Next Up: Machete Control

No one outside the sugar cane industry needs to own a machete. Ownership permits should be required, along with background checks. A two-week waiting period should be mandatory after application. Permitted machete owners must pass a certified machete training course, and attend monthly refreshers at a certified machete range.

If policies like the above had been in place in Reutlingen, the tragic incident described below would have been avoided, and the unfortunate woman would still be alive.

From Deutsche Welle:

Man Armed With Machete Kills Woman in Germany

An attacker has allegedly killed one woman and injured two people in the city of Reutlingen in southwest Germany, according to local media. The police reportedly confirmed that the man had been arrested.

The machete-wielding attacker sparked panic after killing a woman in a Turkish fast-food kiosk in downtown Reutlingen, German mass-circulation newspaper “Bild” reported Sunday.

Two more people were reportedly wounded and the man was said to have been arrested soon after the attack. The motive for the stabbing rampage was not immediately clear.

Authorities believe the man acted alone, according to Germany’s “Süddeutsche Zeitung” newspaper.

Germany is on edge following a deadly shooting spree in Munich less than two days ago, and a separate stabbing rampage on a Bavarian train last week. In both of these cases, attackers were teenagers with Muslim background. The train attack was conducted by an alleged Afghan refugee who had pledged alliance to the “Islamic State.”

However, the Friday shooting appeared not be motivated by political ideology, with German-Iranian attacker having a history of mental illness, according to German officials.

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  1. 21 yo refugee from Syria. Probably nothing to do with Islam.

    But its all a distraction. Let us turn to more important topics. I would like to discuss zika in the abstract, without being distracted astray by considering aedes mosquitoes, or mentioning the other diseases they vector. Therefore, the most pertinent thing when contracting malaria, is to authoritatively ascertain that zika had nothing to do with it.

    • The topic of zika may reach a critical mass when it becomes germane to Gates of Vienna – i.e., when it is truly affecting say, ten percent of our readers and their families. However, it would require too much research for two people to attempt – one of them half a person – and even then the learning curve would be steep. The CDC is keeping tabs on it. So far, Puerto Rico is the only area of concern. The problem in this country seems to be originating in people who travel to Puerto Rico or those who have intimate contact with those travelers when they return.

      I dread to think what this will do to Puerto Rico’s economy, and not just tourism, but exports. A suggestion for an outlet you could approach, though. Our old friend, Fausta, is from Puerto Rico.

      If you google fausta blog, the screen info will also give you her email address, but I suggest going to the blog itself.

      • AHEM !
        I not only happen to live in country where there is a small sugar cane / banana industry, where there are absolutely no machete (cutlass) controls.
        I have just got over a Zika virus infection, fever and a rash, along with joint pain. Paracetamol (Acetaminophen) for fever / pain, Piriton for the rash.
        I can state as a fact that both issues have absolutely nothing to do with Islam. 😀

        • Agreed. Which is why we won’t be devoting time to it.

          However, the zika virus is sneaky…

          Anyone who has contracted the disease is a carrier for about 7 months afterwards but the risks are small for otherwise healthy people.

          Men and women of reproductive age are cautioned to avoid unprotected relations, since the real problem, of course, is for a developing fetus. Microcephaly is a horror I wouldn’t wish on any parent.

  2. The Merkel mob cannot ignore this one, they are no longer in control, events have overtaken government.

    The disgusting arrogance of the so called ‘Christian’ democrats, the overarching pride with which they tempted fate and lost; so they can now reap the consequences.

    Lets see how they try to wriggle out of this one, but I would prefer that they squirm before an angry public.

    The body count grows daily, and Merkel’s negligence is more than just criminal, it is palpable. How much longer can she hide behind the skirts of a friendly media and a rebuilt wall of Stasi censorship. Time to force an election my German kinsmen.

    • Probably more time to rise up and defend themselves against the growing and now everyday terror. Or … should the Germans accept Vall’s “terrorism is a part of your lives”?

      Somethin’ is gotta give.

    • redacted…wherever I find you lurking, RC.

      Pick another theme or hold your peace.

      You might need to find another place to leave these comments.

      • @anon: I get where you are coming from: I am as frustrated as you, probably more.

        But, it IS important for us not to lump everthing as Jihad. If we do, the left will penalize us (in the court of public opinion) for doing so. And not only that, we should do the right thing.

