The Bird Has Flown

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Despite the odds that the bookmakers were giving a few days ago (three to one against), Britain has surprised the world — and especially the world financial markets — by voting to leave the European Union.

That’s according to the latest projections, including the BBC’s. However, it’s still theoretically possible that the remaining constituencies will tip the vote back to “Remain”. Not likely, but possible. So keep the cork in the bubbly for just a little while longer…

I was convinced that a majority of Britons would vote for Leave, but that postal vote fraud and other shenanigans would make sure that the referendum would deliver the results required by Frau Merkel and Messrs. Cameron and Juncker. So that means that there must have been a VERY large margin of victory for Leave, given the amount of likely fraud.

It reminds me of the Nicaraguan election of 1990. Do you remember when the Sandinistas agreed to hold an election that ended up voting them out of office?

They were certain they would win. The opinion polls said they would win. Jimmy Carter — who thought the Sandinistas were jes’ fine — was sure they would win. That’s why he talked them into holding the election: it was a way to shut those nasty conservatives up for good, and give the communist dictatorship the imprimatur of electoral legitimacy.

But it didn’t work out that way. Nicaraguans went to the polls and voted the commie rascals out. There was only one explanation: Those voters must have — gasp! — lied to the pollsters.

Now why would any comrade in a socialist paradise feel the need to do that?

Britain is nothing if not soviet-like in its current political architecture. All British citizens know that they can lose their jobs, their benefits, and possibly even face prosecution if they hold certain publicly-stated opinions.

And they know that Her Majesty’s Government has full access to all their electronic communications, including telephone calls.

So when a pollster calls, the polling company and its sponsor may not know the voter’s identity, but MI5 certainly does! The intelligence agencies know the name, address, and bank balance of the person who owns that particular phone. They may even know what he had for breakfast, depending on how up-to-date his “smart” kitchen appliances are. And now they have a digital recording of what he just told the pollster.

So tell me: if you were a Briton with a functioning cerebral cortex, would you tell the truth to a pollster?

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A lot of changes are likely to come about because of the vote for Brexit. It’s too early to predict them all, but one of them may be the resignation of David Cameron and the appointment of a prime minister named Boris Johnson. That will be interesting, especially from a tonsorial perspective. Just imagine the first meeting between Prime Minister BoJo and President Trump…

Here’s what Reuters says about the projected result:

Britain Votes to Leave EU in Historic Divorce: BBC

LONDON — Britain has voted to leave the European Union, the BBC said based on voter tallies from Thursday’s referendum, an outcome that would set the country on an uncertain path and deal the largest setback to European efforts to forge greater unity since World War Two.

World financial markets dived as counting from 304 of 382 areas showed a 51.5/48.5 split for leaving. Sterling suffered its biggest one-day fall of 9.4 percent against the dollar on market fears the decision will hit investment in the world’s 5th largest economy, raise questions over London’s role as a global financial capital, and usher in months of political limbo.

The euro slumped nearly four percent against the dollar on concerns a “Brexit’ vote would do wider economic and political damage to what would become a 27-member union. Investors poured into safe haven assets including gold, and the yen surged.

In an early mark of international concern, Japan’s top currency diplomat Masatsugu Asakawa said he would consult with Finance Minister Taro Aso on how to respond to the market moves, describing the foreign exchange moves as very rough.

Yet there was euphoria among Britain’s eurosceptic forces, claiming a victory they styled as a protest against British political leaders, big business and foreign leaders including Barack Obama who had urged Britain to stay in the bloc.

“Dare to dream that the dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom,” said Nigel Farage, leader of the eurosceptic UK Independence Party.

“If the predictions are right, this will be a victory for real people, a victory for ordinary people, a victory for decent people…Let June 23 go down in our history as our independence day.”

He called the EU a “doomed project”.

Asked if Prime Minister David Cameron, who called the referendum in 2013 and campaigned to stay in the bloc, should resign if Britain voted for Brexit, Farage said: “Immediately.”

130 thoughts on “The Bird Has Flown

  1. Congrats to the wise part of Britain to vote against the EUSSR.

    [Omitted] you Obama! [Omitted] the DemoRat party too..

    • Wilders has already called for NExit.

      Le Pen followed up with a call for Frexit.

      How ’bout Abbott calling for Texit!

      (The markets are already going nuts.)

      • How about “WExit” — where every member of the Western family leaves the politically correct multi-culturalism that has dominated the cultural mainstream of the entire West, restores individual sovereignty, and pledges to work together in voluntary and respectful solidarity to round up all resident Muslims and deport them, then quarantine them in economic isolation & travel restrictions within the Dar-al-Islam.

        That’ll be my next sci-fi/fantasy novel…

        • this or that way, sooner or later, – it will happen.
          coexistence with islam is impossible, submission – unthinkable.

    • I love the Brits. One of my heroes is Sir Winston Churchill. As a native born American of Italian descent who has a degree in German Language and Literature and continues to study the German language immer (always), I have a great deal of respect for the ordinary Germans. I know from studying my history and reading treatises in German that there were many Germans who, even in the face of death, resisted Hitler.

