
1:11   that is just wholly different then.
1:14   Actually, I don’t even really want to believe it,
1:17   that… these people would possibly squander their chances like that,
1:22   and treat someone with such disrespect.
1:25   Lea is 18 years old. She just graduated,
1:28   and is starting a year of social studies in a few weeks. Malina is 17, and on summer vacation.
1:33   Here on the Weser where we meet them, tents were up just a few days ago.
1:38   It was the festival ‘Breminale’: free concerts, many people, great atmosphere.
1:44   Lea and Malina were dancing at a concert by the electro punk band ‘Alltag’.
1:48   But suddenly the concert became a nightmare for them and others, they say.
1:54   I was — my breast was pinched hard and I was groped between my legs,
1:58   and it wasn’t just a quick touch, I was pinched really hard.
2:03   Lea called the police, who would later apprehend the presumed offenders.
2:08   It was a group of young Afghans around 18 years old.
2:11   The girls filed charges, which is different from what happened a few weeks ago.
2:15   Back then they also were sexually harassed and they didn’t file charges.
2:20   They tell us that some of them were the same attackers.
2:23   These incidents now have changed their perceptions.
2:27   In my opinion this should not be a taboo topic;
2:30   this has to be talked about, just like Germans who commit sexual offenses,
2:34   but one has to be careful not to provide justifications
2:37   for right-wingers with their slogans.
2:41   How does one deal with this delicate topic?
2:44   Despite the incidents in Cologne, is it difficult to talk about
2:47   sexual harassment by refugees? When the rave punk band heard
2:50   about the sexual attacks, they interrupted their concert spontaneously,
2:54   with this announcement: I just got word here that
2:58   apparently there are some idiots walking around
3:01   groping women. You pissers piss off and leave our concert!
3:07   We meet with the band a few days later.
3:10   For them too, the sexual attacks came as a shock.
3:13   They thought about security concepts, and want to bring
3:16   contact persons to concerts from now on for women to talk to.
3:20   But what is the right way to deal with these incidents?
3:23   For the band this is not an easy question.
3:26   This of course leads to asking ourselves how we deal with this,
3:30   and there’s this discord that of course we want to denounce these incidents,
3:34   but we don’t want to get associated with these people
3:38   who because of such cases want to enact stronger asylum laws and stuff.
3:43   We ask at police headquarters in all large cities:
3:46   Are they aware of the problem of sexual harassment by groups?
3:49   What background do the offenders have?
3:52   Many police headquarters call us right back,
3:55   but their statements remain vague.
3:58   They tell us that they are aware of the problem, but they don’t have
4:01   any current statistics, and so it can’t be determined if
4:04   more or fewer incidents are occurring now.
4:07   This exacerbates the discussion about the phenomena.
4:10   We meet with the director of the Bremen sexual offense division, Harald Lührs,
4:15   He is also handling the cases of Lea and Malina.
4:18   This is a new problem that the police have to deal with,
4:22   but in the end this is a societal/political topic,
4:25   which certainly needs to be scientifically scrutinized as well,
4:29   because in the end the result should be successful integration.
4:33   Susanne Schröter heads the research center for global Islam
4:36   at the University of Frankfurt.
4:39   The ethnologist is very familiar with the fact that young men
4:42   in groups specifically target women in Arab and other Muslim countries.
4:46   She is not surprised at all that these incidents now are taking place in Germany.
4:49   These young men are feeling great frustration.
4:52   The frustration is that they were made false promises
4:55   by the coyotes, that here the circumstances would be completely different,
5:00   now they sit in these refugee homes,
5:03   they’re bored to death. We meet with Ahmad Mansour. The psychologist has Arab roots,
5:08   and he is an expert on Islamism.
5:11   He sees a connection between the incidents and the patriarchal structures
5:14   that dominate in many of the countries of origin.
5:17   Where worth especially of men is controlled,
5:20   and the sexes are strictly separated.
5:24   These are not isolated incidents. These are men who come from particular cultures,
5:28   from particular upbringings, which are very patriarchal,
5:33   which include certain religious understandings that promote this,
5:37   and that has to be talked about.
5:40   What do the young Afghans themselves have to say to the accusations
5:43   of sexually harassing the young girls?
5:46   We find concert recording in which one of the presumed offenders
5:49   is standing directly behind one of the girls. We are searching for him,
5:52   and we find out that he lives in this refugee home.
5:55   We manage to talk to him; he denies the accusations.
5:59   I told the police I want to see those girls who would claim such a thing.
6:04   We cannot talk about any further about his view of women;
6:07   one of the refugee home employees interrupts the interview.
6:11   I am sorry we have to immediately stop this.
6:14   No this is not allowed, come with me. — How old is he? — This is not allowed.
6:17   This is not allowed — Of course this is allowed! — No, this is not allowed, I’m telling you.
6:21   When it is about sexual harassment and refugees,
6:24   it very quickly becomes problematic, but the experts we asked
6:27   had a very clear attitude:
6:30   One just has to — for once — open one’s eyes
6:33   to the fact that we have a problem there, because if we don’t do that,
6:37   then a) the AfD and the right-wing populists are the only ones
6:41   who address this, and this worries a lot of people,
6:47   and b) we won’t have any possibility of changing this.
6:51   From politicians, I expect that the slogan “We can do that”
6:54   will be followed up with content.
6:57   And that would mean that we need comprehensive concepts
7:00   in order to convey values to these people,
7:03   in order to win these people over into our society.
7:08   Exactly that is important: We can only win over refugees
7:12   if we see with open eyes, check where we need to give more help,
7:16   and where we have to show more toughness.
7:19   By the way, since the incidents in Bremen there are now
7:23   24 investigative proceedings for presumed sexual harassment.
7:36   Five suspects have been identified so far.

