10 thoughts on “From Matt Bracken: What’s Next, Ax Control?

  1. What is needed is to control who comes into one’s country i.e. immigrant control. Good heavens! It stands to reason that among the horde will be more unstable, brainwashed, and ‘radicalized’ individuals allowed to enter with zero vetting processes .

    • This is a sad story.
      I wish I could help him more.

      I need to cry – we are all blinded by islamophobia and we’re standing here alone.

  2. Common sense axe laws are common sense. Who in their right mind can argue with common sense?

  3. Maybe men need start carrying walking sticks again.
    Realy sturdy walking sticks with steel ferules, and heavy head that can double as maces or warhammers.

    • That’s staying one step ahead of the government ban on certain kinds of walking sticks…it’s an evolving battle space, isn’t it? People have to attempt to stay one step ahead, even a half-step, of the government’s obvious desire to let genocide begin.

    • Try this:


      Any type or reasonably sturdy cane can become a handy self-defence weapon. I make my own from hardwoods such as oak and maple, using aniline (wood) dyes, urethane, and sometimes, little gold-leaf accents. The tips are bevelled and usually a punched out piece of leather is applied to the tip using strong contact cement.
      There, I’ve given away all my artistic secrets! Anything that will give us sane folks a way of dealing with headcases.
      A little practice is necessary. Check out YouTube.

  4. A great, strong (and CHEAP) “walking stick” is easily made from a rake handle from your local Home Depot. Instead of a rake/hoe head–fill the hole in the furrile end with a hardened carriage bolt or large screw. They are ready-finished ash wood and quite attractive.
    Use either as a flail or thrusting weapon when needed, otherwise it’s just your sturdy outdorsey staff.
    I prefer my 3″ S&W model 10 in .357 Magnum–but that’s just me.

  5. If I’m not mistaken, that image is from the maniac in Queens that attacked the cops. No defending yourself in NYC, no sir! Only the fortunate, the connected and the criminals carry in Gotham. My advice?, don’t live there. I threw in the towel ten years ago, and now live where the rules are different. I understand that people in many states and Western Europe have no recourse. The suggestions above and situational awareness are about the best you do.

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