      I am so proud of Briton for voting LEAVE.

      I understand that he younger generation is saying that we “old” folks, the baby boomers do not care about their future and we voted so as we do not know war.

      Of course we know war. Many baby boomers were born during the late stages of World War II or soon after.

      We lived through the Cold War building home and public shelters and crouching under our desks at school during the “drills”.

      Then there was Nam.

      At least in the States, many if not most of the new generation even know or understand how my generation fought for the Vote to be lowered to 18 years of age. I will never forget that day in 1972 when at 18 years old, I could vote.

      They do not know how I and my classmates marched for Gay Rights ( Bryant Park, NYC 1972) or how we marched against Washington in the same year in the hope of ending the Vietnam War. Or, how we stood with Dr. Martin Luther King in the 1970s.

      So now, my generation is being branded as racists. How ridiculous is this?

      I fight as I always have to be certain that my beloved country remains free. I fight and I speak out so that my adult children and their future children may live free.

  2. It’s only been 45 minutes since the BBC announcement. Well done Baron you were quick off the mark.

  3. I hate to rain on your parade, but have you seen BoJo’s not all that old video advocating admission to the EU of Turkey? Not to be trusted, that one, but in that respect much like all the others. Nevertheless, an interesting result and a good one for all who consider that the best way that nation states can get on with each other is as individual nation states with certainty as to their identity. Oh, and God save the Queen.

    • I don’t think much of BoJo. I just think it looks like he will become the next “Conservative” prime minister.

      • Don’t altogether trust him myself. He had Turkish grandfather, official in Kemal Attaturk’s government I believe. But what the hell, we are OUT.

        VAE VICTIS Cameron !!!

      • My money’s on the strong-minded Teresa May. Actually the smartest guy in the Brexit room is Michael Gove: smart enough to do the job, but too smart to even want it.
        It was Gove who made PC liberal lovey Cardinal Nichols of Westminster back down when he wanted to betray the principles of Catholic schooling and the wishes of parents in introducing the Government’s social engineering (and anti-catholic) sex ed education at Westminster School. It was Gove who ticked off the UK teachers union by wanting them to be tested for competence; be certain it was the incompetent teachers who hated and ultimately got him removed from his Min. of Education post. Gove is an intellectual giant compared to either Cameron or Boris Johnson. A successful new PM will keep Gove close as a wise advisor.

    • I understand Boris has Turkish ancestry, but then again he’s also related to most of the Royal families of Europe.

      • Remember him after Lee Rigby’s murder as well: NTDWI

        (Toed the party line on that occasion big time.)

    • Boris Johnson is a damn Yankee ; born on the Upper East Side of New York City.
      He appears to have more right to run as President of the United States of America as certain other people have/had.

      How about we give Trump a winnable seat in England and Trump designates Boris as Vice-President?

    • How much influence will a Brit have on Turkey’s admission into the EU now that Briton has left the EU?

      • None. It’s just that there are videos out there of Boris saying how wonderful Turkey is and how it was the heartland of Western civilisation (until the Turks moved in, but he doesn’t seem to engage properly with that) and how Turkey is wonderful and free and democratic and secular . . .

        • Correction: The Turks always lived in Turkey. before AD 600+, they were Christians. It was the Muslims taking over the country that downgraded it from being, arguably, the “heartland of Western Civilisation.”

      • None.

        The EU can get on with whatever it likes. Make any decision it’s elite would like to make (until their own populations explode….).

        We’ll get on with our affairs in our own good way.

        • Unnoticed by either side is the HUGE bullet dodged by the UK with Brexit:
          Had they remained, eventually the loathsome Lisbon Treaty –the Constitution of the EU would have required Britain to give up British Common Law (fairest on the planet) in favour of EU Corpus Juris (google it: scary !) .
          This means that Brits would no longer have had the right of Habeas Corpus, trial by jury of one’s peers, or the idea that a person’s home is their castle, and not subject to unreasonable search.
          Another poster here has not unreasonably referred to the EU as “soft totalitarianism.” That’s why the common people voted “LEAVE” !

  4. I am so pleased we won. It is a pity Scotland voted Remain, this is going to cause problems.

    Anyway we English (and Welsh) Britons have freed ourselves. Now we have to deal with the other problems of political correctness and unwanted islamism.

    • So did Scotland try to secede not too long ago? How is a Scotexit different from Brexit, except a smaller scale? It’s more confusing than America’s factions and fissions. Yet similar, too: those Leavers are much the same as the American voters who can no longer breathe in the presence of our rotted-thru Uniparty.

      So will the failed pols in Britain pull the same money move as our remainders who failed? i.e., become pushers lobbyists of one sort or another?ex

      • May I, as an Englishman, quote part of an email I wrote to my son last week about the difference between this and the Scottish referendum?

        “This referendum is quite different, The voters are not being asked to abandon a well-found, democratically-run vessel, on course and under control, for a dilapidated lifeboat heading for a mirage floating above a shark-feeding frenzy in The Minch.