        Munich was likely not Jihad, given all that we know about it. It seems closer, given the evidence, to a bullied kid snapping. None of us can say more than that because there just isn’t the evidence. For example, he did not yell Allahu Akbar before killing, he was not known to be religious at all, he is nominally a shia and killed mostly sunnis, no IS material was found at his home (in any case, IS hates shias more than anyone else) etc. So pl. let’s err on side of caution here. Also, Jihad as we understand it, is largely a sunni-salafi phenomenon, and to those guys the apostate Shia are the worst enemy. Note that they kill Shia every single day in Iraq. By the hundreds (the last bomb in Baghdad killed about 300 shia).

        Of course, Nice, Brussels, etc. are clear Jihads, and we should not mince words there. But it is equally wrong to club other things as Jihad as it is to not call Jihad when one sees it. let’s not make either of the two mistakes, else folks will say “these guys are just as bit liars as the leftists are.” No, we are at least trying to tell the truth.

        Btw, I am Hindu. No other people have suffered Jihad more than us. My threshold for calling it Jihad is fairly low I think, but Munich simply does not seem like it was Jihad. I would give it reasonable doubt.

        • And it’s a good idea to report the bare facts first and then when the smoke clears, begin to get the details. We have an excellent European team of “reporters” who are able to get past the MSM blackout and give us said details as they arise.

          One has only to look at the unfolding of events in Nice as they moved from the truck massacre right through to the central government’s attempts to destroy/alter the evidence. That makes it a story with a frame far beyond the original horror…it is important to question any reports that originate within the MSM/government angle.

  3. This attack, though not Jihad, was a sharia-compliant attack. By that I mean the following. In places where muslims live, the position of women automatically becomes inferior—sort of between humans and animals. The consequence is that a woman may not argue with a man, even when her end is justified. Perhaps such an argument happened, and the muslim male killed the woman. Much like the honor killings (see Qandeel Baloch, the Pakistani Kim Kardashian, who was killed by her own brother last week) in Pakistan. Basically, you will see mini-Pakistans being formed all across Germany. They already have them in the UK (Bradford for example is sharia compliant—try opening a pork shop there, you’ll probably be lynched).

    • redacted for troll behavior.

      I warned you yesterday that you were on probation for the incessant nit-picking.

      Find another outlet for your focus, RC.

      • Pl. read my comment—I said his attack WAS sharia compliant.

        I do not believe the distinction is without a difference. Jihad is a part of shariah. A strict subset. My point is that before it gets to Jihad, it gets to Shariah compliancy. That’s where it is at, and in time, Jihad will inevitably follow. I am making that point.


  4. Here is an example of the mini-Pakistan problem that was reported just yesterday.


    “Sudha Varshney, who has been living in the area for 38 years, told TOI that she wanted to leave. “Our daughters are not safe here. Hooliganism and harassment are the order of the day.”

    Their fears, they said, were fuelled after a 19-year-old woman had her sari pulled by men from a different community [all 4 were Muslims] recently, leading to stone pelting between two groups. ”

    This is a daily and commonplace occurrence in the mini-Pakistans everywhere.

    • I couldn’t access the page even though I followed their instructions on how to pause AdBlock for their page. No matter what hoops I jumped through, they wouldn’t let me in.

      So Pakistan was set up to mitigate these problems, eh? You’d think people would have learned by now: wherever there are Muslims in -whatever the tipping point is – a group virus is activated and they “go all in Islam” on any handy object, especially if they are in groups that safely outnumber their target.

      • There were Muslims before there was Islam – they just weren’t called that then. Islam is the manifestation of their understanding of life.

        • Right. They were Arab robber tribes, Bedouins to be precise, whose way of life consisted of preying on passing caravans, taking their goods and leaving a bloody mess behind. Something/someone organized them into a powerful cartel whose brutality was so sub-human it left its victims dead or in permanent shock.

          At almost 3 million views, this remains the definitive explanation:

          Why We Are Afraid, A 1400 Year Secret, by Dr Bill Warner

          Bill Warner is a jewel. Anyone who hasn’t watched this is the poorer for it.

      • Sorry about that Dymphna: I have copied and pasted the article below. Note: the newly wed 19 year old was a Hindu girl, walking down the alley with her husband, when this incident happened. 4 muslim youth tried to pull out her saree.

        Ties between communities fraying in Aligarh
        TNN | Jul 24, 2016, 06.21 AM IST

        ALIGARH: The alleged molestation of a newly wed in Babri Mandi has put further strain on the already tense communal situation here, with some Hindu families approaching the district administration, requesting the authorities to buy their property as they don’t feel safe living there.