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  1. Multicultural rapee, “Was it as good for you as it was for me? I pretended I was in Lefty Heaven watching Al Gore bring a goblet of fetal material to Gaia for her consumption.”

    Muslim rapist, “Shut up, infidel whore!”

    Scene closes as our multicultural rapee is heard weeping at her failure to assimilate her guest into German society.

  2. Very disturbing indeed.

    I think what bothers me MOST is how nonchalant Selin Goeren goes about describing “one of the worst nights in her life”…

    I’ve been thinking for many many years that our youth, going back to about 30 years maybe, is suffering from a new form of attachment disorder. One where they haven’t really been abused or neglected in an obvious way as children or babies, but one where they have been simply cut off and disconnected from normal emotional bonding and attachment to just one or two people, namely their mother and their father.

    They have been shuffled off to daycare, and after school activities, and other people, paid people, paid GOVERNMENT people, who did the work of “raising and educating” them, and they have simply – along the way – unlearned or never learned how to effectively develop deep meaningful feelings and emotions. To me this explains why so many “kids” these days are so easily riled up about superficial emotional things, the latest fad in feel-good hold hands and sing kumbaya cause, from OWS to BLM to all kinds of -ism’s in between that they’re so deeply invested in.

    It gives them meaning in an otherwise meaningless empty bleak and fish less sea that they’re suspended in, that which us normal people call ‘a heart’.

    • Totally agree with you on the problem with todays youth. The outsourcing of childcare from parents to outsiders who must abide by regulations was and is the recipe for disaster. This was all bought on by the rise of the consumerist society since the ’50s. Because we have been all fooled into desiring more and more material possessions now and not wait for the affordability of these, parents must both work or if single parent two jobs just to keep on the treadmill. The result is the current crop of zombie youth, most of whom have no empathy and who are so disconnected from reality that when their friends are in distress or attacked then the first action is to realtime video it on their smartphones and then tweet about it rather than help the victim or disable the attacker.

      We have sown our own demise with this approach unfortunately. Unless we collectively wake up from the torpor.

    • If this is true, then explain to me why such people as the women in the article can feel such loyalty to the very group that attacked her. I would think an attachment disorder would make her equally unresponsive to the needs of refugees as well. I don’t think this totally explains what we are seeing with this women. Does she have a lack of any moral base to judge anything?

  3. Selin Goren appears to be racist scum, trying to blame a German for someone elses malfeasance.

    • It’s a Muslim squawking. All Muslims are onboard the hate train. They are encouraged greatly by what their lower basic selves see as the rickety ol’ luv train. Any chance of a coup de grace at the Vat yes we can?

    • SJW’s here in the UK too, attempting to ruin the Byron hamburger chain, which was obliged to comply with the law in identifying illegal immigration workers in their kitchens.

      They are blockading restaurants, releasing crickets, cockroaches etc in the customer areas to shut them down.

      Police stand by as usual and do nothing, obviously do not wish to upset the Muslim Mayor of London!