        “This time the vessel is rotten to the beamshelf and worm-riddled to the garboards, bilges crawling with rats, sails blown out, yards dangling, drifting rapidly towards a wreck-strewn totalitarian lee shore that the bully-boy Captain Euro claims is Eldorado.

        “Because Junior Mate Cameron was terrified that UKIP would cause a mutiny and have everyone’s Euro-handouts stopped, he shut them up by offering a lifeboat with a chart showing the way to a bold new future beyond the Western horizon, safe in the conviction that he and his global financier pals in the Great Cabin would be able to terrify the peasant crew into being too frightened to set sail in it.”

        Thank goodness that when it came to the crunch they were not too frightened. In the Scottish referendum there was so much vitriol spewed at the Remainers that they kept quiet about their intentions until reaching the sanctity of the ballot box. I think the same has happened here with the Leavers.

        I am nowhere near as surprised as most at the result. The silent majority has spoken, and I defy Parliament to overrule them, or the EU to nullify the vote on some trumped-up pretext, as has been their habit in the past.

      • Most Scots want to stay in the EU, so there’ll be pressure for them to have a second referendum.

        Anyway, I’m just surprised and delighted.

      • One of the trickier issues for Scotland is that if they do now retry their 2014 secession bid, and win, they will have to apply to the EU like every other candidate for accession.

        The problem is that all new candidate states MUST adopt the Euro as its currency… this is not negotiable. That won’t fly with the Scottish electorate. Currency was one of the major reasons that the SNP failed in the 2014 referendum.

        • A good point. I can’t see a second referendum happening when 2 million have already rejected independence less than 2 years ago. Also Scots know they get more out of the union with Britain than they lose. Independence would wreak their economy, even with oil.

        • Currency is a big deal to Scotland.

          The ghost of Malachi Malagrowther will keep them in, so long as they can keep their charming bank-issued notes, a practice which I wish other places also engaged in.

      • Scotland voted in 2014 to remain part of the UK, but they are as a nation far more Euro-positive than England and Wales. This means they will feel “cheated” by the result, which will increase pressure for another independence referendum for Scotland. That could mean the break-up of the UK as Scotland goes it alone in Europe.

        The failed politicians in the UK are much more richly provided for than those in the US. As well as becoming lobbyists, they can work for the EU itself.

        • Dutch voters- and the rest of EU citizens- will have a say in Scottish membership. My guess is we wont allow new members like Scotland in.

          Why should we?
          We want to destroy this Unholy Union asap. So the Scots are in this together with the rest of the UK, whether they like it or not…No easy solutions for their “problems”.

        • Thinking ahead, if Scotland leaves Britain and joins the EU, then Scotland will be subjected to mass migration, including the many Sub-Sahara blacks and Middle Eastern Muslims who will have, if not full citizenship, at least travel rights throughout the EU.

          This implies that a sane England will put a physical fence between it and Scotland. Otherwise, the migrants will simply cross what used to be a free border.

          Following the same logic, the Scots will either come to their senses and leave the EU at a later date, or else their culture and security will be eroded, leaving masses of Scottish natives migrating to England. On the question of leaving, sooner or later, the EU will attempt to retain its members through military force, analogous to how Abraham Lincoln used the US military to overturn the Confederate secession. (By the way, it was the Confederacy that initiated the conflict and provided cover for Lincoln’s war, a boneheaded decision by Jefferson Davis that killed the Confederacy dead.)

          This is another reason why the Brexit decision is so stupendous. It sets the military schedule of the EU way back. With Britain in the union, they would be able to develop a military arm in the very near future, and find some pretext or another to force compliance by the smaller states that may want to assert independence. But, since Britain leaves (hopefully), there is very little rationale for enforcing membership of a smaller state…plus, it is not so easy to construct a mega-European military without Britain.

          Perhaps the Brexit groups should have had a mass distribution of 1984 to see what the future looked like in the EU, including the 3 megastates that were at constant war with each other.

    • Certainly you’ll have problems, as all God’s children do, but they will be your problems, and the blokes in charge of solving those problems will be accountable to you.

      Three cheers for Great Britain!

    • I wonder what kind of song the EU would sing if Scotland tries another referendum.

      In the run up to the 2014 referendum the European Commission President said that an independent Scotland would find it “difficult, if not impossible” to join the EU.

      It’s interesting to look back and see the games that were played at the time of the 2014 referendum — and compare with tactics employed in the Brexit referendum.

      Source for the “difficult, if not impossible” quote is at this link:

        • I think Ian Anderson’s “Teacher” would be good, seeing as you used one of the verses in you headline, “The nest is good for nothing when the bird has flown.” Brussels has pretty well fouled its nest and so it is time for the other birds to leave. So I will have a Dutch Danish with a cup of English tea and some Italian Prosciutto, thank you. Oh, and you may charge the bill to my American Express.

  5. To be fair, there are people at my work who are openly pro-Leave, including quite a senior manager. Although doubtless there would be more, if there was no intimidation of any form.