        Their fears, they said, were fuelled after a 19-year-old woman had her sari pulled by men from a different community recently, leading to stone pelting between two groups.

        Sudha Varshney, who has been living in the area for 38 years, told TOI that she wanted to leave. “Our daughters are not safe here. Hooliganism and harassment are the order of the day.” When TOI visited the Hindu families that had approached the administration, Vinay Varshney , who was one of those who had signed the affidavit stating his house was on sale, said, “There are 10 families ready to sell their properties. It is not possible to live in this area. We are in a minority. Ten families want to sell their houses right away but every family wants to eventually leave.”

        Sudha said: “The roads are narrow and some boys from a different community sit on both sides of the path making it difficult for our girls to even go to school. Many of them have refused to attend class fearing for their safety .”

        Additional district magistrate (ADM) Avadhesh Tiwari said, “Only eight people wanted to sell their properties as they felt unsafe. This was done to garner publicity in a situation that has more to do with law and order. Miscreants involved have been arrested. We will make sure no family exodus takes place.”

        Even as the district administration tries to persuade the Hindus to stay put, notices were put up outside the homes of Muslim families, that said: “We don’t feel safe here and our houses are for sale.”

        The Muslim families that put out the boards, said a prominent local leader was fanning the tension. Gulzar Ahmad, convener, UP Welfare Minority Association, added, “Since the talk about the so called exodus from Kairana, there have been repeated attempts to say something like that is happening everywhere in UP. This is not the truth about Aligarh’s Babri Mandi. It has a mixed population and community. Whether Hindu or Muslim, they don’t want conflict. That polls are some months away seem to be compounding matters.”

        The molestation incident which saw the alleged miscreants trying to drag the victim to a secluded spot had sparked off communal clashes and agitation by BJP and Hindu groups to demand arrests of the four accused. The tension is seen as clear pointer to the fast fraying ties between two communities.
        Top Comment
        This is common where Muslims are in majority . They create mini porkistan .if you don”t believe go visit where pisslims live in concentrated areaash

        SSP (Aligarh) Love Kumar said, “The eve-teasing incident was unfortunate. Both the communities are condemning it. But it is a law and order issue and will be dealt with accordingly. An FIR has been filed against Nadeem, Suheil, Ismail and Danish for the incident. We already arrested Nadeem and one more accused was held today.”

        Aligarh’s BJP MP Satish Gautam visited Babri Mandi and said Hindus as well as Muslims in the locality want peace. ” I have told the Hindu families that there is no need for an exodus. I have assured safety for all as I am the chowkidar of Aligarh.”

        To your other comment: absolutely. However, only about half of the Indian subcontinent’s muslim population went to Pakistan (whereas nearly all the Hindus from Pakistan were kicked out). Thus, the problem was, from a Hindu point of view, not solved, but “dissected.” From muslim pov, they got a Hindu-free Pakistan AND a wonderful foot in the door in India, where their population has doubled since partition. Meanwhile, the Hindus/Christians of Pakistan are almost extinct at this point (I think they are around 1% at this point (pl. check though, this is from memory) and fast dwindling).

        • the money quote:

          There are 10 families ready to sell their properties. It is not possible to live in this area. We are in a minority. Ten families want to sell their houses right away but every family wants to eventually leave.”

          Sudha said: “The roads are narrow and some boys from a different community sit on both sides of the path making it difficult for our girls to even go to school. Many of them have refused to attend class fearing for their safety.”

          I don’t know what is sadder: the news report, or your own precis of the history of this “solution” to Muslim aggrandizement via the partition. It certainly proves such an idea is essentially unworkable when the real motive is supremacist totalitariansim – and that, unfortunately is wound into the the DNA.


  5. Common sense machete laws should be the new mantra.

    I mean the common sense machete laws are common sense. Who in their right mind can argue with common sense?

  6. Great piece from a week ago in response to the Nice truck jihad attack as published in ZeroHedge:

    1. No one needs a commercial truck this large.

    2. The Founding Fathers never envisioned large commercial trucks, and did not intend for people to drive them.

    3. These “assault trucks” are designed for killing large numbers of people quickly, and that is their only use.

    4. We need a “no truck” list immediately, one that does not require due process to get on or off.

    5. No where in the Constitution does it mention the freedom to own these killing devices called trucks.

    6. Large commercial trucks should only be owned by the police, military, or politicians, NOT normal citizens, who can use horses.