      Long for the day when these left wing, feminazis, open border lunatics, bleeding heart liberals are put in their place!

      As to why any woman should try to excuse rape out of concern for the perpetrator, words fail me! Self loathing is one thing but do these deluded women not realise they are giving the “green light” to the rape of other woman who cherish the sanctity of their bodies far more than they evidently do?

  4. Social Justice Warriors lie . . . mostly to themselves.

    Evidence means nothing to them. They avoid any possibility that can disturb their dogmatic narrative. I feel no sympathy for them, and I refuse to apologize for my feelings.

    • I can emphasise with their personal trauma but for sure they are foremost part of the problem and only in second line a victim.

      They are the enablers and apologists who are by proxy guilty of the rape and abuse of countless other woman who are no stakeholder in their ideology and who’s rights are being squandered on the altar of political correctness. Any stress that those pseudo do gooders feel from this is fully deserved and will have a net positive effect on the society.

  5. I don’t have any sympathy for Ms Goren; I assume it is Ms because any normal husband would be looking for a rapist to kill if his wife had been so violated.

    Which begs the question; where are the German men? Their grandfathers subjugated Europe and came within a hair of knocking the Soviets out of the war, and now they cannot even be bothered to protect their own women from the dregs of the third world? How long until the German man finds his gonads and starts protecting his fellow woman? A society which doesn’t protect it’s women is a society not worth saving.

    What a shame.

    • It’s not self-loathing, she isn’t German. She just happens to have a German passport. But in reality she’s a Turk. And the Turks are currently trying to conquer Germany, which means eventually, a genocide must take place. And how are you going to genocide people if they’re so much nicer than your own stock?

      • I can assure you that if you asked Ms Gören what she felt as, she wouldn’t say turkish. I know the type all too well… they have no “allegiance” to anything except ideology. She is so far removed from being turkish, her brainwashing on display is classic German brainwashing.

  6. I’m a bit cynical about the famous mass groping and rape (taharrush games) occurred at new years eve in Cologne. About 80% of the voters in that German town are Lefties, Multiculturalists, Refugees-welcome-people. So are thus about 80% of the abused german women, progressive convinced feminists. Having experienced the warm and direct gratitude of the cherished migrants, maybe some of those women are now waking up with headache from their utopia dreams, and don’t precisely react like Selin Goeren did.

  7. The United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, if A Merkel holds onto office, well the world will soon have a female triumvirate over the one time denoted “great powers”.

    Not so amazingly Russia and China will possess two rapaciously (regretful pun) overtly adult males. I’ll say curiously eyeing this situation and counting on the cognitive dissonance this young woman in the first video is so obviously engulfed in. Merkel Hillary and May have big time CogD.

    The Kabuki Theater the world is so distractedly enthralled with seems to be a plot straight out absurdist theater course 101. Every One Do The Time Warp Again!

    We got lots of drag queens waiting too take their turn in the Lincoln Bedroom, porn posing potential 1st Ladies, congenital liars, dementia medicine startups that can compete against the latest erectile dysfunction home IV kit. And two eagerly awaiting candidates and former candidates for both. Actually ipso facto to my absurdist delight.

    Let’s Do the Time Warp Again. How did Susan Sarandon end up in this movie? No that was “Weekend with Bernie”, man she did a great job resuscitating that old guy. Kept him up right all the way to the convention.”Coulda been a contender”. Absurd.

  8. What is there to say? Leftism is a mental illness, end of. I have zero sympathy for these people, they bring it on themselves.

  9. The Catholic Church’s cover up of the sexual abuse of minors by priests, instead of handing them over to the civil authorities, enabled it to continue; I know of one boy who committed suicide as a result. How can these stupid people not see that they’re doing the same thing, like the authorities in Britain who failed to deal with the grooming gangs?

    • The Catholic Church covered up abuse of boys by homosexual adult men.
      Little to do with Catholicism as such.
      Lots to do with the predilections of homosexuals.

  10. I understand they cant carry weapons, but what about knives?? I just ordered a weapon that looks like a hair brush for my Grandaughter. Inside is a Steel Knife. IF i lived over there i would be packin my fryin pan!

    • Lots of ordinary objects can be used as weapons. Everything from a heavy belt buckle to pens and pencils are effective. No one can say you are deliberately carrying something if you use such objects.

      • Attractive friend of mine just told me she has twice(!) dealt with would-be rapists on the street by stabbing them in the eye with her keys.

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