    But seems that last night proved that Britons are angry – very angry – about the current state of affairs, and there’s a very large disconnect between the elites, and most of the population. Those elites being not just politicians, but “experts” and the all-knowing journos down at the Guardian, and other newspapers. In particular the working classes outside of London had their say – and it wasn’t what the likes of “Mr working class” himself, Owen Jones, with his thick Northern accent (though privately-educated down in Kent), wanted to hear.

    Doubtless in Brussels they won’t be happy either. What will Juncker & co do next? Sign trade deals with Britain and see it prosper, thereby giving other “traitors” encouragement? Or try and isolate the uppity Brits, and risk coming across as even more dictatorial than they already seem?

    Tricky times ahead all round – but for now we can congratulate ourselves on not being good little sheep, but having the temerity to express our own opinions!

  6. I never expected such a result. Thanks to the Brits, there’s hope for Europe to survive the muslim invasion.

    • Why should the muslim invasion be stopped because of Brexit? Will the Brits deport their muslims now? I dont think so. Their islamisation due to demographics will be the same.

      • I believe Brexit emboldens the citizens of NE to support Geert as leader of their nation. It will be this man who saves his nation and others from Islam.

      • Now these multicultists and fantasists can’t just stand up and spout off drivel about being ‘unified’ and not being ‘divisive’ and ‘social cohesion’ and the ‘benefits of immigration’ etc etc.

        Not without being challenged!

        Because the people have spoken and it can now be said that THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT ANY OF THAT!

        So if these fantasists want to shove it down our throats from this day forward – they’ll be the ones who are being anti-democratic, facist, divisive, etc.

        And I for one will take great pleasure in pointing that out to them. Over and over again.

        Let’s hoist them with their own petards!

  7. Brilliant result! God bless the British public, who had the great common sense to defy all the self-interested experts.

    Will be very curious to see what a newly independent UK does with immigration in the future.

    And sticking it up the EU “leaders” ? Priceless.

    • Freeeeeeeeeeeedom!

      Cannot wait to see Juncker’s face, he will just drown his sorrows!

      Cannot wait to see Merkel’s face, cannot look even more miserable than a bulldog chewing a wasp?

      Gone in an instant are DC’s and GO’s future sinecures as overpaid European Commissioners too.

      Finally GREAT Britain please remember that it is almost entirely due to Nigel Farage and UKIP that we had the opportunity at all to kick the EU into the long grass!

      Happy days

      • “almost entirely due to Nigel Farage and UKIP”.

        Yes we Brits owe a great debt of gratitude to Nigel and the UKIP, especially because most of the poisonous vitriol from the remain side has been aimed at him.

        I am also very grateful to this site and to Jihad Watch for helping me to understand why it was so important to vote UKIP then Brexit.

        I used to vote Lib-Dem (pro EU, left) before I learned about Islam.

  8. EU officials thought they could have their cake and eat it. They enforced their questionable policies, abused their powers and wished for some “democratic support” on top of it all. Of course, communist dictators were not that naive and rigged ALL elections every time – many EU bureaucrats will now get the same idea.

  9. We have escaped like a bird out of the fowler’s snare (Ps.124:7).
    Who escapes next?
    I imagine the traders are already taking bets.

  10. Britain . . . [more than half of] you make me proud and thankful. I hope the tide has turned.

  11. Huzzah. I stayed up well past the bedtime of my Magna Carta loving coven’s just to keep the flame. Poor Angela, Poor Brussels, their petty fiefdom is gone….with the wind.

  12. Hallelujah!! I was convinced the opposite would happen, given the way Brits have been caving in to sharia, etc., and the treachery of the EU!

    In this case I’m over the moon! But, in this case I wait, spent, to see the next move by the ultra-nasty EU.
    Brits–WELL DONE, YOU!!

  13. This is amazing news. Is this real or am I dreaming? I was not at all hopeful of Leave winning.

    I haven’t been this concerned about an election outcome since 2012 or Scott Walker’s recall, whenever that was. I haven’t even been this interested in the 2016 primaries, taking more of a “whatever happens” attitude.

    I really really really wanted Leave to win.

    It also has major implications for the U.S. election in November.

    • I think so. This is the first big victory for patriots in the West since this whole culture war began. After all the disappointments, the near-misses, the insults, the sackings, the lies, the public hanging outs, the threats, the taboos, the no-platforming, the denouncing, the antifa violence, the manipulation and all the other establishment pressure, the valve has finally blown in one country. Make no mistake, this was about mass immigration and homeland preservation. This will inspire the whole western world.

  14. “the largest setback to European efforts to forge greater unity since” the Battle of Britain, or ‘since Herr Hitler,’ would be more like it, Reuters.

  15. Marvellous result for Britain and ultimately all of Europe! St George has taken down the Dragon of Brussels!

    Make no mistake this will invigorate the political parties of Europe that share the nationalist independent vision and suspicion of the goals of the Euro bureaucrats. Of course those parties are also the most concerned about Islamization and uncontrolled immigration.

  16. This could be the beginning of the end of the EU… I believe the next one will be a FREXIT, France will want out next as there are a lot of angry working french people. Or there could be a NEDEXIT. One or the other will want out next…The working taxpayers of Europe have had a gutsful.