    7. We already have licensing, registration, titles, inspection, and multiple taxes on large commercial vehicles, and STILL they are used for mass killing. Enough is enough. We must ban them entirely.

    8. We must follow Australia’s example – we must have a massive government buy-back of all trucks currently owned by American citizens, then, they must be destroyed.

    9. We must empower the police and military to go door-to-door to forcibly remove these “assault trucks”. Deadly force is reasonable when “disarming” people of these killing devices.

    10. If it will save the life of even a single child, we must rid our society of trucks.

    11. And lastly, we must continue to resettle enormous numbers of Muslims throughout the United States, primarily in rural, white, Christian areas.

    And I would add one more…

    We must close the truck show loophole!

    When terrorizing and killing infidels, any weapon will do!

    • Yes, but then we have to get down to banning/seizing walking sticks, too. The government will be so busy…

      In Germany, police are permitted to enter your home with no previous notice to see if you are adhering to the law regarding locking up all guns.

  7. “Yes, but then we have to get down to banning/seizing walking sticks, too. The government will be so busy…”

    My Dear Dymphna, it is much more worrying than that…….One can quite easily fashion a garrotte from the yarn of ones clothing….and if you have long hair and are really enterprising……………

    I think you can see where I’m going with this…..

    PS. I can give someone a rather nasty bite too if I want………….etc.

    • But that’s the one-off, possible if it’s single combat – and they like to travel in groups for obvious reasons.

      When we look back at Germany’s deeply embedded cultural norms (as are *all* cultural norms everywhere) the idea that millions of Germans would suddenly begin their own individual guerrilla pushback seems slim-to-none. They make good soldiers, but not-so-good guerrillas, not on the whole. Unlike, say, the Celts.

      In our own American history, back to the Revolution, we had Scots-Irish troops and German troops. The former were rag-tag bands. The Germans, not so much.

      • Apologies,

        I’m British and completely reared on Monty Python, I think a lot of my sarcasm (and I hoped, humour) was lost in translation and the written word often fails to convey the meant tone.

        But your points are equally valid of course.

  8. Machete control: “If policies like the above had been in place in Reutlingen” . Sorry I must disagree. There is already enough authoritarian control over weaponless citizens here. Most Europeans have no gun permits and can even get fined for carrying a large screw-driver in the trunk of their vehicle if it doesn’t look like it belongs there. But knives, hatchets, machetes and whatever, are some of the only effective ways left to defend ourselves. I belong to a gun club yet if I’m caught carrying a loaded weapon around I have legal problems and can end up in jail. If that policy had been in place in Reutlingen, it would have made no difference. Weapons like AK47s are available here if you know where to look.

    • That was bitter sarcasm/irony on my part. I should have used the irony mark!

      • Some of us, including fp, got it.

        Nevertheless… Foolishly rushing in, citizens wishing to defend themselves and others from criminals, and even from terrorists like the Nice killer, should need nothing bigger than handguns.

        If someone should fear their their own government, maybe considering its actions illegitimate, assault weapons will only delay the outcome, as they will always have the bigger guns. And one needs the guts (“bottle”, as we say in the UK) to actually kill anther person, especially a member of one’s own community. I’m not being defeatist, just realistic, but interested to hear differing opinions, especially from Americans.

        • Self-defense against criminals is only ONE of the reasons for citizens to bear arms, and it’s not the one that the Founders were thinking of.

          They wanted citizens to be able to defend themselves against the armed agents of a tyrannical state.

          It’s no coincidence that both the Nazis and the Communists disarmed their people before assuming complete totalitarian control. One of the reasons that Britain and Germany are close to full totalitarianism is that they have successfully deprived their foolish subjects of any means to defend themselves.

  9. The British lost their handguns as a kneejerk to the Dunblaine incident where a known pedophile (who had enough ‘pull’ to get a gun license) shot 14 five year olds and their teacher and then apparently shot himself twice in the head (sic). But there is an awful lot about Dunblane that is unsatisfactory, and the results of the subsequent inquiry (the judge was from the same masonic lodge as the perp.) were tied up for 100 years (ostensibly to protect the dead children) so we just don’t know. But we suspect that a cabinet minister was involved and is being protected.

    So the only handguns in the UK now are in the hands of criminals and those who wish to impose other ‘laws’ on the country.

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