  17. David Cameron stepping down as Prime Minister in October. Not surprising, he put all his political capital on Remain, and now has no mandate to lead.

  18. Can we now also have a referendum to withdraw from the wretched Refugee Convention?

  19. Rule, Britannia! Britannia, rule the waves:
    Britons never will be slaves.

    Being petty I know, but some of my fondest memories will be of the BBC reporters choking on reporting what the “unwashed masses” have done.

    Somewhere, Sir Winston Churchill is enjoying a good cigar and brandy in celebration.

    • Absolutely loved the 2009 Proms finale with Sarah Connolly belting out “Rule Brittania”.

      Congratulations from across the pond!

  20. I never thought there were enough patriotic Britons to defy their governments.
    They could easily be defeated in the end, but at least there was something approaching what the people thought, a vote.
    In the grand scheme of things it’s not going to make a difference but at least the voters made a symbolic stand for what it’s worth.

  21. “This is not the beginning of the end, but it maybe the end of the beginning” (Winston Churchill from memory).

    It is very apt here, we are fighting the same enemy(s) and with the same ruthlessness, watchout for assassinations and the bribery, and all the other Machiavellian contrivances that ensure that the corrupt elites get their way.

    In 1975 they lied to us, and in 2016/7/8 they will lie to us and they will keep on lying.

    They lied in order to get Thatcher out, and Maastrict in, and they lied about immigration. Why on earth would we want to spend billions of our hard earned taxes on people who will take our lives and livings away from us? In order to pay for our ‘pensions’? You’ve gotta be joking…..

    Its uphill all the way from here, but worth the fight.

  22. Now Britain can make their own law and order against illegal immigration without repurcussions. Britain can finally join Russians and Chinese to laugh at the failure that is EU.
    The future will be an interesting one..

  23. Remember (1) that the ‘referendum’ isn’t, like in other democracies, legally binding and (2) the result is relatively close. That allows the pro EU elites plenty of room to manoeuvre. The Brexiters cannot afford to relax.

    Much too early to count the chickens.

    • Yes, Farage and the Leave camp need to push for the “Article 50” being invoked next week. Not in October when Cameron leaves.

    • You are correct. Boris, Nick, Geert, Marie and Donald need to seize the bully pulpit. Preach, preach and preach some more! The MSM and the current wielders of power have controlled the narrative for far too long. It’s time for the those in the trenches to fight their way out.

      Congratulations from across the pond!

  24. Now the skulduggery will begin. True democracy consists of obeying your ethical and intellectual superiors, like Jonathan Freedland and Polly Toynbee of the Guardian. So the Euro-elite won’t take this hateful result lying down

  25. There was a very revealing comment made by a German journalist from Die Zeit on Nick Ferrari’s LBC national radio show this morning.

    He really let the cat out of the bag by saying that in his view, Merkel’s reckless migration policy and the European public’s rising fears of Islam — he actually used the I-word — were direct causes of the outcome of this referendum.

    • Millions of rapists and head choppers dumped on you uncontrollably by cultural Marxist traitors? Yeah, that could have had some impact.

  26. I commented on an earlier article elsewhere that bemoaned the market impact of Brexit:

    “Britain’s decision to leave the EU launches what will be years of negotiations over trade, business and political links with the EU, which will shrink to a 27-nation bloc.”

    In years, the ‘EU’ will probably just be Germurky.

    • “years of negotiations”

      Probably it would be more effective to simply leave, declare all the EU regulations and rules not directly reflecting British law to be invalid, and let the market be chaotic until it re-regulates itself. It’s like jumping into a pool of cold water: you can tiptoe around it all you want, but ultimately, you have to undergo the shock before you can adapt.

      If the British leaders engage in “negotiations”, they’ll never get free. It’s like the Obama administration “defending” the government against racial discrimination suits: both sides basically agree, but it’s a matter of putting on a show for the natives.

      Of course, in the last months of the Obama administration, the fig leaf of appearing to care about laws is getting smaller and thinner all the time.

      • It’s like when you leave a job & someone phones you asking for advice or whatnot. Or even funnier, when a former boss bumps into you in the street, and their former worldview, in which you were beholden to them for the money you needed to live, is no longer valid.

        These people are now as important to you as a dead fly on the bonnet of your car.

        So it is with these Euro-multicultist-fantasists.

        To paraphrase Tony Soprano, ‘They’re dead to me.’

        That’s the attitude to take, as you say.

  27. Well it’s official now (night time here in Australia) and a perfectly conclusive win for
    Leave with over 1 million votes to their credit. Interestingly, the “doom and gloom” prophets for Remain who said that Brexit would be an economic disaster have pulled back from their statements and I see the Bank of England Governor is advising that
    everything is fine and that they had positioned the possibility of a Leave win in their
    calculations and nothing much will change! Also the pound is – as I write – up to
    Stg. 1.39! So much for the pundits – such an honest campaign! I am so happy and shall find sleep hard tonight! As will, I am sure, the bureaucrats of the EU, who will have to deal with the fall-out of Brexit and apologise to their masters (we all know who THEY are!) for the defeat! Thanks to Almighty God and St. George! Amen.

  28. “the resignation of David Cameron”… and YES, he’s GONE! Hip hip hooray!

    I must agree about the margin of victory. TPTB no doubt faked as many Remain votes and lost as many Leave votes as they possibly could. It’s what we have come to expect in our banana republic. Hopefully the UK can now start the national recovery.

  29. Free at last. Free at last. Thank God Britain is free at last. Britain is NOT Europe. Now to get Europe out of the EU. Not sure it can be done, but at least Britain is free – this bodes well for Mr. Trump.

  30. I am overjoyed,maybe there is hope after all.Cameron has resigned,and his friends in Europe are furious . The peasants have rebelled and he has monumentally misjudged the voters badly.I am also pleased to say that the commie/marxist Corbyn is history as well. Nearly all his former labour supporters in the north of England voted out,whilst he lied as a remainer and it has backfired.Only London liberal elites voted to remain. The ruling classes still need their servile lowly paid immigrants to grovel at their feet whilst pretending we are all equal.Some are more equal than others. Corbyn has betrayed his own.I am beginning to enjoy it all,perhaps Britain will regain some national pride and its cultural identity after all.

  31. The EU leadership-a gaggle of senile communists with a giant rake to rake in your money and a big bucket full of Islam to dump on your head. Good riddance!

  32. Everyone in the media is saying that London voted to Remain because of the City and the large number of urban elites. But indigenous white Brits are now a MINORITY in London. The vote in London was also skewed by the large numbers of recent migrants and Muslims.

  33. Absolutely the best response to the vote came from Trump, the American news giant CNN desperate to get his comments were forced to sit through 3 to 5 minutes of Infomercial on the golf course he owns and was staying at. They were twitching like he was gadding them with a cattle prod…. Millions of free advertising and they sat through it…. I’m surprised he didn’t offer to pay them, with a cheque written on toilet tissue…

    • Ah, but the Gruniad is drooling with rage:

      While his visit coincides with the result of the EU referendum, his comments so far indicate he has little interest in, or grasp of, the arguments – though he has said publicly he supports Brexit.

      Keir McKechnie, one of the organisers of the Stand Up to Trump protest planned to take place at the Turnberry Hotel, said: “We want the whole world to know he is not welcome in Scotland because of his toxic, racist views, his Islamophobia, his misogyny and homophobia.”

      Etc., ad nauseam. Hillary’s talking points, memorized.

      • I *thoroughly* enjoyed watching the Brexit results come in on The Grauniad’s web site. That’s the best use I’ve found for that outfit, and I have to say, they did a well job of the instant updates. I especially enjoyed reloading often and imagining that I was slowing down some leftists from reading cringing and hand-wringing courtesy of The Grauniad!

  34. Congratulation to the English people for taking their country back , being from British background I feel so proud . There’s no doubt about the Poms they can be pushed a long long way before the react , but when they do it’s decisive . ” Rule Britannia “

    • They damned well left it long enough before they reacted though, and they’re not out of the woods yet.

      They’re up against truly nasty people, and now they have a country full of other nasties…

  35. For once the average Jo on the street gets the opportunity to vote and make a profound change ! Well done ! The left are to blame for not controlling our borders and allowing millions of unskilled workers to take British jobs just so they would have more people to vote Socialist and to elect the socialists into power over and over again unchallenged ! You reap what you sow !

  36. Britain has decided to HAVE a future. As an Anglophile, this makes me very happy.

  37. Re the odds you quoted, Baron. At three o’clock yesterday afternoon I got six to one at my local bookie’s and put £200 down.

    It’s going to be quite a wet night at the Pub tonight!

    S III.

    • Hahaha. Congratulations on the windfall.

      The stock market here in the US is down more than I’ve seen it in a long time, undoubtedly cutting into my investments. I’m delighted. Even if it stays down, which I don’t believe, I’d rather live in a shack as a free man than a mansion as a slave.

      The bankers and financiers are upset because their brokered, tax-backed international deals and arrangements are threatened. They have prospered under socialized governments and banking, and have lost their ability to operate in a free market. They will learn, or even more desirable, will be replaced by their betters. Either way, short of a coup, the economy will prosper, but the mega-banking, super-rich will see their profits evaporate. Their profits flowed from captive markets rather than free markets.

  38. Huzzah! Somebody else said it, but it’s the first thing I thought this morning when I saw the news. I hope this leads to the end of the unelected, undemocratic EU in the long (or short) run. Every country should be free to sail to its chosen destiny and to make its own rules. The EU even mandates the size and kind of British teapots, for heaven’s sake! That is unbelievable but I read it during my morning troll around the news of the world and America. Meanwhile, our prezzie throws out dastardly threats over the consequences of Great Britain leaving the EU. What does he know? He doesn’t believe in manifest destiny or the right of the people to choose their government. I hope he moves to the far east when he leaves office. He should like it in Cambodia. Is it 7 or 8 months? I can hardly wait!

    • I don’t expect Obama to stay in the US when he leaves office. He grew up in Indonesia, his mother was internationalist bureaucrat, and he was mentored by Communists. He clearly doesn’t identify with the US, its history or culture at all. He’s pretty much in the position of a corporate raider who acquires a company not because he cares about its employees or products, but to serve as a balance sheet item. In Obama’s case, the balance sheet is the advancement of socialism and racial privilege.

      Obama will retire to where he’s comfortable, which will probably be in some Muslim country. He will possibly snare a high-level appointment in the UN or EU, and spend the next several years receiving more adulation (and speaking fees). So, his next residence might also be in New York, Geneva or Brussels.

      An additional factor in Obama’s leaving the country would be if Hillary won the Presidency. She probably blames him for leaving her dangling in the wind with the FBI investigation, so Obama’s leaving the country would forestall any attempt by Hillary for payback. At this point, I doubt if Hillary is going to get the nomination. Obama and his coterie will let Trump get up all his momentum against Hillary, which will be very effective, and engineer a coup that will land Biden as the Democratic nominee. Hillary is very, very vulnerable to Obama right now; obviously, the only thing between her and a criminal indictment is the Presidential prerogative. So, if Obama says she goes, she goes.

    • TEAPOTS??? My God. My English grandmother (Hampshire) is probably spinning in her grave. She’s the one who “corrupted” me at the age of 8 and introduced me to tea, hot, English-style.

      I still drink it that way. Of course! 🙂

      Way to go, Britain! (pun definitely intended)

        • terrific article; thanks for the link. Grandma used a teapot (well, there were two of us that day); I use a tea bag when I’m making tea for myself. When my GF comes over, it’s the teapot.

          *Not* made according to EU specs, I think….

          • I have memories of doing teapots for 20 at a time, but the rules were very strict…..

            FRESHLY boiled water, Co-Op 99 tea straight from the packet (give the discount stamp to the leader) allow to brew, then pour, the teapot was just too big for us when we were 10 – 12 but the bigger guys would take the tea round with the milk and sugar.

            My Dad always gave 5 bob to the Sally-Ann, because during the war, as a young sailor, when arriving at a strange railway station in the early hours of the morning, the SA was always there with a fresh hot cup of char for the lads from all over the Commonwealth (and even the ‘Jerry’ and ‘Itie’ POWs. who often had to travel as well).

            I look forward to renewing ties with the Commonwealth, to me the disaster of joining the ECC/EU was abandoning the Commonwealth which was far far more valuable.

  39. Don’t let the market reaction to the Brexit dissuade you. The United Kingdom, with a $2.99 trillion GDP, is the world’s fifth largest and Europe’s third largest economy. The UK will always remain an economic powerhouse and a force for positive change if the people are free to make up their own minds as to what direction Brittania will take in the future.

    You can expect more dire predictions of doom and gloom from the likes of Merkel, Juncker and Soros. You bet there will be some pain but when your leg is broken physical therapy is a hard road. The people of Britain have always maintained a stiff upper lip and will do so from here on out.

    • “Don’t let the market reaction to the Brexit dissuade you.”

      You’re 1000% correct. The equity (stock) market is always jittery short-term, but on-target over the long run. In this case (in my opinion), the drop is due not only to soft-headed globalists reacting emotionally, but hard-headed professionals who sold immediately on the reasoning that the stocks will go down for a while, so they sold while they were still relatively high, and plan to pick them up again when the prices have dropped.

      The stocks will go up again, so this maneuver will multiply the value of their investments. It’s what day-traders do. For non-professionals, the best strategy is to lean back and enjoy the roller-coaster ride, knowing the stocks will increase over the long term.

  40. A marvelous day, a win for common sense and national sovereignty. The odious ‘project of fear’ got a slap in the face. I viewed a few debates and I never heard a single remain argument that even had a semblance of truth about it; they all seemed to just blandly assert that the British economy would go into a nose dive without explaining why this would happen.

    One commentator from the Independent “examined’ the Leave arguments on the question of the need to control immigration. His risible rebuttal confined itself to how wonderful the contribution of EU migrants to Britain was, “very highly educated Germans” , “highly educated French”, “hardworking Poles, 80% of whom got jobs within six months and only planned to stay a for five years or so”, etc. Memo to Martian journalist: I doubt the immigration concerns of “Leavers” have anything to do with Germans or Frenchmen and very little to do with Poles. He pretended the elephant in the room, the hordes of “asylum seekers” making their way across Europe to try to get into Britain, wasn’t there. A bit like a dentist looking into a mouthful of rotting and shattered teeth and observing, in relation to one of the few intact teeth, that there was a little wear on it from bruxism and that it might some resurfacing down the track.

    On the subject of people choosing to keep their real intentions hidden from pollsters, an absolutely fascinating and truly revealing gem emerged in the last week of polling for the Brexit referendum.

    According to a BBC poll, 7% of UKIP voters intended to vote to “Remain” in the EU in the June 23rd referendum. Let us consider that: 7% of people who state that they are voters for the United Kingdom Independence Party, a party that has as its sole mission taking the United Kingdom out of the European Union, state to a pollster they intended to vote “remain” at the “Do you want the UK to remain in or leave the EU?”referendum! This was rightly observed to be “bizarre” and drew observations such as “someone is telling fibs”.

    It is assumed that it was UKIP supporters not telling the truth about their voting intentions at the referendum; the curious thing is that no commentator considered the possibility that a poll respondent may falsely claim to be a UKIP supporter in the first place, that is, people will say whatever they please to a pollster. Nor that some people may view the BBC with such disdain they’ll muck them around with nonsense responses just for the giggle value.

  41. Thank god!

    We got out of this nazi eussr gang, now see the evil ugly face of merkel and the drunk juncker, and fartin schultz the socialist murderer of us all.

    The eussr gulag is finnished! Now bring it on, other nations will leave,
    The handcuffs and ropes will soon be needed to detain merkel and her nazis gang.

    Bring it on!!!!

  42. Already seeing a lot of sour grapes by young leftists on social media this morning, boo-hooing that they’re future has been “stolen from them”. My generation may not be too bright and charts show 18-25 year old mostly voted leave. Yet, you look at some of those Leave celebration pictures, quite a lot of young people who are fully aware the only future within the EU is bankruptcy and minority status in your own nation.

    Apparently the media in Germany is in full hysterics today, according to my boyfriend, and it’s completely overshadowed the theater attack (how convenient, still no update on that one!) Watching the EU meltdown is glorious.

    I saw this comment on Youtube, it sums everything up perfectly: “‘Brexit’ to be followed by Grexit. Departugal. Italeave. Fruckoff. Czechout. Oustria. Finish. Slovakout. Latervia. Byegium. Goland.” Let’s hope so!

  43. A great decision by the British, even though it will still be a slog to actually disentangle themselves from the Brussels bureaucracy over the next couple years. I’m glad not just for the UK but for the other nations considering Exit votes themselves, like the Netherlands and Germany. Hopefully this will boost their spirits and inspiration that they too can leave!

  44. It would be a very progressive idea, quite in the spirit of the dominant EU ideology, to invite Turkey to join the EU to compensate the loss of Britain.

      • That’s a great idea. But poor Turkey should have at least some company. I suggest Ukraine should join together with Turkey. And everyone else, naturally, get out.

  45. Imagine being a fly on the wall at the occupied Mayor Of London’s office…Sadeek, just throwin’ stuff around, “Sadeek, the Finsbury Hive is on the line, they want to know…”

  46. Interesting how the voting went. Like Scotland, Northern Ireland voted to remain and people in EU member state Eire were quick off the mark to float the idea of Northern Island leaving the UK and reuniting with Eire. Immigrant dominated London was 70% for remaining and young people just out of their indoctrination centres know as school and university were for remaining. The vote was won by people from outside London and working class rejecting control by London based elites.

  47. All I really want to say is:

    GREAT Britain. Today, Britain showed that it is truly GREAT.

    The good people of England managed to pull back from the abyss, in the nick of time, and had the nerve to do what others, including the Scots in their own referendum, haven’t.

    They figured out that it’s not just about economics.

    My opinion of the English has just gone MASSIVELY up.
    They are a GREAT nation.


    This was about the same thing that Trump is about in the U.S.

    I enjoyed watching the results last night in real time on The Guardian’s web site. I especially enjoyed watching it there, and made a point of doing so rather than somewhere where I’d find it more congenial.

    Thank you GREAT Britain. It’s not just about you.

    • An extremely dangerous game would be played if they try that tactic. Even to the point of seriously fracturing the social contract.

      We are now, without a doubt, in very interesting territory and as with all things time will tell where we end up.

  48. I’m gutted we’re out of the EU, I was about to open a Burka/Hijab factory in Cologne, I’m sure it would have been a huge success after your last New Years Eve shenanigans

  49. I would like to share this poem by G.K. Chesterton included in Richard Little john’s Daily Mail Column this morning.
    “They have given us into the the hand of new unhappy Lords,
    Lords without anger and honour, who dare not carry their swords.

    They fight by shuffling paper, they have bright dead alien eyes,
    We hear men speaking for us of new laws strong and sweet,
    Yet is there no man speaketh as we speak in the street.

    Smile for us, pay us, pass us, but not quite forget,
    For we are the people of England,
    Who have never spoken yet.”

    It encapsulates why why we BREXIT voters determined to give the Establishment a bloody nose.

    Yet still the left wing “celebs” are determined to denigrate the voice of the people.

    Bob Geldof- would sneered and raised to fingers to decent fisherman
    Eddie Izzard- of the “fetching pink beret”
    Posh and Becks-Could they manage to spell referendum between them?
    Richard Branson-Resident of the British Virgin Islands
    Tony Blair
    Peter Madeleine
    Alistair Campbell- A trio despised by most thinking people in the UK.
    Benedict Cumberbatch- an over rated and over precious thespian

    The list is endless but I would close by suggesting that Nigel Farage should be given recognition for making all this possible, perhaps a life peerage?

    Thank you all who voted for BREXIT.

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